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INFCIRC/449 5 July 1994 International Atomic Energy Agency

Information Circular
(Unofficial electronic edition)


Convention on Nuclear Safety

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Arabic !"inese #nglis" $renc" Russian S%anis"]

&' ("e !onvention on )uclear Safet* was ado%ted on &+ ,une &--. b* a Di%lomatic !onference convened b* t"e International Atomic #nerg* Agenc* at its /ead0uarters from &. to &+ ,une &--.' ("e !onvention will be o%ened for signature on 12 Se%tember &--. during t"e t"irt*3eig"t" regular session of t"e Agenc*4s 5eneral !onference and will enter into force on t"e ninetiet" da* after t"e date of de%osit wit" t"e De%ositar* 6t"e Agenc*4s Director 5eneral7 of t"e twent*3second instrument of ratification8 acce%tance or a%%roval8 including t"e instruments of seventeen States8 "aving eac" at least one nuclear installation w"ic" "as ac"ieved criticalit* in a reactor core' 1' ("e te9t of t"e !onvention as ado%ted is re%roduced in t"e Anne9 "ereto for t"e information of all :ember States' Convention on Nuclear Safety $r%a&'l% (/# !;)(RA!(I)5 <AR(I#S i' ii' iii' iv' v' vi' vii' viii' Aware of t"e im%ortance to t"e international communit* of ensuring t"at t"e use of nuclear energ* is safe8 well regulated and environmentall* sound= Reaffirming t"e necessit* of continuing to %romote a "ig" level of nuclear safet* worldwide= Reaffirming t"at res%onsibilit* for nuclear safet* rests wit" t"e State "aving >urisdiction over a nuclear installation= Desiring to %romote an effective nuclear safet* culture= Aware t"at accidents at nuclear installations "ave t"e %otential for transboundar* im%acts= ?ee%ing in mind t"e !onvention on t"e <"*sical <rotection of )uclear :aterial 6&-+-78 t"e !onvention on #arl* )otification of a )uclear Accident 6&-@A78 and t"e !onvention on Assistance in t"e !ase of a )uclear Accident or Radiological #mergenc* 6&-@A7= Affirming t"e im%ortance of international co3o%eration for t"e en"ancement of nuclear safet* t"roug" e9isting bilateral and multilateral mec"anisms and t"e establis"ment of t"is incentive !onvention= RecogniBing t"at t"is !onvention entails a commitment to t"e a%%lication of fundamental safet* %rinci%les for nuclear installations rat"er t"an of detailed safet* standards and t"at

i9' 9'

t"ere are internationall* formulated safet* guidelines w"ic" are u%dated from time to time and so can %rovide guidance on contem%orar* means of ac"ieving a "ig" level of safet*= Affirming t"e need to begin %rom%tl* t"e develo%ment of an international convention on t"e safet* of radioactive waste management as soon as t"e ongoing %rocess to develo% waste management safet* fundamentals "as resulted in broad international agreement= RecogniBing t"e usefulness of furt"er tec"nical work in connection wit" t"e safet* of ot"er %arts of t"e nuclear fuel c*cle8 and t"at t"is work ma*8 in time8 facilitate t"e develo%ment of current or future international instruments=

/AV# A5R##D as followsC CHAPTER 1. OBJECTI ES! "E#INITIONS AN" SCOPE O# APP$ICATION ARTIC$E 1. OBJECTI ES ("e ob>ectives of t"is !onvention areC i' ii' iii' to ac"ieve and maintain a "ig" level of nuclear safet* worldwide t"roug" t"e en"ancement of national measures and international co3o%eration including8 w"ere a%%ro%riate8 safet*3 related tec"nical co3o%eration= to establis" and maintain effective defences in nuclear installations against %otential radiological "aBards in order to %rotect individuals8 societ* and t"e environment from "armful effects of ioniBing radiation from suc" installations= to %revent accidents wit" radiological conse0uences and to mitigate suc" conse0uences s"ould t"e* occur'

