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Omar stresses on gainful employment of youth Asks for developing tracking mechanism, imparting soft skills
skills to youth across all training programmes to improve their communication skills and chances of getting absorbed in the job market where besides educational and technical qualifications special focus is laid on communication skills. He said although such training modules exist in our Training Institutes; however added emphasis needs to be given on presentations, group discussions, report writing and mock interviews. He said our Tourism Industry also can immensely benefit, if our Taxi Operators PonnyWallas and others associated with tourism activities are provided mandatory soft skill training courses to improve their interpersonal skills. The Chief Minister said that the State Government has fixed a target of skilling 9.1 lakh youth during the 12th FYP and we are moving forward in 8Contd p2

ISRO could have taken more time for country's maiden mission to Mars: CNR Rao
BANGALORE, NOV 08: Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Council to the Prime Minister CNR Rao on Friday said the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) could have taken more time and "done homework" on the country's maiden mission to Mars. "MOM is a very good thing; they could have taken more time and done homework. They have done something and I feel I should congratulate," he told reporters here when asked about the Rs 450 crore Mars Orbiter Mission. "....but you can always say they could have done many things, they should do more. Whatever they have done is a good thing," he said while briefing about the Silver Jubilee celebrations of Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research here of which he is the founder President. The

Coalition Govt says 73rd amendment row over

SRINAGAR, NOV 08: A day after Rahul Gandhi advised Omar Abdullah to implement 73rd amendment, Medical Education Minister and senior Congress leader Taj Mohiu-Din on Friday said that Rahul may not have been informed by State Congress that matter had been already resolved and National Conference during Coordination Committee had agreed upon that good provisions of Indian Panchayati Raj Act would be incorporated in our State Panchayati Raj Act. Taj told that there is no chaos and confusion on the issue now and it has already been resolved. "I don't say there is communication gap between State Congress and Congress High Command, but one thing is sure that Rahul Gandhi was not informed that 8Contd p2

JAMMU, NOV 08: Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah, on Friday, underscored the need for developing an accurate tracking mechanism of youth; post their training under the skill development mission. He said the success of the skill development mission can only be realised when placement of these youth and utilisation of their

learnt skills is ensured, adding that this aspect is critical to the whole programme. While taking the review of J&K Skill Development Mission at a meeting he chaired here, Chief Minister said that State government besides engaging private players through initiatives like UDAAN and HIMMAT has simultaneously focused

on enhancing the existing training facilities. He said our training programmes should be reflective of the requirements in the job market, adding that steps should be taken to devise an inbuilt mechanism in the course curriculum itself to ensure market oriented skill training to the youth. Omar laid special emphasis on imparting soft

MOM was successfully launched on November 5 with PSLV rocket injecting the spacecraft precisely into an intended Earth orbit in India's first-ever historic inter-planetary odyssey. Flaying the highly critical comments about the MOM by former ISRO Chairman Madhavan Nair, who is sceptical about the mission, Rao said "It is unbecoming of Nair to make such comments. I'm critical of an

Indian who makes such statement. "For a country like India Rs 450 crore is nothing; ....Rs 450 crore the government doesn't even count," he said rejecting voices questioning the need for spending Rs 450-500 crore on MOM when the country was facing hunger and poverty. To a query on the technical aspects of the project, Rao said "Let us not discuss about the scientific 8Contd p2

UPA giving Indian Mujahideen free run: Modi

Progressive Alliance (UPA) of misusing the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to target Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders. He said the advisory to TV news channels on the prime minister's Independence Day speech was aimed at suppressing the voice of opposition. In a hard-hitting attack on the Congress, Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and Samajwadi Party (SP) at a rally here, Modi said the three parties had similar DNA, and urged people of Uttar Pradesh to give a decisive mandate to the BJP in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls. On the communal violence in Muzaffarnagar and subsequent arrest of two BJP legislators, Modi said the state government did not have power against the guilty and was putting innocent people in jail "for its vote bank politics". He said the Congress was defeated in three successive elections in Gujarat. "Those who feel that they cannot stop Modi democratically are adopting other means. Sometimes (give) free run to Indian Mujahideen, ask CBI to trail... listen with open ears. We are made of different stuff. We will defeat terror and finish it," he said. Modi said he felt the "trio" of the SP, BSP and the Congress will not fight the forthcoming polls but that "CBI and Indian Mujahideen will handle the front so that they can save Congress". 8Contd p2

SP College Hostel hub of drug addiction; 'Will not spare guilty' says Minister
SRINAGAR, NOV 08: One of the oldest colleges of Kashmir Valley has become the hub of drug addiction. Sources told that College authorities seized banned drugs from the Boys hostel in Sri Pratap (SP) College that was used by the students staying in the hostel. Reports said that the boy's hostel in S.P.College is without warden from past many months due to which students residing in hostel find it easy to leave and enter the hostel anytime. Principal S.P.College, Dr Muhammad Yasin Shah told that only one student was found using drugs and he was sent to his home. "One of the students from Abhama Shopian had left the hostel after 4 in the evening and it was found he had either taken drugs or was drunk. We called his parents and sent him to his home," Shah said. The Principal further said that they have appointed a Warden on temporary basis; however, most of the students told that the Warden incharge never stays in the hostel during night. When contacted, Minister for Higher Education, Muhammad Akbar Lone told that strict action will be taken against the College management as well as students if proved. "I will talk to the Principal of the College and look into the matter. Furthermore, 8Contd p2

2G accused seek stay on trial after Gauhati HC calls CBI 'unconstitutional'

NEW DELHI, NOV 08: The 2G spectrum scam accused on Friday sought a stay on the proceedings of the case in a Delhi court in the wake of the ruling of the Gauhati high court holding as "unconstitutional" the setting up of the CBI. The accused, including former telecom minister and DMK leader A Raja and top corporate executives, referred to the high court order and said the continuance of the trial in the case which has been probed by CBI would amount to contempt of court. "Before we proceed today I want to mention that the nation today woke up with banner headlines in newspapers that the CBI is not police. "By coinci-

NEW DELHI, NOV 08: The BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi Friday accused the UPA government of giving a "free run" to terror outfit Indian Mujahideen, after it felt it cannot stop him democratically. The Gujarat chief minister also accused the United

dence the chief investigating Officer happens to be in the court today and in view of the Gauhati high court judgement we should not proceed

with the proceedings otherwise it would be a contempt of court. "CBI prosecutor is standing here that means they must be 8Contd p2

Omar politically immature; 'Protesting Sarpanch my nephew' says Bhim Singh

SAMBA, NOV 08: A day after Chief Minister Omar Abdullah claimed that Ramnagar Sarpanch who raised hue and cry in Rahul Gandhi's rally belonged to National Panthers Party, Chief Patron NPP, Prof Bhim Singh Friday admitted that the said Sarpanch Parikshit Singh was his nephew and he had gone to attend the rally so that he could draw the attention of Gandhi towards the mess created by the State Government in Panchayati Institutions. "Yes, he was my nephew and he is the Sarpanch of our party. It was a general rally and like others Parikshit also went there and expressed his concerns," Bhim Singh told adding that there was no politics in it. Singh said that even Rahul snubbed Omar by saying that protestor was right and Panchayats should be empowered in the State. "Omar Abdullah showed political immaturity by blaming NPP for his defamation while Rahul paid him back in the same bowl. 8Contd p2

Notice to V. K. Singh unwanted, illegal and unconstitutional: CRF

JAMMU,NOV 08: Advocates of Civil Rights Forum (CRF )were deeply concerned with issue of issuing notice to former Chief of Army Staff V. K. Singh by the speaker of State Assembly of Jammu and Kashmir. A battery of advocates met in the court premises of High Court and discussed the issue of notice issued by speaker. Unanimously all are of the opinion that notice was unwanted, illegal and unconstitutional whereby the speaker of the state assembly ever; there is not a single word which can invite the indulgence of member of state assembly or speaker. Legally they have exceeded the privilege granted under the constitution. The rights and privilege are limited although they have power to issue notice but the present notice is beyond the powers vested in the speaker. While disclosing the decision of Senior Advocates convener of Civil Rights Forum, Ramesh Arora said thatadvocates have taken a decision to provide 8Contd p2

have exceeded the jurisdiction vested with him. There was no contempt of assembly proceedings members and

Address: 409-410, Sec-7, Channi Himmat, Jammu


ROHIT SINGH RANA Showing anger and coming out hammer and tongs against the government proposal of extending the lease of Toasmaidan meadow to army, the eighty plus diehard Separatist, Syed Ali Shah Geelani has forgotten that Kashmir is not the personal fiefdom or Jagir of anybody. The government is right in extending the lease of the meadow in favour of the army which is using the strategically located area for many purposes. Toasmaidan is very crucial because in 1965, Pakistani Razakars (Volunteers) along with their army men sneaked into this sector to unleash the diabolical plans of Operation Gibraltar. Falling in the Gulmarg sector, the meadow is only hours away from the capital city of Srinagar. Reason why army has made some portion of the meadow, crucial base to disallow any Pakistani designs aimed at threatening the security of Kashmir valley. Geelani is peeved at the prospect of extending the lease because it will mean in simple terms denial of free movement to his Pakistani infiltrators. Perhaps the avowed hardliner has taken a liking for the new avatar of 1965 Razakars. Today they have transformed into Mujahideen. Soon after Razakars were first pointed out and then arrested one by one, Geelani became MLA from Sopore constituency. He will never resent his being ex-MLA because he gets a good pension for being so. Although spewing fire and brimstone against India and its secular policies, he has never declined to accept the pension for being a former MLA, under Indian political dispensation. Having said so, the Mujahideen love in Geelani's frail heart is so intense that he would go to any extent of inviting them in the valley. Eventually, the Kashmir invitation by Geelani and other separatist proved too mouth watering for the restive, lawless tribes of Afridis, Alakjzais and Mehshuds, that they came rolling headlong all through the long years of Pak sponsored proxy war in the valley. Kashmiri boys in Pakistani camps were willing tools in their evil designs. Geelani and other separatists named them Mehmaans (worthy guests). A lively Wanwun (Traditional Kashmiri welcome song) welcomed them in, followed by a sumptuous Kashmiri Wazwan in which cattle were slaughtered though hesitantly to show the Mehmaans that they were one with them in choice of meat too, solidarity in full blood and taste. When the tribals and other Mujahideens indulged in other acts resentment brimmed. By this time Ikhwanis came and tried to restore parity of sorts by killing many Mehmaan Mujahideens. Despite these acts, Geelani's love for Pakistan and its institutions grew intense and more intense. The old man is a classic example of ingratitude. He will never praise the Indian doctors who treated his renal cancer and gave him a new lease of life. The medical bills and pension bills paid by Indian tax payer will not stir his heart so saturated with Pakistani dream. His security ensured by Indian security forces which tries to protect Kashmir from Toasmaidan to Turtuk from Paki terrorists has no worth for him to make any acknowledgement. Yet his ego sky high that he hates anything Indian. The word Indian is anathema, enough to bring instantaneous bouts of allergy in his body and mind. A few sane Kashmiris rue his long presence as a sure road to death and destruction. A strange pattern is being seen in Kashmir. On some issues the hearts of mainstream politicians and separatists beat in unison. Otherwise Mustafa Kamaal and Geelani would have not aired dissimilar view on firing ranges of army or over Toasmaidan. Or else Kammal would not have made statements against army firing ranges. It makes a strange case. The army will get all training outside Kashmir but has to be ready to get killed in the valley by assuring minimum response to terrorists' firing. In his typical Geelani style double speak, he criticises state government for lust of money and power, accusing it of disposing all assets to New Delhi. It is a new argument though specious one given by Geelani and others that Kashmir's assets have been handed over to Delhi. Kashmir, everybody in the world knows, does not possess gold, copper, or diamond mines. It does not have petroleum deposits or natural gas. It had natural beauty which was slowly destroyed when men like Geelani arrived in the valley. All great forests today are bare and encroached by anti-social elements and militants along with other local Kashmiris. No Indian possesses any fragment of land in the valley. The Dal Lake today is surrounded by concrete hotels which belong to Kashmiris only. Holy springs have either been encroached or filled in for they represented Hindu signs. Saffron lands have been converted into housing colonies and no Indian has come all the way from Delhi to do that. But men like Geelani will always cry and raise non issues. The only issue in Kashmir is that dubious men like Geelani ought to be side lined permanently and pluralism of Kashmir be restore once again with all attendant prerequisites. Kashmir will again turn a paradise when truth is spoken, accepted, practiced as well as men like Geelani snubbed once for all.


According to a survey as many as 22 big cities in the country are facing acute shortage of drinking water. The situation is bound to get out of control if steps are not taken soon. Jammu City is bursting at its seams. With no control over the burgeoning population and spread of the city horizontally, the Greater Jammu city area now starts from Bari Brahamna to Domana and from Sidhra to Pouni Check. It is a vast swath of land with a million plus population, means a huge pressure on the underground water resources of Jammu City. It is easy way to dig a deep tube well and proudly claim its inauguration which the ever present politicians do every time but it is different to think how the exhausting water table will be replenished. Vast areas of Jammu city depend upon the drinking water, which is taken out of the ground through pumps. If the rate of digging tube wells goes by the same speed, then a time will come when we shall have exhausted our underground sources of water. There has to be a proper plan in place to check this rampant misuse of underground water. There is no way other than to enforce a strict building code so that rain water is harvested and circulated in the ground. In addition, the government will have to construct hundreds of small ponds all over the city so that the rain water is collected which will eventually recharge the ever receding water table. Surprisingly till date, no survey has been done in order to ascertain the quantity of ground water present in the areas of Greater Jammu. Bringing water from Chenab is a solution but to make Jammu a sustainable city, it is imperative that its depleting water resources are recharged on a priority basis. RANASAHIB

2.qxd 11/8/2013 9:46 PM Page 1


been informed, Rahul would have never advised Omar Abdullah to implement 73rd amendment," Taj said. He said it is a wrong notion that Congress wanted to implement 73rd amendment in the State. "Our submission was that some good provisions of 73rd amendment should be incorporated in Jammu and Kashmir Panchayati Raj Act and National Conference has now agreed upon this. Our State Panchayati Raj Act is the best Act but in order to empower Panchayati Raj Institutions, incorporation of some of the good provisions of 73rd amendment had become inevitable," he said. Taj further said that National Conference has agreed that District Chairman would not be a Minister but an elected fellow. Confirming this, Panchayati Raj Minister Ali Muhammad Sagar told that the issue has been resolved and some of the good provisions of 73rd amendment would be incorporated in State Panchayati Raj Act. "There will be no direct application of 73rd amendment but only its good provisions would be incorporated. There will be separate election commission and district chairman would be nominated through election," Sagar said adding that the row is over now. NPP Sarpanch who raised hue and cry. Was Rahul so immature that he could not have information about the protesting Sarpanch," Singh said. He further said that Panchayati Raj in Jammu and Kashmir is in shambles and all the village representatives are toothless. "These Panchas and Sarpanchas are repenting and cursing themselves why they contest these elections," he said. needed we will take up matter in the judiciary/ appropriate forum as the matter is of public interest and not only confined to one individual. Chander Mohan Sharma Advocate and Senior Leader said it is decision in the National interest we will nominate a group of Senior Advocate who will extend full legal support to Retd. Chief of Army Staff Gen. V.K. Singh. Every Nationalist is deeply concerned with such type of undesirable action. The casual, callous and irresponsible approach of state administration in allowing the deputations to meet joint parliamentary committee is condemned as efforts were made that cause of refugees could not be projected before the parliamentary committee in right prospective and want state administration to desist from such action in future. tive came after news channels were showing his (Modi's) speech live. He said the advisory was sent about "a week back". "But the real concern (behind the advisory) was not the prime minister's honour. They were restive that the channels telecast Modi's speech live but only showed visuals of shahzade's speech (during those hours)," Modi said in an apparent reference to Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi. "Rulers of Delhi, please listen with your ears open. TV may not show (speeches) but (we) have made place among people," Modi said. Without naming Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, who are MPs from Uttar Pradesh, Modi said they have not done enough for the state despite holding influence in the Congressled UPA government. He also accused Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav of misplaced priorities. Modi said while Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan was able to bring the state out of backwardness, leaders of the SP and BSP have failed to do so in Uttar Pradesh.

