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Edward W. Fausz, former minister of Sparta, to Miss Mary Eminhizer, a member oftheDayton, Michigan Church of Christ, and present professor Kentucky Church of Christ. at Great Lakes Bible college, has announced hi^ plans to begin a new work with the peopleof Wes The Fausz's have planned for some time to tern Germany. enter Germany as missionaries, and have been preparing themselves for that task. Brother Fausz Brother Fausz was bom in Newport, Kentucky received his training from the Cincinnati Bible April 12, 1922, and was brought up to speak both seminary and holds an A. B. Degree from that in German and English. He was a member of the stitution, as well as an M. A. Degree from the German Evangelical Reformed Church, which is Great Lakes Bible college. Mrs. Fausz is in the the state church of Germany, for 23 years. He process of learning the German language from both served in the United States Army in Germany as books and conversation with her husband. She is Radio operator and Interpreter. While in Germany, making rapid progress, and should be able to hold

Brother Fausz had a splendid opportunity to study her own with e German language by the time the the German people, and to acquaint himself with Fausz's sail (December 1955).
their customs and ideas.

.After consultation with Brother and Mrs. Walter

It was not until his return to the United States

Coble of the Gospel Broadcasting Mission, the

that he became exposed to the simple teaching of Fausz's plan tostartaGerman-speakingbroadcast the New Testament, and was baptized into Christ from Frankfurt am Main, in which they hope to May, 1946. After his conversion, he was married reach approximately i60millionGerman-speaklng

people on both sides of dbe lion Cuitain. This is Consulate, only a passport is required, and ap not their primary purpose for going over, however. plication for a resident permit is made on entrance Their primary method of work is to go from house into Germany. There is no legislation prohibiting to house doi^ personal evangelism, andconduct die establishing of New Testament congregations

ingcottage B&e studies in an endeavor to estab

in Germany.

lish congregations after the pattern of the New Testament. The Radiobroadcasting will be sup plementary to this, and would h6 financed dirough the Gospel Broadcasting Mission, while the Fausz's living support would be financed through the West Germw Christian Mission. Much ground work has already been laid by the efforts of the Gospel broadcasting Mission, and continental con
tact has been established.

Their needs, as set by the German Consulate, axe $400 a mon, which would enable die Fausz's

to live as an average German family. The living costs in Germany are hi^; milk is 50^ a quart, gasoline is 50^ a gallon;-coffee is $3.00 a pound. The prayers and financial support of God's people are greatly appreciated as die Fausz's pre pare to go to Germany to take the Gospel to die German people. Plans are being pressed to sail

The Fausz's will not have to have a visa in

order to enter Germany. According to die German in December of 1955.

Meet The Missionaries

Edward W. Fausz was bom in Newport, Ken

including his mother, into Christ. His brother,

and former Roman Catholic brother-in-law, are

tucky April 12, 1922 and was brought up to speak

both German and English in the home. Hewas al

now serving as deacons in that congregation.

so associated widi die German Evangelical Re In 1952, he was called to serve the Ballard formed church, die state church of Germany, of (Sparta, Michigan) Church of Christ. He served which he was a member for 23 years. there two years, during which time an educational He was called to duty in the United States unit consisting of four new classrooms and abapArmy during World War II and served his country tistry were added to the physical facilities of the in Europe for 18.months, nine months of which was church to accommodate the increasing membership

spent in <7etmany as Radio operator and interpreter.

and attendance.

He was also called to teach at the Great Lakes Upon his return to the United States, he met and became engaged to Miss Mary Eminhizer, a Bible college for two years. He taught German, member of the Dayton, Kentucky Church which I Christian Art, and Archaeology. Also, while tea was serving at that time. Upon an invitation from ching at the college, he took additional work, and his fiance to attend the Dayton church, he was received his M. A. degree in 1954. exposed to the teaching of the New Testament, and

became obedient to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Mrs. Fausz was bom in Terrace Park, Cin One month after uniting Eddie to his Lord in cinnati, Ohio and was immersed into Christ at the Christian Baptism, I also had the pleasure to unite Dayton, Kentucky church in 1937. She has re him and his wife in Holy Matrimony. mained faithful to her Lord in regularly attending

die services. The Fausz's have two children:

Soon Mter his conversion, he became a Tim

othy in the congregaition, and was seriously con sidering entering fuUtime Christian work with a desire to re-enter Germany as a missicmaty. He entered the Cincinnati Bible seminary in order to prepare and train for that task, and graduated with an A. B. degree from diat institution in 1951. While still in the Seminary, he was called to be my successor in the Daytcm church, and served that congregation for four years.