ARTIC$E %. "E#INITIONS $or t"e %ur%ose of t"is !onventionC i' Dnuclear installationD means for eac" !ontracting <art* an* land3based civil nuclear %ower %lant under its >urisdiction including suc" storage8 "andling and treatment facilities for radioactive materials as are on t"e same site and are directl* related to t"e o%eration of t"e nuclear %ower %lant' Suc" a %lant ceases to be a nuclear installation w"en all nuclear fuel elements "ave been removed %ermanentl* from t"e reactor core and "ave been stored safel* in accordance wit" a%%roved %rocedures8 and a decommissioning %rogramme "as been agreed to b* t"e regulator* bod*' Dregulator* bod*D means for eac" !ontracting <art* an* bod* or bodies given t"e legal aut"orit* b* t"at !ontracting <art* to grant licences and to regulate t"e siting8 design8 construction8 commissioning8 o%eration or decommissioning of nuclear installations' DlicenceD means an* aut"oriBation granted b* t"e regulator* bod* to t"e a%%licant to "ave t"e res%onsibilit* for t"e siting8 design8 construction8 commissioning8 o%eration or decommissioning of a nuclear installation'

ii' iii'


("is !onvention s"all a%%l* to t"e safet* of nuclear installations' CHAPTER %. OB$I'ATIONS a' G%n%ral $r()isi(ns ARTIC$E (. I)P$E)ENTIN' )EAS*RES #ac" !ontracting <art* s"all take8 wit"in t"e framework of its national law8 t"e legislative8 regulator* and administrative measures and ot"er ste%s necessar* for im%lementing its obligations under t"is !onvention' ARTIC$E +. REPORTIN' #ac" !ontracting <art* s"all submit for review8 %rior to eac" meeting referred to in Article 128 a re%ort on t"e measures it "as taken to im%lement eac" of t"e obligations of t"is !onvention ARTIC$E ,. E-ISTIN' N*C$EAR INSTA$$ATIONS #ac" !ontracting <art* s"all take t"e a%%ro%riate ste%s to ensure t"at t"e safet* of nuclear installations e9isting at t"e time t"e !onvention enters into force for t"at !ontracting <art* is reviewed as soon as %ossible' E"en necessar* in t"e conte9t of t"is !onvention8 t"e !ontracting <art* s"all ensure t"at all reasonabl* %racticable im%rovements are made as a matter of urgenc* to u%grade t"e safet* of t"e nuclear installation' If suc" u%grading cannot be ac"ieved8 %lans s"ould be im%lemented to s"ut down t"e nuclear installation as soon as %racticall* %ossible' ("e timing of t"e s"ut3down ma* take into account t"e w"ole energ* conte9t and %ossible alternatives as well as t"e social8 environmental and economic im%act' b' L%gislati(n an* r%gulati(n ARTIC$E .. $E'IS$ATI E AN" RE'*$ATOR/ #RA)E0OR1 &' #ac" !ontracting <art* s"all establis" and maintain a legislative and regulator* framework to govern t"e safet* of nuclear installations' 1' ("e legislative and regulator* framework s"all %rovide forC i' t"e establis"ment of a%%licable national safet* re0uirements and regulations= ii' a s*stem of licensing wit" regard to nuclear installations and t"e %ro"ibition of t"e o%eration of a nuclear installation wit"out a licenceC iii' a s*stem of regulator* ins%ection and assessment of nuclear installations to ascertain com%liance wit" a%%licable regulations and t"e terms of licences= iv' t"e enforcement of a%%licable regulations and of t"e terms of licences8 including sus%ension8 modification or revocation'

