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1. A PQR was qualified in 5G position using a new welder. But production welding is to be done by the same welder in G position. !hich of the following are applicable as a minimum. A. B. %. &. . Both procedure and welder shall be re"qualified in G position. #he qualified procedure can be used $only welder needs to be re"qualified in G position #he welder is qualified$ but the procedure needs re"qualification Both procedure and welder need not be re"qualified.

A procedure is required with preheat temp ' 5()*. #wo !P+ were made based on this PQR. All other parameters being same !P+ ,A- showed preheat temp ' .()* and !P+ ,B- showed preheat temp ' 1/5)*$ will you$ A. B. %. &. Re0ect ,A- 1 ,BAccept ,A- only Accept ,B- only Accept both


3n a certain PQR for +4A!$ the electrodes used for all passes were of A!+ classification ,5 6(1.-. %orresponding !P+ also showed filler materials as 5 6(1.. 7ow the manufacturer proposes to change the filler material in !P+ to 5 6(15. !ill you as8 manufacturer to9 A. B. %. &. Qualify new PQR with 5 6(15 electrodes. Re:ise only !P+ showing the change from 5 6(1. to 5 6(15 and submit !P+ as a new re:ision. Re:ise only the PQR document showing the change and resubmit for appro:al. Re:ise both !P+ and PQR showing the change and resubmit for appro:al.


A PQR in G#A! process was qualified with P!;# with A 51< grade 6( material$ = inch thic8. #he thic8ness for production welds is 1.( inch$ but without P!;#. 4anufacturer claims that same PQR will be >.?. !hat is your assessment@ A. B. %. &. 3t 3t 3t 3t qualifies required conditions hence no new PQR is required qualifies thic8ness but not 3t does not qualify Ano pwhtB condition$ hence new PQR is required. qualifies Ano pwhtB condition$ but not thic8ness. 7ew PQR is required. does not qualify both thic8ness and Ano pwhtB condition$ hence new PQR is required.


*or 515 gr <( material$ following results were obtained for two tensile test specimen in PQR qualification. +pecimen #1 9 failed in B.4. at 56$/(( psi +pecimen # 9 failed in weld metal$ at 5C$5(( psi

Dour assessment is A. B. %. &. <. PQR PQR PQR PQR test is o8 since both are within acceptance criteria test is re0ected as both #1 and # are not within acceptance criteria is re0ected because #1 is o8 but # has failed is re0ected because #1 is failed although # is o8

A procedure is qualified with Base metal thic8ness ' (mm. #wo !P+ were made based on this PQR. >ther parameters being same$ !P+ ,A- showed Base metal thic8ness ' 2. mm and !P+ ,B- showed B. 4. thic8ness is <mm. !hat will you do@ A. B. %. &. Re0ect ,A- 1 ,BAccept ,A- only Accept ,B- only Accept both


%alculate estimated inspection period for eEternal and internal inspection for a :essel whose remaining life is estimated as 1 years. A. B. %. &. 3nternal ' < years$ eEternal ' 1( years 3nternal ' < years$ eEternal ' 5 years 3nternal ' 5 years$ eEternal ' 1( years 7one of the abo:e


A .( inch thic8 :essel data"sheet shows 4&4#' 5( deg. *. #he minimum pressure"test temperature for ;ydro test to be carried out after alteration shall be9 A. 6( deg *

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B. %. &. C.

.( deg. * <( deg. * 7one of abo:e.

*or :essel 1.( inch thic8$ 4&4# specified was F ()* and material of %onstruction used was +A 515 Gr <($ A insert type patch repair is proposed to be carried out. Based on code requirements$ will you specify impact testing of repair plate. After repairs$ :essel will be hydro"tested but not stress relie:ed. Gessel does nor undergoes temperature H pressure fluctuations or cyclic loading during ser:ice. A. B. %. &. +pecify impact testing. 3mpact testing need not be specified +pecify impact testing if AP3 51( inspector feels it is necessary. +pecify impact testing if Pressure :essel engineer feels it is necessary.