David, five years old, and Debbie Ann who is three years old. They are rapidly learning the German language under the private tutoring of
Brother Fausz, and are looking forward to serving
their Lord in Germany.

They have letters of recommendation from George Mark Elliott, professor in the Cincinnati Bible seminary; Ralph R. Woodard, president of the Great Lakes Bible, college; and are recom mended by the elders of the Ballard Church of While serving his home congregation, he had Christ, Sparta, Michigan, and the Dayton, Ken the rare privilege of baptizing most of his family. tucky Church of Christ.



rationalism, modemism, and

Before World War II, Germany was a country about the size of our state of Texas with 80 mil

lion Germans. Its population has now been divided

by the Iron Curtain with approximately 50 million Germans in the Western ^ne, and the balance of
its population in the Eastern Zone. West Germany is highly industualized, while

materialism, Germany is anationtornmanyways. Having tried Rationalism and Denomlnationalism and failed; having tried Fascism and failed; and having seen the tyranny of Communism and Cath olicism; we believe that the German people are now ready for the pure and simple Gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We askyourprayers and trust in God as we pioneer in this much-need
ed field.

Eastern Germany is mostly agricultural. T^ere is

an increase in the West German population of ap

proximately 300 Germans a day, who cross the

Iron Curtain at the risk of their lives in search of
freedom from the Russians.

Meei The Trustees


The German people are very industrious and progressive in their economy. They are rapidly rebuilding the cities that were destroyed in World War II, but still find a great difficulty in securing housing. There are as many as 12 people living in one room, ^d several families sharing one

Their educational system is one of the finest in the world, having gained worldwide recognition of her scholastic standards. Since they are both educated and ambitious, the German people will
be able to erect and maintain their own churches,

once they are established. For die most part, the German people are very
much like the Americans in dress, manner and

culture; the greatest difference being in tiie lan guages. They are a home-loving people, and live much simpler than Americans.


One of the Trustees of die Mission, and our

forwarding agent is Coleman T. Sparrow, minister of First Christian Church, MichiganCity, Indiana. The Germans are certainly to be considered a Others are Brant Lee Doty, professor and dean of "field white unto harvest" as far as New Testa Great Lakes Bible college, Vestaburg, Michigan; ment Christianity is concerned. One of the rea Professor John A. Sears, also of Great Lakes Bible sons for Germany having been neglected with the colle^; Herbert SteiK^her, minister of Central Gospel is that itwas long considered a- "Christian" Christian Church, Rockford, Illinois and former nation by the denominational world. As far as the professor at the Cincinnati Bible seminary; and True Gospel is concerned, however, Germany is a Brother Fausz. Brother Steucher was bomandedureal challenge to the Restoration Movement. cated in Germany and speaks tlie languagefloently.
With Communism in the East, Catholicism in the South, and in its center, the confusion of de

"die Hoffnung" is German for "The Hope.

Around The Tahh


Fh manciaI

Would you like to know what goes on in a missionary's home while they are preparing to go to the field? Then I shall tell you!
Mealtime is fun at our house. You see, we


October 1954
E)ecember 1954

Receipts: Expenditures:

make a game out of teaching the children German while they ate eating dieir meal, and they do not even realize diat they are receiving a German


(incluftes November)

January 1955
February 1955
March 1955


They are being taught simple words like "Messer" for "Knife," "Laffle" for "Spoon" and "Gauple" for "Fork." Recently, David, who is five years old, added a new word to his vocabulary
"Milch" for "Milk." At a crowded restaurant in

490.46 196.25 230.00


$ 1431.70
$1004.41 $427.29


BALANCE April 1, 1955

Indiana, where we had stopped to get our dinner,

the waitress had taken our order for food, and then she turned .to David to ask him what he would like NOTE: Expenditures include $40 a week salary

to drink. David said witii a loud voice "MILCH," for the Fausz's beginning December 5, 1954. Also which was quite embarrassing to us, and we had includes travel expense, printing, office supplies, to explain to the waitress that he was trying out and postage. An itemized account will be given
his "German" on her. upon request.