ARTIC$E 2. RE'*$ATOR/ BO"/ 1' #ac" !ontracting <art* s"all establis" or designate a regulator* bod* entrusted wit" t"e im%lementation of t"e legislative and regulator* framework referred to in Article +8 and %rovided wit" ade0uate aut"orit*8 com%etence and financial and "uman resources to fulfil its assigned res%onsibilities' F' #ac" !ontracting <art* s"all take t"e a%%ro%riate ste%s to ensure an effective se%aration between t"e functions of t"e regulator* bod* and t"ose of an* ot"er bod* or organiBation concerned wit" t"e %romotion or utiliBation of nuclear energ*' ARTIC$E 3. RESPONSIBI$IT/ O# THE $ICENCE HO$"ER #ac" !ontracting <art* s"all ensure t"at %rime res%onsibilit* for t"e safet* of a nuclear installation rests wit" t"e "older of t"e relevant licence and s"all take t"e a%%ro%riate ste%s to ensure t"at eac" suc" licence "older meets its res%onsibilit*' b' G%n%ral "a+%ty C(nsi*%rati(ns ARTIC$E 14. PRIORIT/ TO SA#ET/ #ac" !ontracting <art* s"all take t"e a%%ro%riate ste%s to ensure t"at all organiBations engaged in activities directl* related to nuclear installations s"all establis" %olicies t"at give due %riorit* to nuclear safet*' ARTIC$E 11. #INANCIA$ AN" H*)AN RESO*RCES &' #ac" !ontracting <art* s"all take t"e a%%ro%riate ste%s to ensure t"at ade0uate financial resources are available to su%%ort t"e safet* of eac" nuclear installation t"roug"out its life' 1' #ac" !ontracting <art* s"all take t"e a%%ro%riate ste%s to ensure t"at sufficient numbers of 0ualified staff wit" a%%ro%riate education8 training and retraining are available for all safet*3related activities in or for eac" nuclear installation8 t"roug"out its life' ARTIC$E 1%. H*)AN #ACTORS #ac" !ontracting <art* s"all take t"e a%%ro%riate ste%s to ensure t"at t"e ca%abilities and limitations of "uman %erformance are taken into account t"roug"out t"e life of a nuclear installation' ARTIC$E 1&. 5*A$IT/ ASS*RANCE #ac" !ontracting <art* s"all take t"e a%%ro%riate ste%s to ensure t"at 0ualit* assurance %rogrammes are establis"ed and im%lemented wit" a view to %roviding confidence t"at s%ecified re0uirements for all activities im%ortant to nuclear safet* are satisfied t"roug"out t"e life of a nuclear installation'

ARTIC$E 1(. ASSESS)ENT AN" ERI#ICATION O# SA#ET/ #ac" !ontracting <art* s"all take t"e a%%ro%riate ste%s to ensure t"atC i' com%re"ensive and s*stematic safet* assessments are carried out before t"e construction and commissioning of a nuclear installation and t"roug"out its life' Suc" assessments s"all be well documented8 subse0uentl* u%dated in t"e lig"t of o%erating e9%erience and significant new safet* information8 and reviewed under t"e aut"orit* of t"e regulator* bod*= verification b* anal*sis8 surveillance8 testing and ins%ection is carried out to ensure t"at t"e %"*sical state and t"e o%eration of a nuclear installation continue to be in accordance wit" its design8 a%%licable national safet* re0uirements8 and o%erational limits and conditions'


ARTIC$E 1+. RA"IATION PROTECTION #ac" !ontracting <art* s"all take t"e a%%ro%riate ste%s to ensure t"at in all o%erational states t"e radiation e9%osure to t"e workers and t"e %ublic caused b* a nuclear installation s"all be ke%t as low as reasonabl* ac"ievable and t"at no individual s"all be e9%osed to radiation doses w"ic" e9ceed %rescribed national dose limits' ARTIC$E 1,. E)ER'ENC/ PREPARE"NESS &' #ac" !ontracting <art* s"all take t"e a%%ro%riate ste%s to ensure t"at t"ere are on3 site and off3site emergenc* %lans t"at are routinel* tested for nuclear installations and cover t"e activities to be carried out in t"e event of an emergenc*' $or an* new nuclear installation8 suc" %lans s"all be %re%ared and tested before it commences o%eration above a low %ower level agreed b* t"e regulator* bod*' 1' #ac" !ontracting <art* s"all take t"e a%%ro%riate ste%s to ensure t"at8 insofar as t"e* are likel* to be affected b* a radiological emergenc*8 its own %o%ulation and t"e com%etent aut"orities of t"e States in t"e vicinit* of t"e nuclear installation are %rovided wit" a%%ro%riate information for emergenc* %lanning and res%onse' F' !ontracting <arties w"ic" do not "ave a nuclear installation on t"eir territor*8 insofar as t"e* are likel* to be affected in t"e event of a radiological emergenc* at a nuclear installation in t"e vicinit*8 s"all take t"e a%%ro%riate ste%s for t"e %re%aration and testing of emergenc* %lans for t"eir territor* t"at cover t"e activities to be carried out in t"e event of suc" an emergenc*' "a+%ty (+ Installati(ns ARTIC$E 1.. SITIN' #ac" !ontracting <art* s"all take t"e a%%ro%riate ste%s to ensure t"at a%%ro%riate %rocedures are establis"ed and im%lementedC


i' ii' iii' iv'