*ollowing is full scale pitting pattern as obser:ed on inside surface of a pressure :essel during the recent planned inspection :essel thic8ness required ' 6H.B including %.A ' 1H.B ,+ee diagram on last pageDour assessment is9 A. B. %. &. Pitting Pitting Pitting Pitting pattern pattern pattern pattern is is is is not harmful hence acceptable unacceptable too scattered for correct assessment too close for proper assessment


A procedure qualification test was carried out for a groo:e weld on a plate with weld metal thic8ness of 1<mm thic8ness by +4A! process. #he test was found satisfactory. #his procedure can be used with +4A! for weld thic8ness of9 A. B. %. &. 5 to 2 mm ( to 1< mm Any thic8ness ( to 2 mm

1 .

*or a :essel which is planned for internal inspection after . years what should be the minimum remaining corrosion allowance in the :essel if corrosion rate is 15( microns per year. A. B. %. &. .(mm ./mm 1. mm 7one of abo:e


!hich of the following is H are to be underta8en in case the +er:ice conditions of :essel are changed A. B. %. &. #he :essel shall be hydro tested only #he :essel shall be internally and eEternally inspected before it is re"used #he allowable conditions ,4A!P$ #emp. rating- for new ser:ice shall be established and the neEt period of inspection shall be established for the new ser:ice. 7one of abo:e


#he period between 5Eternal inspections for :essels ,remaining life I / years- shall not eEceed which of following A. B. %. &. +maller of 9 >ne half of the remaining life of the :essel and 1( years 5 years #he lesser of AaB and AbB #he higher of a. and b.


*ollowing combination of Base metal and welding electrode was qualified by a certain PQR. 3mpact testing is not required. Base 4etal ' +A A. B. %. &. .5 Gr% Plates$ 2H/J thic8ness$ !elding electrode ' A!+ 5 <(15. #his PQR will qualify which of the following combinations. 1J th8 +A 515gr <( plates$ 5 <(12 electrodes$ 1 = J th8 +A .5 grc plates$ 5 <(12 electrodes$ 1 K th8 plates plates +A51<gr6($ 5 6(1. electrodes$ 7one of abo:e

1< 3n liquid Penetrant #esting$ a procedure is qualified to a temperature of 15 (%. Pic8 up a correct statement.

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A. B. %. &.

#he same procedure is qualified to the temperature from 1( (% to 5 #he same procedure is restricted to maEimum of 15 % only

#he same procedure shall be applied to 5 (% to 1( (% #he same procedure shall be applied to temperature more than 15 (%

16. %alculate the remaining life of a :essel gi:en the following data9 Actual thic8ness ' (.C55 inch. 4inimum thic8ness required ' (.6.6 inch #hic8ness at per:ious inspection 5 years prior to present inspection ' 1.(15 inch A. B. %. &. ( years 1/ years . years 7one of the abo:e

1.. #he minimum thic8ness a:ailable for a seamless tori spherical head for following data are as gi:en in options. +elect suitable head thic8ness for a new construction of :essel with design pressure (( psig$ +afe stress 165(( psig and internal diameter is C< inches and has no corrosion allowance pro:ided. A. B. %. &. 1 inch thic8 1. 5 inch thic8 (.65 inch thic8 1.1 5 inch thic8

1C. *or gi:en configuration$ correct minimum weld dimension ,E- required as per A+45 sec. G333 &i:. 1 shall be9 A.1( mm B.1 mm %.1/mm &.none of abo:e (. A pressure :essel constructed according to A+45 +ec G333 &i: 1 with shell thic8ness 6H.LL ,4aterial of %onstruction +A 2.6 gr 11 cl.1- is to be repaired by using insert plates. #he requirement of radiography to be incorporated in repair procedure shall be9. A. B. %. &. *ull radiography +pot radiography 4ay be a$ or b depending on 0oint efficiency &ata is not adequate

1. A :essel with seamless 91 5llipsoidal head <( inch 3&$ /(( psi design pressure$ ,corrosion allowance ' (- and ,+ ' (((( psig- was inspected. A:ailable thic8ness of only 5H.B was obser:ed on the crown portion. #he ?nuc8le thic8ness was found to be adequate. Dour assessment is9 A. B. %. &. ;ead thic8ness in crown portion is still o8 for operation #hic8ness is inadequate. &epends on the opinion of third party inspector &epends on the opinion of AP3 "51( inspector