Special CBI Judge O P Saini who declined their oral plea to halt the trial and went on with the testimony of chief investigating officer and CBI SP Vivek Priyadarshi. "I have read the newspaper but I cannot go by the media reports," the judge said. Later at the end of the day, the defence lawyers placed before the court judgement of the high court and said they will move a formal application in this regard in the court on Monday. In its judgement, the high court has struck down the resolution through which the Central Bureau Investigation (CBI) was set up and held all its actions "unconstitutional". Subsequently, the Centre on Thursday night said that the verdict would be challenged in the Supreme Court.

Omar stresses ...
this direction, however during the course some redesigning or rearranging may be required to suit the job market requirements to ensure higher placement avenues for the youth under the mission. Minister for Finance, Abdul Rahim Rather, Minister for Rural Development, Mr. Ali Mohammad Sagar, Minister for Higher Education, Mr. Mohammad Akbar Lone, Minister for Planning and Development, Mr. Ajay Kumar Sadhotra, Chief Secretary, Mr. Mohammad IqbalKhandey, Principal Secretary Planning and Development, Mr. B.R. Sharma, Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister, Mr. B.B. Vyas, Principal Secretary PDD, Mr. A.K. Mehta, Commissioner Secretaries and other officers were present in the meeting. Earlier, Principal Secretary Planning and Development, Mr. B.R. Sharma gave detailed presentation on skill development saying that during 2012-13 against the target of training 1.10 lakh youth as many as 88,440 have received training in sectors of Micro & Small Scale Industry, Vocational and Technical Education, Agriculture, Horticulture, Information Technology, Animal, Sheep Husbandry, Tourism, Health, Himayat and Udaan.

Mr. Sharma said there is further requirement of mapping of skills at the district level to fill district level skill gaps. He said ICRA had earlier conducted the study on mapping of current and future skill requirement of Jammu and Kashmir, however the survey conducted by ICRA was at Macro level. He said now NSDC has mandated Imac's to conduct a district level skill gap study for all the districts of Jammu and Kashmir and suggest suitable intervention to address the gap for every district, besides create an action plan. He said this new plan will be rolled out during 2014-15 to upgrade the existing J&K Skill Business Plan as per the outcome of the study.

2G accused ...
having instructions to proceed with the case today," advocate Majeed Memom, appearing for accused Swan Telecom promoter Vinod Goenka, said at the outset of the proceedings. Memom was joined by Raja's counsel Manu Sharma to protest the continuance of the trial who was ready with the soft copy of the judgement on his i-pad. "Sir, I can show you the judgement here," he told

SP College ..
a warden would be appointed on permanent basis in the College and parents of those students would be called to mend their students," Lone said. He further said that it is a serious matter and, "I will not spare anyone who shows leniency in curbing this menace," he said.

ISRO could ...

part- then I will have many things to say. Whatever might have been said and done- they have done something and that needs to be appreciated." "....you can say there should have been circular orbit instead of elliptical orbitthose things we will see later, right now we will have to wait till next September for the real success. I hope it will be successful. Because it has to go to the Mars orbit and that will be only in next September. We shall keep our fingers crossed," he added.

Notice to ...
free legal assistance to former chief of army staff V. K. Singh and concern has been expressed over the action of Speaker of state legislative assembly., It appear to all that the action is unwanted, undesirable and unjustified and the same is also not in the interest of nation. The remarks made by Chief of Army Staff are not such which require any intervention by the Speaker of State Assembly. That the institution of legislation will be damaged and defamed by such type of actions which can cause wedge between the administration and legislators. Arora further declare that if

UPA giving ...

On the blasts on the day of his rally in Patna last month in which six people were killed, Modi said innocents were targetted. The involvement of Indian Mujahideen in the terror attack is being probed. Modi said there was no place for violence in democracy. On the government's advisory to TV news channels over the "denigration" of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's Independence Day speech, Modi said the direc-

Employees accuse Tehsildar of misusing his official position; demand action against him
phone and abused him," said the protesting employees. They said that the Tehsildar accompanied by his escorts later on went to the house of the peon, ransacked his house and beat him to pulp. "The family members of the peon were harassed by the Tehsildar," they alleged. The protesting employees, while lodging a complaint in Deputy Commissioners (DC'S) office demanded stern punishment against him. They said that this was not the first time that any protest has been staged against the said officia. "The Pathwaris and Girdawars of Islamabad

Omar politically ...

Coalition Govt ...

matter has already been resolved. If he would have

What the Chief Minister was expecting from Gandhi when he said that it was

SRINAGAR, NOV 08: Accusing Tehsildar, Anantnag of misusing his official position and acting in an autocratic manner, the class fourth employees of Revenue Department here today went on a strike in protest. The employees alleged that the said official is using unparliamentary language and demanded action under rules against him. The employees told that Tehsildar Anantnag Muzaffar Ahmad abused his class fourth employee over phone and beat him up at his residence. "The Tehsildar rang up Abdul Rashid Kachroo, a peon on

Tehsil, last month had also alleged that the said Tehsildar conducted nocturnal raids in their houses and harassed them," said the employees. The Patwaris and Girdawaris of Islamabad while alleging harassment by Tehsildar also went on a two day strike demanding action against him. Meanwhile, Tehsildar, Annatnag Muzaffar Ahmad told that the striking employees are all corrupt. "The fact is that all these employees are corrupt and I will take them to task," he said adding that he reprimanded one of the employees because he was not doing his duty in accordance with law.

Five tips for healthy and strong bones Gum disease may lead to Aerobic exercise best heart problems: Study bet for obese teen girls
enough to provide the required amount of vitamin D. One can even boost Vitamin D by eating sea foods like shrimp, sardines, tuna, salmon; fortified cereals and egg yolks. Keep a check on protein intake: Too much of anything is not good. And this holds true for protein as well, which otherwise plays an important role in building healthy and strong bones. Excess of protein changes the pH balance in the body. This creates an acidic environment which can result in bone loss. Cut back on salt: Most of us consume much more than the recommended 2300 milligrams of sodium per day. A high intake of sodium means, more calcium is wasted through urine and sweat. Excessive sodium intake is also a risk factor for bone fragility. Go easy on caffeine, soda: Too much of caffeine can interfere with the body`s ability to absorb calcium. The more caffeine you consume, higher is the amount of calcium pulled into the urine. Phosphorus, in the form of flavouring agent phosphoric acid in soda also interferes with calcium absorption. Hence, moderation is the key. of the participants' carotid arteries. Researchers followed up with the participants after a median of three years, and identified associations between gum health and progression of atherosclerosis. They found that improved gum health and decreases in the proportion of gum disease-linked bacteria was associated with slower progression of the intimamedial thickness of the carotid artery. Meanwhile, worsened gum health and increases in gum diseaselinked bacteria was associated with greater progression of the intima-medial thickness. The associations held true even after taking into account other factors such as diabetes, body mass index and smoking status.

Eating a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D is very important to keep your bones healthy and strong. Human bones which are lost and then rebuilt in tiny amounts throughout life attain peak bone density by the age of 30. However, post 30, one tends to lose slightly more bone mass than one gains. To have a healthy bone mass and to prevent conditions like osteoporosis it is important to eat healthy. Here are a few tips: Boost calcium consumption: Calcium is an essential mineral for the proper development of teeth and bones.

Dairy products that include yogurt, cheese, milk and green leafy vegetables like spinach and collard greens are a great source of calcium. Get some sunshine: Including only calcium rich food will not help improve bone density as the body wont absorb the calcium until and unless you have enough Vitamin D. is the best and natural source of vitamin D - also called the 'sunshine vitamin' since it s formed in the skin through exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun. Around 15 minutes of sun exposure is

Why booze makes us aggressive

HOUSTON, NOV 08: Ignoring the gum disease may prove detrimental and affect the health of your heart in the long run, a new study has said. According to a study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, researchers from Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health found an association between gum disease and progression of atherosclerosis, which is the hardening of arteries and a big risk factor for heart attack. "These results are important because atherosclerosis progressed in parallel with both clinical periodontal disease and the bacterial profiles in the gums. This is the most direct evidence yet that modifying the periodontal bacterial profile could play a role in preventing or slowing both diseases," study researcher Moise Desvarieux, an associate pro-

fessor of epidemiology at the university, said in a statement. More than 5,000 plaque samples were taken from the teeth of 420 adults from northern Manhattan who were part of the Oral Infections and Vascular Disease Epidemiology Study. Researchers analysed the samples for 11 different strains of bacteria that have been linked with periodontal disease, as well as seven control bacteria. They also analysed fluid around the gums as an indicator of Interleukin-1, a marker of inflammation, and hardening

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WASHINGTON, NOV 08: A new study has revealed that obese teen girls who perform aerobic exercise are at lower risk of developing several pediatric diseases which include type-2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, a condition in which fat builds up in the liver, potentially impairing its function over time. SoJung Lee of the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and her colleagues recently showed that when obese adolescent boys increased physical activity alone, they improved several markers of health. These include reducing total fat, fat packed around organs in the abdomen (known as visceral fat, a risk factor for diabetes), and liver fat, and improving fitness of their heart and lungs. To see if physical activity might work in the same way for obese adolescent girls, Lee and her colleagues performed a new study that compared the health effects of two different types of exercise- aerobic exercise and weight lifting- over three months to remaining

sedentary. Although their results show beneficial effects for both types of exercise, the researchers found that girls who performed aerobic exercise, but not weight lifting, had significant reductions in visceral fat and liver fat, as well as improvements in insulin sensitivity, another risk factor for diabetes that's linked with obesity. The findings by researchers, who recruited 44 obese girls between 12 and 18 years old, suggested that for teen girls, aerobic exercise might be superior to resistance exercise for cutting health risks associated with obesity. They also note that, anecdotally, girls in the aerobic exercise group seemed to enjoy their workouts more than those in the resistance exercise group, an opposite sentiment from the obese boys in their previous study. The study is published in the American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism.



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WASHINGTON, NOV 08: Researchers, who investigated what are the causes of alcohol-related aggression, have outlined the social, psychological, and neurobiological factors that contribute to the link between alcohol consumption and increased aggression. Reduced cognitive control resulting from heavy alcohol consumption narrows perception and so can lead to an increased proneness to violent behaviour in certain situations. According to current research by Anne Beck and Andreas Heinz, additional factors include personal expectations of the effect of alcohol and previous violent confrontations. In men in particular, the influence of alcohol strengthens the conviction that violence and aggression are acceptable forms of social interaction. However, environmental conditions in early childhood, such as social discrimination, are further risk factors.Therapeutic approaches have been developed to combat this alcohol-induced aggression. These are specific therapies that aim to increase cognitive and emotional control.
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Bhalla visits Channi Himmat CM reviews PMGSY progress

State witnessing significant road network improvement under PMGSY: Omar

Bhalla asks JKHB to complete works within stipulated time frame

JAMMU, NOV 08- Minister for Housing, Horticulture and Culture, Mr. Raman Bhalla has said that Government has earmarked Rs 90 lakh for face lifting of Housing Colony in Channi Himmat, adding that in this regard instructions have been issued to Jammu and Kashmir Housing Board (JKHB) to gear up their men and machinery in completing the proposed projects within stipulated time frame. This was informed by the Minister while interacting with the accompanied officers of the JKHB after launching face lifting projects at Sector-4 of Housing Colony in Channi Himmat, here today. Managing Director JKHB Mr. Ram Pal Sharma besides other senior officers of the department accompanied the Minister. Mr. Bhalla asked the JKHB to use quality material on the proposed projects, adding that Government was comdition of homeless. The Minister informed that JKHB has approved Rs. 3.50 crore for creation of health club, swimming pool and tug shop besides a recreation centre facilities on the available land near the Green Belt Park in Channi Himmat Sector-1, adding that the project is under progress on war-footing. Mr. Bhalla called upon the inhabitants of the colony not to dump debris on road side, adding that such practices not only create problems for the visitors but also breeding ground for many chronic diseases. During his visit to the Housing Colony, the Minister observed that some allotted plots by Housing Department are without any construction as a result open spaces are totally becoming dumping yards. He asked the Managing Director JKHB to issue notices to allottees for making construction or else cancel the allotment order within 15 days.

mitted to provide durable assets to the people across the State. He further said any compromise with the quality would be viewed seriously. The Minister asked the officers to prepare the inventory of Housing Board assets besides available land across the state adding that government was committed to develop new colonies under master plan in self financing schemes. He stressed the

need to put the assets of the board to best use and revenue generation. Mr. Bhalla said development of Housing Colonies in urban as well as in rural areas of the State was receiving main focus of the Government. He said the colonies would be developed on modern lines with all basic amenities like safe drinking water, road connectivity, electricity, parking, play field, super

bazaar and recreational parks. The Minister asked for effective implementation of centrally sponsored Rajiv Gandhi Awas Yojana (RGAY) scheme for rehabilitation of slum dwellers, adding that the scheme aims at to tackle the problems of slums in a definitive manner. He said Central and State Governments were committed to improve the living con-

Sakina favours larger participation of women in decision making

JAMMU, NOV 8: Seeking larger participation of women in development process, Minister for Social Welfare, Sakina Itoo on Friday said time has come when they have to play a pro-active role in shaping the destiny of the State. Addressing a gathering of women at Vijaypur, Ms Sakina made a fervent appeal to women to realise their potential and put in their best in socio-economic development of Jammu and Kashmir. "Women have made their presence felt in every sphere of activity and there is nothing that can retard their growth as equal partners in the decision making of the state", she said and exhorted upon the women to participate in social, economic and political affairs alongside attending to their domestic chores. Former Minister and MLA, S.S. Slathia, MLA, Bimla Luthra, Sarpanchs, Panchs and a large number of women were present on the occasion. The Minister appreciated overwhelming participation of women in the function saying that it is a reflection of their firm faith in programmes and policies of present government. She

Project "Access to Justice- NE and J&K" launched in State

JAMMU, NOV 08:- Joint Secretary, Department of Justice Government of India Mr. Parveen Garg on Friday launched the project "Access to Justice- NE and J&K" in the J&K State. The project has been approved by the Standing Finance Committee (SFC) Government of India, a plan under the 12th Five Year Plan for the period of five years (2012-17). The project is being implemented in the eight states of North East region and Jammu & Kashmir State in consultation with respective State Legal Services Authorities with the project cost of Rs. 30 crore. The objectives of the project are to sensitize the marginalized and underprivileged sections of society particularly women, children, Scheduled Castes and Tribal Communities about their legal rights by organizing awareness camps, adding that it would improve the knowledge of people about their right and their access to legal services. It also focuses on supporting justice delivery systems in improving their capacities to serve the people and in empowering the ordinary people to demand improved services and to access their rights and entitlements. Moreover, the project would also support innovative activities to enhance legal awareness of the underprivileged populations and their ability to seek justice. As many as six Focused Group Discussions (FGD) would be conducted in each State covering 6 blocks in the 3 selected districts. The number of participants would be 30-35 persons with proportionate representation from both the genders. The Legal Aid employees would impart training to the individuals of NGOs who would be engaged for assessment study to identify gaps in the legal empowerment of people. Director, Department of Justice, Mr. V. K. Singh, Secretary Law, Mr. M. Ashraf Mir, Registrar General J&K High Court, Mr. Suresh Kumar, Secretary, High Court Legal Services Authority Mr. Ravinder Wattal, Additional Secretary Law, Mr. Achal Sethi, Project officer, Mr. Amikar Parwar, Administrative Officers, State legal Services Authority, Mr. Shiv Lal Sharma, Law Officer Home Department, Syed Sarfaraz Rezvi,, representatives from NGOs were also present.