for evaluating all relevant site3related factors likel* to affect t"e safet* of a nuclear installation for its %ro>ected lifetime= for evaluating t"e likel* safet* im%act of a %ro%osed nuclear installation on individuals8 societ* and t"e environment= for re3evaluating as necessar* all relevant factors referred to in sub3%aragra%"s 6i7 and 6ii7 so as to ensure t"e continued safet* acce%tabilit* of t"e nuclear installation= for consulting !ontracting <arties in t"e vicinit* of a %ro%osed nuclear installation8 insofar as t"e* are likel* to be affected b* t"at installation and8 u%on re0uest %roviding t"e necessar* information to suc" !ontracting <arties8 in order to enable t"em to evaluate and make t"eir own assessment of t"e likel* safet* im%act on t"eir own territor* of t"e nuclear installation'

ARTIC$E 12. "ESI'N AN" CONSTR*CTION #ac" !ontracting <art* s"all take t"e a%%ro%riate ste%s to ensure t"atC i' t"e design and construction of a nuclear installation %rovides for several reliable levels and met"ods of %rotection 6defense in de%t"7 against t"e release of radioactive materials8 wit" a view to %reventing t"e occurrence of accidents and to mitigating t"eir radiological conse0uences s"ould t"e* occur= t"e tec"nologies incor%orated in t"e design and construction of a nuclear installation are %roven b* e9%erience or 0ualified b* testing or anal*sis= t"e design of a nuclear installation allows for reliable8 stable and easil* manageable o%eration8 wit" s%ecific consideration of "uman factors and t"e man3mac"ine interface'

ii' iii'

ARTIC$E 13. OPERATION #ac" !ontracting <art* s"all take t"e a%%ro%riate ste%s to ensure t"atC i' ii' iii' iv' v' vi' vii' t"e initial aut"oriBation to o%erate a nuclear installation is based u%on an a%%ro%riate safet* anal*sis and a commissioning %rogramme demonstrating t"at t"e installation8 as constructed8 is consistent wit" design and safet* re0uirements= o%erational limits and conditions derived from t"e safet* anal*sis8 tests and o%erational e9%erience are defined and revised as necessar* for identif*ing safe boundaries for o%eration= o%eration8 maintenance8 ins%ection and testing of a nuclear installation are conducted in accordance wit" a%%roved %rocedures= %rocedures are establis"ed for res%onding to antici%ated o%erational occurrences and to accidents= necessar* engineering and tec"nical su%%ort in all safet*3related fields is available t"roug"out t"e lifetime of a nuclear installation= incidents significant to safet* are re%orted in a timel* manner b* t"e "older of t"e relevant licence to t"e regulator* bod*= %rogrammes to collect and anal*se o%erating e9%erience are establis"ed8 t"e results obtained and t"e conclusions drawn are acted u%on and t"at e9isting mec"anisms are


used to s"are im%ortant e9%erience wit" international bodies and wit" ot"er o%erating organiBations and regulator* bodies= t"e generation of radioactive waste resulting from t"e o%eration of a nuclear installation is ke%t to t"e minimum %racticable for t"e %rocess concerned8 bot" in activit* and in volume8 and an* necessar* treatment and storage of s%ent fuel and waste directl* related to t"e o%eration and on t"e same site as t"at of t"e nuclear installation take into consideration conditioning and dis%osal'

