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STAGE 1 Review the current practices/policies [ if any] Audit all hr activities that are performed [ even the crude format] HERE ARE THE CORE HR RAs [ !ey result areas]


" % * , . / 3

# # # # # # # #

Recruitment/$election &or!force 'lannin( and )iversity 'erformance +ana(ement Reward +ana(ement &or!place +ana(ement and Relations A $afe and Healthy &or!place 0uildin( Capa1ilities and Or(anisational 2earnin( Effective HR +ana(ement $ystems4 $upport and +onitorin(

STAGE 2 5nderstand the or(ani6ation 5nderstand the or(ani6ation structure 5nderstand the or(ani6ation systems 5nderstand the or(ani6ation politics/influential people 5nderstand the or(ani6ation/individual roles 5nderstand the or(ani6ation/positions 5nderstand the individual 7o1 descriptions 5nderstand the 7o1/ 7o1 specifications etc8

STAGE 3 )iscuss the values/1eliefs with senior mana(ement/CEO and the need for HR department. )iscuss the e9pectations from HR department :short/medium/lon( term. )iscuss with CEO4 the or(ani6ation;s corporate o17ectives/strate(ies and how HR can contri1ute to the corporate o17ectives.

)iscuss / see! consensus on or(ani6ation structure / mana(ement process. )iscuss the current or(ani6ation culture with senior mana(ement. )iscuss with CEO/senior mana(ement the core activities/competences and 1usiness drivers of the or(ani6ation.


<=$=O> +=$$=O> COR'ORATE O0?ECT=<E$ COR'ORATE $TRATE@=E$ etc8 $'! #'d (e')e *$" +%&, )-%"e-. +! ( % (e& dep ".

HR dep . !" # "$pp%&


Even thou(h there is currently no HR department4 there are a num1er of HR activities are 1ein( carried out now. AO5 HA<E TO >O& &HAT THEA ARE / HO& =T =$ 0E=>@ CARR=E) O5T / 0A &HO+. HR A5)=T OC THE

TO CO22ECT A>) CO>$O2=)ATE THE$E4 AO5 >EE) TO A B5=C 'RE$E>T $=T5AT=O>.

ACTER you (ather all the informations and summari6ed4 you should sit down with your 1oss [ CEO] and discuss and prioriti6e the items4 as follows 5R@E>T / =+'ORTA>T 5R@E>T/ >OT =+'ORTA>T >OT 5R@E>T/ =+'ORTA>T >OT 5R@E>T / >OT =+'ORTA>T 4 05T >EE)E) )O&> THE 2=>E.

STAGE 0 'lease RE<=E& the HR +A>5A2 4 as listed 1elow.

'ic! points out of it 4 as per your need4 1ased on your discussion / audit results.

Aou may want to start up with HR department O0?ECT=<E$. HR )E'ART+E>T $TRATE@=E$ )raft on Recruitment / $election 'rocedure /'ROCE$$ )raft on or(ani6ation / structure )raft on 7o1s; analyses/ 7o1 descriptions/ 7o1 specifications/competences )raft on payroll / compensation / administration Appointment /confirmation / Termination / resi(nation /'ROCE)5RE$/'ROCE$$ =nduction pro(ram Orientation pro(ram Employee communications Trainin( D development of the employees 'erformance Appraisals / mana(ement can start with your E+'2OAEE

Once you have the preliminary draft ready4 you HA>)0OO [2=$T 'RO<=)E) 0E2O&] STAGE 1

RE<=E& THE HR+ 'ROCE$$E$4 +A E A >OTE OC &HAT AO5 TH=> COR THE CO+'A>A A>) THE 'R=OR=TA O>E$. HR+ 'ROCE$$E$ HR A5)=T=>@ HR 05)@ET=>@ $trate(ic HR+ 'lannin( HR $trate(ies and 'olicies. HR and chan(e mana(ement. Competency:1ased HR


nowled(e mana(ement

?O0 )E<E2O'+E>T ?o1 analysis ?o1 Role ?o1 )escription. ?o1 specifications ?o1 enrichment ?o1 rotation

RECR5=T+E>T/$E2ECT=O> Recruitment $election =nduction Orientation

OR@A>=EAT=O>A2 0EHA<=OR 'RO@RA+$ Employee en(a(ement +otivation Or(ani6ation culture Or(ani6ation development

OR@A>=EAT=O> Or(. desi(nin( Or(. structurin( Or(. development ?o1 / role structurin(

H5+A> RE$O5RC=>@ HR plannin( +anpower plannin(

$uccession plannin( Talent mana(ement

'ERCOR+A>CE +A>A@E+E>T 'erformance appraisals 'erformance mana(in( the processes.