JAMMU, NOV 08: Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah, on Friday said that PMGSY has made significant difference in improving road connectivity across the state and with the recent approval for 1100 more projects to cover remaining left out habitations, the road network scenario will see further improvement especially in districts with relatively low connectivity percentage. The Chief Minister said this while reviewing physical and financial progress under PMGSY in a meeting here. He said before inception of PMGSY the level of connectivity across the state stood at 58% which has improved to 73%. Earlier, Commissioner Secretary, R&B, Mrs.Tanveer Jehan gave a detailed power point presentation on the status of PMGSY in the state. She said that out of the 1985 schemes under Phase-1 to Phase-IX,

872 schemes have been completed, covering road length of 4900kms at a cost of Rs. 2346 crore. She said out of the 4163 unconnected habitations at the time of inception of PMGSY as many as 1487 habitations have already been connected up to Phase-IX and the remaining have been taken up for completion. She said that out of the target of covering 175 habitations during 2013-14, as many as 107 habitations covering road length of 604 kms have been completed ending October. She said Rs. 326 crore have been spent on these projects so far. She further informed that Rs. 223 crore, out of the amount of Rs. 710 crore approved by the Union Cabinet on account of land, forest and structural compensation, have been released recently. She said various measures for effective implementation of the

programme have been taken up including fast tracking land acquisition and forest clearance issues, resulting in accelerated pace of progress. She said action has also been taken in 44 cases against the defaulting contractors and an amount of Rs. 2.93 crore has been recovered from these defaulting agencies besides terminating their contracts and re-tendering them for reallotment to other agencies. Minister for Rural Development, Mr. Ali Mohammad Sagar, Minister for Planning and Development, Mr. Ajay Kumar Sadhotra, Minister for R&B, Mr. Abdul MajidWani, Minister of State for Revenue, Mr. Ajaz Ahmad Khan, Chief Secretary, Mr. Mohammad Iqbal Khandey, Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister, Mr. B.B. Vyas, Commissioner Secretaries and other officers were present in the meeting.

said that women participation in growth and development will help the society's march towards progress and prosperity with added vigour and enthusiasm. Sakina highlighted several measures initiated by the government for women empowerment and asked women to take inspiration from such enterprising women. Spelling out achievements of the government in different fields, the Minister said that various employment schemes like SKEPWY have helped the youth of the state establish their own income generating ventures thus minimizing the unemployment problem to a great extent. She

added that a number of model villages have been developed by Rural Development department besides successful implementation of various rural emancipation programmes with focus on unattended areas. Besides, a notable improvement has been recorded in water and power supply scenario especially in kandi and border belts, she added. She said that various reformative steps have been taken to further streamline functioning of agriculture, health, horticulture and social welfare departments so that people could get enhanced services. The Minister assured the people that all the ISSS pending cases would soon be cleared.

Mir reviews status of Organic Farming in Valley, first organic crop to come by 2014
SRINAGAR, NOV 08: Minister for Agriculture, Gh. Hassan Mir on Friday reviewed the status of organic farming in Kashmir in a meeting of officers of Agriculture Department. Besides Director Agriculture Kashmir Mushtaq Peerzada, senior level officers of the department and representative of various organic companies which are implementing the organic farming programmes in different districts of Kashmir attended the meeting. The Minister was apprised that in all 1180 hectare area has been identified for adoption for organic farming and subsequent certification of organic produce covering 3409 farm operating families. This includes 300 hectares covered under the vegetable initiative for urban cluster scheme, 380 Hectare under Horticulture Mission for North East Himalayan States (HMNEH) and 500 hectare under Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojna. The areas where the organic farming has been started are Gurez for Rajmash and Potato, Machil for Potato and Maize, Karnah for Red rice, Sogam, Trehgam and Kupwara for Rice, maize and Rajmash, Uri, Keller, Shopian for Rajmash while Narkara, Budgam in District Budgam, Noorbagh Takenwari and Guzerbal in Srinagar and Bangidhara in District Anantnag have been adopted for Vegetables. The Minister was further told that first organic crop of Red Rice, Rajmash, Potato, Maize and Rice will come in the market in year 2014, while organic vegetables shall be available in the year 2015. He was also informed that so far 3409 farmers have been trained for organic farming. The farmers have also been provided organic inputs like Bio- fertilizer and Bio-pesticide replacing chemical fertilizers and pesticides by the implementing agencies. Agriculture Minister while expressing his satisfaction over the implementation of the scheme urged the Officers as well as implementing agencies to lay focus on marketing of organic produce after completing the process of certification.

Govt committed to address problems of Numberdars, Chowkidars: Sham

Madan highlights policies of UPA Govt
JAMMU, NOV 8: Minister for PHE, Irrigation & Flood Control, Mr. Sham Lal Sharma has said that Government was committed to resolve the problems of Numberdars and Chowkidars, adding that they are the important basic village level functionaries who are assisting the administration in different social and administrative matters and contributing in the development of the State. While interacting with the Numberdars and Chowkidars at Akhnoor, the Minister said that Government was aware about their problems and efforts will be made to address these in a phased manner. He said the proposal for enhancement of their remuneration and other facilities for their smooth functioning is under the active consideration of the Government and an appropriate decision is expected soon. He asked them to perform their duties with zeal and dedication and assist the Government with the same spirit as they are doing since decades. Member Parliament, Mr. MadanLal Sharma was also present on the occasion. Later, addressing a largely attended public meeting at Akhnoor, the Minister also highlighted the role of Sarpanchs/Panchs in the socio-economic development of the State. He said the PRIs are the real authorities responsible for ensuring development of rural areas according tolocal priorities and merits. He said Government will take more steps to fully empower the PRIs so that they are able to contribute better in the development process. He said the Central Government has already announced Rs. 10 lakh to be placed at the disposal of each Panchayat and shortly this provision will be implemented in the State as well. He said with the recent visit of Congress Vice President and Member Parliament, Mr. Rahul Gandhi, the matter regarding further strengthening of Panchayats hasreceived momentum and State Government will do whatever possible to strengthen the PRIs in the state. He asked them to concentrate on the development of their areas and fullfill the aspirations of the people who have voted them to power. Listing the measures initiated for the development of Akhnoor constituency, the Minister said that 16 more tube-wells will be set up in the water scarcity areas and work on 19 Lift Irrigation Schemes (LISs) is afoot at different places. On completion, the water scarcity and irrigation facilities will get new boost.

Addresses seminar in Srinagar DC Kulgam reviews progress under Another Tulip Garden comdistrict plan, flagship schemes 59% plan funds utilized by Oct end
KULGAM NOV 8: Deputy Commissioner, Kulgam, Jahangir Mir on Friday convened a meeting of sectoral officers to review the progress of physical and financial achievements registered under different plan schemes. It was given out in the meeting that out of Rs. 42 crore released under the district plan Rs. 25 crore have been spent in different sectors by October end which accounts for 59 percent of the total budget released during the current financial year so far. Deputy Commissioner while reviewing the sector- wise progress was informed that under R&B sector Rs. 5.20 crore have been spent against the availability of Rs. 6.12 crore Likewise under MG NREGA scheme asn expenditure of Rs. 18 crore was incurred against the release of Rs. 20 crore that has engaged 7.97 lakh daily wagers to earn their livelihood besides issuing as many as 56760 job cards. Under PMGSY the meeting was informed that 62 habitations have been connected this year benefitting 2.65 lakh souls where as the department has blacktopped 102 kms of roads during this year till date. In Education, it was revealed that as many as 38035 students of elementary education are being provided the Mid Day meals besides free books. The Deputy Commissioner impressed upon the officers to meet the targets well in time so that funds are utilized in full. Additional Deputy Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner Revenue, Chief Planning Officer were also present in the meeting.

ing up in Ang: Peerzada

Jhiri Mela arrangements discussed

Make synchronized efforts to ensure facilities to devotees: Sahu

JAMMU, NOV 08:- Deputy Commissioner (DC), Jammu, Ajeet Kumar Sahu on Friday convened a meeting with officers and members of mela committee to reviews the arrangements for the Jhiri Mela. MLA Choudhary Sukhnandan, SSP Jammu Atul Goel, ADC Kalyan Singh, ACG Shenaz Choudhary, RTO Jammu Arvind Kotwal, ACD Jammu K. K. Sidha, GM DIC Dr. Raj Kumar Thappa, Deputy Director Information PR Jyoti Salathia, other senior officers of concerned departments was also present in the meeting. The annual fair which attracts devotees from all parts of the country commences from November 16th and elaborate arrangements for the convenience of the devotees have been made by the administration and the mela committee. Deputy Commissioner has stressed on synergy between different departments for ensuring adequate arrangements for the smooth conduct of Jhiri Mela. The Deputy Commissioner directed the functionaries of R&B to ensure the repair and improvement works are completed in time for the convenience of the devotees. He asked the PHE department to ensure uninterrupted water supply with provision for additional water tanks, hand pumps and sprinklers for cleaning of venue. He also instructed Power Department to ensure proper lighting arrangements in addition to un-interrupted power supply at the venue throughout the Mela days. Irrigation Department was directed to construct bathing ghats and erection of barricading. Transport authorities were directed to arrange sufficient number of buses for transportation of devotees and to fix special time table for hassle free movement of Similarly, Traffic department was asked to ensure proper identification of places for idle parking of buses, private transport.

27 schemes competed under BADP in Bandipora

BANDIPORA, NOV 08: As many as 27 schemes out of 56 taken up under Border Area Development Programme (BADP) have been completed so far in Bandipora district whileas work on the rest 29 schemes is under progress. An amount of Rs. 13.75 crore stands utilised on all schemes so far. This was stated during an officers meeting held under the chairmanship of District D e v e l o p m e n t Commissioner Bandipora here on Friday.

Sagar for speedy implementation of IWMP

project reports have been approved, so that the activities under this programme are speeded up. He said that the funds to the tune of Rs. 821 crore have also been approved by the Union government and the need of the hour is to ensure its speedy and proper implementation. The Minister further directed the officers to work in close coordination and synergy, so that the lacunae and bottlenecks, if any are removed and smooth implementation of the programme is ensured. He said that the regular meetings should be held so that the status of different works undertaken is monitored effectively. Mr. Sagar said that the panchayats of different areas should also be involved in preparing the perspective

JAMMU, NOV 8: Minister for Rural Development and Panchayati Raj, Mr. Ali Mohammad Sagar on Friday directed the officers to speed up the implementation of Integrated Water Management Programme (IWMP) for which perspective plan to the tune of Rs. 2300 crore has been approved by the Centre. The Minister was speaking at a review meeting of IWMP convened here today. Commissioner Secretary, Rural Development, Mr. Farooq Ahmad Peer, Chief Executive Officer IWMP, Mr. G. H. Shah, Members of State level nodal agency, Project officers and other senior officers of rural development were present. Mr. Sagar asked the officers to start immediate work in the districts for which

plans, so that the scope of participation and implementation of this programme is widened. He said that public participation is very essential in success of any programme and we have to ensure the same by involving the people at grass root level. It was given out in the meeting that Union government has already approved a perspective plan of Rs. 2300 crore under IWMP for treatment of 15 lakh hectares of land. The project reports for five districts stands approved and similarly, an amount of Rs. 821 crore has already been approved for taking up various activities under the programme and 488 entry point activities have been identified and work has been completed on 116.

SRINAGAR, NOV 08: Government is making every effort to rejuvenate Floriculture sector in the valley to make health resorts, tourist centres attractive by way of developing parks and gardens at tourist places across the state which will increase the influx of tourists and generation of employment opportunities. This was stated by the Minister for Hajj, Auqaf, Public Enterprises and Floriculture, Peerzada Mohammad Sayeed while addressing a seminar organised by the department of Floriculture in the Emporium Lawns here today. Peerzada said that central government has sanctioned Rs. 22 crore for development of Tulip Garden spread over 471 kanals of land in Anantnag on the pattern of Cheshmashahi Tulip Garden.

He said that work on the project would be started soon. Later, the employees of the department put forth their demands. Peerzada assured them that their genuine demands would be addressed in a phased manner. He urged them to work with dedication and sincerity. He was told that the department generates a revenue of Rs. 5 crore annually. He said that the department would be streamlined on modern scientific lines by introducing latest scientific technology and techniques. He asked the Director Floriculture to set up two training centres for the departmental gardeners to train them in latest floriculture techniques. Present on the occasion were Director Floriculture, senior officers and officials of the department.

JKSRTC starts additional transport services

JAMMU, NOV 08:Continuing its endeavor to provide better transport service to the general public as well as tourists visiting the state, the Jammu and Kashmir State Road Transport Corporation (JKSRTC) has started bus services connecting Jammu with Railway Station, Banihal. First bus shall depart from Banihal for Jammu at 8 a.m followed by another bus at 1.30 p.m respectively and from Jammu at 8 a.m from General Bus Stand and at 9 a.m from Railway Station Jammu (via Katra). General Public at large as well as tourists visiting Kashmir Valley are requested to avail benefit of these services. In addition, JKSRTC is also operating night service from General Bus Stand Jammu to Srinagar and vice versa. The public desirous of availing these services should contact at phone numbers 01912470062, 9906236729 and 9469193352.

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Shami reverse swings India to fabulous win at Eden Gardens

KOLKATA: Pacer Mohammad Shami gave an awesome exhibition of reverse swing to cap a dream debut with five second innings wickets as India inflicted an innings defeat on a hapless West Indies inside three days in the first Test to mark a fabulous start to the Sachin Tendulkar farewell series on Friday. Shami followed up his 4-71 performance in the first innings with a 5-47 show in the second to claim an enviable match haul of 9-118 -the best ever by an Indian pacer on debut. Shami's performance propelled India to an innings and 51-run victory in the first Test at the iconic Eden Gardens. Offie Ravichandran Ashwin followed up his exploits with the bat (124) with admirable figures of 346. Needing 219 runs to escape the ignominy of an innings upset, the West Indies collapsed like a pack of cards in the final session -- 98 minutes into the post tea session - to be bundled out for 168. Veteran Shivnarine Chanderpaul (31 not out; 101 b, 2x4) put up a gritty resistance, but in the end ran out of partners. In the morning, Ashwin struck his second Test ton (124) and extended his seventh wicket stand with Rohit Sharma (177) to a staggering 280 to enable the hosts finish at a mammoth 453. The visicompleted with Ashwin claiming Tino Best (3) and Shami castling Sheldon Cottrel (5). Earlier, Resuming at 354/6 overnight, Ashwin and Rohit batted fluently to notch up a stand of 280 - an Indian highest for the seventh wicket which catapulted the hosts to a strong position. Ashwin, who had taken the partnership to 200 in the morning's second over with a streaky boundary off Best, brought up his delightful 100 in the fourth over by pushing the same bowler through the sweeper cover. Reaching the three-figure mark, a visibly ecstatic Ashwin punched the air as Tendulkar clapped in appreciation in the dressing room balcony. The landmark was reached off 159 balls. All the four wickets in the morning session were equally shared by the visiting spinners on a track which played slow but gave turn. Shillingford (6-167) claimed his fifth five-wicket haul in 11 Tests. Left armer Veerasammy Permaul (2-67) was the other successful bowler. Rohit finally departed as he deliberately padded an offering from Permaul which pitched around the off stump and turned away. Aswhin was claimed by Shillingford with a flighted delivery which beat the batsman and dislodged the middle stump.