. %hoose correct hydrostatic test pressure from gi:en options for a :essel with following data. &esign Pressure &esign temp 4aterial of construction ,4.>.%Allow stress ,AmbientAllow stress ,<65)*A. B. %. &. 25( psig <( psig 21 psig none of abo:e ' ' ' ' ' (( psi <65) * +A 526 %l. 1 1.((( psi 15((( psi

2. #he temperature measured at a weld layer for a magnetic material is around /5 (%. But the weld is in :ertical position. 3t is decided to carryout a surface 7&# method. %hoose a suitable 7&# method. A. B. %. &. Penetrant testing wet de:eloper 4agnetic particle testing with wet particles"prod type 4agnetic particle testing with dry particles"yo8e type 7one of abo:e

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3f anchor bolt corrosion is anticipated for :ertical :essels what testing methods are recommended@ A. B. %. &. #ensile testing of equi:alent siMed bolts ;ammer testing N# All of the abo:e

5. A weld procedure is qualified on pipe >&' B$ in 1G position. #his procedure can be used for welding A. B. C. &. <B >& pipe in 1G only B >& pipe in 1G only Any pipe in any position Pipes smaller than B >& in 1G only

<. A procedure qualification test was carried out for a groo:e weld on a plate of 1<mm thic8ness by +4A! process. #he test was found satisfactory. #his procedure can be used with +4A! a thic8ness of9 A. B. %. &. 5mm to 2 mm 5mm to1< mm Any thic8ness . mm to 1<mm

6. 3n one of the 5Eternal inspections$ obser:ed resistance of electrical grounding connections for Pressure :essels was / ohms. your ad:ise is9 A. B. %. &. Accept. Resistance must be reduced to 5 >hms maEimum. Resistance must be increased to 5 >hms minimum$ &epends on opinion of electrical engineer.

.. A pressure :essel ,4.>.%. 51< Gr. 6(- has eEternal 0ac8et spread o:er 6 inches length of the shell. ,Oac8et pressure (( psig$ Oac8et temperature 25(( *- the :essel >& 2< inches. +hell thic8ness is ( .5 inch and with no %.A. &ecide which of the following are applicable in the present case. A. B. %. &. +hell thic8ness is o8. +hell thic8ness is not o8 &ata not adequate. Acceptance of shell thic8ness depends on opinion of :essel engineer

C. *or a certain noMMle to shell 0oint ,7o corrosion allowance is required- following data is presented. +hell thic8ness pro:ided is (./ inch$ 7oMMle 3.&. is 2. in.$ Pad siMe is <./ in. >. &.$ #hic8ness of pad is (./ B. Dour assessment is9 A. B. %. &. 30. 7oMMle is adequately reinforced Reinforcement is inadequate &ata is inadequate" 7oMMle thic8ness must be gi:en. &ata is inadequate" &esign shell thic8ness must be gi:en.

+A 51< Gr. 6( ,normaliMed- Plates of 1 inch thic8 were impact tested at "25 *. 7ow the 4&4# is changed to P5( *. 3f the :essel was not gi:en P!;# earlier now recei:es P!;#$ A. B. %. &. 4ay be still used for new 4&4# 7eeds fresh impact test at new 4&4#. &id not require impact testing in case of both 4&4#s 4ay be still used for new 4&4# only if 5'1 ,*ull Radiography-

21. A weld with a nominal thic8ness of 1.65 inch is to be radiographed using a film side penetrameter. #he penetrameter designation should be A. B. %. &. 5"/# hole 2(" #hole 25" # hole /(" # hole

2 . A welder qualifying by ma8ing a groo:e weld on pipe with an >.&. of =B in the 5G position is qualified to weld groo:e welds in 9 A. B. %. &. QB >.&. Pipe in the o:erhead position <B >.&. Pipe in the :ertical position =B >.&. pipe in the horiMontal position 7one of the abo:e

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22. *or procedure qualifications with the G#A! process RRRRRRR is 7on"essential :ariable. A. B. %. &. %hange of P 7o %hange of * 7o. %hange of + 7o Groo:e &esign inches ,including a straight face dimension of

2/. An ellipsoidal head has an internal diameter of .( inches and depth of inches-. !hat should its spherical ,crown- radius be@ A. B. %. &. 25. 6<.C inches 6 .( inches <../ inches All of the abo:e

*or non"continuous corrosi:e ser:ice with remaining life than9 A. B. %. &. 1( years 1 .5 years 5 years 7one of abo:e