CHAPTER &. )EETIN'S O# THE CONTRACTIN' PARTIES ARTIC$E %4. RE IE0 )EETIN'S &' ("e !ontracting <arties s"all "old meetings 6"ereinafter referred to as Dreview meetingsD7 for t"e %ur%ose of reviewing t"e re%orts submitted %ursuant to Article G in accordance wit" t"e %rocedures ado%ted under Article 11' 1' Sub>ect to t"e %rovisions of Article 1. sub3grou%s com%rised of re%resentatives of !ontracting <arties ma* be establis"ed and ma* function during t"e review meetings as deemed necessar* for t"e %ur%ose of reviewing s%ecific sub>ects contained in t"e re%orts' F' #ac" !ontracting <art* s"all "ave a reasonable o%%ortunit* to discuss t"e re%orts submitted b* ot"er !ontracting <arties and to seek clarification of suc" re%orts' ARTIC$E %1. TI)ETAB$E &' A %re%arator* meeting of t"e !ontracting <arties s"all be "eld not later t"an si9 mont"s after t"e date of entr* into force of t"is !onvention' 1' At t"is %re%arator* meeting8 t"e !ontracting <arties s"all determine t"e date for t"e first review meeting' ("is review meeting s"all be "eld as soon as %ossible8 but not later t"an t"irt* mont"s after t"e date of entr* into force of t"is !onvention' F' At eac" review meeting8 t"e !ontracting <arties s"all determine t"e date for t"e ne9t suc" meeting' ("e interval between review meetings s"all not e9ceed t"ree *ears' ARTIC$E %%. PROCE"*RA$ ARRAN'E)ENTS &' At t"e %re%arator* meeting "eld %ursuant to Article 1& t"e !ontracting <arties s"all %re%are and ado%t b* consensus Rules of <rocedure and $inancial Rules' ("e !ontracting <arties s"all establis" in %articular and in accordance wit" t"e Rules of <rocedureC i' guidelines regarding t"e form and structure of t"e re%orts to be submitted %ursuant to Article G= ii' a date for t"e submission of suc" re%orts= iii' t"e %rocess for reviewing suc" re%orts' 1' At review meetings t"e !ontracting <arties ma*8 if necessar*8 review t"e arrangements establis"ed %ursuant to sub3%aragra%"s 6i736iii7 above8 and ado%t revisions b* consensus unless ot"erwise %rovided for in t"e Rules of <rocedure' ("e* ma* also amend t"e Rules of <rocedure and t"e $inancial Rules8 b* consensus'

ARTIC$E %&. E-TRAOR"INAR/ )EETIN'S An e9traordinar* meeting of t"e !ontracting <arties s"all be "eldC i' if so agreed b* a ma>orit* of t"e !ontracting <arties %resent and voting at a meeting8 abstentions being considered as voting= or ii' at t"e written re0uest of a !ontracting <art*8 wit"in si9 mont"s of t"is re0uest "aving been communicated to t"e !ontracting <arties and notification "aving been received b* t"e secretariat referred to in Article 1@8 t"at t"e re0uest "as been su%%orted b* a ma>orit* of t"e !ontracting <arties' ARTIC$E %(. ATTEN"ANCE &' #ac" !ontracting <art* s"all attend meetings of t"e !ontracting <arties and be re%resented at suc" meetings b* one delegate8 and b* suc" alternates8 e9%erts and advisers as it deems necessar*' 1' ("e !ontracting <arties ma* invite8 b* consensus8 an* intergovernmental organiBation w"ic" is com%etent in res%ect of matters governed b* t"is !onvention to attend8 as an observer8 an* meeting8 or s%ecific sessions t"ereof' ;bservers s"all be re0uired to acce%t in writing8 and in advance8 t"e %rovisions of Article 1+' ARTIC$E %+. S*))AR/ REPORTS ("e !ontracting <arties s"all ado%t8 b* consensus8 and make available to t"e %ublic a document addressing issues discussed and conclusions reac"ed during a meeting' ARTIC$E %,. $AN'*A'ES &' ("e languages of meetings of t"e !ontracting <arties s"all be Arabic8 !"inese8 #nglis"8 $renc"8 Russian and S%anis" unless ot"erwise %rovided in t"e Rules of <rocedure' 1' Re%orts submitted %ursuant to Article G s"all be %re%ared in t"e national language of t"e submitting !ontracting <art* or in a single designated language to be agreed in t"e Rules of <rocedure' S"ould t"e re%ort be submitted in a national language ot"er t"an t"e designated language8 a translation of t"e re%ort into t"e designated language s"all be %rovided b* t"e !ontracting <art*' F' )otwit"standing t"e %rovisions of %aragra%" 18 if com%ensated8 t"e secretariat will assume t"e translation into t"e designated language of re%orts submitted in an* ot"er language of t"e meeting' ARTIC$E %.. CON#I"ENTIA$IT/ &' ("e %rovisions of t"is !onvention s"all not affect t"e rig"ts and obligations of t"e !ontracting <arties under t"eir law to %rotect information from disclosure' $or t"e %ur%oses of t"is Article8 DinformationD includes8 inter alia8 6i7 %ersonal data= 6ii7 information %rotected b* intellectual %ro%ert* rig"ts or b* industrial or commercial confidentialit*= and 6iii7 information relating to national securit* or to t"e %"*sical %rotection of nuclear materials or nuclear installations'