India to host 2018 men's hockey World Cup

NEW DELHI: India has been awarded the 2018 men's hockey World Cup, the second time in a span of eight years the country will be hosting the mega event having successfully organised the previous edition three years ago. The 2018 edition will see an expanded field with 16 teams competing in both men's and women's events. The 2018 women's World Cup will be held in England. The women's tournament is scheduled to take place from 7-21 July, with the men's event planned for 1-16 December. India last hosted the World Cup in New Delhi in 2010 while the next edition will be held next year in The Hague, Netherlands in the first two weeks of June. "The International Hockey Federation (FIH) is delighted to announce that England and India will host the Hockey World Cups in 2018. England Hockey were successful in their bid to host the women's showpiece, with Hockey India winning the race to host the men's equivalent," world body FIH said in a statement late Thursday night. The announcements were made by FIH president Leandro Negre at a special ceremony in Lausanne, Switzerland. "I wish to offer my sincere congratulations to England Hockey and Hockey India on their successful bids to host the Hockey World Cups 2018," said Negre. "The quality of both bids was truly extraordinary, and the FIH is looking forward to bringing its top properties to England and India. The standard was exceptionally high,

tors had notched up 234 in their first innings. Beginning their second knock in the post-lunch session, the West Indies raised the promise of a fightback by reaching 101/1, courtesy a 68-run second wicket stand between Darren Bravo (37; 78 b, 4X4) and Kieran Powell (36; 83 b, 5x4), but Ashwin began the Caribbean demolition by foxing Powell with a flighted delivery that hit the batsman on the pad plumb in front of the stumps. Shami - after a listless effort in his first spell - returned with a vengeance close to tea, and saw the back of Marlon Samuels (4) with one that reversed and got him leg before. In the second over after tea,

Bravo tried to cut Ashwin, who had pitched outside the off stump, and the ball dipped into the hands of a diving Rohit Sharma at point. The West Indies were then 120/4. Shami then jagged one back after pitching on a length just outside the off stump, inducing an inside edge from Windies wicketkeeper Denesh Ramdin (1), which was lapped up by his Indian counterpart. With half the side gone, Chanderpaul (23) and skipper Darren Sammy (8) tried to put up resistance briefly, but they crumbled in Shami's 11th over - the 49th of the innings. The Bengal pacer again pitched on a length outside

the off stump, and got the ball to reverse, uprooting Sammy's middle stump. Two deliveries later, Shane Shillingfored got a similar ball which unsettled the off stump by breaking through the gate. There was a further tragedy for the Caribbeans after the next delivery. Shami again extracted reverse swing, and Veerasammy Permaul (0) was struck on the pads. As the Indian fielders appealed, Permaul took a few steps out of the crease, but the alert Dhoni was quick to throw down the stumps to get a run out decision. The writing on the wall was more than clear, and the West Indies were reeling at 152/8. The formalities were soon

Viswanathan Anand brings honour to the sport, to his nation: Garry Kasparov

Federer back on track with victory over Gasquet

LONDON: A razor-sharp Roger Federer got back to winning ways at the ATP World Tour Finals with a 64, 6-3 defeat of Frenchman Richard Gasquet on Thursday to keep his lastfour chances alive. Under pressure after losing to favourite Novak Djokovic in his opening Group B match, the six-time former champion looked much more like his old majestic self. Despite losing the opening six points of the match the 17-time Grand Slam champion quickly found his stride and forged ahead with the first break of the match in the third game when Gasquet misfired a forehand into the net. Treating the large Swiss contingent in the sell-out crowd to some silky drop shots and his usual array of flowing passes, the 32-year-old world number seven toyed with Gasquet at times yet lost his focus when the Frenchman hit back to level

making the decision extremely hard for the FIH Executive Board." Held every four years, the World Cup brings together the world's greatest teams and most skilful players for the toughest, most competitive international hockey event. Both the Men's and Women's Hockey World Cups 2018 will feature an increased 16nation field of participants, confirming the growing interest and development of the sport. Next year's hugely anticipated Rabobank Hockey World Cup, which takes place in The Hague, Netherlands during the first two weeks of June, will see twelve men's and twelve women's teams competing. "The decision certainly was not an easy one to make," said FIH Chief Executive Officer Kelly Fairweather, reflecting on the bidding process. "All of the bids that we received were exceptional, being completely in line with our strategy to deliver the most entertaining, exciting and inspiring hockey events in the world.

"The FIH Executive Board were hugely impressed by the bids from England Hockey and Hockey India, and are convinced that both National Associations will deliver absolutely magnificent tournaments." As part of the bidding process, the FIH requested that bid questionnaires were submitted before a deadline of 31 August. The second phase of the process saw each bid evaluated in detail, as well as further discussions, clarifications, site visits and negotiations taking place with the respective National Associations. The World Cup hosts' announcement is part of FIH's new event assignment process, which was launched and presented to the National Associations at the FIH Congress in November 2012. The re-structured bidding process was designed to ensure that the majority of the unallocated events for the 2015-2018 period would be assigned before the end of this year. The FIH will make an announcement about the host nations of these events in due course.

Djokovic sinks Del Potro to reach ATP Tour semis

LONDON: Defending champion Novak Djokovic booked his place in the semifinals of the ATP World Tour Finals with a 6-3, 3-6, 6-3 victory over Juan Martin del Potro on Thursday. After Roger Federer defeated Richard Gasquet earlier in the day, Djokovic knew any win against the Argentine fourth seed would guarantee his qualification from Group B with one match still to play. And the world number two seized his chance, surviving a tough test lasting nearly two hours to extend his current winning run to 19 matches. Del Potro can still make the last four as well, but he will have to beat Federer in their match on Saturday. Djokovic discovered on Wednesday that his bid to finish the season as world number one had failed after Rafael Nadal wrapped up top spot in the year-ending rankings. But he showed no signs of letting that disappointment affect him as he continued his bid to retain the title at the prestigious season-ending event at London's O2 Arena. Four months ago, on a sweltering July afternoon,

CHENNAI: One of the greatest ever chess players, Garry Kasparov, says fivetime world champion Viswanathan Anand "brings honour to the sport and to his nation", but predicts a Magnus Carlsen victory in his World Championship clash against the Indian wizard. The much-anticipated event starts here from tomorrow. Previewing the World Championship, Kasparov was full of praise for the Indian. "Anand is a fantastic chess player who brings honour to the sport and to his nation with his skill and his boundless good nature. If he wins this match his high place on chess Olympus is assured," Kasparov said. Citing his familiarity with both players the Russian, who ruled the chess world for over 20 years, though predicted a Carlsen victory. "I am predicting a Carlsen victory because of his talent, his results, and the tides of

chess history. I am rooting for a Carlsen victory because a new generation deserves a new champion. "Most of all, I am hoping for big games, a hard fight, and a great boost for chess around the world as a legend and a legend-in-the-making do battle in Chennai," Kasparov wrote in 'Business Insider'. Kasparov, however, noted that it will not be easy for Carlsen. "This is one of the most anticipated matches in recent history and it is no insult to Anand, that most of the anticipation circles around the 22-year-old challenger. "Carlsen is the favourite because results and objective quality must matter, but it will not be easy and it is not difficult to imagine a scenario in which he loses the match. Anand has deep experience at every level and that carries with it practical preparation advantages as well as psychological preparedness, he said.

at 4-4. Gasquet was quickly put back in his place as Federer broke again to lead 5-4 and served out the set. Gasquet, who also lost his opening match to Juan Martin del Potro, surrendered his serve at the start of the second set as the hightempo match threatened to race away from him. To his credit the US Open semifinalist began to assert himself and Federer had to dig himself out of trouble in three successive service game as Gasquet began to unload some ferocious back-

hands. Gasquet looked poised to level at 4-4 when a blistering return had Federer clambering at the baseline but he could only watch in admiration as a backhand top-spin lob arched over him as yet another break point went begging. That proved to be his last chance as Federer pounced in the following game, breaking some dogged French resistance to convert his sixth match point. Thursday's late singles features defending champion Djokovic against Del Potro.

ATP Series to boost total prize money

LONDON: The ATP says prize money across its second-level World Tour 500 tennis tournaments will go up by an average of 10 percent in each of the next five years. The increase will take overall prize money from $17.6 million in 2013 to $30.8 million in 2018. Tour 500 events represent the second tier of tournaments on the men's tour, behind the Masters 1000 series. Two grass-court Wimbledon warm-up events will be upgraded to Tour 500 status in 2015 - the Queen's Club tournament in the London and the Gerry Weber Open in Halle, Germany. There will be an extended three-week break, rather than two, between the French Open and Wimbledon starting in 2015. Queen's and Halle will join Rotterdam, Dubai, Rio de Janeiro, Acapulco, Barcelona, Hamburg, Washington, Tokyo, Beijing, Valencia and Basel as World Tour 500 events.

Djokovic out-lasted del Potro in an epic encounter that took nearly five hours and finished as the longest semifinal ever played at Wimbledon. This was their first meeting in London since then and Del Potro took the attack to Djokovic in the Serb's opening service game, securing two break points. But, as was so often the case when they met at Wimbledon, Djokovic was able to get out of trouble with peerless ability to turn defence into attack in one motion. Djokovic was unable to convert three break points in the fourth game, but simply came back even harder in del Potro's next service game and this time he did break to open up a 4-2 lead. That was enough to effectively seal the first set and

put the two-time Tour Finals champion within one set of a place in the last four. Del Potro refused to accept his fate however and, hitting a rich vein of form, he pressed Djokovic into conceding two break points in the sixth game of the second set, converting the first thanks to a fortunate net-cord before going on to level the match. But Djokovic had beaten the former US Open winner in 10 of their previous 13 meetings and it wasn't long before he was back on top. The Australian Open champion had to stave off two break points early in the final set, but he gradually turned the tide and landed the decisive break for a 4-2 lead before serving out the win.

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unsubstantiated claims to territories it intrudes into, disregarding past agreements. Prominent Indians like P Stopden from Ladakh and former IB Special Director Ravi, have spelt out details of how such Chinese intrusions have changed the situation on the ground in Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh, to Indias disadvantage. In future border negotiations, India should forcefully refer to the 2005 Guiding Principles as the fundamental basis for addressing and resolving the border issue. The Border Defence Cooperation Agreement signed on October 23, only puts India in a more disadvantageous position. Its Article VI prohibits India from following or tailing Chinese patrols after they intrude into areas India asserts as being on its side of the Line of Control. Technically, the Chinese can now intrude into Tawang which they have long claimed, or choose to move across the Karakoram Range, and then could well demand that our patrols do not follow them, while they return to their former positions. The agreement moreover requires us provide advance intimation of aircraft flights. We are building air bases in Daulat Beg Oldie and elsewhere along the LoC to improve logistics. Are we going to provide advance intimation to the Chinese every time our aircraft fly to these airbases? Moreover, are we going to give China prior intimation of drone reconnaissance flights? Nine so-called agreements were signed on October 23, most of which have only symbolic value. The only agreement that shows some forward movement is on river waters, where the two sides have agreed to enhance exchange of information on river water flows, while acknowledging that cooperation on trans-border rivers will strengthen the strategic and cooperative partnership. Whether this will entail Chinese restraint on diverting the waters of the Brahmaputra is questionable, given their behaviour with lower riparian States on the Mekong basin. The harsh reality appears to be that, given their vastly superior communications along their borders with India and our present inability to mount offensive operations because of the delays in acquisitions and raisings of strike formations, we appear to have persuaded ourselves that discretion is the better part of valour, in the face of Chinese intrusions. India inked an agreement on Equipment Service Centres for Chinese power equipment. The real strategic challenge we face today is, however, the Chinese dominance of our power and electronics sectors. Imports of electronic equipment today amount to $32 billion. Energy and cyber security cannot be guaranteed by facilitating Chinese imports, but by devising policies to enhance domestic manufacturing capabilities and giving Indian industry due tariff protection. Its a pity that the recent summit was not used to make our concerns known to the Chinese on how their supply of Plutonium reactors and reprocessing facilities to Pakistan has endangered nuclear security in South Asia. On the positive side, however, the Prime Minister, while speaking earlier at the East Asia Summit, welcomed the establishment of an expanded Asean Maritime Forum for developing maritime norms that would reinforce existing international law relating to maritime security. He thereafter pledged to enhance strategic cooperation with Indonesia. Prime Minister Li Keqiang followed his visit to India by visiting Pakistan. Mr Manmohan Singh could perhaps have responded by stop-overs in Tokyo and Hanoi, after his visit to China.


Striking the wrong chord
G Parthasarathy
Rarely in history has a country moved from rags to riches and from relative isolation to a power either feared or respected worldwide, in such a short time, as China has done, after Deng Xiaoping assumed the reins of power. Bent on overturning a Communist system which had perpetuated poverty and throwing the slogans of Marx, Lenin and Mao into the wastepaper basket, Deng proclaimed: Poverty is not socialism. To be rich is glorious. What followed were policies that produced a sustained, near double-digit annual growth rate, for over two decades. Recognising that an economically backward and militarily weak China should bide its time before asserting itself internationally, Deng proclaimed: Keep a cool head and maintain a low profile. Never take the lead-but aim to do something big. Chinas rise over the past quarter of a century has been remarkable. But, historic traits of chauvinism and the dynamics of socio-economic transformation are inevitably having an impact on the nations behaviour. The contradictions between an increasingly open economy in an era of expanding global communications, on the one hand, and corruption and venality that characterise the behaviour of dictatorial elite, on the other, are producing social and economic tensions. These stand-offs can get out of hand if they are not addressed deftly. Like all other dictatorships facing such challenges, Chinas leadership is increasingly resorting to jingoism to divert the attention of its people. The message to the people of China is that, with its growing military might and economic power, the country is set to share global pre-eminence with the US, and it will overtake the US soon in economic power. This has been coupled with bullying and coercion of neighbours, in order to enforce claims for territorial expansion along Chinas land and maritime boundaries. China seeks to enforce its outrageous territorial claims on its maritime boundaries with countries like Japan, the Philippines

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi should have expected the fireworks that exploded when he addressed a large gathering of panchayat members in Jammu on Wednesday. In recent months, the grassroots leaders have not only been sidelined by the Omar Abdullah-led Government but they have also been targeted by the militants. Mr Rahul Gandhi may have sought to apply the emollient of assurances that things will change for the better, but the fact is that his party too is a partner in the State regime and local Congress leaders have done little to hold the State Government accountable for the violence against the panchayat members. In fact, some panchayat leaders have lost their lives, with militants picking them at will while the regime stood by silently. The Congress is as much responsible as the National Conference for the plight of the panchayat members. Mr Gandhi's recent attempt to somehow distance his party from the mess, therefore, lacks credibility. Mr Gandhi's talk of empowering the panchayats in Jammu & Kashmir also sounds hollow when the grassroots leaders, who play a crucial role in getting more and more people of the State into the country's mainstream, do not even have protection from terrorists that want to disrupt the democratic process. While the Government there has failed to provide adequate security to the panchayat members on the pretext that it could not be expected to extend security cover to the thousands of panchayat members across the State, it has continued to provide security, at the cost of the public exchequer, to all sorts of undeserving people including the separatists who have been overtly and covertly working against India. Unless the State Government understands its priority, rallies such as the one Mr Gandhi addressed will be fruitless. While the Congress vice president has admitted that the State Government had failed to empower the 33,000 odd members of various panchayats, he has not provided any roadmap to correct the wrong. This angered the Wednesday gathering, with irate members resorting to slogan-shouting. Mr Gandhi cannot take refuge behind the plea that he was unaware of the ground situation. He cannot have been unaware of the fact that panchayat members in J&K did not enjoy the full benefits of the 73rd Amendment to the Constitution, nor could he not have known that militants had threatened and targeted panchayat leaders. The members at the rally were expecting Mr Gandhi to announce concrete measures which addressed these issues. All that he has promised is that he would pressure the State to incorporate all the measures which existed in the 73rd Amendment. The question is: Why had the Congress not done that in the years it has been power in collaboration with the National Conference? His contention that a uniform system' must prevail in the country, is easier said than done in a State where the lack of political will is rampant.