5 years$ eEternal inspection shall be performed not later

2<. #he crown portion for tori spherical head , 3&'/( inches- may be considered as the portion lying entirely within a circle whose center will be same as head center and diameter will be A. B. %. &. 26. *or A. B. %. &. 2<LL /(LL 2 LL ((LL 91 5llipsoidal head ,3&'65 inches-$ #he crown portion would lie within similar circle of diameter <(B 2(LL 5/LL /.LL

2.. After completion or repairs$ a pressure test A. B. %. &. 2C A. B. %. &. 4ust always be conducted +hall be applied if the authoriMed pressure :essel inspector belie:es that one is necessary 4ust ne:er be conducted +hall be conducted only if repair is done on pressure parts. AuthoriMation for which of the following appro:al from pressure :essel engineer is not mandatory Repairs for :essels that comply with sec G333 &i: 1 Alterations for :essels that comply with sec G333 &i: 1 Repairs for :essels that comply with sec G333 &i: Alternations for :essels that comply with sec G333 &i:

/(. >ne PQR was qualified for Austenitic +tainless steel plates in G#A! process. #his PQR will support a !P+ made with Austenitic +tainless steel plates but process changed to +4A! A. B. %. &. yes " Pro:ided #he material thic8ness is within the range qualified yes " Pro:ided #he material P 7os. are same. 7o. both a and b

/1. 3dentify incorrect statement from following A. B. %. &. / A welder performing procedure test is also qualified in that position. All supplementary essential :ariables become essential :ariables when impact test is specified. *or procedure qualification$ the test can be performed in any position$ as the position is not essential :ariable for procedure qualification. !elder can be qualified by conducting #ensile test.

#he maEimum permitted reinforcement on circumferential welds with plate thic8ness up to 1 inch will be9 A. 1H.B

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B. 1H1< %. 2H1<B &. KB /2 *or a :ertical with column int. dia. ' /.SS and height , tan"tan- 'C. ft$ #he ;ydrostatic heead for bottom dished head , 9 1 5llip type- will be A. B. %. &. /(.< psi / ./ psi /2.2 psi 7one of abo:e

//. A pressure :essel has been in ser:ice for 1 years and has a history of corrosion o:er its ser:ice life. #he original thic8ness was 1.C265 inchesT the current thic8ness is 1./(5 inches. !hat is the corrosion rate for this :essel@ A. B. %. &. (.(// (.(.C (. << (.52 inch inch inch inch per per per per year year year year

/5. Uea8 tightness of the relief :al:es is tested by conducting 9 A. B. %. &. !ater Bubble test with water head ' (.5 A at the +et pressure. !ater Bubble test with water head ' 1.( A at +et pressure !ater Bubble test with water head ' (.5 A at C(V of the set pressure 7>75 of abo:e

/<. Gessel <(A 3&$ a noMMle opening of finished opening ' . inches was present in thinned out patch on inside surface and lying close to a reinforced noMMle with R.*. pad >&'.B. what length will be ta8en for corrosion a:eraging is ta8en for corrosion analysis A. B. %. &. . inches 1< inches (inches 2( inches

/6. !hat will be total thinning ,metal loss- up to neEt inspection due after 1(more years if %orrosion rate is < mills per year ,mpy-. A. B. %. &. (.(5 inch (.(< inch (.((< inch (.< inch , # hole- was 2.<. #he :ariation of density o:er the

/.. Radiographic density obtained for a radiograph at the 3Q3 eEamination area on film was 2. to /.5. #he film shall be A. B. %. &.

Re0ected$ the :alue for &ensity at the 3Q3 is beyond the acceptable range. Re0ected$ the lower limit of range is beyond specified lower limit Re0ected$ the upper limit of range is abo:e specified upper limit Acceptable.

/C. A PQR was qualified by G#A! process using Austenitic +tainless +teel plates ,ss2(/- this PQR will quality A. B. %. &. Base metal ++ 21< ++ 21< U base metal ++ 2(/ U base metal 7>75 of abo:e.

5(. !hich of the following documents referenced in AP3 51( addresses the ;ot #apping requirements. A. B. %. &. AP3 (1 AP3 Recommended practice 56 AP3 Publication 56< 7one of abo:e.

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