HR )E<E2O'+E>T Or(. learnin( Trainin( Education )evelopment Trainin( evaluation E:learnin( +ana(ement development Career plannin( /development.

RE&AR) +A>A@E+E>T ?o1 evaluation +ana(in( reward process Administration of rewards 0enefits

E+'2OAEE RE2AT=O>$ Or(ani6ation communications Employee communications. $taff amenities


H5+A> RE$O5RCE =>COR+AT=O> $A$TE+.

STAGE 2 RE<=E& THE HR+ $A$TE+$ 4 +A E A >OTE OC &HAT AO5 TH=> COR THE CO+'A>A A>) THE 'R=OR=TA O>E$. HR SYSTEMS HR strate(ic plannin( system Human resource plannin( system +anpower plannin( system ?o1 profilin( system Recruitment Dselection system 'erformance appraisal system 'erformance mana(ement system 'eople development systems Career plannin( and development system $uccession plannin( system ?o1 enrichment system Compensation plannin( and pac!a(in( system ARE =+'ORTA>T

TH=$ is 7ust a common list.


STAGE 1,2,3,/,0,1,2 MAKE A REPORT &hat is the current situation &hat !ind of HR )E'ART+E>T is reFuired. &hat you thin! are your priorities &hat is your action plan &hat is time schedule.


O>E TRA=>=>@ +A>A@ER O>E $A2ARA A)+=>=$TRAT=O> +A>A@ER O>E RECR5=T+E>T /$E2ECT=O> +A>A@ER

)=$C5$$ TH=$ &=TH THE $E>=OR +A>A@E+E>T4 $EE /$5''ORT TO =+'2E+E>T AO5R '2A>.

THE=R A''RO<A2/ 02E$$=>@$

To win confidence/trust4 you need to show credi1ility/functional !nowled(e level. =nitially4 please do not rush with too many thin(s. Ta!e one thin( at a time and do a thorou(h 7o1. Everythin( must 1e done ri(ht at the first time.

'RE'AR=>@ A HR +A>5A2 =$ =+'ORTA>T. >OT A22 THAT =$ 2=$TE) HERE +AA 0E >ECE$$ARA AT C=R$T. )=$C5$$=>@ &=TH $E>=OR +A>A@E+E>T A>) =)E>T=CA THE 'R=OR=TA O>E$ A>) &OR O> THE+. HR MANAGEMENT MANUAL Human Resources 'olicies4 'rocedures and Corms

T#3-e %4 C%' e' " A)+=>=$TRAT=O> ADM.151 ".G %.G *.G ,.G -.G ..G /.G 3.G Forms E9" E9% ADM.152 ".G %.G *.G ,.G Forms E9" ADM.153 ".G %.G *.G ,.G 'ersonnel Records Activities Employee =nformation HR 'ersonnel Records Contents of 'ersonnel Ciles Employee;s 'ersonnel Records Review +ana(ement Review of 'ersonnel Ciles Company Release Of Employee =nformation Record Retention and 2on(:Term $tora(e Record )estruction

'ersonnel Records Access 2o( HR Records Retention 'eriods Corm )evelopment Activities Corm )evelopment and Cormat Authori6ation and 'rintin( Corm >um1erin( and 'lacement Corms =nde9 and +anual

Corm 'rintin( ReFuest )ocument Control Activities )ocument )istri1ution )ocument Revision )ocument Temporary Chan(es

Forms E9" ReFuest Cor )ocument Chan(e HR)CI

ADM. 15/ ".G %.G *.G ,.G -.G Forms E9"

+ail D E9press $ervices Activities @eneral +ail 5sa(e Addressin( +ail E9press +ail Overni(ht 'ac!a(es Additional =nformation Resources

Out(oin( +ail Re(ister

ADM. 150 ".G %.G *.G ,.G Forms E9" ADM.151 ".G %.G *.G ,.G -.G ..G Forms E9" E9% ADM.152 ".G %.G *.G ,.G -.G

Telephone Answerin( Activities Answerin( TechniFues and EtiFuette Answerin( and )irectin( Calls Ta!in( +essa(es Telephone 5ser;s @uide