Forwarding Address: Coleman T. Sparrow, 413 York Street, Michigan City, Indiana









LUNCH over Lake Erie and the Alleghenies;

supper between Boston and Newfoundland;

breakfast in Shannon, Ireland; luncheon in

Paris, France; supper over Luxembourg, and arrival in FrankfortMain, Germany. Thus the Ed Fouszfamily left Detroit, Michigan February 15th, and arrived in Frankfort February 16th to begin their new mission work.

Ed wrote, in part: 'Captain V/alter Crandell met us at the airport, took our picture when we stepped from the plane, and took us to the 250-year-old first-floor aportment which he had rented for us. Frankfort is a city about the size of Cincinnati and in a great number of respects
reminds us of it.

"Wehave discovered that food is very cost

ly because most of it has to be imported. Our eggs are imported from Denmark and Holland;

"Dear God, and Father in Heaven, we come

our fruit comes from Spain, France and the United States and some of the meat is shipped

into Thy presence this hour; realizing the tre mendous responsibility that is ours in taking Thy Gospel to the souls in Germany; and re alizing the stewardship not onlyofthot Gospel, but of Thy tithes and offerings with which we
have been entrusted.

from Yugoslavia. You don't know what a bless ing it is to turn on the fountain and get a good drink of water. We have to buy all ours for 25^ for 1 1/2 quarts or drink mineral water or lem onade which is even more costly (letter explains in more detail about high cost of rents, etc).
"We ask your prayers that this present emer gency will be dealt with in a way that will
enable us to remain here and do an effective

"Oh, God, help us to use that money wise ly, and help us to dedicate our very lives to the propagation of Thy Word; that through it many souls might be added unto Thee. "And strengthen us in body. In mind, and in spirit; that our lives might be used to the very best of our ability in spreoding Thy Will, and in glorifying Thine only begotten Son, even our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. "Help us. Oh, God, that we may never for sake the True teaching of Thy Word; that we may never forsake Thee; and that we may never become a disappointment to those who

work for Him. We ask your prayers that we

might be able to do a lasting work for Him and win many souls into His Kingdom forever.
"I am having no difficulty whatsoever with the language and can carry on a fluent conver
sation with the most ropid speakers. This is

certainly a blessing to us."

Address in Germany is:
Adrian Apartment
Nendelsshonstr 65 Frankfort-Moin

so faithfully support usin Jesus Name, Amen."

The Fausz Family

Deutschland (Germany)


While purchasing our tickets at the TWA office in Chicago, we discovered that by going
on the Family Plan, we could save a consider able sum of money. Instead of our tickets costing $1060, as formerly informed, they cost only $964, a savings of almost $100.00. We thought it would be nice to share this infor
mation with other missionaries.

have it shipped to Germany. The Lord willing, we would like to sell it, and get enough money out of it to buy a light German Volkswagon in
Germany. This would cost us about $1,000.

We are willing to put all that we get from the Dodge into a German car, that we might be better equipped to serve our Lord. Would you be able to help us in securing the balance?
Ed Fausz



We want your letters and we would like to

give you the names and addresses of Young you to those churches and friends who have People right here in Germany with whom you sacrificed so much in making our going to can write, just as soon as we have a Young Germany possible. Our sincerest desire is to People's Group started! make the Gospel available to the German
This will interest our Young People here
in Germany and tend to increase interest in

Mary and Iwish 1o extend a heart-felt thank

people, and it does our hearts good to know that there are many other Christians who share
our sentiments.

missions among Young People in the States.

So write us, please!


Do you have relatives, friends, or contacts in Germany? If you do, we would like to have
their names and addresses so as to build a

prospect list for calling. Your cooperation in this matter will be greatly appreciated!