and Vietnam through coercion and intimidation, while showing scant regard for the provisions of the UN Convention on the Law of the Seas. Regionally, it uses its economic clout in Asean to divide its members on its maritime boundary claims. Beijing refuses to behave transparently or equitably with its lower riparian neighbours, on its upstream utilisation of the waters of the Mekong river. It suddenly upped the ante on its border dispute with India by laying claim to the entire State of Arunachal Pradesh, just after then Prime Minister Wen Jiabao inked an agreement with New Delhi in 2005, in which it was agreed that the IndiaC h i n a boundary should be along well-defined and easily identifiable natural geographic features. In Ladakh, the Ladakh-Tibet boundary has been quite clearly defined since 1684, except for some divergences on the status of parts of Aksai Chin. The well-defined and easily identifiable natural geographic features in the Ladakh Sector lie along the Karakoram Mountains up to the Indus River Watershed. Areas which China brazenly intruded into in April, like Depsang and Chumar, clearly lie on the Indian side of this boundary. It is here that India has walked into a diplomatic quagmire, as Agreements on Peace and Tranquillity along the Line of Actual Control allude to a line whose delineation China refuses to spell out clearly, by exchanging maps. This enables China to lay

India has signed nine so-called agreements with China recently. Most have a symbolic value. The only one that shows some forward movement is on river waters, where the two have agreed to enhance information exchange


Claude Arpi
For many years, I had dreamt of visiting Menchuka, one the remotest places on the way to the McMahon Line dividing India and China, in West Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh. What fascinated me was the fact that British explorers such as Captain Frederick Bailey and his colleague Captain Morshead, who in 1913 surveyed the Himalayas to help Henry McMahon, the British Foreign Secretary, draw his famed map, had never visited the area. It remained a blank on the maps. Last month, I finally made it to Menchuka. After leaving Along, the West Siang district headquarters located 130km from the Assam-Arunachal border, it took another nine hours to reach West Siangs northernmost administrative circle. A short journey, compared to the perilous adventures of the then Assistant Political Officers travelling from Pasighat in Assam on the annual tour of the North-East Frontier Agency. Expeditions, Missions or simple Promenades, as the British called them, used to explore these unadministrated areas, south of the Outer Line (known as the McMahon Line after 1914). Today, things have changed. To reach Menchuka from Aalo, takes only an entire-days drive on the road poorly maintained by the Border Road Organisation; Menchuka is still some 50km away from the Line of Actual Control. Though the Army has apparently started working on a motorable road, my local guide told me that the last 37km to reach the border still have to be walked. It was ironical, but on the day I reached Menchuka, China announced, mostly ignored by the Indian media, one of the most important strategic advances of the decade. On October 31, Xinhua reported: Highway open to traffic for Chinas last roadless county. It asserted: A highway linking Medog [or Metok for the Tibetans], the last roadless county in China, with neighboring Bome county in Tibet formally opened to traffic, ending the countys isolation from the outside world. Where does that road lead to? Not only does it reach within a few kilometers of the Indian border (McMahon Line), north of the Upper Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh, but it opens the way to construct a series of new dams on the Yarlung Tsangpo (which becomes the Siang as it enters India and later the Brahmaputra in Assam). Xinhua announced: The 117km highway, which cost 155 million US dollars, links Zhamog Township, the county seat of Bome, and Medog in Nyingchi Prefecture in southeastern Tibet. The road will be accessible for eight to nine months per year. It is one of the most pristine regions of
insect" is as much revered for its shock value as it is for its biting allegory: Leo Tolosty wrote only two novels and yet he is considered the world's best. Some years ago, then vice chancellor of Jammu University was credited with writing dozens of books but where are these books. We may well say as one Dostoveisky character shouts in the court room "Bloody careerist". Yours faithfully, Bilhan Kaul, Jammu.

Jet-Etihad deal stinks

That the Union Ministry of Civil Aviation should have successfully pushed through the Jet-Etihad deal in the face of serious concerns which the Prime Minister's Office raised over the agreement, speaks poorly of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's hold on the Government. Two inferences can be drawn from the situation. The first is that the PMO, after having expressed reservations, was persuaded to tone down the criticism and allow the deal to go through. The second is that the Prime Minister's concerns did not matter much for the Civil Aviation Ministry which was determined to have the agreement. It is evident that Mr Singh was swamped by proponents of the deal who believed that the pact would enhance the country's civil aviation sector, give it some foothold in the international markets and serve as a foreign diplomacy success. These believers in the agreement apparently had their way and the Congress-led UPA Government went ahead with the deal despite the warnings. Whatever, the PMO note has raised a fresh round of controversy over the deal, and the issues it has flagged are precisely the same that critics of the agreement have been underlining for long. Some of those concerns form part of a petition that Bharatiya Janata Party leader Subramanian Swamy has filed in the Supreme Court. They broadly relate to the adverse impact the agreement would have on Air India in general and on long haul traffic out of the country and seat-sharing with the Abu Dhabi-based Etihad in particular. The PMO's explosive note which largely underlines the negative impact that the agreement will have on the country's prospects in civil aviation has surfaced as a result of a query under the Right to Information Act, and it is certain to change the narrative on the subject, in and outside the court. The note, titled Impact of Middle Eastern Carriers growth on Indian Aviation, was prepared by the PMO a few weeks before the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs approved the deal. It lists seven objections and makes it amply clear that the deal, which offers Etihad a generous bounty of 35,000 seats from India every week, will sound the death-knell for Air India. This is not surprising, given that already it is not any Indian airline but the UAE's Emirates which flies the largest number of Indian international passengers. Also, the deal envisions the use of Jet Airways as a feeder network to re-direct Indian traffic to Abu Dhabi. This will effectively isolate the country as a travel destination from the rest of the world. With air traffic being routed through Abu Dhabi, there will be fewer direct, long-distance flights in and out of India. Direct access to the Americas, Europe and Africa will be severely limited, and this is sure to discourage domestic traffic. The deal will also have an adverse impact on India's plans to develop transport hubs within the country. India will lose also the revenue that it could have made, for instance, in catering, cargo and fuelling charges. Moreover, if the transport hub plans don't materialise, then Indian travellers will have to bear the cost of investments already made in this regard. Tourism will also suffer, both in terms of inbound and out-bound traffic. Clearly, the Union Government and the Prime Minister have a lot of explaining to do.


Not by quantity, but by quality

Dear Editor, Humra Quershi has mentioned in the article on Khushwant Singh that he is author of more than hundred books. He is well known for his novel "Train to Pakistan", A comprehensive History of Sikhs and some well written short stories, apart from his column in newspapers which have appeared for the last sixty years. It turns out in many cases that author's claim or someone else claiming for him that so and so author is writer of dozens of books is not true. Be that as it may, it is quality and not quantity that matters. We have many instances in world literature where single novel, single poem, single work of art and even one work that have made authors famous. n this respect "Cervantes" Don Quxiote is first to come to mind Cervantes did not write much apart from the great novel yet his work is considered Iconic in world literature. Before his imprisonment in Isarist Russia, Dostoveisky's short novel "Poor folks" had Russia's famous critic Belinsky immediately summoning the author, who was minteen at that time and, telling the nervous author, "did he realize what he has written". Franz Kafka wrote only the short novels, 'The Trail', 'The Castle' and Ameriksa". He also wrote short stories and his story "Metamorphosis" with his opening time "Gregor Samsa woke one fine morning to find himself turned into huge

Irish history

Dear Editor, This is in reference to Marginalia 'Irish Stew, Blended Scotch and Gushtaba Politics' by Anuradha Bhasin Jamwal (KT, November 5). I suggest the author should read a bit more Irish history. Here is a start: A daughter of Jean McConville has spoken for the first time in a BBC documentary about the IRA's abduction and murder of her mother. The programme about the Disappeared on November 4th 2013, also hears denials from Sinn Fin president Gerry Adams that he ordered the disappearance of Mrs McConville. The Disappeared are those who were abducted, murdered and secretly buried by republicans during the Troubles. Mrs McConville's body was found at a beach in County Louth in 2003. One of her 10 children, Agnes, described her mother's abduction, which happened in 1972. Yours faithfully, Steve Weatherill, Jammu.

Tibet. The Tibetans have always considered the area around the Bend of the Yarlung Tsangpo as the home of the Goddess Dorjee Pagmo, Tibets Protecting Deity. Many believe that this place, locally known as Pemakoe, is the sacred realm o f t e n referred to in their scriptures: The last hidden Shangrila. The difficulty of access to the region was one of the greatest obstacles for the e ngine e r s w h o worked in Beijing on the hydrop o w e r plants on the river. For them, it w a s enough to know that the Yarlung Ts a n g p o river tumbles down over 3,000m in less than 200km, giving the gorge one of the greatest hydropower potentials available in the world. It made the new emperors in Beijing dream. For India, the roads closeness to the McMahon Line cannot be ignored. Xinhua says: Mountain paths connecting villages and towns were once the only travel routes in Medog, situated near Tibets border with India complicated geological conditions and frequent natural disasters had thwarted seven previous attempts to build a highway in the area. The building of the new road was approved by the State Council, Chinas Cabinet in 2008 and work officially began in April 2009. A local Tibetan told the Chinese news agency: Foot travel and horses have long been the only transportation method for goods in Metok, which has a population of 12,000, adding that before the opening of the road, a can of beer [used to be] sold for 10 yuan, more than twice the price of a can in Lhasa. It makes the populations on our side of the border dream too: Only five years to open a road in such difficult terrain, with one of the longest tunnels in Tibet! In Menchuka, one hears only regrets. But the situation is even worse in the neighbouring Manigong valley: From Tato, a subdivision headquarters where the Si and the Yomi rivers join to form the tumultuous Siyom, it takes seven or eight hours to cover the 67km to reach Manigong. And then, no road. One remembers that in August former BJP MP Tapir Gao had claimed that the

If after opening Nathu-la, thousands benefit from tourism in Sikkim, why should a similar strategy not be there for Arunachal Pradesh? If New Delhi doesnt want to repeat 1962, it must win over the local population

Peoples Liberation Army had intruded at least 30-40km into Indian territory after over-running at least six of the nine Indian check posts in Chaglagam sector of Anjaws district. In such a case, it is the local populations which suffer the most, though the Chinese usually treat the indigenous tribes well; they tell them: You are our own people, in other words, Chinese. Does not China still call the entire State o f Arunachal, Southern Tibet? Let us not forget that Menchuka a n d Manigong sub-sectors of Siang Frontier Division witnessed heavy fighting in 1962 and the PLA, who entered via both valleys and regrouped after trekking over local trails, managed to reach Yarpik, some 80km beyond Menchuka. They stayed for three weeks and cajoled the local Adi and Mempa tribes and said, We will never harm you; we have only a problem with the Indians, you dont have long noses like them, your eyes and skins are similar to ours. The people were not fooled, but they could not do much against the Mao's Army which quickly outnumbered the Gorkha Rifles manning the Menchuka-Manigong sector. One day, I had the good luck to meet 'the oldest man' of the area; he is now 101 years old; he was already a gaon burah (village headman) in 1962. When I asked him his most cherished dream, he said: Please, tell the Prime Minister to reopen the border, I want to visit my relatives in Tibet and bring back yaks; the species has become extinct here. A litany that I heard during my stay in Menchuka is, on the other side, they are much in advance on us. Why dont we have proper roads to the border? It would certainly be a workable solution to fix the border and develop the area; Delhi definitively needs to take the local population along. If after opening Nathu-la, thousands live from the tourism in Sikkim, why not the same in Arunachal? If Delhi does not want to repeat 1962, roads are strategically and militarily vital, but as important, India has no choice but take the local population on its side.

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Congress top brass meets to take call on CHOGM

Commonwealth Heads of Government (CHOGM) meet in Sri Lanka, Congress leadership on Friday met to take a call on whether Prime Minister Manmohan Singh should attend the event. A meeting of the Congress Core Group headed by party president Sonia Gandhi deliberated over the issue for more than one hour and a decision is likely to be announced shortly. Political parties and various groups in Tamil Nadu are strongly opposed to Indias participation in the summit. The government is in a dilemma over the issue with some sections feeling that the Prime Ministers absence at the CHOGM could affect Indias image internationally and hence he must participate. Congress has so far refused to publically take a stand on the politically sensitive issue. The party has said it will back whatever decision the Prime Minister takes on Indias participation in the summit keeping in mind national interests. Union Ministers V. Narayanasamy, Jayanthi Natarajan and G.K. Vasan have publicly opposed the Prime Ministers participation in the summit. MEA has been favouring Dr. Singhs visit to Sri Lanka for CHOGM, maintaining that it was vital for him to be present at this meet as it will reflect Indias interests and is also paramount to the nations strategic and security interests.


political controversy over Indias participation in

Tripura police phones face disconnection for non-payment of bills

AGARTALA, NOVEMBER 8: State run BSNL has discontented numerous telephone connections of Tripura police for non-payment of bills. Several important police stations and offices of top police brass are running without land phone since Thursday night. Land phones in East Agartala and West Agartala police stations have also been disconnected raising a serious alarm over maintenance of law and order in the capital city. One of the connections in office of the Director General of Police C. Balasubramanian is also not working. Many phones under the state government have been disconnected for failing to pay outstanding bills within stipulated period, a senior BSNL official said on Friday. He said the entire process of disconnection is now computerised and manual intervention is no more involved. He said 683 land phones, mostly of police organisation, have been disconnected. He however added: we would try to ensure that these connections are not permanently closed if we get an assurance to receive payment shortly. Disconnections have hampered normal activities of police across the state. The officers are mainly communicating through their personal mobile phones and radio communication. Main opposition, Congress, has slammed the Left front government for alleged incompetence to run government. Police department is most important yet the phone bills are not paid. This is a serious breach of public safety and security, veteran Congress leader Ratan Lal Nath commented. He demanded Chief Minister Manik Sarkar, who is holding Home portfolio, take immediate action against guilty officials responsible for the whole telephone mess. In November last year the BSNL took an important decision to permanently close the land phone connection if the subscriber fails to pay the bill within 90 days. The relaxation period had earlier been 180 days.

Rita, a five year old Indian girl from a nomadic artist family stands near demon masks and other works of art they have displayed for sale in Bhubaneswar.

Drug gang war led to Nigerian's death: Goa govt

NEW DELHI, NOVEMBER 8: Ministry of External Affairs on Friday said it has received a report from the Goa government in which preliminary leads indicate that the Nigerian was killed possibly due to infighting between drug-related gangs. We have received the report which is a factual description of the incident, action taken by the police and the status of the investigation, the Spokesperson in the MEA said. He also said as per the report, preliminary leads indicate infighting between the possible drug-related groups leading to the killing. The report also gives details of the aftermath of the incident, including detention of the 52 Nigerians involved in blocking the Highway when the body was being taken for postmortem, the Spokesperson added. The state police had also arrested a Goan youth in connection with the killing of the Nigerian national on October 31, which sparked protests by his fellowmen. The special investigation squad had earlier this week arrested a Goan youth in connection with the killing of Obodo Uzoma Simeon on October 31. Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has already termed the murder as a drug related crime. The MEA, which is in touch with the Nigerian High Commission here, will now share the elements of the state government report with the mission.