1' E"en8 in t"e conte9t of t"is !onvention8 a !ontracting <art* %rovides information identified b* it as %rotected as described in %aragra%" &8 suc" information s"all be used onl* for t"e %ur%oses for w"ic" it "as been %rovided and its confidentialit* s"all be res%ected' F' ("e content of t"e debates during t"e reviewing of t"e re%orts b* t"e !ontracting <arties at eac" meeting s"all be confidential' ARTIC$E %2. SECRETARIAT &' ("e International Atomic #nerg* Agenc*8 6"ereinafter referred to as t"e DAgenc*D7 s"all %rovide t"e secretariat for t"e meetings of t"e !ontracting <arties' 1' ("e secretariat s"allC i' convene8 %re%are and service t"e meetings of t"e !ontracting <arties= ii' transmit to t"e !ontracting <arties information received or %re%ared in accordance wit" t"e %rovisions of t"is !onvention' ("e costs incurred b* t"e Agenc* in carr*ing out t"e functions referred to in sub3%aragra%"s i7 and 6ii7 above s"all be borne b* t"e Agenc* as %art of its regular budget' 1' ("e !ontracting <arties ma*8 b* consensus8 re0uest t"e Agenc* to %rovide ot"er services in su%%ort of meetings of t"e !ontracting <arties' ("e Agenc* ma* %rovide suc" services if t"e* can be undertaken wit"in its %rogramme and regular budget' S"ould t"is not be %ossible8 t"e Agenc* ma* %rovide suc" services if voluntar* funding is %rovided from anot"er source' CHAPTER (. #INA$ C$A*SES AN" OTHER PRO ISIONS ARTIC$E %3. RESO$*TION O# "ISA'REE)ENTS In t"e event of a disagreement between two or more !ontracting <arties concerning t"e inter%retation or a%%lication of t"is !onvention8 t"e !ontracting <arties s"all consult wit"in t"e framework of a meeting of t"e !ontracting <arties wit" a view to resolving t"e disagreement' ARTIC$E &4. SI'NAT*RE! RATI#ICATION! ACCEPTANCE! APPRO A$! ACCESSION &' ("is !onvention s"all be o%en for signature b* all States at t"e /ead0uarters of t"e Agenc* in Vienna from 12 Se%tember &--. until its entr* into force' 1' ("is !onvention is sub>ect to ratification8 acce%tance or a%%roval b* t"e signator* States' F' After its entr* into force8 t"is !onvention s"all be o%en for accession b* all States' .' i' ("is !onvention s"all be o%en for signature or accession b* regional organiBations of an integration or ot"er nature8 %rovided t"at an* suc" organiBation is constituted b* sovereign States and "as com%etence in res%ect of t"e negotiation8 conclusion and a%%lication of international agreements in matters covered b* t"is !onvention'

