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C e n t e r O f E xc e l l e n c e
F e b r u a r y 2 0 07



Guardian Interview 2
Computer Lab Update 2
Feb 8th, BG Belinda Pinckney,
Commanding General, Family
Free Sat Child Care 2
& Morale, Welfare & Recrea-
tion Command (F&MWRC)
5/2 Update 3
and SGM Willie Wilson, Ser-
geant Major, F&MWRC, vis-
Mr. James Visit 3 ited the Center of Excellence
& some of its operations.
Web Issues 3 First was the CoE Computer
Lab located in Waller Hall.
Forum Highlights 4 Both Gen Pinckney & the
SGM were very excited to find
that we were providing not
only valuable computer ser-
vices to soldiers and families,
Tip of the Month but we also have a wireless
internet portal.
• What can Military One-
Source do for you?
Ms Moore and Mr. Harvey briefing Gen Pinckney on the Center of Excel-
• Military OneSource, which lence programs.
supplements existing installa-
tion services, provides free escorted by Mr. Harvey, Ms cellence and the programs we
help and information, by Moore, Mr. Randall, Mr. Bai- are involved in. General
phone with a professionally ley, along with others, through Pinckney was greatly im-
trained consultant or online, Later that morning we meet this state-of-the-art facility. pressed and was going to
on a wide range of issues that again at Jensen Family Health Before leaving Jensen Gym, take the Center of Excellence
affect you and your family -- and Fitness Center. General Ms. Patty Moore gave an over- concept back with her to
from budgeting and investing Pinckney and entourage were all brief on the Center of Ex- share with her bosses.
to relationships and deploy-
ment. It's available whenever
you are -- 24 hours a day, 365
days a year.
• Whether you're single or mar-
ried, a parent or not a parent,
Military OneSource can help It’s faster, easier, and FREE! you’re on TDY to the Ft Lewis typical download speeds of
with the issues that are impor- area, you can conveniently 400 to 700 kilobits per sec-
tant to you. For service mem- access and connect to your ond (Kbps), bursts up to 2.0
bers and families who live far Effective 7 February 2007, home-base through the inter- Mbps.
from military installations, free Wireless Internet Access net services at the Center of
is also available for use by ♦ Security ♦ Using our
Military OneSource is espe- Excellence for Soldiers and
soldiers, family members, and Broadband Network, we offer
cially useful. No problem is families, located at Bldg
too big -- or too small. If we DOD civilian employees at the security advantages of
2140, Waller Hall, Fort Lewis.
don't know the answer, we'll Bldg 2140, Waller Hall, from Wireless Fidelity (802.11)
1000 thru 1900 hours, Mon- ♦ Speed ♦ Our commercial- Network, Dual-band. The
find it.
day through Saturday: high-speed wireless broad- Broadband network supports
band network lets you work at
♦ Mobility ♦ Even when ( Cont on Page 4—Wireless)
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One of the challenges, of people get to the Web site, they stories to their children or record
course, is getting the informa- will see about 26 main subject messages for their spouses on
tion out to families so they know categories to pick from, all the DVDs and VHS tapes,” Bailey
what’s available; that’s where way from Army Community said.
the Center of Excellence comes Services to veteran’s benefits.”
in. The COE web site can be
It is all part of a comprehensive,
found at: .
“The Center of
Links on the COE site can lead
to everything from a Sesame
and on-going effort to take a
post that is great now, and
cellence. It serves as an infor-
Street video to help children make it even better, according
Excellence provides mation hub from which viewers
can navigate to appropriate
cope with having a parent de- to the post’s leaders.
ployed, to a forum designed for
information (on where agencies and get answers to
their questions.
stay-at-home moms, allowing
them to ask questions and join
to) find resources on the discussion groups — and avoid
“The Center of Excellence pro- feeling isolated.
installation.” vides information (on where to)
find resources on the installa-
The COE’s Video Messenger
tion,” said Lynn Bailey, director
Center’s studio in a box also
of the COE.
helps children and deployed
“We provide information on
facilities, on-post activities and
key points-of-contact. Once
“It helps to keep families con- Soldier watches son play.
nected by allowing them to read

After less than of a year serv- have to 10 or more. .
ing the Fort Lewis Families We are purchasing additional
and Soldiers, the CoE com- furniture and cubicles to allow
puter lab is playing a vital for the increased utilization.
role in helping stay connected The additional cubicles will
to the electronic world. The allow for privacy for those
main CoE computer lab at using the web cams while
Waller Hall has served on talking to friends and loved
average of 980 people per ones. . help us get the word out so
month. Based on this suc- Also, our wireless usage is we can provide this to all the
cess we are expanding from becoming more popular as families & Soldiers that need
the 4 computers we currently the word gets out. Please it.
“Sign up for YOUR
day off the first
Saturday of every F R E E S AT U R DAY C H I L D C A R E
Is Your Soldier Deployed? 2166).
month! “ Do you have little ones under- This program is provided by the
foot? How would you like to Center of Excellence which is
have some time for yourself sponsored by I Corps & Fort
knowing your children are Lewis Garrison.
cared for in a high quality and
safe environment? Make Reservation by For Saturday

