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. The UK Home Office is responsible for securing the UK borders and controlling migration in the United Kingdom.

We manage border control for the UK, enforcing immigration and customs regulations. We also consider applications for permission to enter or stay in the UK, citizenship and asylum. Disclaimer: The UK Home Office wishes to authoritatively inform applicants seeking for immigration status into the UK not to make any payments for processing of Work Permit, isa an!"or #$patriate %uota &pproval' &pproval for entry ( isa) into the UK is e$ecute! *y the +earest ,ritish #m*assy or -onsulate within the applicant.s country of resi!ence or location after certification an! issuance of isa &pproval to the applicant *y the UK Home Office as at the time of application' The UK Home Office will exercise its full powers to perform its responsibility to regulate entry into the UK, by #nsuring that the sponsor is financially capa*le to support the applicant entering the UK for ,usiness or Pleasure throughout the !uration of the vali!ity of the #ntry isa' #nsuring that the applicant, has the minimum stipulate! financial re/uirement to earn the nee!e! points for isa &pproval, going *y the new point0*ase! system for immigration in 1234 #nsuring that the applicant is eligi*le to 5ive, Work an! carry out *usiness activities in the UK legally' The new points!based system "#$%& is the biggest sha'e up of the immigration system for () years. Under the new system, migrants will need to pass a points!based assessment before they recei*e +isa ,ppro*al -learance and permission to enter or remain in the UK. .t will help UK businesses recruit the s'ills it needs from abroad and assure the $ritish public that only the s'illed migrants will need to come to the UK. The role of expatriate/migrants with 0ualifying financial base is crucial to its success. We would li'e to ac'nowledge receipt of your application for +isa ,ppro*al -learance. ,urger King 5t!, 5on!on, Unite! King!om is your Host in the UK and also your sponsor for your 1light Tic'et, +isa, Wor' #ermit and Temporary .mmigration status and we ha*e recei*ed necessary sponsorship re0uirements from them. +isa ,ppro*al -learance would be issued to you as this is proof that you ha*e passed the point!based assessment. We shall also pro*ide you with a reference number and inter*iew/appointment date with instructions to enable you recei*e +isa at the 2earest $ritish -onsulate or 3mbassy in your location. ,part from sponsorship from UK $ased 3mployers, expatriate coming to li*e and wor' in the UK for at least 4 year or more are mandated to ha*e a minimum of 364,346'17 8n!ian rupees, which is the stipulated financial re0uirement/basic applicant tra*el allowance that must be in possession of the applicant/expatriate into the UK. 5ou must be able to demonstrate that you ha*e funds to support yourself. This is to certify that you can be responsible for your maintenance as mandated by UK .mmigration policies. The mandatory personal support money for any immigrant is 364,346'17 8n!ian rupees' $efore the issuance of +isa ,ppro*al -learance to you for issuance of +isa by the nearest $ritish -onsulate in your location, you are re0uired to show proof that the mandatory immigrant personal support money o f 364,346'17 8n!ian rupees as indicated abo*e is a*ailable. +ote: This is not a payment *ut a !eposit to ensure that you can cater for your nee!s an! support yourself once you arrive here *efore you receive your first salary from your #mployer'

The UK Home Office would ensure *ia this means that only eligible applicants who are financially capable are allowed entry into the UK and must be completed to fulfill notification of your reference to the nearest $ritish 3mbassy in your -ountry that you ha*e passed your tra*el allowance *erification. This process is solely for proof that you ha*e the stipulated financial re0uirement as per an applicant see'ing to enter the United Kingdom. P9O-#DU9#: #98:8-&T8O+"-O+:89;&T8O+ O: ;&+D&TO9< ,&=8- T9& #5 &55OW&+-# The following process has *een a!opte! following the new 0points *ase! system to earn the nee!e! points for issuance of isa &pproval -learance an! supporting !ocuments' ,ank statements were hitherto accepte!, however !ue to falsification of *ank statements which !oes not compulsorily certify"surety that the applicant woul! enter the -ountry with the man!atory *asic travel allowance"financial re/uirement, we no longer accept *ank statements as final travel guarantee 8mportant: ",s per .mmigration policies, this process must be completed by anyone you wish to stand in as your next of 'in6 i.e any member of your immediate family or close associates must be aware of your intended tra*el to the UK. This can be your W i f e,$rother, %ister, -lose 7elati*e or -lose 1riend in your location&. This must be completed to show proof of sufficient funds a*ailable for tra*el and support. To meet the above requirement your family member or close associate as you wish is to make a deposit of the stipulated financial requirement of 364,346'17 8n!ian rupees to your name and address in the UK via any Money Gram agent or shop to fulfill proof that you have secured your personal support funds to support yourself when you arrive here till you receive your first salary from your Employer: ender should be any of the suggested individuals above that you wish to be aware of your travel to the UK! Receiver: Must be you "AHMED FAROOK AHMED THAJ# as it is your personal support money here in the UK! Payout Location: hould be your residential address in the United Kingdom i!e "200 Hammersmith Rd London W6 7DL, United Kingdom#! $ou can also secure your funds at any alternative residential address here if you have any however if this is your first time to enter the United Kingdom for e%patriate work& it is appropriate you enter the residential address of your Employer here in the UK! 'ayout()estination *ountry: United Kingdom

+ote: 5ou must ensure that the sender is any of the abo*e as instructed and the recei*er is you "&H;#D :&9OOK &H;#D TH&>& for the security of your funds.
5ou and your family member or close associate as you wish should +isit the nearest 8oney 9ram agent or #ost Office close to you and ma'e the deposit of 364,346'17 8n!ian rupees to your name and address in the United Kingdom which is your personal support money following the transfer instructions abo*e carefully for our *erification and confirmation. ,pplication -hec'list 5ou are to send the following application re0uirements

=can the ;oney ?ram receipt for our confirmation an! verification'

+ote: #nsure that the receiver is you ( &H;#D :&9OOK &H;#D TH&>) so that only you can with!raw the !eposit after the verification of !eposit has *een carrie! out *y us within @6hours, as the UK Home Office woul! not *e lia*le for loss' This is not a payment *ut a !eposit for verification which is why it is in your name as the receiver an! to also fulfill that you have fun!s to support yourself when you arrive here till you receive your first salary from your #mployer' -onfirmation of ,asic Travel &llowance satisfies the re/uirement for release of #$patriate 9elocation Package (#9P)' #$patriate 9elocation Package protects the right of e$patriates an! ensures full compliance to terms an! con!itions of contract engagement *y UK #mployers' The instructions abo*e would earn you the needed points under the point!based system for the release of your +isa ,ppro*al -learance to you with instructions on how to recei*e entry status/notary from the nearest $ritish -onsulate. -onfirm the nearest airport you wish to tra*el from while sending your complete application re0uirements to enable us effect boo'ing of your 1light Tic'et as instructed us by your Host 3mployer. Home Office, UK Border Agency, Lunar House 40 Wellesley Road, Croydon CR9 2B , Uni!ed Kingdom