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Rules - Knockout Double Wicket Tournament

August 29th and 30th 2009

General Rules
• Teams will be divided into 2 pools. If necessary, Bye slots will be added to fill the remaining spots.
• The losing team of every match gets eliminated from the pool/tournament.
• Two teams not eliminated from each pool will advance to semi-finals.
• All matches will be played with T-Ball 1228. Only one new ball per match not for each innings.
• Each team will consist of 2 players. Once the tournament starts, a team cannot change its players.
• Each innings shall consist of 4 Overs in its entirety. A complete match consists of 8 Overs in total.
• No LBWs will be awarded and No Leg Byes. Free-Hit is allowed. Refer Free-Hit rules.
• During leg-bye scenario, run-outs will NOT be awarded but stumping can be appealed.
• Fielders will be formed from volunteers or participating teams based on the schedule. Teams
cannot bring their own substitute fielders or substitute bowlers.
• All teams may be required to stay on the field most likely up to 3 hours per session.
• The only field restriction is, NO more than 4 fielders are allowed on leg side boundary.
• Matches will be played in softball ground layout. Refer ground layout.
• All other standard NWA cricket rules apply
• Umpire decision is final. Have fun and avoid conflicts considering the event is for noble cause.
• In case of any conflicts, organizing committee will have the final say.
• In case of weather, the matches will be continued on a later day.

Bowling Rules
• Bowling team players must bowl at least 2 Overs in total. Entire innings is 4 overs in total.
• At the choice of the bowling team, any player(s) from the field may be chosen to bowl maximum of
two Overs, provided the bowler is willing to bowl. There is no guarantee anyone would be
willing to bowl, in this case bowling team players must bowl all overs.
• For EVERY over bowled by a substitute bowler, 4 bonus runs will be awarded to batting team

Batting Rules
• The loss of a wicket will result in a reduction of 4 runs for every dismissal.
• Team not losing any wicket will be rewarded with 4 bonus runs.
• No Bye-Runners are allowed except for an injury during the match.
• Each team will complete batting all 4 Overs irrespective of number of dismissals.

Wide, No, Free-hit Rules

• If the ball pitches twice before the stumps it will be considered dead ball.
• Wide and No balls will NOT be rebowled except last over. No-balls and wide will constitute TWO
additional runs.
• Anything on the leg side is wide even when very close to the stumps.
• A No-Ball will be called for the following.
○ Over stepping - when the bowler’s front leg COMPLETELY crosses front/side crease line.
○ For Height - full toss above waist or over-the-shoulder after pitching. No one-bouncer rule.
○ No Guard mentioned.
○ Invalid bowling action.
○ Violating fielding restriction (Max 4 fielders on leg side boundary).
• After every No Ball due to OVER STEPPING a free hit is allowed.Batsmen cannot be dismissed
during a free hit except for run-out or stumping.
• Free hit ball will be counted following normal rules.
• Wide or No-Ball bowled during the free hit will still be counted as one valid ball except in last over.
But Free Hit prevails for the next ball either bowled in the same over or next over. If a No-Ball is
bowled in the last ball of an over, the first ball of the next over will be a free hit.

Choosing the winner of the match?

The "Net Runs" scored will be tallied for each team. The team with highest Net Runs wins.
In case of tie on Net Runs, “Throw-Out” will be conducted until a winner is decided.

Net Runs
= Total Runs scored
+ Bonus runs for not losing wicket
+ Bonus runs for usage of substitute bowlers
– Total runs deducted for dismissals

Tie Breaking rules

Winner will be decided by the means of “Throw-Out” following the rules mentioned below.

One Over Throw out – Each team player alternately throws a total of 6 balls per team at the stumps. Team
with maximum hits on the stumps will win. In case of tie follow “Threeball throw out”
Three Ball Throw out – Each team player alternately throws a total of 3 balls per team at the
stumps. Team with maximum hits on the stumps will win. In case of tie follow “One ball throw out”
One Ball Throw out – Only one team player throws only one ball in total per team at the
stumps. Team with maximum hits on the stumps will win. In case of tie team players
alternate until a winner is decided. After four attempts, at the discretion of umpires and
organizers the “One ball throw out” will be continued outside the field with single stumps
until a winner is decided.

For more information

Call: 479.586.3004
Visit: cricketcaresnwa.blogspot.com
Email: cricketcares.nwa@gmail.com






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•If the ball goes over the arch boundary or hits the arch boundary fence directly, six runs will be
•If the ball touches the arch boundary after pitching on the ground, four runs will be awarded.
•If the ball goes outside the playing area (over, under or through the ‘V’ fence), Two runs will be
•If the ball goes inside the seating area on the offside, Two runs will be awarded.
•If the ball goes inside the seating area behind the batting wicket, One run will be awarded in addition to
the regular Wide or No-Ball runs. No leg byes.