Then sign up for YOUR day 28 Feb 3 Mar

off the first Saturday of every
basis at Clarkmoor CDC.
month! See the schedule to 4 Apr 7 Apr
Please call (253) 967-2300 or
the right for the dates.
967-5996. . 2 May 5 May
Time: 10am to 4 pm If children are not already reg-
30 May 2 Jun
At no cost to your budget!! istered with CYS, you will need
Reservation will be accepted to register at the CYS Central 3 Jul 7 Jul
on a first come first served Registration Office (Bldg
1 Aug 4 Aug
T h e W a y Ah e a d Page 3

Many people talk about how The Web cams make it possi- be played over and over
important it is for military ble for families to see and again, they become living
family members to stay con- communicate with each other memories that can help fam-
nected, but Fort Lewis Center in real time. ily members stay connected,
of Excellence has been doing The battalion is getting an- even while Soldiers are away.
more than just talk. other room where Soldiers “Center of Excellence
Center of Excellence has pro- and family members can re-
vided state-of-the-art com- cord VHS or DVD video mes- has provided state-of-the-
puters equipped with web sages for spouses, children or
cams, for Soldiers and Fami- parents. . art computers equipped
lies at our newest unit on Spouses and family members
post, 5th Brigade, 2nd Infan- can also record messages to with web cams …….”
try Division (SBCT). send to Soldiers during their
Four new computers were deployments. “It’s a great way
placed at the North Fort 5/2 for families to communicate
facilities allowing the family with deployed Soldiers and
members and Soldiers alike enhance morale during the
to have access to the internet separation. .
via commercial network. Because video messages can Video Messenger System


Feb 22nd, Mr. Ronald J.
James, Assistant Secretary of
the Army (M&RA), COL Mi-
chael Cardarelli (EO) & COL
Richard Thomas (HRO), vis-
ited the Center of Excellence
& some of its operations.
While at the Jensen Family
Health and Fitness Center Mr.
James and entourage was
given a tour of the fitness
cent by Mr. Randal and Ms.
Moore gave an overview brief
of the Center of Excellence
concept and programs. Ms Moore briefing Mr. James on the Center of Excellence programs.
“The Lewis Family
Focus site also contains
WEB ISSUES AND U P DAT E S a forum where users can
The Center of Excellence also contains information for Both the Lewis Family Focus
maintains two web sites. The soldiers and families regard- site and the forum is in the post any specific
Center of Excellence web site ing available services and process of being revamped.
contains an abundance of programs. The Lewis The revised site questions they may
information both for soldiers Family Focus site also should make naviga-
and their families about Fort contains a forum tion easier for users have.”
Lewis and the surrounding where users can post who are not too com-
area. This site is hosted on any specific questions puter savvy.
the Fort Lewis network but is they may have. Thus
accessible from almost any- far, we have helped
where. several family mem-
Likewise, the Center of Excel- bers locate certain
lence also maintains Lewis area services or locate
Family Focus web site which soldiers themselves.
Center Of Excellence (Wireless Cont)
most virtual private network (VPN) solutions.
2140 Liggett Ave
Waller Hall ♦ Simplicity ♦ By using your own Laptop built-in devices or a broadband access network card, you
Fort Lewis, WA 98445 can access Internet without LAN or separate Internet Service Provides (ISPs) connections.
♦ Reliability ♦ Access to one of America’s most reliable wireless broadband.
Phone: 253-967-3314

We’re on the Web!

The Center of Excellence Web can utilize the forum to social- move or close any topic, at
site has something new to ize with others who have com- any time if a violation occurs.
offer its visitors — a communi- mon interests. Private messaging is also
cation forum done in a civilian available for people who are
Providing Excellence for Soldiers and format launched May 10, and online at the same time. In
Families it’s available to anyone. addition they can send private
“This forum is especially use-
The forum allows registered ful for mothers who are at e-mail to other registered
users to discuss and post home with young children users on the site when they
opinions concerning a wide while their spouses are de- want to discuss a topic they
variety of topics or ask ques- ployed, new people at Fort don’t want the whole world to
tions and receive responses Lewis who might not know see.
from other users who know anyone yet, or for anyone who
the answers. is geographically isolated.

“The forum was established “This gives those people a

so people can connect with way to ask questions and get
others. “It’s a social outlet for answers, even when they
stay-at-home spouses who cannot leave their house.
can’t go anywhere. When ”Registered users can even
people are able to connect introduce new subjects they
with other people, even when would like to discuss. How-
they don’t know who they are, ever, they do need to be care-
it’s another way for them to ful about how they communi-
feel like they are not alone.”
But everyone must follow the
Because the forum uses user rules and not post anything
names selected by the partici- that is not in good taste. .
pants, it’s also a good way for “All communication on the
registered users to talk in a COE forum is monitored and To check out the new forum
safe and anonymous way must be free from any abu- or to become a registered
without putting them at risk. sive, obscene, vulgar, slander- user, go to Web site:
“Users need to let people ous, hateful, threatening or
know this forum is available sexually oriented statements.
. http://www.lewisfamilyfocus.
because it’s a valuable re-
source. “Anyone who posts objection-
able material will be immedi- ussions/nfphpbb/index.php.
ately and permanently re-
For example, some people
can’t leave home because
they don’t have a vehicle or
driver’s license, or they might The webmaster, administrator
be homebound for health and moderators of the forum
reasons. These individuals have the right to remove, edit,