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Episode 16

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NINMAH MEDIATES 8670 PEACE TREATY by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, UCLA) In 8670 B.C., in Pyramid War II, Nibiran Expedition bosses and their hybrid Earthling armies loyal to Enlil (Commander of the Goldmining Expedition from the Planet Nibiru to Earth)Enlilitees, defeated the Enkiitesforces of Enki, his Chief Scientist, Master of Africa, Mining and the Seas. The EnliltesEnki, Marduk, Overlord of Egypt, Nergal, Overlord of southeast Africa. Gibil ruler of northeast Africa and Marduks grandson Horus were beset by Enlilites Ninurta, Inanna, Utu, Adad. Enkis son Ninghzidda refused to support Marduk in the pyramid, despite Papa Enkis call. Ninurta, Inanna and the Enlilites first attacked the forces of Marduks son Seth in Canaan. The Enlilites fought to regain the space-related marker peaksMoriah, Harsag (Mount St. Katherine) in

the Sinai and the artificial mount, the Ekur (The Great Pyramid) in Egypt. [ZS, Wars: 156 - 158]

Ninurta, in a new jet with a 75-foot wingspan blasted Marduks stongholds while Adad roamed behind the enemy lines and destroyed the fish, cattle and food of the Enkiites and their hybrid Earthling armies. Marduks armies retreated into the mountains but Inanna blasted them with an explosive beam that tore the enemy apart and forced them south. Ninurta led the Enlilite forces attack on the heartland of Nergals African domain and his temple-city Meslam. They scorched the earth and made the rivers run red with the blood of the innocent bystandersthe men women and children of the Abzu. [ZS, Wars: 159 - 163, based on Lugal-e Ud Melam-bi in Geller, S., 1917 Altorientalische Texte und Untersuchungen] NINURTA SHOT POISON MISSILES ON THE AFRICANS Ninurta rained poison-bearing missiles on Meslam and leveled the city. Survivors fled to nearby mountains. But Ninurta with the Weapon that Smites threw fire upon them, smote down the people. Utu held off the Igigi astronauts in Sinai. ENKIITES RETREATED TO GIZA PYRAMID After Ninurta killed the Enkiites on Sinai, he defeated Marduk in Kur. Marduk fled into the Great Pyramid at Giza, where Enki raised up a shield through which the death rays could not penetrate. [ZS, Wars:162] Marduks brother Nergal broke through Ninurtas lines and came to Marduks aid. Nergal strengthened the pyramids defenses through ray-emitting crystals positioned within. But Marduks brother Ningishzidda refused to defend him. Marduks other brothers, Ninagal and Gibil, his father Enki and Marduks grandson Horon joined Marduk in the pyramid. The Enkiites made their stan d together in the Giza Pyramid.