=mportant +essa(e 'roperty D Access Control Activities 0ac!(round Chec!s 'hysical Access Controls ey Controls 'roprietary =nformation Controls Collection Of Access Controls <isitors D @uests

ey =ssue 'olicy <isitor 2o( $eparation Activities Resi(nations =nvoluntary Terminations And 2ayoffs Terminations Cor Cause Termination +eetin( Additional =nformation Resources

Forms E9" E9it =nterview Chec!list E9% E9it References Authori6ation ADM.156 ".G %.G *.G ,.G -.G ..G /.G 3.G J.G "G.G "".G Forms E9" &or!place Rules D @uidelines Activities Alcohol And )ru(s 0rea!s And 2unch Time Company 'roperty @rievances And Complaints =nclement &eather 'ar!in( 'ersonal Telephone Calls $mo!in( $olicitations $u((estions <isitors

$u((estion Corm

ADM.157 ".G %.G *.G ,.G -.G ..G Forms EK" EK% ADM.115 ".G "." ".% ".* "., ".".. "./ ".3 ".J %.G *.G ,.G

Human Resources Reports Activities 'reparation @uidelines Occupational Health D $afety Reports EFual Opportunity Reports Trainin( 'lan Hirin( $tatus Report Compensation $ummary

Human Resource Reportin( $ummary HR Hirin( $tatus Report )ress Code Activities )ress Code 0usiness Attire 0usiness Casual Attire Casual Attire 5niformed Attire $afety Attire Cormal Attire =nappropriate Attire 0usiness $ituations Recreation D 'arties )inners D Receptions 'ersonal Hy(iene )isciplinary Action

HIRING PROCEDURES HRG.151 ".G %.G *.G ,.G -.G ..G /.G 3.G J.G "G.G Forms E9" E9% E9* Employee Hirin( Activities >eeds Analysis 'ersonnel ReFuisition ?o1 'ostin( D $creenin( =nterviewin( 're:Employment $creenin( D Testin( 0ac!(round =nvesti(ation Hirin( And Employee Offers +otor <ehicle And EFuipment Operation Applicant Ciles Additional =nformation Resources

'ersonnel ReFuisition Offer 2etter 'ersonnel Chan(e >otice

E9, E9E9. HRG152 ".G %.G %." %.% %.* %., %.%.. %./ %.3 %.J *.G Forms E9" HRG153 ".G %.G %." %.% %.* %., %.%.. *.G Forms E9" E9%

>ew Employee Hirin( Chec!list Employment Eli(i1ility <erification . EmployeeLs &ithholdin( Allowance Certificate. ?o1 )escriptions Activities ?o1 )escription 'reparation Cormat And Content ?o1 Title Effective )ate )epartment $ummary Of Cunctions Essential )uties And Responsi1ilities Or(ani6ational Relationships Bualifications 'hysical )emands &or! Environment ?o1 )escription Approval D )istri1ution

?o1 )escription Cormat Employment Applications Activities Application Cor Employment Application =nformation 'ersonal =nformation Employment =nterest Education D Trainin( Employment History +ilitary $ervice Record References Compliance =nformation

Employment Application Employment Application $upplement

HRG15/ ".G %.G *.G ,.G -.G Forms E9"

=nterviewin( Applicants Activities =nterviewin( O17ectives Resume E9amination Telephone =nterviews E:+ail =nterviews =n:'erson =nterviews

Employment =nterview Buestions

E9% HRG150 ".G %.G *.G ,.G Forms E9" E9% E9* E9,

=nterview Corm 0ac!(round =nvesti(ations Activities 0ac!(round And Hirin( =nvesti(ative Consumer Reportin( Employee Reference Chec!s +otor <ehicle Record H+<RI =nFuiry

Employee =nvesti(ation Chec!list Employee 0ac!(round Authori6ation >ew References Authori6ation Reference Chec! $urvey

C%*pe'"# !%' P&%)ed$&e" COM151 ".G %.G *.G *." *.% *.* *., *.,.G ,." ,.% -.G -." -.% -.* ..G /.G Forms E9" E9% E9* COM152 ".G %.G *.G ,.G 'ayroll Activities 'ayroll Records Timesheets 'ayroll )eductions &or!er;s Compensation =nsurance $ocial $ecurity D +edicare $tate =ncome Ta9 Earnin(s Ta9 Ta9 &ithholdin( 'ayments 'ayroll Ad7ustments Advances @arnishments 'aychec!s )irect )eposit 2ost 'aychec!s Cinal 'aychec!s <acation 'ay Additional =nformation Resources