Delhi Police cop among AI using Dreamliners for more hours than global average CBI to seek legal opinion on Gauhati HC order two held for robbery
REWARI: Police today arrested two persons, including a constable of Delhi Police, and cracked a case of robbery at a the house of a local doctor. Sandeep Yadav, a constable of the Delhi police and resident of nearby Jeetpura village, and his accomplice Lavkush of the same village, were arrested by police. With their arrest, police claimed to have cracked a case of robbery which the duo allegedly committed at the residence of a doctor in the Model Town here. Police also seized from their possession the looted amount of Rs 30,000, two country made pistols and a motor cycle that was used in the crime. NEW DELHI, NOVEMBER 8: Undeterred by the faults in the Dreamliners, Air India is using these sophisticated airplanes for more hours than the global average and banking on its costreduction capabilities, as constant software and hardware upgrades are being carried out on the planes by Boeing. While all nine planes were being flown daily, the tenth aircraft that arrived two days ago would be put into flight operations by November 15, a top Air India official said. There are a total of 27 of these aircraft on order. With the plane experiencing problems one after another, Civil Aviation Minister Ajit Singh said there were no safety issues involving the plane and the faults would be worked out. There are no safety issues involving the Dreamliner. There were some glitches, which are being worked out, Mr. Singh told PTI. He said a team from Boeing would be coming to India to assess the situation and help Air India. The Minister said he had discussed these issues with Boeing officials during his recent visit to the US. The airline management also echoed the Ministers view. We have not experienced a single safety issue in our fleet. It is a safe aircraft. We have not received a single complaint about its safety from any passenger so far. In fact, they are very appreciative of the ambience and comfort inside, like the quietness of the cabin, mood-lighting, spacious seats and wider windows, Air India CMD Rohit Nandan said. No passenger booked to fly on a Dreamliner cancelled the booking and travel agents were in fact getting more passengers for these Boeing 787s, he said, adding the cost of operating this aircraft was 30 per cent less than other aircraft in Air India fleet. To questions about a panel falling off from the belly of the aircraft while landing in Bangalore last month, Mr. Nandan and other top airline officials said even the DGCA has not designated the incident as a safety issue as it had not affected pressurisation of the aircraft or its baggage bin. Cracks on the windshield of the plane in Melbourne are incidents which can happen on any aircraft due to various reasons like differential temperature outside and inside or bird hit, they said. There has been no instance worldwide of all the 3-4 layers of the cockpit screen being broken or cracked, the officials said, adding that safety of the plane was not compromised in any of these incidents. The problems are also not being faced by Air India alone as all global airlines using the Dreamliners were facing such issues or teething trouble, they said. NEW DELHI, NOVEMBER 8: In the wake of the Gauhati High Courts decision to quash the Union Home Ministry resolution by which the CBI was constituted way back in 1963, the agency has decided to seek a legal opinion. We are taking a legal opinion on the Gauhati High Court order and thereafter will move the Department of Personnel and Training for taking appropriate action in the apex court, said CBI spokesperson Kanchan Prasad in New Delhi on Friday. The High Court held that the CBI was neither an organ nor part of the Delhi Special Police Establishment and therefore, could not be treated as a police force constituted under the DSPE Act. In their 89-page judgment, Justices I.A. Ansari and Indira Shah said: While we decline to hold and declare that the DSPE Act, 1946 is not a valid piece of legislation, we do hold that the CBI is neither an organ nor part of the DSPE and the CBI cannot be treated as a police force constituted under the DSPE Act, 1946. Meanwhile, CBI chief Ranjit Sinha on Friday said, We are studying the order of the Gauhati High Court and will submit our opinion to Department of Personnel and Training. We are definitely seeking an urgent action on the situation. Earlier Minister of State for Personnel V, Narayanasamy said, Definitely, we will have to (file appeal against HC order). We will move the Supreme Court on Monday challenging the Gauhati High Court order, he said. We will tell the Supreme Court that the CBI was set up under a resolution in 1963 and it has been there for last 50 years. So, it should be allowed to continue, he said. His Ministry acts as nodal department for administrative matters related to the probe agency.

4,727 dengue cases in Delhi

NEW DELHI: The number of people testing positive for the dengue virus in Delhi increased to 4,727 from 4,618 on Nov 4, a municipal health official said on Friday. The vector borne disease claimed six lives, but no fatality was reported in the past week. An additional 57 cases have been reported from other areas of the National Capital Region. Most of the dengue cases in Delhi were registered in the north corporation zone (1,985) followed by the south zone (1,405) and east zone (1,208).

Six of Ahmedabad family killed in expressway accident

AHMEDABAD/VADODARA: Tragedy struck an Ahmedabad-based family, whose six members were killed when a truck rammed their two cars on the AhmedabadVadodara Expressway early on Thursday. Among the dead are a couple and their two children. Police said that 10 members of Ghiya family were on their way to Saputara for a vacation. The accident occurred at about 5.45 am, some four km before the Vadodara toll booth . "The victims had parked the car on the sideway to change a punctured tyre. A truck on its way from Anand to Maharashtra rammed the vehicle from behind. Six people seated in the Santro died on the spot," said superintendent of police Vadodara (rural), Sandip Singh. Four members of the family suffered injuries and were admitted to a private hospital in Vadodara. The Ghiya family is in the business of wholesale cutlery and watches. Truck driver Vinodsingh Bisht and cleaner Pappulal Kohli, who fled the spot, were arrested from Valsad at 2.30 pm when they were about to cross the Gujarat border. The deceased members of the Ghiya family have been identified as Devang Ghiya, 40, his wife Dharmistha, 38, and their sons Ishant, 12, and Bhavya, 8. His brother Sandip's wife Madhuri and daughter Preeti, 12, also died in the accident. Sandip and his son Manav were admitted in the intensive care unit (ICU) along with Jinal and Dhruvanshi Ghiya. Devang lived in Shailee Tower near Nehrunagar while Sandip and his family live at Umiya Vijay Society in Bopal. Piyush Ghiya, a family member, said, "Their mother is in deep shock and is unable to talk. We are yet to come terms with the fact that Devang's family is dead. We can only pray for the survivors." The bodies of the deceased were brought to the city late in the evening after which the last rites were carried out. Family members said some relatives had gone to Vadodara to look after the injured.

The US manufacturer Boeing was carrying out constant upgrades and modifications, including replacement of parts, to improve reliability of the aircraft, its operational and fuel efficiency, Mr. Nandan said, adding these upgrades have now become a continuous process. The Airbus A-320, which was the first fully computerised civilian aircraft using fly-bywire technology, was also grounded for about six months in 1990 after an Indian Airlines plane crashed in Bangalore in February 1990. The officials said a new aircraft would always have teething problems and at times, even 90 per cent of all the software in older aircraft undergo changes. Regarding aircraft utilisation, Mr. Nandan said Air India was using the B-787s for an average of 13.5 hours daily as against an average of nine hours globally by airlines. Airlines like All Nippon Airways have acquired 22 of these planes and flying them,

compared to ten of Air India currently. Air India is expected to get the remainder of the 27 B787s it has ordered by 2015-16. The dispatch reliability of the Dreamliners was much higher at 98.2 per cent compared to the industry average of 97 per cent and was expected to go up to 99 per cent soon. Dispatch reliability is the percentage of flights that depart within 15 minutes of the scheduled departure time. A top Civil Aviation Ministry official said all problems relating to the Dreamliner like the cracked windshield, a panel falling off from the aircrafts belly or over-heating of an oven, were unrelated to each other and not major safety concerns. It would have been a cause of concern had these incidents been related, he said giving the example of the grounding of all Dreamliners across the world for four months after the January battery-fire incidents in two aircraft operated by Japanese carriers.

Bengal minister visits Tata group plant Citing Gauhati HC order, 2G accused seek stay on trial
KHARAGPUR, NOVEMBER 8: For the first time since the Tata Nano controversy at Singur broke out in 2008 and subsequent defeat of the Left Front in West Bengal by Trinamool Congress, a senior minister of the TMC government on Friday visited a Tata Group company in Kharagpur. West Bengal industry minister Partha Chatterjee on Friday inaugurated the new range of excavator series at the Kharagpur plant of the groups construction equipment manufacturing arm Tata Hitachi, a 40:60 JV between Tata Motors (TML) and Japanese major Hitachi Construction Machinery (HCM). While addressing a business chamber in Kolkata last week, Mr. Chatterjee had said selection of land in Singur for the Nano project was a fault of the erstwhile Left Front government and not of the Tatas. There has been marked improvement in relations between the Tatas and the Trinamool Congress since Cyrus Mistry took charge of Bombay House last year. Mr. Chatterjee had gone ahead and congratulated him on the day and had invited him to various industry meets of the state government. Tata Hitachi MD Ranaveer Sinha, in his address said Mr. Chatterjee never came to visit the plant despite several invitations over NEW DELHI, NOVEMBER 8: The accused in the 2G spectrum scandal case on Friday sought a stay on the proceedings of the case in a Delhi court in the wake of the ruling of the Gauhati High Court holding as unconstitutional the setting up of the CBI. The accused, including former Telecom Minister A. Raja and top corporate executives, referred to Thursdays High Court order and said the continuance of the trial in the case which has been probed by CBI would amount to contempt of court. Before we proceed today I want to mention that the nation today woke up with banner headlines in newspapers that the CBI is not police. By coincidence the Chief Investigating Officer happens to be in the court today and in view of the Gauhati High Court judgement we should not proceed with the proceedings otherwise it would be a contempt of court. CBI prosecutor is standing here that means they must be having instructions to proceed with the case today, advocate Majeed Memon, appearing for accused Swan Telecom Promoter Vinod Goenka, said at the outset of the proceedings. Mr. Memon was joined by Mr. Rajas counsel Manu Sharma to protest the continuance of the trial. He was ready with the soft copy of the judgement on his iPad. Sir, I can show you the judgement here, he told Special CBI Judge O.P. Saini who declined their oral plea to halt the trial and went on with the testimony of Chief Investigating Officer and CBI S.P. Vivek Priyadarshi.

Godman flees with 15 tolas of gold

HYDERABAD: A conman, who posed as a godman, fooled a family into parting with 15 tolas of gold at Babul Reddy Colony, Mailardevpally on Thursday. Mailardevpally police said around 10.30 am a person came to carepenter Ramulu's residence for begging. When Ramulu and his wife Lakshmi came out, he immediately started disclosing their family details accurately. He was gang on the number of daughters they had. "You have two daughters, both are married, and one of your family members has fallen ill," he went on sending them into a sort of trance. Later, the baba, dressed in yellow shirt and a lungi, said that some evil force was acting on them and suggested a puja to their gold ornaments. The baba took out two lemons and directed Ramulu to immediately go to Shivaalayam, Ibrahimpatnam. Believing his words, Ramulu left the house and, in the meanwhile, the conman asked Lakshmi to get the gold ornaments to perform the puja. Initally, Lakshmi brought only minor ornaments like gold rings, but the conman directed Lakshmi to get all the gold she had. "He put turmeric powder and vermillion on the ornaments in the guise of performing puja.

the past two and half years since the Trinamool-led government took over. You had come to Kharagpur earlier in a neighbouring plant but unfortunately, could not find time to visit this one. So, it is a very memorable day for us. We are happy you are finally here, he said. I am glad to be present on the launch of Tata Hitachi products, Mr. Chatterjee said in his address. Only media see things in this way. We have always maintained that we have nothing against the Tatas, the minister commented when asked about the first visit of any minister from the TMC government to a Tata plant. After the TMC came to power, in 2012 a scheduled trip of some members of the standing committee of the state Assembly to the Tata Nano plant in Gujarat was cancelled at the last moment.

I have read the newspaper but I cannot go by the media reports, the judge said. Later, at the end of the day, the defence lawyers placed before the court judgement of the High Court and said they will move a formal application in this regard in the court on Monday. In its judgement, the High Court has struck down the resolution through which the CBI was set up and held all its actions unconstitutional. Subsequently, the Centre last night said that the verdict would be challenged in the Supreme Court.

Nuclear-capable Agni-I missile test fired Rape case against BJP legislator in Karnataka
H Y D E R A B A D , NOVEMBER 8: The nuclear-capable surface-tosurface Agni-I missile was successfully test-fired by the Strategic Forces Command (SFC) from Wheeler Island off Odisha coast on Friday. The single stage, solidfuelled missile was fired from a road mobile launcher at 9.34 am by the SFC personnel as part of its regular user training. After a 10-minute flight, the missile with a one-tonne dummy payload splashed down near the pre-designated target in the Bay of Bengal with a double-digit accuracy, a senior Defence Research and Development Organisation officialsaid. Aided by an onboard computer, the inertial navigation system (INS) steered the missile to its target. All the radars along the east coast, telemetry stations, electro-optical tracking systems, monitored the performance of the missile in real-time during the entire mission, while a downrange ship positioned near the target recorded the terminal event. HASSAN, NOVEMBER 8: Police registered a case of rape and abduction against former minister and BJP legislator from Sringeri, D.N. Jeevaraj, on Friday after a woman lodged a complaint alleging that she was raped by the MLA in May 2010. The woman claimed that she was reporting the case three years later as she was threatened of dire consequences if she filed a case, NR Pura police said quoting her. She had also named two followers of the legislator in the complaint alleging that they forcibly took her to a farm house where she was subjected to the sexual assault. According to Circle Inspector Krishnamurthy, the complainant alleged that she was raped in May 2010 in a farm house near Suntikoppa in NR Pura taluk. She alleged that Nagaraj, NR Pura taluk Panchayat president and Ashish Kumar former panchayat president took her to the farm house forcibly. The police have registered a case under under Sections 366 (Abduction), 376 (Rape), 354 (Assault) and 506 (Criminal Intimidation) of the IPC.