Inside the Giza Pyramid

Utu cut off the water source to the Enkiites in the Pyramid. Horus, disguised as a ram, slipped out of the pyramid but Ninurta blinded him with his Brilliant Weapon. Enki radioed Princess Ninmah, Chief Medical Officer and the sister of both he and Enlil, to stop the fight and save Horus. NINMAH WON CEASE-FIRE Ninmah lied that her father, King Anu of Nibiru, ordered a cease fire then a peace conference. Adad objected; he demanded Enkiites surrender unconditionally. Enlil overrode Adad and told Ninmah, To your palace [the Harsag, above the Sinai] bring Enki and his issue. Ninurta gave Ninmah a suit that protected her from radiation. She crossed the battle lines and told the Enkiites, The Enlilites wouldnt hurt you; just come out and surrender. Enki hesitated, Out shall we come if to a peace treaty between our lineages Enlil commits. But he gave her his hand. Ninmah led him and his lineage loyalists to the Harsag, her abode. [ZS, Wars: 164 172] Ninurta entered the pyramid and explored the Enkiites astronavigational guidance systems and secret weapons. He threw away equipment he wrecked in the fight as well as weapons he couldnt use. He salvaged the interplanetary landing beacon and the Gug Stone that directions determined. Ninurta broke or looted 54 large crystals that spiraled energy up, around out the top of the pyramid to rockets and to Nibiru. [Sereda: 2010; ZS, Enki: 262.] TREATY SET RULERS AND FIEFS Ninmah, brought out Enki and his sons, took them to her abode in the Harsag. The Enlilite gods were already there, waiting. She started the conference with a plea for peace. Enlil unilaterally ceded Enkis settlement, Eridu in the E.Din area at the Persian Gulf with land around to bear fruit for the temple and to have seeded fields. Ninurta objected to giving this foothold in Sumer to Enki, till Ninmah told Ninurta to drop the issue. Enlil agreed to stop attacks if the Enkiites and the Earthlings descended from Noahs son Shem left Canaans Restricted Zone (Sinai Peninsula and Spaceport) and Jerusalem. Enki demanded his Enkiites keep Giza. To this, Enlil agreed if the sons of Enki who brought about the war and used the Great Pyramid for combat be barred from ruling over Giza or Lower [Northern] Egypt. So Enki replaced Marduk with Ningishzidda, Enkis son with Enlils granddaughter Ereshkigal. Ningishzidda had refused to fight for Marduk and Enki against Ereshkigals paternal uncle, Ninurta. The Enlilites could accept Ningishzidda, though an Enkiite, to rule Egypt, since his mother, Ereshkigal, was an Enlilite. Both lineages accepted Ningishzidda as Nile Delta ruler. Enlil ordered all astronavigational communications and guidance equipment stay in lands he and his Enlilites ruled. Astronauts whod sided with Marduk must leave the Landing Place in Lebanon as well as Canaan. Treaty concluded, Enki and sons left for Africa [ZS, Enki: 260, Wars: 174 -176] Enlil chose Mount Mashu, just north of Giza (the site became Annu, then Heliopolis) for a new rocket beacon to replace the beacon Ninurta wrecked at the Giza Pyramid. Ninurta installed the crystals hed salvaged from Giza for the new beacon and topped the mountain with the Gug Stone (Stone of

Directing, Mount of the Supreme Celestial Barque, the mount was called.). [ZS, Wars: 181-182; Enki: 263] ENLIL DIVVIED FIEFS; NONE FOR INANNA Einlil, Ninurta, Adad, Nannar and Nannars wife, Ningal sat with Ninmah to hear Enlil divide Enlilite territory and hear who hed appoint to rule Sumer, Lebanon and Canaan. NinurtaEnlils declared successorand NannarEnlils firstborn by his offical spouseclashed. Enlil, recall, had made Ninurta Campion and made Nannar, whod supported Anzus rebellion, swear loyalty to the Champ. Then Enlil banished Nannar from Ur. Now, however, Ningal got Enlil to restore Sinai, Canaan and Syria to Nannar. [ZS, Wars: 178-180] Enlil chose Utu to run the new Mission Control at Jerusalem, central in the Divine Grid that made the comings and goings between Earth and Nibiru. Jerusalem pinpointed the middle line, the Landing Path, equidistant from the Landing Platform in Lebanon and the Spaceport. [ZS, Wars: 180-181; Enki: 264] Enlil kept Adad as chief in Lebanon and the Landing Place at Baalbek and lands north, south and east of Lebanon (where Igigi astronauts and their hybrid familes lived). Inanna erupted when Enki chose Ningishzidda to replace Marduk as Lord of Nile Lands. She and Dumuzi, she shouted, shouldve ruled the Upper Nile Against Marduk the war I led; that entitles me to my own domain, she roared. The Enlilite leaders beamed Anu on Nibiru. Hed not visited Earth for 7,000 Earth Years. To Earth come, Enlil pleaded, Deal with Inanna. (to be continued) References Pages in citations are signaled by a colon [:] preceding the page number Alford, A., 1996, Gods of the New Millennium: Scientific Proof of Flesh and Blood Gods, Eridu Books Bauval, R., and Hancock, 1996, The Keeper of Genesis, Mandarin Bramley, W., 1989, The Gods of Eden, Avon Chatelain, M., 1979, Our Ancestors Came From Outer Space, Pan Cremo, M. and Thompson, R., 1993, Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race, Torchlight Cremo, M., 2003, Human Devolution: A Vedic Alternative to Darwins Theory, Torchlight 2001, Forbidden Archeologys Impact, Torchlight Freer, N., 1999, God Games, Book Tree 2000, Breaking the Godspell, Book Tree 2004, Sapiens Rising, neilfreer.com/SRPAGE2.html 2004b, The Alien Question, neilfreer.com/SRPAGE8.html 2008, Sapiens Rising: The View From 2100, Electronic Dragon