+onthly Time $heet Central @ovt. Ta9 Calendar Electronic Cunds Transfer Authori6ation 'aid D 5npaid 2eave Activities 'aid Time Off 5npaid Time Off A1sence ReFuest And >otification Holidays

-.G -." -.% ..G Forms E9" COM153 ".G %.G *.G ,.G -.G ..G /.G 3.G COM15/ ".G %.G *.G ,.G -.G ..G /.G Forms E9" COM150 ".G "." ".% ".* "., ".%.G *.G *." *.% ,.G COM151 ".G

<acation Eli(i1ility <acation $chedules <acation Over Holidays Additional =nformation Resources

A1sence ReFuest Corm =nsurance 0enefits Activities 2ife =nsurance 2on( Term )isa1ility =nsurance $ocial $ecurity &or!ers; Compensation &a(e Continuation 5nemployment Compensation Health =nsurance Additional =nformation Resources Healthcare 0enefits Activities Cost And 'remiums Eli(i1ility Enrollment Covera(e Cilin( A Claim Termination And Conversion Of Covera(e Additional =nformation Resources

0enefits Enrollment/Chan(e Corm Employee Retirement =ncome $ecurity Activities 'lan Administration =nvestment 'olicy $tatement Cidelity 0ond Ciduciary 2ia1ility =nsurance Employer +atchin( =n:$ervice 2oans And &ithdrawals Employee 'articipation >otice 'rocedures =nitial >otice Annual >otices Additional =nformation Resources Consolidated 0ud(et Reconciliation Activities 'lan Administration

%.G *.G ,.G ..G /.G

Bualifyin( Events >otice 'rocedure 0enefits 'rotection Enforcement Additional =nformation Resources

Development Procedures
DE8151 ".G %.G *.G ,.G -.G ..G Forms E9" DE8152 ".G %.G *.G Corms E9 " DE8153 ".G %.G *.G ,.G DE815/ ".G %.G *.G ,.G -.G ..G Forms E9" DE8150 ".G )evelopment +ana(ement Activities )evelopment 'lannin( Trainin( Effectiveness Trainin( Records Trainin( Courses 'erformance Evaluations Additional =nformation Resources

Trainin( 'lan Trainin( Reim1ursement Activities Eli(i1ility Approved 'ro(rams Reim1ursement

ReFuest Cor Trainin( Computer 5ser D $taff Trainin( Activities +=$ Trainin( And Certification +=$/2A> 5ser Trainin( E:+ail Trainin( $oftware Applications =nternet D E:+ail Accepta1le 5se Activities Accepta1le 5se =nappropriate 5se =nternet And E:+ail EtiFuette $ecurity 5ser Compliance Additional =nformation Resources

Computer And =nternet 5sa(e 'olicy 'erformance Appraisals Activities 'erformance Appraisal @uidelines

%.G *.G ,.G -.G ..G Forms E9" E9% DE8151 ".G %.G %." %.% %.* %., *.G ,.G -.G ..G Forms E9"

Appraisal 'reparation Appraisal )iscussion $alary Ad7ustments Appraisal Conclusion Additional =nformation Resources

$elf Appraisal Corm 'erformance Appraisal Corm Employee )iscipline Activities =ntroduction To +isconduct Responses To +isconduct <er1al &arnin( &ritten &arnin( $uspension Termination $erious +isconduct <ery $erious +isconduct =ne9cusa1le +isconduct +isconduct =nvesti(ations

)isciplinary >otice

C%*p-!#')e P&%)ed$&e" CMP151 ".G %.G %." %.% %.* *.G ,.G -.G ..G /.G Forms E9" E9% E9* E9, E9&or!place $afety Activities &or!site Analysis Ha6ard 'revention And Control $afe &or! 'rocedures 'rotective EFuipment Cire 'revention Ha6ard Communication 'ro(ram +edical Emer(encies &or!place $afety Trainin( Reportin( And Record eepin( Additional =nformation Resources

$afety $u((estion $heet &or!place $afety $elf:=nspection Chec!list &or!place $afety Action 'lan &or!place $afety Rules =nde9 of Ha6ardous Chemicals

