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End-of-term test 2


Listen to a conversation. Then choose
the correct answers. (10 marks)
Alan wants to meet Julie
a after school b at the weekend
1 What is happening on Friday night?
a Julie and Alan are going out.
b Julies parents are going out.
2 What is on on Saturday evening?
a a music concert b an exhibition
3 Who has already watched the film?
a Julies sister b Alans brother
4 What is Julie going to book?
a cinema tickets b exhibition tickets
5 When is Alans brother going into town?
a Saturday afternoon b this afternoon
2 Choose the correct words. (6 marks)
Hi! Im Josh. Im fifteen and I go to a secondary /
primary school in the UK. Yesterday I (1) made /
took a difficult exam. I really hope I (2) pass / fail!
In the evening, I wanted to relax, so I watched a
science (3) novel / fiction film. The special
(4) settings / effects were amazing, and the film
was really exciting and (5) colourful / dull. I didnt
notice that it was three hours long, so I ended
(6) up / with going to bed late!
3 Complete the table with the words. (8 marks)

book and film
works of art art adjectives

4 Match 16 with ag. (6 marks)
publicize a a portrait
1 paint b after the planet
2 play c a campaign
3 write d a test
4 revise for e the government
5 look f a bestseller
6 petition g truant
Language focus
5 Choose the correct words. (16 marks)
Its cold! I ll shut / m shutting the window.
1 I might / will go to the party. Im not sure yet.
2 I couldnt / cant speak English when I was four.
3 We mustnt / dont have to study more than
one language at my school if we dont want to.
4 The artist criticized / was criticized for her
controversial work.
5 I think it will rain / is raining tomorrow.
6 When did / were mobile phones invented?
7 Next year, Alfie will be able to / could drive.
8 You mustnt / dont have to go in that room! Its
just for teachers!
6 Complete the dialogue with the words. (12 marks)

Sarah What are you going to do in the holidays?
David I (1) ____________________ stay with my
cousins in Athens.
Sarah That sounds good. You always enjoy
(2) ____________________ time with your
cousins. You (3) ____________________
being in Greece and it definitely
(4) ____________________ be cold!
David Yes, but theres a problem. My cousins
(5) ____________________ be there because
they (6) ____________________ here for the
school holidays!
d like to ll love re coming going to do
arent going to spending wont

comedy controversial fantasy
imaginative landscape masterpiece
mystery painting ridiculous

End-of-term test 2
7 Write the correct form of the verbs to complete
the first and second conditional sentences.
(12 marks)
If its (be) sunny tomorrow, well go to the beach.
1 If I ___________________ (see) him, Ill tell him.
2 We ___________________ (look) on the website if
we need the phone number. (1st)
3 If you ___________________ (not make) dinner
tonight, I wont do the shopping tomorrow. (1st)
4 Your teacher would be really happy if you
___________________ (get) the top marks in all
your exams! (2nd)
5 If you won the lottery, you ___________________
(be) really rich. (2nd)
6 We ___________________ (not work) in this shop
if we were famous pop stars! (2nd)
8 Read the text. Then choose the correct answers.
(10 marks)
This Monet exhibition is one of the most important
exhibitions of the year. At least ten of the eighty
paintings here are on show for the first time. The
earliest paintings are the artists landscapes,
which show his drawing skills. These were
painted during his teenage years in France. The
later masterpieces include the scenes painted on
the Normandy coast in the early 1880s. You can
also see the series of Views of the Thames, such as
Charing Cross Bridge and Waterloo Bridge, which
were begun on Monets trips to London between
1899 and 1901.
The gallerys ticket sales record was broken
before the doors were opened. All tickets were
sold on the gallerys website months in advance
of the exhibitions opening day last week. The
critics love the exhibition, and it has received
excellent reviews. If visitors continue to come, it
will be the gallerys most successful exhibition
since it was opened in 1901.

How important is this exhibition? very / not very
1 How many paintings are there? ten / eighty
2 Where were the oldest paintings created?
France / London
3 How often did Monet travel to London?
once / more than once
4 When did the gallery break its sales record?
last week / months ago
5 Has the exhibition finished? no / yes
9 Match questions and statements 15 with
responses af. (10 marks)
Are you sure? c
1 Whats the matter? ___
2 Have you got a minute? ___
3 Try this one! ___
4 What on earth is that? ___
5 What about this one? Is it any good? ___
a Im not sure. It looks a bit like a cat!
b Of course. What can I do for you?
c Yes, definitely.
d OK. Ill trust you.
e Id only recommend that if you like romances.
f Nothing. I dont want to talk about it.
10 Write about an art gallery or a museum you have
visited. Use the questions to help you. (10 marks)
1 Where is the place? When did you go?
2 What kind of things can you see there?
3 What things did you enjoy? Why?
4 Was their anything you didnt like? Why?
5 All in all, would you recommend this place to
other people? What kind of people do you think
will enjoy it the most?

Total marks: Listening _______ / 10 Vocabulary _______ / 20 Language focus _______ / 40
Reading _______ / 10 Communication _______ / 10 Writing _______ / 10 TOTAL _______ / 100