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Lesson Plan

School: Teacher: Date: 16th of May, 2012 Time: 10.10-11.00 a.m. Grade: VIth Class level: pre intermediate Time: 50 Textbook: Type of the lesson: Systematization and revision of knowledge Title of the lesson: Grammar-Past Tense Simple- regular and irregular verbs Language focus: reviewing the past tense simple, regular and irregular verbs. Skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing( integrated) Teaching approaches: combination of PPP, CLT Teaching techniques: discovery, exercise, conversation, explanation Methods:
-Presentation:showing flash/word cards, making illustrations, putting the word into a sentence, definitions: -Practice and production: devising written and spoken role-plays , taking part in question and answer session with a partner, playing games, group questions, gap fill exercises: selecting appropriate words to insert in sentences, continue the story: the class have to finish a story the teacher begins, either written or spoken. Class organisation: frontal, individual, pair work, group work

Interaction: whole class, group work, T-Ss, Ss-Ss, Ss-T. Lesson aims:- to raise interest in topic; -to follow simple instructions; -to focus on specific grammar structure required by each activity; - to provide students with further practice on this verbal tense by games and different activities; - to promote discussion; Objectives: By the end of the lesson SWBAT -use correctly grammar, spelling, pronounciation; -use lingvistic utterances correctly in a conversation; - recognize the verbs in past tense simple, regular and irregular ones; - give the infinitive of the verbs above;

Teaching aids: handouts with the lyrics of the song THESE ARE THE WORDS THE LITTLE BOY
SPOKE, audio support for the song, worksheets,blackboard, story making cards, photocopies for the warming up activity and practice, flashcards, dice

Assumptions: Students will know the past simple tense(regular / irregular verbs and negative form). Anticipated problems: One anticipated problem is that the students use a past form of the verb to
make the question instead of using the base form. E.g. Did you went? Did you made? One more probable problem is that students may naturally use the form of a positive statement to ask a question. E.g. You ate dinner yesterday? You went to a party yesterday? They may have problems with some irregular verbs too.

Teachers role: controller, prompter, participant, resource, tutor, observer, motivator

ORGANIZATIONAL MOMENT: the student on duty tells the absents; the T writes the absents in the register, then she checks the homework and the Ss correct the mistakes, if necessary. Timing: 5 minutes

Aims: -Introducing students in the atmosphere of the English class. -make, formulate sentences in present simple and past simple, Timing: 5 minutes Interaction: whole class, T-Ss. Procedures: The T asks Ss some questions related to their family: How old are your parents?What about your grandparents? Have they told you something about the 1960s? What have they told you? Ss will group some pictures (representing people, objects, places) in two groups: pictures representing the Past and pictures representing the Present. Under each picture they will write sentences .(past and present simple). When were the pictures taken?- In the past. T stops this activity and announces the new lesson title.

2. Presentation Activity 1
Aims: Remember the information given on Past Tense Timing:10 Interaction: whole class, T-Ss. Procedure: Teacher asks students at what tense were the verbs in the homework and in the warm-up exercise. They revise Past Tense: use, 2 types of verbs( regular and irregular verbs), the affirmative, negative and interrogative form of reg. and irr. Verbs; pronounciation rules, spelling rules, time expressions; T monitors and keeps the noise level down.

3. Practice Activity 2
Aim: use Past Tense in exercises Procedure: Teacher gives students worksheets. In the first exercise students have to fill in the gaps with the past form of the verbs in brackets.In the second exercise they have to choose and write the appropriate verb in the gaps. In the third exercise they have to form negative sentences. Some students come and write the third exercise on the blackboard. Interaction: T-S, S-S Estimated time: 10

Activity 3: Pair work- speaking

Aim: -ask questions using the past simple and Wh question words -answer using the past simple , as well Procedure: T gives each student a worksheet that contains informations about what did they do on their last holiday.One partner gets the first page and the other gets the second page. Partner A asks partner B questions using the Past Simple( eg. Where did you go?). Partner B answers using the Pst Simple, as well( e.g. I went to Italy) Interaction: S-S Estimated time: 5

Activity 4: Group work

Aim: produce correct questions with question words + Past Simple Procedure: T divides students in groups of 4 or 5 people. Each group gets a set of Wh-question words( where, when, who , what). T places an easy-to-sit-on chair in front of the board. The T reads the answer, the groups sent someone to sit on the chair carrying the right question word. The student who sits there first has the chance to produce the whole question and score 5 points.Sentences used by the teacher: I went to Spain. I travelled on 6 th September. I went there with my mother. I saw interesting places. Interaction: T-Ss, Ss-Ss, T-S Estimated time: 7

4.Production Activity 5: Group work

Aim: to create a story using story making cards Procedure: T gives each group 4 or 5 cards with verbs on it . They have to make senteces with the verbs in past simple. Ss have to create a story using the cards. They start with yesterday..... Ss have to repeat the privious students sentence and a new one using the verb on the card. Interaction: S-S Estimated time: 5

5. Follow -up Activity 5: Singing

Aim: recognize the verbs at past tense in the song These are the words the little boy spoke and sing it Procedure: teacher gives students handouts with the song These are the words the little boy spoke. Teacher sings the song and Ss fill-in starting with the second verse using the given words. Teacher sings the song and than students sing too. Interaction: T-S Estimated time:5

Activity 6: Setting homework

Aim: complete sentences with verbs in Past Simple Procedure: teacher tells the students to do the last exercise on the worksheet at home and marks the students that were active. Students write down their homework. Interaction: T-S Estimated time: 2