)oc )oc )oc )oc )oc CMP152 ".G %.G *.G ,.G -.G ..G CMP153 ".G %.G *.G ,.G -.G ..G /.G Forms E9 " E9 % CMP15/ ".G %.G *.G ,.G -.G ..G CMP150 ".G "." %.G *.G ,.G

+aterial $afety )ata $heet =n7uries and =llness 2o( $ummary of =n7uries and =llness =n7uries and =llness =ncident Report =nstructions for O$HA Corms 'eople &ith )isa1ilities Activities 0ac!(round &ho =s CoveredM Employment =ssues 'u1lic Accommodations Enforcement Of The Act Additional =nformation Resources Annual And +edical 2eave Activities Reasons Cor Ta!in( 2eave Advance >otice And +edical Certification ?o1 0enefits And 'rotection 5nlawful Acts Enforcement Employer >otices Additional =nformation Resources

Certification Of Healthcare 'rovider Employer Response To Employee ReFuest )ru( Cree &or!place Activities @eneral 'rohi1itions Authori6ed 5se Of 'rescription +edicine )ru( Awareness 'ro(ram )isciplinary Actions Additional =nformation Resources Health =nsurance 'orta1ility And Accounta1ility Activities +ana(ement 'rivacy $tandards +edical Records +aintenance +edical Records Access Additional =nformation Resources

Forms E9" CMP151 ".G %.G *.G ,.G -.G

H='AA Authori6ation Corm Harassment D )iscrimination Activities 5naccepta1le 0ehavior Complaint Corrective +easures Enforcement Additional =nformation Resources

9%3 De")&!p !%'" T#3 WRITING JOB DESCRIPTIONS =>TRO)5CT=O> '5R'O$E $CO'E

WRITTEN COMMUNICATION >on:discriminatory lan(ua(e Active voice Action ver1s 'lain En(lish FORMAT AND CONTENT Effective )ate )epartment $ummary Of Cunctions Essential )uties And Responsi1ilities @roupin( $everal Tas!s =nto A $in(le Responsi1ility Responsi1ility $tatements )ele(ated Responsi1ilities Or(ani6ational Relationships Reportin( Relationships The Or(ani6ationLs Environment Bualifications +andatory ReFuirements ey $election Criteria 'hysical )emands &or! Environment ?o1 'erformance ?o1 )escriptions Reasona1le Accommodation Accessi1ility

E*p-%.ee H#'d3%%, SECTION 1 ".G "." ".% ".* "., ".".-." ".-.% ".-.* ".. "..." "...% "...* SECTION 2 %.G %." %."." %.".% %.".* %."., %.% %.%." %.%.% %.%.* %.%., %.%.%.%.. %.%./ %.%.3 %.%.J %.%."G %.* %.*." %.*.% SECTION 3 *.G *." *."." *.".% *.".* *."., INTRODUCTION The Company 'hilosophy The Company +ission EFual Employment Opportunity 'olicy and Affirmative Action 'lan Employment:At:&ill $e9ual Harassment $afety $afety Rules Ha6ardous &astes Reportin( =n7uries and Accidents )ru( Cree &or!place 'rohi1itions )ru( Awareness 'ro(ram )isciplinary Actions EMPLOYMENT 'ersonnel Administration HR 'ersonnel Records Contents of 'ersonnel Ciles Employee =nformation Employee;s ReFuest for Review of 'ersonnel Records +ana(ement Review of 'ersonnel Ciles $ervice Employee Cate(ories ?o1 'ostin( 'rocedures Employment of Relatives Employment of +inors 'romotions Transfer of Employees $eparation of Employment &or! force Reductions 'ro1ationary 'eriod E9tra =ncome 'rocess =mprovement Employee:+ana(ement Corums Employee $u((estion 'ro(ram COMPENSATION : BENEFITS 0enefit Eli(i1ility 'ayroll =nformation Time Records 'ay 'eriods $alary Compensation for 'artial 'ay 'eriod 'ay Rate $chedule N Hourly 'aid Employees

*.".*.".. *."./ *.".3 *.".J *."."G *.% *.%." *.%.% *.%.* *.%., *.%.*.%.. *.%./ *.%.3 *.%.J *.%."G *.%."" *.%."% *.* *.*." *.*.% *.*.* *.*., *.*.*.*.. *.*./ *., *.*.. *./ SECTION / ,." ,."." ,.".% ,.".* ,."., ,.% ,.%." ,.%.% ,.%.* ,.%., ,.%.,.%.. ,.*

