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A Leading Commercial Vehicle Manufacturer uses TCS' AURA Solution to integrate i ts dealer network TCS deployed its SAP-based

AURA solution at a leading Indian commercial vehicle manufacturer. This provided the automaker with a centralized IT system supportin g real-time integration between database management and CRM systems, and the OEM ERP system. The Customer TCS client is a leading commercial vehicle manufacturer in India. The company man ufactures trucks and buses as well as emergency and military vehicles. It also m akes spare parts and engines for industrial and marine applications. Business Scenario Our client needed to onboard its multiple dealers in accordance with its go-to-m arket plan, and ensure that they had the necessary infrastructure, connectivity and access to a dependable Dealer Management System (DMS). The dealers had to be on the same operating environment - a centralized IT system with real-time inte gration of the Dealer Business Management (DBM) and CRM systems with the Origina l Equipment Manufacturer s (OEM s) ERP system. Why TCS The company needed a partner having rich domain knowledge, expertise in implemen ting an integrated solution and the capability to deliver a successful solution quickly, and thus we were chosen to bring this critical program to a seamless cl osure. TCS Solution We recommended the implementation of a centrally hosted CRM and DBM solution to integrate the entire dealer network and interface it with the OEM ERP. This solu tion cut across various business functions such as sales and marketing, vehicle management, service parts management, customer service, DBM and enterprise manag ement and support. We used the TCS-AURA solution accelerator (an SAP certified 'Pre-Configured: Bui ld' solution for DBM) as well as proprietary tools, frameworks and proven implem entations methodologies. Business analytics reports and dashboards were also rolled out in successive pha ses to provide decision-making support to the business. We have also enabled an SMS-based customer alert service for sales and service p rocesses. We commissioned material master, purchase order, sellout data and warranty inter faces, thus improving the business turnaround time by enabling communication bet ween the company's ERP systems and DBM systems. Key Benefits The company's dealer network harnessed the integrated system to provide a unifor m and consistent customer experience for marketing, sales and service enquiries across dealerships. Additionally, the unified reporting of dealer-wise performan ce measures enabled dealers to continuously monitor performance and take optimal improvement decisions, thus resulting in faster business turnaround time. Other benefits included: Greater control in data synchronization and sharing as well as a reduction in ma nual transactions Reduced number of incidents through various process improvement initiatives Enhanced lead management functionality supported with a logical questionnaire to aid lead qualification Effective monitoring and closure of claims and warranties Enhanced enquiry conversion and customer satisfaction Effective reporting and high level decision making Through our flawless and speedy execution, we have achieved a customer satisfact

ion index of 98.46%. Impressed with our performance, the company has engaged us for further value additions to the DBM + CRM rollout. Quote Though it was a complex hly professional manner. he most critical success --Special Director, IT, project, the plan was well laid out and executed in a hig We value and consider our partnership with TCS one of t factors in our engagement. Customer