In matters wit"in t"eir com%etence8 suc" organiBations s"all8 on t"eir own be"alf8 e9ercise t"e rig"ts and fulfil t"e res%onsibilities w"ic" t"is !onvention attributes to States <arties iii' E"en becoming %art* to t"is !onvention8 suc" an organiBation s"all communicate to t"e De%ositar* referred to in Article F.8 a declaration indicating w"ic" States are members t"ereof8 w"ic" articles of t"is !onvention a%%l* to it8 and t"e e9tent of its com%etence in t"e field covered b* t"ose articles' iv' Suc" an organiBation s"all not "old an* vote additional to t"ose of its :ember States' 1' Instruments of ratification8 acce%tance8 a%%roval or accession s"all be de%osited wit" t"e De%ositar*' ARTIC$E &1. ENTR/ INTO #ORCE &' ("is !onvention s"all enter into force on t"e ninetiet" da* after t"e date of de%osit wit" t"e De%ositar* of t"e twent*3 second instrument of ratification8 acce%tance or a%%roval8 including t"e instruments of seventeen States8 eac" "aving at least one nuclear installation w"ic" "as ac"ieved criticalit* in a reactor core' 1' $or eac" State or regional organiBation of an integration of ot"er nature w"ic" ratifies8 acce%ts8 a%%roves or accedes to t"is !onvention after t"e date of de%osit of t"e last instrument re0uired to satisf* t"e conditions set fort" in %aragra%" &8 t"is !onvention s"all enter into force on t"e ninetiet" da* after t"e date of de%osit wit" t"e De%ositar* of t"e a%%ro%riate instrument b* suc" a State or organiBation' ARTIC$E &%. A)EN")ENTS TO THE CON ENTION &' An* !ontracting %art* ma* %ro%ose an amendment to t"is !onvention' <ro%osed amendments s"all be considered at a review meeting or an e9traordinar* meeting' 1' ("e te9t of an* %ro%osed amendment and t"e reasons for it s"all be %rovided to t"e De%ositar* w"o s"all communicate t"e %ro%osal to t"e !ontracting <arties %rom%tl* and at least ninet* da*s before t"e meeting for w"ic" it is submitted for consideration' An* comments received on suc" a %ro%osal s"all be circulated b* t"e De%ositar* to t"e !ontracting <arties' F' ("e !ontracting <arties s"all decide after consideration of t"e %ro%osed amendment w"et"er to ado%t it b* consensus8 or8 in t"e absence of consensus8 to submit it to a Di%lomatic !onference' A decision to submit a %ro%osed amendment to a Di%lomatic !onference s"all re0uire a two3t"irds ma>orit* vote of t"e !ontracting %arties %resent and voting at t"e meeting8 %rovided t"at at least one "alf of t"e !ontracting <arties are %resent at t"e time of voting' Abstentions s"all be considered as voting' .' ("e Di%lomatic !onference to consider and ado%t amendments to t"is !onvention s"all be convened b* t"e De%ositar* and "eld no later t"an one *ear after t"e a%%ro%riate decision taken in accordance wit" %aragra%" F of t"is Article' ("e Di%lomatic !onference s"all make ever* effort to ensure amendments are ado%ted b* consensus' S"ould t"is not be %ossible8 amendments s"all be ado%ted wit" a two3t"irds ma>orit* of all !ontracting <arties' G' Amendments to t"is !onvention ado%ted %ursuant to %aragra%"s F and . above s"all be sub>ect to ratification8 acce%tance8 a%%roval8 or confirmation b* t"e !ontracting <arties and s"all enter into force for t"ose !ontracting <arties w"ic" "ave ratified8 acce%ted8 a%%roved or confirmed t"em on t"e ninetiet" da* after t"e recei%t b* t"e De%ositar* of t"e relevant


instruments b* at least t"ree fourt"s of t"e !ontracting <arties' $or a !ontracting <art* w"ic" subse0uentl* ratifies8 acce%ts8 a%%roves or confirms t"e said amendments8 t"e amendments will enter into force on t"e ninetiet" da* after t"at !ontracting <art* "as de%osited its relevant instrument' ARTIC$E &&. "EN*NCIATION &' An* !ontracting <art* ma* denounce t"is !onvention b* written notification to t"e De%ositar*' 1' Denunciation s"all take effect one *ear following t"e date of t"e recei%t of t"e notification b* t"e De%ositar*8 or on suc" later date as ma* be s%ecified in t"e notification' ARTIC$E &(. "EPOSITAR/ &' ("e Director 5eneral of t"e Agenc* s"all be t"e De%ositar* of t"is !onvention' 1' ("e De%ositar* s"all inform t"e !ontracting <arties ofC i' t"e signature of t"is !onvention and of t"e de%osit of instruments of ratification8 acce%tance8 a%%roval or accession8 in accordance wit" Article F2= ii' t"e date on w"ic" t"e !onvention enters into force8 in accordance wit" Article F&= iii' t"e notifications of denunciation of t"e !onvention and t"e date t"ereof8 made in accordance wit" Article FF= iv' t"e %ro%osed amendments to t"is !onvention submitted b* !ontracting <arties8 t"e amendments ado%ted b* t"e relevant Di%lomatic !onference or b* t"e meeting of t"e !ontracting <arties8 and t"e date of entr* into force of t"e said amendments8 in accordance wit" Article F1' ARTIC$E &+. A*THENTIC TE-TS ("e original of t"is !onvention of w"ic" t"e Arabic8 !"inese8 #nglis"8 $renc"8 Russian and S%anis" te9ts are e0uall* aut"entic8 s"all be de%osited wit" t"e De%ositar*8 w"o s"all send certified co%ies t"ereof to t"e !ontracting <arties'