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DUBAI, NOVEMBER 8: Iran and the six global powers appear edging closer to a major breakthrough in the their talks in Geneva, where the impending arrival of John Kerry, the U.S. secretary of state, has added to the air of anticipation that nuclear tensions that have dogged Tehrans relations with the West may soon be eased. Thursdays talks, that have followed a flurry of recent meetings, both at the technical and the political level, between Iran and the six powers U.S., Russia, Britain, France, China and Germany set the tone for the possibility of an agreement that would steer a process meant to confirm that Iran was not pursuing the development of nuclear weapons. It tandem, it is expected that this would lead to the phased lifting of sanctions against Iran. Analysts point out that if this difficult and time consuming exercise succeeds, it would raise hopes about the normalisation of ties between Iran and the West a prospect that has profound geopolitical implications. In Geneva, British Foreign Secretary, William Hague, French foreign minister Laurent Fabius, and his German counterpart, Guido Westerwelle are expected to join Mr. Kerry. Unsurprisingly, Israel, Irans chief regional rival and a top U.S. ally has slammed the apparent progress in the on-going dialogue. Israels Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu has called the possible deal as a grievous historic error. He described the likely agreement

Breakthrough in Iran talks in the air

both as the deal of the century as well as a very bad deal. Known for their reticence in the past, the Iranian delegation in Geneva has surprised many by engaging the media with flair. As part of a string of interviews on Thursday evening, Irans foreign minister and leader of the delegation, Javad Zarif told the website Al Monitor that the talks were hinging on three crucial elements. We are talking about a framework agreement that includes three steps: objectives, end game, and a first step, said the minister. Reuters is reporting that talks are hovering over a partial suspension deal that would be valid for a limited period. This would be the first stage in a process that would involve many rounds of negotiations in the next few months, till the time a permanent agreement is achieved. During the first stage, it is expected that Iran would be provided access to funds that have been frozen in foreign accounts for years. In Washington, White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters on Thursday that the six powers "would consider limited, targeted, and reversible relief that does not affect our core sanctions architecture". He added that the broader sanctions regime would be maintained till the time a "final, comprehensive, verifiable" agreement was reached that resolved international concerns. Observers say that among the confidence building steps, Irans interlocutors would be seeking Tehrans com-

Over 700,000 evacuated as Typhoon Haiyan hits Philippines

MANILA, NOVEMBER 8: The most powerful cyclone in three decades battered the Philippines on Friday, killing at least three people and displacing over 718,000, disaster relief officials said. Typhoon Haiyan was packing maximum sustained winds of 235 km per hour and gusts of up to 275 kph as it made five landfalls over the eastern and central provinces of Eastern Samar, Leyte, Cebu and Iloilo, the national weather bureau said. Other weather organizations placed Haiyans maximum winds at 315 kph and gusts at 380 kph. More than 718,000 people were evacuated from homes in coastal communities and areas prone to floods or landslides in 29 provinces before Haiyan hit, according to the national disaster relief agency. A 56-year-old man died from electrocution when an electric post fell on him in Lingig town in the southern province of Surigao del Sur, said Eduardo del Rosario, the agencys head. A 15-year-old boy died from electrocution in the central province of Masbate, while a 2-year-old boy was struck by lightning in the southern city of Zamboanga, he added. Del Rosario said the agency had been unable to contact people on the ground because of disrupted communication and power lines. The lack of communication is

mitment to freeze uranium enrichment at a 20 per cent level, which is closer to 90 per cent purity that is required for the manufacture of an atomic bomb. The West is also apparently fixated in seeking suspension of work on Irans heavy water reactor in Arak, which can be used to produce plutonium. The production of plutonium could open up another route that Iran can use to develop atomic explosives. Mr. Zarif said that significant progress had been achieved during the course of meetings held over last month, including the one last week in Vienna with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), to frame the outlines of a deal. In the course of the past three weeksthe ingredients of each

step have been more clearly defined, said Mr. Zarif. He added that talks were at the recipe stage, referring to the reciprocal steps that the six global powers and Iran might have to take, including specific measures that Tehran might have to adopt to restrain its nuclear programme. A roadmap of confidence building measures is likely to address questions regarding the monitoring or removal of Irans existing stockpiles of enriched material, to prevent their diversion towards nuclear weapons. Aware of the lengthy and tricky negotiations that lay ahead, Abbas Araqchi, Mr. Zarifs deputy said Geneva would play host to additional rounds of talks between Iran and the six powers in the weeks to come.

really a problem so we dont really know the situation now, he said. But we are hoping to get very encouraging reports when the communication lines are back up. He said the public was cooperative when preemptive evacuations were ordered. This is maybe the result of so many previous hazards and disasters, he explained. Schools, businesses and government offices were closed in the affected areas, while air and sea travel was cancelled, leaving nearly 3,000 passengers stranded, the disaster relief agency said. Thirteen airports in the Philippines were closed, the civil aviation authority said, while several power plants stopped operations after transmission lines were

short-circuited overnight, cutting off the supply of electricity to the eastern and central provinces. In many of the affected areas, toppled trees and landslides blocked roads, windows of some buildings shattered, and houses made from light materials were damaged by Haiyans fierce winds. Haiyan, which brought rains to as far as Manila and nearby northern provinces, was stronger than Typhoon Bopha that left more than 1,800 people dead or missing in the southern region of Mindanao in 2012. Meteorologists said Haiyan is the largest typhoon in the world since Typhoon Tip in October 1979, which killed nearly 100 people in Japan and Guam.

PARIS, NOVEMBER 8: American influence in culture, science and education around the world took a high-profile blow Friday after the U.S. automatically lost voting rights at UNESCO, after missing a crucial deadline to repay its debt to the worlds cultural agency.The U.S. hasnt paid its dues to the Paris-based U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in protest over the decision by world governments to make Palestine a UNESCO member in 2011. Israel suspended its dues at the same time. Under UNESCO rules, the U.S. had until Friday morning to resume funding or explain itself, or it automatically loses its vote. A UNESCO official, who was not authorized to speak publicly about the issue, said nothing was received from either the U.S. or Israel. The suspension of U.S. contri-

US, Israel lose UNESCO voting right Israel only suspect in Arafat death Brazil celebrates a decade of Bolsa butions, which account for $80 RAMALLAH, NOVEMBER Russian and French scientists Familia with pride and politics million a year 22 percent of 8: Israel is the only suspect in to take samples of remains and
UNESCOs overall budget brought the agency to the brink of a financial crisis and forced it to cut or scale back American-led initiatives such as Holocaust education and tsunami research over the past two years. It has worried many in Washington that the U.S. is on track to becoming a toothless UNESCO member with a weakened voice in international programmes fighting extremism through education, and promoting gender equality and press freedoms. We wont be able to have the same clout, said Phyllis Magrab, the Washington-based U.S. National Commissioner for UNESCO. In effect, we (now wont) have a full tool box. Were missing our hammer.The UNESCO tension has prompted new criticism of the 2004 death of Yasser Arafat, the chief Palestinian investigator in the case alleged Friday, a day after Swiss scientists said the Palestinian leader was probably poisoned by radioactive polonium. The investigator, Tawfik Tirawi, said the probe would continue, but did not say what more the Palestinians could do to try to solve the mystery. Arafats widow, Suha, has called on the Palestinians to seek an international investigation or legal action, but Mr Tirawi said such a decision is up to the Palestinian leadership. Arafats successor, President Mahmoud Abbas, has so far not commented on the substance of the Swiss teams findings. Arafats grave was opened earlier this year, enabling Swiss, burial soil for separate investigations. At Fridays news conference, Palestinian investigators summarized the findings of the Russian experts, whom Mr Abbas had asked for a separate probe. Dr. Abdullah Bashir, the medical expert on the Palestinian team, said the Russian scientists did not find sufficient evidence to determine that polonium-210 caused the radiation that led to the death. He did not elaborate. The Russians were also looking at the possibility of other poisons, Mr Bashir said, adding that more study was required. Mr Tirawi, meanwhile, was evasive when asked repeatedly whether he believed Arafat was killed by polonium. SAO PAULO, NOVEMBER 7: On the 10th anniversary of a social programme that has lifted 50 million people out of poverty and inspired policies in more than 20 countries including India, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has vowed to continue the direct cash transfer scheme as long as there is poverty in Brazil. Bolsa Familia (Family Grant), which is dubbed by the countrys opposition parties and media populist, is now targeting the 2.3 million people remain trapped in poverty. Last week, the centre-left government of Ms. Rousseff, who would seek re-election in October 2014, pledged to eradicate poverty through the scheme that was first launched under President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in 2002. Speaking at an event to mark

U.S. laws that force an automatic funding cutoff for any U.N. agency with Palestine as a member. The official list of countries that lose their votes was expected to be read aloud on Saturday before the entire UNESCO general conference. Israels ambassador to UNESCO, Nimrod Barkan, told The Associated Press that his country supported the Unites States decision, objecting to the politicization of UNESCO, or any international organization, with the accession of a non-existing country like Palestine.

It is not important that I say here that he was killed by polonium, he said. But I say, with all the details available about Yasser Arafats death, that he was killed, and that Israel killed him. At another point, Mr Tirawi described Israel as the first, fundamental and only suspect in the assassination of Yasser Arafat. Israel has denied any role in Arafats death, saying it had politically isolated him at the time and had no reason to assassinate him.

the anniversary, the President said the programme had not only reduced poverty, but also contributed to the economy. Never before has a programme boosted the economy so much. For each R$1 spent in the programme, the impact on GDP is R$1.78, she said. Even as Ms. Rousseff rejected the criticism of the programme, which provides B$ 25 billion ($12 billion) to 14 million families, the countrys centre-right parties attacked the Workers Party government, accusing it of prolonging the scheme to capture voters in the poor regions. But the achievements of Bolsa Familia are hard to dismiss. According to the U.N., 6.5 per cent of Brazilians were living on just a dollar a day in 2000; by 2009, it was reduced by half.


Petroleum sector reforms prudent Weak Rupee, global cues drag but politically challenging, says ICRA Sensex down 157 points
NEW DELHI, NOVEMBER 8: Global rating agency ICRA has termed the recommendations of the Kirit Parikh committee on reforms in the petroleum product pricing as well thought out and forward looking but felt that implementation of the same would be a huge political challenge for the government. In a statement issued in New Delhi, ICRA said in view of the high under recoveries on diesel the committee has recommended an immediate increase in the retail price of diesel by Rs.5 per litre and cap in subsidy of diesel at Rs. 6 per litre. Any rise in the gap between domestic and international prices beyond Rs. 6 should be made up by a corresponding increase in retail prices. Further, the committee has stated that the subsidy of Rs. 6 per litre should also be reduced over time by regular increase in the retail price of diesel. ICRA believes that while the recommendation of one time hike in the price of diesel is prudent, it may be politically challenging to implement Similarly, for the domestic LPG it has recommended immediate increase in price of Rs.250 per cylinder and the balance subsidy being phased out over the next two years through gradual price increase, direct benefit transfer scheme being implemented throughout the country for direct transfer of subsidy to identified families and reducing the number of subsidised cylinders from 9 to 6 per family. ``ICRA believes that the one-time increase in prices of kerosene and LPG recommended may not be politically feasible. However, it felt with the implementation of direct transfer of subsidies the OMCs would be able to sell LPG and kerosene at market prices to the consumers who would get direct cash compensation from the government thereby shifting the burden of subsidies to the government. While this measure would impact the profitability of the OMCs favourably, it is likely to be material only over the medium to long term. MUMBAI, NOVEMBER 8: The BSE benchmark Sensex on Friday fell by 157 points, the fourth drop in a row, on heavy selling in bluechips like HDFC, RIL, TCS and Maruti Suzuki after rupee slid further amid a downtrend in global markets. The Sensex, which had lost 417 points in the past three sessions, fell further by 156.62 points, or 0.75 per cent to 20,666.15, after touching the days low of 20,600.90. In the 30-share index, 21 stocks like SBI, ICICI Bank, ONGC, Coal India, Airtel, ITC, Infosys and Sun Pharma ended in red. Brokers said the market, which is worried about economic slowdown, remained under pressure as the rupee dropped to a six-week low of 62.75 versus dollar, raising concerns about inflation which may force RBI to look at hiking rates again. Indian stocks were also weighed down by a weakening trend in the Asian region and lower opening in Europe after faster-than-expected US eco-

Canara Bank hikes deposit rates by 0.50 per cent

NEW DELHI : Taking cue from other lenders, state-run Canara Bank on Friday hiked interest rates on fixed deposits by up to 0.50 per cent. Fixed deposits in the maturity bracket of 46 days to 60 days and 61 days to 90 days would now fetch interest rates of 7.50 per cent, up from 7 per cent earlier, effective from Friday, Canara Bank said in a filing to the BSE. For deposits above one year to less than two years, the interest rates would now be 9.05 per cent, up from 8.75 per cent. For those of five years and above to less than 8 years would now be 9.05 per cent, up from 8.75 per cent. Additional interest rate of 0.50 per cent would be given to senior citizens for domestic term deposits, Canara Bank said.

given the inflationary impact of diesel price hike. Additionally with several States in the midst of elections and the general elections just a few months away, a large diesel price hike may not be politically palatable, the statement said. With regard to PDS Kerosene, it said the committee has recommended an immediate price

hike of Rs.4 per litre besides which price to be revised from time to time at least in line with growth in per capita agriculture GDP. Over the next two years direct benefit transfer scheme to be fully implemented so that prices of kerosene can be made comparable to diesel and below poverty line families can be compensated through direct cash transfer mechanism.

nomic growth fuelled concerns that the Fed may taper its stimulus quicker than most estimates. For the week ended November 8, Sensex fell by 531 points or 2.5 per cent - the biggest such drop since the week ended September 27 when it slid down 567 points or 2.65 per cent. The broad-based National Stock Exchange index Nifty fell by 46.50 points, or 0.75 per

cent, to end at 6,140.75 led by banking and interest-sensitive stocks. Also, the SX40 index of MCX-SX fell 119.6 points to end at 12,273.64. Sectorally, the BSE Consumer Durable index was the major loser today as it plummeted 2.04 per cent, followed by Banking index (1.27 per cent), Oil and Gas index (1.19 per cent), PSU index (0.69 per cent) and Auto index (0.45 per cent).

The data challenge at the gram panchayat level

5-kg LPG cylinder to be sold beyond metros Gold gains for third day on sustained buying
NEW DELHI, NOVEMBER 8: Seeking to target the new emerging segment of consumers such as IT professionals, BPO employees, migratory population and students who want LPG cylinder for their use but unable to provide proper proof of address (POA), the Petroleum Ministry has decided to focus on the sale of non-subsidised 5 kg LPG cylinders from petrol pumps beyond metro cities and extend it to Tier 1 and Tier II cities in phases. Similarly, it was felt that for some consumers, the need is in small parcels or arises at odd times of the day when distributors may be closed. In view of this, the Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister, Veerappa Moily, has given the go ahead to extend the scope of the scheme for sale of non-subsidised 5 kg LPG cylinders from petrol pumps/retail outlets of state-run oil marketing companies (OMCs) in other parts of the country. This will be subject to the Election Commissions Model Code of Conduct. The scheme launched on October 5 at Bangalore, is also available at select OMC petrol pumps in Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai. Further, OMCs have been allowed to include petrol stations other than company-owned outlets, subject to NEW DELHI, NOVEMBER 8: Gold prices gained for the third straight session by adding Rs 50 to Rs 31,400 per ten grams in the national capital on Friday on sustained buying by stockists for the marriage season amid a firming global trend. However, silver snapped twoday rising trend and declined by Rs 215 to Rs 49,100 per kg on reduced offtake at prevailing higher levels. Traders said sustained buying by stockists for the marriage season and a higher trend in global markets mainly helped gold prices to gain for the third day. Gold in Singapore, which normally sets price trend on the domestic front, rose by 0.3 per cent to $ 1,311.13 an ounce and silver by 0.4 per cent to $ 21.74 an ounce. They said some investor seen shifting their funds from weakening equity to rising bullion also influenced the sentiment.

the statutory clearances of Oil Industry Safety Directorate/Petroleum Explosive and Safety organisations. This scheme is expected to be a boon to migratory population and persons with odd duty timings as it would provide them the flexibility to pick up cylinders and obtain subsequent refills at time of their choice as petrol stations are open for longer hours. This initiative allows sale of 5 kg LPG cylinders at market price with merely any

Proof of Identity (POI) through petrol stations to attend to demand of such consumers. The sale of the cylinders will be done (Equipment + Product) at non domestic rates with/without regulator for the first time by charging Rs. 1000/- plus applicable taxes for the cylinder and Rs. 250/plus applicable taxes for regulator. The cost of product and refills will be as per non domestic rates applicable in the market.

On the domestic front, gold of 99.9 and 99.5 per cent purity advanced by Rs 50 each to Rs 31,400 and Rs 31,200 per ten grams, respectively. It had gained Rs 250 in last two trading sessions. Sovereign continued to be asked at last level of Rs 25,200 per piece of eight grams in restricted buying activity.

On the other hand, silver ready declined by Rs 215 to Rs 49,100 per kg and weeklybased delivery by Rs 205 to Rs 48,550 per kg. The white metal had gained Rs 815 in the previous two sessions. Silver coins held steady at Rs 87,000 for buying and Rs 88,000 for selling of 100 pieces.

BANGALORE: The inability of gram panchayats the basic administrative unit to access data on residents living within their jurisdiction was the focus of attention at a national seminar at the Economic Analysis Unit at the Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore, on Thursday. The seminar drew attention to the fact that twenty-one years after the passage of the landmark 73rd Amendment to the Constitution, which promised to usher in full-scale devolution of powers to gram panchayats, they lack not only authority and resources but access to data that would allow them to further development at the local level. The national seminar, attended by economists, statisticians and academics from various other disciplines, deliberated a manuscript titled, A New Statistical Domain in India: An Enquiry into Gram Panchayat-Level Databases. A Peoples List The study, authored by Junichi Okabe, Professor, Faculty of Economics, Yokohama National University, Japan, and Aparajita Bakshi of the Tata Institute of Social sciences, Mumbai, argued that the generation of a Peoples List a list enumerating all the people and households within a gram panchayats jurisdiction is a fundamental prerequisite for the democratic administration at this level.

