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Heroes Journey Film Review Aladdin

Figure 1 Aladdin is an animated film directed by Ron Clements and John Musker and was produced by Walt Disney Studios in 1992. Plot: In the city of Agrabah Aladdin, a street rat, meets Jasmine the Princess who ran away from the palace and they both full in love with each other, however Aladdin is thrown into the dungeons but makes a deal with a prisoner to get a piece of treasure in return for his reward. Along the way Aladdin is betrayed and becomes trapped in the The Cave of Wonders where he discovers a magical lamp and becomes the master of the all-powerful Genie inside. Aladdin learns that by law, Princess Jasmine can only marry a Prince and so he wishes the Genie to turn him into a Prince to be in disguise and win her hand as Prince Ali. Meanwhile the evil Jafar, the Royal Vizier of the Sultan is plotting to rule Agrabah by stealing the lamp to become the next master of the Genie. Once Jafar finally steals the lamp, Aladdin must save his friends and Agrabah. Aladdin is a Heroes Journey, Aladdin finds himself in a world where he is rejected by many and loved by very few. He is seen as a street rat of Agrabah meaning a homeless boy scavenging for food and generally causing mischief. His life is turned upside down when the rebellious Princess Jasmine runs away from home and they meet in Aladdins ordinary world which is her special world and vice versa. Aladdin is called to his adventure when he is thrown in jail and makes the deal with the old prisoner (Jafar in disguise) who helps him get out in return for helping find a lost treasure in a mysterious cave in the desert. After Jafar betrays him and Aladdin is trapped in the cave, he meets the Genie who becomes his mentor and makes him a prince. This is the moment when Aladdin crosses the threshold

and enters the world of royalty acting as Prince Ali. Upon arriving at the palace Aladdin is tested when he meets the Sultan, Jafar and his parrot Iago and he decides on possible enemies or allies. Still posing as Prince Ali, he takes Jasmine out on a magic carpet ride and wins her love and Jasmine falls in love with him. This can be seen as the reward moment of the film. When returning from their romantic evening Aladdin heads back to the Genie and the others but is ambushed by Jafar and the royal guards and thrown in the sea with a weight. This is the moment of our heros ordeal when he faces death and in this case is helpless but the Genie saves him and Aladdin confronts Jafar in front of the Sultan but he regrets becoming a prince when it is announced that Jasmine loves him for Prince Ali and not his true self, hence being his rebirth. Once Jafar takes possession of the lamp he sends Aladdin away and he must embark on the road back to the palace to face Jafar once and for all. The resurrection is the final battle and finally the return with the elixir is when Jasmine loves him for his street rat self and he frees the Genie from his life of servitude.

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Within the film there are many different archetypes in the characters. Aladdin himself has a natural hero archetype as well as arguably a thief because to begin with it shows that he is stealing food from the market. His sidekick, being Abu, as well as his animal companion and the thief. The villain is clearly Jafar but there are other archetypes associated with this character; he has a sycophant archetype as he works to please those in power like the Sultan who has the father figure archetype and he also has a tyrant archetype as he must be in control at all times. Jafar also has an animal companion sidekick, his parrot Iago who is also the saboteur, manipulator and the curmudgeon, he makes sure everything goes wrong for his own personal gain and he can be cynical and irritable. Jasmine is simply the rebellious princess and the explorer, she wants to see the world beyond palace walls. It is hard to place exactly what the magic carpet is, it is possibly the innocent. Finally the Genie of the magic lamp, the Genie is by far the most complex character in this film as he can change his form, his tone and his overall approach to anything. His main archetype would be the mentor/wizard but so of his many other archetypes are the wise old man, the trickster with his quirky animated ways, he makes a joke out of everything so his the comic and arguably the teacher.

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