Especially we want to thank the Buchanan church for the wonderful reception that was g1 vW^irTour honor. Also thanks to the Daylori',^ Kentucky church; the Franklin Street, Grand Rapids, Michigan church; the Chelsea, Okla homa church and the Carterville, Missouri church, which have given receptions either in honor of the entire family, or of individual


Your missionaries to Germany came limping into Detroit, Michigan, Tuesday, February 14th, to complete the last lap of their journey in raising their support, and in final prepara tions for leaving the country. After having driven 42,000 miles in one year; traveling through 27 States and two countries, we feel as though the Dodge has served the Lord very well.
Since it is a 1953 model and we now have

We also want to thank the many ServiceLink churches who are contributing on a Family-Relationship Basis, for their faithful ness in giving, prayer and interest shown toward the Mission from its very beginning. Among the very first churches to contribute was the Ferris Church of Christ, Ferris, Michigan, and others also helped and are helping.
We pray that God will bless them greatly as they expand their ministry as far as the shores of Western Germany. It is indeed a pleasure, to work shoulder to shoulder with these churches and individuals in taking the precious Gospel of our Lord to the lost and dying souls in Germany.
-Ed Fausz

84,000 miles on it, it would hardly be wise to


The last-minute rush of preparation to get the Fausz family on their way to Germany was really a busy and trying time.
They come to Michigan City on the 6th of February and immediately went to their apart
ment that had been rented for their use and for

apartment, put him to bed and tried to moke as comfortable as possible. Tuesday morning
found him no better. A hurried call to the

headquarters of preparation. The target date was set for February 15th, which gave us just one week for the final preparations. This in cluded a trip into the Consulate's Office in Chicago, where they once again assured us no further papers needed to be obtained for ad mittance into Germany. The only papers required was the passport from the United States.
From there to the TWA ticket office, where the reservations and tickets were purchased for departure from Detroit's Willow Run Airport at 1:15, February 15th, that being Wednesday

Sparrow's family doctor secured an appointment for 10:30 and the diagnosis was the oldfashioned flu. A shot of penicillin and several perscriptions from the druggist bolstered up enough of his strength to permit him to leave Michigan City with us about three o'clock.
It was regretable that we could not make the Prayer Meeting. But many of the folks had remained at the church building to greet the Fausz Family when we arrived around 10 o'clock. After about an hour of saying "Good bye" people began their journeys back to the various localities-some as far away as the Great Lakes Bible College, others from Garrett, Indiana. We all went to our rooms that were reserved, for a night's rest. Our prayers were answered. The morning found Brother Fausz much improved and able to be his old self again. After some more lastminute packing, having to purchase two more suit-cases in Detroit, we hurriedly went to the airport, checked in, weighed the baggage, grabbed a quick lunch and then sat waiting for the call to board the plane. It was a great relief on the part of all to finally realize the last lap of the great under taking to reach Germany with the Message of Christ was at hand. With mixed emotions, we bid farewell to the wonderful Fausz family, with the knowledge that perhaps we would not see them again for another five or more years.

The remainder of the days were much too short to accomplish all that hod to be donefincl-pock4ng, necessary purchases, writing of the paper, the minute details of arranging bank ing, caring for personal items such as insurance and the last-minute details with the Forwarding Agentconstituted the busy hours spent before leaving for Detroit.

The Michigan brethren had planned a prayer service for the Fausz Family on Tuesday evening at the Berkley church in Detroit,
where Chester Walther is minister. Plans were

that they would leave by their automobile at 10 o'clock Tuesday morning, arriving in midafternoon, giving them time for caring for business which was notifying and verifying their reservations with the TWA. The Sparrow Family was to leave mid-afternoon, arriving in time to join in the prayer service. We had planned for a farewell supper on Monday eve ning at our home. All was going according to

After returning to Michigan City, word was received directly from Germany that they had arrived safely at Frankfurt and were busily being settled in their newly-rented apartment.
We give God thanks for all that He has done to make this dream a reality.

plans. They ate a good supper. Eddy had just settled back in the easy chair to relax a few minutes when all of a sudden it happened. He
had a chill-and another-and another! He be

came dizzy. We hurriedly took him back to his

ever before.

Continue to pray on their behalf, as they will be needing your prayers more now than

-Co/emon T. Sparrow


(left to right)

FINANCIAL STATEMENT The Financial Statement for the period from the
David Fausz:

with Robert David Debbie Ann Ed

beginning of the Fausz Family's endeavor to raise support, which was from July, 1954 through January
31st, 1956.