8 Dy CM orders enquiry into the issue of the Math paper SMVDU Vice Chancellor calls on Governor


Directs CEOs, ZEOs to pay surprise visit of schools

SRINAGAR, NOVEMBER 08: The complaint of 12th class students about examination of Mathematics paper recently held was discussed at an officers meeting here on Friday under the Chairmanship of Deputy Chief Minister, Mr. Tara Chand. Director School Education Kashmir, Mir Tariq Ali, all Chief Education Officer's of Kashmir Valley, officers of BOSE attended the meeting. Deputy Chief Minister after thorough deliberations on the issue ordered enquiry into the matter. He asked Secretary BOSE to do the needful immediately and submit report of irresponsible attitude of concerned so that justice is meted out with the affected student community and erring officials are taken to task appropriately. The meeting also discussed the matter related to supply of books to various Government Institutions.

Deputy Chief Minister asked the concerned officers to speed up the supply of books so that students do not suffer for want of the same. Mr. Tara Chand also sought report about filling up of available vacancies of ReT teachers in border areas of the State. He asked the officers to identify the vacancies within week's time and ensure filling up of vacancies

within 20 days, however, Deputy Chief Minister ordered for assuring transparency, while strictly adhering to merit of the candidates during selection process. Mr. Tara Chand asked Chief Education Officers and Zonal Education Officers to pay surprise visits to Government schools to check attendance, implementation of mid-day meal

scheme and pace of progress in imparting quality education to students. With regard to issue of promotion of Teachers as Masters and Education volunteers, Deputy Chief Minister asked the Director and his team to speed up the process, besides fill up the resultant vacancies of Class IV. Mr. Tara Chand asked the officers to suggest measures

for framing of Education Policy of the State, which is pertinently under process and a Board has been constituted for the purpose. He also directed Chief Education Officers and Zonal Education Officers to submit tour diary to the Director regularly in order to ensure punctuality and accountability of officers before the Government.

JAMMU, NOVEMBER 8 Prof. Sudhir K. Jain, Vice Chancellor, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, called on Mr. N. N. Vohra, Governor, at Raj Bhavan here on Friday. During the meeting, the Governor, who is Chancellor of the Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, discussed

with Prof. Jain several important matters relating to the development of this University as a centre of excellence in teaching and research. While reviewing the construction of hostels, residential accommodation for faculty and staff and other required infrastructure of the varsity, the Governor empha-

sized the need for speeding up the construction work to ensure completion of all the ongoing development projects expeditiously. The Vice Chancellor also briefed the Governor about the to-date status of the teaching and research facilities and recent efforts to fill up all existing vacancies.

Fill up vacant posts in Punjab launches scholNITs says Mukherjee arship scheme for poor
NEW DELHI, NOV 8: President Pranab Mukherjee on Friday asked the National Institutes of Technology (NITs) to fill the vacant posts in a time-bound manner. He highlighted the fact that there are over 44 percent vacancies in faculty positions in the old NITs, and over 63 percent in the new ones. He also called upon the ministry of human resource development to take measures for providing flexibility to NITs in hiring outstanding candidates from industry, foreign universities and national laboratories as visiting and adjunct faculty. "Improving international ratings should be an important area of attention," said Mukherjee who was addressing the NIT directors at a two-day conference at Rashtrapati Bhawan here. Mukherjee further said the NITs should complete the construction of basic infrastructure, including e-classrooms within a specified time frame. "Each NIT should within the next six months establish an industry cell in collaboration with local industry and industry associations. This cell must establish contact with at least 10 industrial units to develop collaborative research projects, internships, faculty exchange and workshops, etc." he said. The president called upon the directors to make innovation a way of life and develop at least one department as a model of excellence. "Innovation clubs should be set up in all NITs on a priority basis," said Mukherjee adding that during his visits to NITs, he would like to meet and interact with inspired teachers and grassroot innovators.

KVIB organizes awareness Camp in Manigam

1444 units being set up in Ganderbal under KVIB
MANIGAM, LAR, NOV 08: Khadi and Village Industries Board (KVIB) has sponsored disbursement of Rs.38 lakhs easy loan to 26 units in the Ganderbal district during the year 2012-13 besides providing Rs.13.30 lakhs as subsidy thus generating employment opportunity for 124 persons. The Board has recommended 1,444 cases with a project cost of Rs.144 lakhs to various banks and financial institutions for soft loans during the current fiscal 2013-14 till October, 2013. This was given out at an awareness camp organized here the other day. The camp was organized to generate awareness about the Prime Ministers Employment Generation Programme among the unemployed youth. Present on the occasion were Deputy Chief Executive Officer, KVIB, Kashmir Division, representatives of various Banks and financial institution, Sarpanchs and Panchs of Manigam, Woyil, Haripora and Banihama areas of the district, artisans, entrepreneurs and a sizeable number of locals.

Dogra College of Education organizes Workshop

JAMMU, NOV 08: Civil Defence Samba, in collaboration with Dogra College of Education Bari Brahmana, organized one day awareness camp/workshop on the topic First Aid and Disasters Related Activities on 08-112013 in the college premises. In the very first beginning welcome address was presented by the Vice Principal Smt.Shefali Sharma.She said that the motto of National Disaster Response force as well as State Disaster Response Force is saving the precious Human lives. District Fire Officer Samba Sh. S.C. Verma delivered the first lecture on "the Role of fire Services during disaster and fire fighting". Dr. Ranbushan Singh of Health Department Jammu having good common in motivating people, delivered the second lecture on the topic "Medical First Aid". Inspector Vishal Shoor PTTI Vijaypur delivered the lecture on Disasters like Natural as well as manmade (Earthquake) etc. Inspector Pawan Sharma delivered lecture on Blood donation and its importance. Speaking on the occasion Director Academics Dogra Educational Trust Prof. B.D. Damral stressed the need of such type of programmes in educational institutions to increase the awareness about first aid and disaster related activities. Dy Controller Civil Defence Samba Sh Sudershan Mehta also addressed the gathering and highlighted the role of Civil Defence in dealing effectively with the disasters like natural as well as manmade and stressed for holding such type of programmes in future also. Live demonstration alongwith Rescue vehicle was also given by the expert team of SDRF 2ND Battalion Jammu. Another Live demonstration alongwith fire vehicle was given by the Fire&Emergency Department Samba. The whole function was organized by the Dy Controller Civil Defence Samba. Prof. Poonam Gupta, the management of the college and the resource persons highly appreciated and thanked the role of Civil Defence for holding such type of awareness programmes/Workshop. About 325 students and Staff of the college were present during the awareness programme. Sh Dharamvir Singh Chief Warden, Sh Sanjay Gupta Dy. Chief Warden Sh Raj Singh Post Warden, Sh Narsingh Dayal Post Warden and other Warden personnels of Civil Defence Samba were present during the awareness programme.

meritorious students
JALANDHAR, NOV 08: Students from poor background but scoring 80 percent and more marks in statelevel board examinations will now get a scholarship of Rs.30,000 annually. The scheme, named after Nobel laureate Hargobind Khorana, was launched by Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal here on Friday. "This scheme is the first of its kind in the country ensuring scholarships to all poor meritorious students in government schools across the state. The foundation has been laid for bridging the gap of education between affluent and poor students," Badal said after launching the scheme and distributing scholarships to beneficiary students. Addressing the gathering at a function, Badal said the initiative would enable poor, but meritorious students to study without any economic hardship. He said the effort was to ensure that students of poor and weaker sections of the society get quality education so as to compete with their convent-educated peers.

Sheep Husbandry organizes training programme in Srinagar

SRINAGAR, NOV 08: District Sheep Husbandry Srinagar conducted at daylong training programme under centrally sponsored scheme ATMA here on Friday, in which 25 breeders of various parts of Srinagar district participated. The programme was organized at Sheep and Wool Workers Training School, Nowshera, Srinagar. The aim of the organizing the training programme was to aware breeders about latest technology employed in sheep rearing. The departmental experts made the breeders aware about the care to be taken during winter months for pregnant and new born livestock. They also impressed upon the breeders to remain in close contact with the department to avail better health care for their livestock. Present on the occasion was Principal, Training Class, Sheep and Wool Workers Training School, Nowshera, Srinagar, technical experts of the department, concerned officers and sizeable number of local breeders.

Awareness meet on SVEEP conducted

REASI, NOV 08- Chief Education Officer Reasi Ashok Kumar convened a meeting of headmasters and teachers of Govt Schools of Pouni to educate them about SVEEP. This meeting was conducted as a part of special awareness drive launched by DDC Reasi Dr Shahid Iqbal Choudhary. ZEO Pouni Harish Dubey highlighted the aims and objectives of SVEEP which mainly included to aware people about importance of vote and to motivate them to exercise their right to vote. CEO Reasi stressed upon all headmasters to convene meeting of Village Education Committee members & make people aware about importance of vote and also educate students who could prove a great motivational force in the society. Shiv Charan RAMSA Cordinater and Rakesh Keasr VLO briefed about SVEEP while Daleep Kumar Zonal Resource Person conducted the proceedings.

India drives growth of foreign students in the US: Survey

WASHINGTON, NOV 08: With a 40 per cent surge,Indian students largely drove the growth of new foreign enrolment in US graduate schools this year, while those from China slowed to 5 per cent, according to a new survey. The 40 per cent increase in new enrolees from India in 2013 was substantially more than the 1 per cent increase in 2012 and 2 per cent increase in 2011, according to an annual survey of 285 members of the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS). On the other hand, after seven consecutive years of double-digit growth, firsttime enrolment among students from China increased by just 5 per cent in 2013, a substantially smaller increase than the 22 per cent surge in 2012 and 21 per cent increase in 2011. However, China continues to be the largest source of international graduate students, representing 34 percent of all international graduate students in the US, according to the survey. "While the substantial increase in first-time enrolments of Indian students is positive, the fluctuation in India enrolment in recent years makes it difficult to confirm a definite trend," said CGS president Debra W Stewart. Overall, first-time international enrolment in US graduate programmes

Four girls taken ill after eating midday meal

NEW DELHI, NOV 08: Four girls, aged between 10 and 12 years, fell ill after eating midday meal in a primary school here, said government official. The girls studying in a primary school, run by the North Delhi Municipal Corporation and located in the Bawana area, were admitted to the Maharishi Valmiki Hospital around 3 p.m. after they complained of stomach ache and vomiting. They had eaten "rajma chawal". served in the school midday meal. According to an NoDMC official, they are recuperating in the hospital. "An inquiry has been marked to check the reason of their illness after eating the midday meal," the officer said.

Xavier School of Management, the premier B-School of India hosts 'INSIGHT 2013'
MUMBAI, NOV 08: Xavier School of Management, the premier B-School of India on Fridayhosted 'INSIGHT 2013' The Annual Consulting Conference that brought together industry leaders and academicians on a common platform to discuss issues pertinent to the sustenance of India's growth story. Organized by the Consulting and Research Undertaking at XLRI (CRUX), 'INSIGHT 2013' was based on the theme 'Roadmap for Sustaining India's Growth Story'. It saw the presence of members of the industry and academia, including Krishna Kumar Natarajan, President Nasscom & CEO, Mindtree as well as Sanjiv Bhasin, CEO, DBS Bank. The Nasscom chief spoke from an entrepreneur's point of view and raised the question as to whether India is a case of 'an un-kept promise'. He went on to talk about social entrepreneurship and emphasized the need for "social enterprises coupled with dispersed growth." He insisted that India has a unique potential in the sector of higher education as the propensity to spend on education is high while the cost of higher education in India is very low as compared to global averages. He focused on leveraging technology to drive transparency and productivity, and driving a robust and sustainable cadre of social enterprises. Bhasin spoke on the prevailing trends in Indian financial sector and the role of India's regulatory authorities in mitigating the troughs in the growth trajectory. He focused on the changing requirements of the banking sector for it to perform according to the expectations of the economy. He alluded to the immense growth potential of the sector in the country, insisting that "the demands for financial inclusion will drive the growth of the banking and finance industry." Celebrated as an economic miracle, India, over the past decade, was the cynosure among all growth stories. 9% growth rate had become a norm rather than an exception. India under two decades has transformed itself into the 3th largest economy (by Purchasing Power Parity). Today, however, the forecasted growth outlook is bleak. The rupee has tumbled over 13% in the past 3 months. Inflation, at 10%, is higher than in any other comparable economy by size. With several conjectures doing the rounds about the possible causes of the plunge that the economy seems to have taken, CRUX and XLRI have attempted to provide a national platform to discuss viable strategies to tackle the multitude of challenges facing the economy, and also to take advantage of the whole spectrum of opportunities that exist for the economy.

rose 10 per cent to 71,418 students this year, the survey found. Total foreign enrolment was 220,317-about 15 per cent of all graduate students in America. Despite a 12 per cent dip in new enrolees between 2012 and 2013, South Korea also continues to be a leading source of international graduate students in the US, behind only China and India. According to the survey, students from Europe constitute 7 per cent of all first-time enrolments among international students in 2013, while students from Africa constitute 3 percent, and students from the Middle East constitute 6 per cent. International graduate students continue to enrol in fields that have been traditionally popular among this population. The two most popular fields among international students are physical and earth sciences, which includes mathematics and computer sciences, and engineering: together they comprised 47 per cent of all international graduate student enrolment in 2013, according to the survey. All four major regions of the US saw growth in first-time graduate enrolment in 2013, with increases of 17 per cent in the West, 12 per cent in the Midwest, 9 per cent in the Northeast, and 7 per cent in the South.

DDC inaugurates orientation workshop on agriculture & allied sectors

DODA, NOV 08- Two day orientation workshop on Centrally Sponsored Schemes in the Agriculture and Allied Sectors for District level officers was inaugurated here on Friday by District Development Commissioner Doda Mubarak Singh here today. The orientation workshop organized by Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology, Jammu was aimed to import the latest techniques and inputs based on the researches carried out by the Agriculture Universities. Dr. K.S. Rissam, the Director Extension of Sher-e-Kashmir University highlighted the objectives of the workshop. He informed that during these two day lectures on the extract drawn from Agriculture Department as well as from University shall be delivered on Centrally Sponsored Schemes and various components of ATMA and ISOPOM which will definitely update the knowledge of officers and will equip them with latest inputs of the programmes. The DDC while speaking on the occasion emphasized upon making the farmers

aware of the various schemes and techniques of the Agriculture and allied sectors. He impressed upon the officers to motivate the farmers to adopt activity of cash crop like vegetable growing, Mushroom Development, Bee keeping, Dairy farming, which will ensure dividend to the farmers. He also emphasized on other activities like Horticulture development and impressed upon the version of cash crops in the different areas of the district depending upon the climatic condition of each area. A number of Senior Officers from Director of Agriculture and University namely Dr. R. S. Bandral, Dr. Munish Sharma, Dr. Amit Singh Jasrotia, Dr. Amitesh Sharma, Shri C.M.Sharma,

R. Dhar, B.K.Zutshi, Ajab Singh among others Addl. Deputy Commissioner Doda Shri Imam Din, Chief Agriculture Officer, Chief Horticulture Officer, Chief Animal Husbandry Officer and District Sheep Husbandry Officer participated in the said workshop. Later the DDC also held a meeting with the officers of Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution/ Transport Department and Food Corporation of India to take stock of essential commodities which include Food grains, LPD and K.Oil etc. in the District. He directed the officers to ensure sufficient buffer stock of Food grains/ LPG/K.Oil in view of ensuing winter season in the District.


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