'ayroll )eductions Overtime 'ayroll Errors @arnishment of Employee &a(es Authori6ed Chec! 'ic!up 'ay at Time of $eparation Attendance D 2eave +edical 2eave 'olicy $ic! 2eave Credit 2imit $ic! 2eave 'olicy N 5sa(e +edical4 )ental and Optical Appointments E9haustion of Accumulated $ic! 2eave 'all1earer4 Cuneral4 Emer(ency 2eave Civic 2eave or ?ury )uty <otin( +ilitary 2eave +aternity 2eave 'arental 2eave 2eave of A1sence =nsurance Hospitali6ation and +edical =nsurance Continuation of @roup Health =nsurance 2ife =nsurance 2on( Term )isa1ility =nsurance $ocial $ecurity &or!ers; Compensation 5nemployment Compensation $avin(s 'lan 0rea! Room Employee )iscounts Educational Assistance EMPLOYEE RESPONSIBILITIES &or! $chedules &or!in( Hours $alary Employees Hourly Employees Clean &or!:'lace 2e(al D Ethical Conduct Ethical $tandards Conflicts of =nterest 'ersonal Conduct Confidentiality 0ri1es4 ic!1ac!s and =lle(al 'ayments 'atents and Copyri(hts +isconduct

,.*." ,.*.% ,.*.* ,.*.* ,., ,.,." ,.,.% ,.,.* ,.,., ,.,.,.,.. ,.,./ ,.,.3 ,.,.J ,.,.-." ,.-.% ,.-.* ,.-., ,.-.,.-.. ,.-./ ,.-.3 ,.. ,..." ,...% ,...* ,..., ,...,.... ,.../ ,...3 ,...J

$erious +isconduct <ery $erious +isconduct =ne9cusa1le +isconduct +isconduct =nvesti(ations Transportation D Travel Company Owned <ehicles 'ersonal <ehicles 2ivin( E9pense Allowance Other Travel E9penses E9pense Records Travel Advances E9pense Reim1ursement N Third 'arty E9pense 'olicies N <iolations Company Credit Cards Appearance D 0elon(in(s 'ersonal Appearance 0usiness Attire Casual Attire =nappropriate Attire 'ersonal 0elon(in(s Alcohol and )ru(s +edication $mo!in( 'olicy EFuipment D Cacilities 'ar!in( Telephone 5se +otor <ehicle and &or!place EFuipment Operation $afety EFuipment Company Tools &aste 'revention $olicitation and/or )istri1ution $ecurity 0ulletin 0oard

EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK FORMS aI 1I cI dI Ac!nowled(ement Of Receipt And 5nderstandin( $tatement Of 2e(al And Ethical 0usiness Conduct )ru(:Cree &or!place 'olicy Employee Ac!nowled(ement ?o1 Related Accident

HR MANUAL HR MANUAL is the total (uidelines for the mana(ers in the or(ani6ation on the su17ect of H5+A> RE$O5RCE.

The real wor! of mana(in( people [human resource] is the responsi1ility of the line mana(ers. The HR department acts as a coordinator / advisory 1ody to the line mana(ers4 in addition to4 its own administrative wor!. E*p-%.ee (#'d3%%, is a ma7or element of the HR manual. =t is part of the HR +A>5A2. The copy of HR MANUAL [ includin( the employee hand1oo!] is (iven to the *#'#;e&" only. The copy of the EMPLOYEE (#'d3%%, is (iven to the employees. The TOTAL HR MANUAL development is a never endin( assi(nment. =t needs updatin( every si9 months. At the initial sta(e4 it could ta!e up to si9 months at least to complete the manual/ hand1oo! for a full time person4 even if you employ an outside e9pert.

O')e .%$ (#<e 4%&*ed (e HR *#'$#- -!" , .%$ "(%$-d "! +! ( .%$& 3%"" Analyse the list $et the priority [ "st. lot4 %nd. lot4 *rd. lot etc ]

)iscuss the need for HO material4 to uniform the approach )iscuss the need for local e9pert Etc8

Y%$& p&!%&! !e" )%$-d 3e 'ersonnel records <arious forms reFuired Access control &or!place rules Employee hirin( ?o1 descriptions Employment applications =nterviewin( applicants 'ayroll administration Trainin( [ induction / orientation/development]

Employee hand1oo!

Aou/Aour senior mana(ement should a(ree to the priority list. >O& AO5 ARE REA)A COR THE HAR) &OR