South Louisville Christian



Collinsville, Illinois Church $8,205.28 4,985.95 $3,219.33

Edward Fausz:


Total Receipts Total Expenditures, including monthly salary to the Fausz Family, travel ex pense, printing, postage, etc. Total Cash on Hand, February 1, 1956

Buchanan, Michigan
Robert Fausz:

$125.00 $25.00

Berkley, Michigan

The following is a list of the livinglink chur ches with the amounts given to the various indivi
duals per month:
Debbie Ann Fausz:

- -

-----This does not include service-link ch-.trches or.

Chelsea, Oklahoma
Carterville, Missouri New Richmond, Ohio

25.00 25.00

Mary Fausz: Dayton, Kentucky Henderson, Michigan

Mr. & Mrs. William Plank

$30.00 55.00

individuals, that give monthly to the mission ex pense of housing both congregation and the Fausz family, printing, postage, etc. Any church or indi vidual desiring to know their total contribution to the West German Christian Mission, please write Coleman T. Sparrow, 413 York Street, Michigan City, Indiana. This information will gladly be for warded. At a later date we will print the names of all service-link contributors. A complete financial
statement may be had iq>on request.

Mrs. C. R. Schoensiegel


~Coleman T. Sparrow, Forwarding Agent

Forwarding Address: Coleman T. Sparrow, 413 York Street, Michigan City, Indiana

BOX 968





' Jn ,iy




1 9 !3 6



Lord has seen fit to ansv/er our prayers for a much-needed mimeo

graph machine, and now we are al-le to keep you informed of the mission's progress through a monthly news-hulletin! August 17th Harked an Anniversary for us, as we were on the field just six .months on that day 'j/e submit this report with much enthusiasm
G'\'"er the tremendous possibilities of serving our Lord in this field; and with our humble appreciation for your part in making
this work possibles


Since July and August were the months for

Vacation in the German schools, we held our Vacation Bible School

for two weeks,

tvelve years.

German boys and girls enrolled, ranging^in age of fire years thru
Although v;e met in the living room of our a"cart-

beginning on July 16th.

V/e v/ere happy to have 25

ment, v/hich is located on the fourth floor of a crowded app?tiaent

about Jesusu

building, our attendance v/as very good. t/e had only_ten c]ia-;-'' to go around, but these youngsters did not seem to mind sittirg on the floor to do their handwork, and to hear the v/onderful stories
Ihey en,1o;/"ed sinp;ing the many camp songs and choruj3_e_s

"^iiat Y/e had translated for them, and sang with great enthusiasm.

Many of them had never heard these stories of Jesus before, which is surprising in a country as highly cuihiured and civilized as Germany. One of the high-lights of our program, v/as writing let ters to young people in i^ericp., and making souvenirs to send to our yoimg Christian friends. Our Vacation Bible School closed on Sunday evening, July 29th, with nine adults attending to see what
their children had learned and made^ u/e feel that much good has been

done through it, and that contacts have been made, and the way paved
for the beginning of a Kew Testament Church in Franlcfurt
vfE TliAI-IC GOD for the contributions that have enabled us to purchase

a much-needed car for the Mission. The work was being greatly^ hin dered without one; but now we have the means for reaching-out into
other areas and communities with the Gospel of Christ. VTe could not get the German Volkswagen, as we had planned, because of there be ing a year's waiting list; but through the help of a friend, v/e wore able to purchase an Opel CaravEin at a great discount,

that women v/ear their wedding rings on the right ^hand?

(Just in case..) --that the children attend c^lasses only tv/o hours each day. that the firsb Bible was printed in Germany not far from

that boys and men wear leather shorts during summer? that one always carries an umbrella or vjeaxs a rain coat?

that the men carry a brief-case to v;ork, containing their dinner which usually consist)s of sausage and bread?


(Gutenburg Bible printed at Mainz)

LSl ''/ V''

ri 11 i n

1--^ S g




"3?or so hath the Lord

commaxided us, saying, I have

est the

set thee

for a light of the

that thou should-

earth." . . . . (Acts 15:^7)

be for salvation unto uttermost part of the



'i? -

is being sent your way

from across

the Atlantic in Frankfurt, Germany! Though the language may differ, and the country bo foreign; the Christ of Eethlohem is the same, and His Tidings, which "shall be a joy to


all people" is now being preached

in Germany!

f*. *'


May we take this opportunity to ex

press our humble thanks to you, for

enabling this work to go on, and to send a very special and personal


%^0 A

The Edward Pausz's