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Plant growth hormone used for fruit ripening is

Abscisic acid.

Human teeth are classified as

Thecodont, monodont & homodont.
Athecodont, diphyodont & heterodont.
Thecodont, diphyodont & heterodont.
Athecodont, monodont & homodont.

The amage caused to shrubs by branches falling from overhead trees is an example of
Interference Competition.
Partial Predation.


form s


The Mendelian law of Segregation refers to

Segregation of alleles on different chromosomes.
Seperation of genes on the same chromosome.
The lack of mixing of alleles on two different chromosomes.
Segregation of alleles on homologous chromosomes.



Sulphur atom is not present in which of the following molecules.


Which of the following feature is essential to maintain and propagate plasmid DNA in an
Origin of replication
Transcription initiation site
Translation initiation site
Antibiotic resistance marker

Crystals of Bt toxin, produced by the bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis, do not kill the bacteria
themselves because
Bacteria are resistant to the toxin
Toxin requires alkaline pH to be active.
Bacteria encloses toxin in a special sac during release
The bacteria also secrete an antitoxin that neutralizes the toxin.

The polymerase chain reaction (PCR), is used to amplify fragments of DNA. Which one of
the following sequence of steps is followed for PCR.
Annealing, Denaturation and Extension.
Denaturation, Annealing and Extension.
Denaturation, Extension and Annealing.
Annealing, Extension and Denaturation.

There is population of individuals heterozygous for 3 genetic loci, ABC/abc. To pick at

least one individual homozygous for abc/abc, at the minimum, how many individuals need
to be screened in next generation

An individual born with dysfunction of thymus will demonstrate

Stunted growth because of lack of growth hormone.
Accelerated growth because of overproduction of growth hormone.
Increased susceptibility to infections.
Resistance to infections.

5 3 2 using the
technique of Agarose Gel Electrophoresisis at the end of
the experiment
5 is closest to the node.
As compared to 5 Kb fragment, 3 is closer to the athode.
2 is the closest to the node.
As compared to 3 Kb fragment, 2 is closer to the athode.

Consider an
IEn = nth Ionization energy

Six electrons

you add four electrons to O2 molecule

becomes stronger
does not experinece any effect
becomes slightly weaker

geometry BrF3w
rigonal planr


Lewis acid strength of BF3, BCl3 and BBr3 follow the trend:




Choose the correct statement regarding following structures.

I and III are identical but III and IV are enantiomers.

I and III are enantiomers but II and IV are identical.
I and IV are identical but II and III are enantiomers.
All are identical.

Arrange H1, H2, H3 and H4 the following increasing order of


H1 < H2 H3 H4
H3 H1 H4 H2
H3 H1 H2 H4
H1 H3 H4 H2

The structure of the compound V in the following reaction sequence is:

Which is not a possible product in the following reaction?


= 111

(1 + ) (1 )

= ( + )

() = +

() = {2, 2, 1 + , ()}.

( )+= 1,
= 0.

| | = |1 |

(5, 3)
4 5 = 52 3 = 1 3 2 = 9 5 4 = 13

= 0

(40, 30)(30, 20) (20, 10) (10,0)

= () =




Different expressions for energies are
E=h, E=mc2 and E=GMm/r,
where, E is energy, h is Plancks constant, is frequency, m and M are masses, c is the
velocity of light, r is distance and G is the universal gravitation constant. Using these one
can construct a quantity hcG which has the same dimensions as length. The values for ,
, are respectively
1/2, 3/2, 1/2
1/2, 3/2, 1/2
3/2, 1/2, 1/2
3/2, 1/2, 3/2

Given the velocity of an object as a function of time (shown in the Figure), the position and
acceleration of the object at time 4t can be concluded to be

9vt, 2v/t
10vt, 2v/t
9vt, 2v/t
10vt, 2v/t

A particle is thrown at an angle of 60 with the horizontal with a speed v in a uniform

gravitational field. At what point on its trajectory, does the velocity of the particle becomes
at the beginning of the trajectory
at the highest point
when it hits the ground
none of the above

Consider the configuration as shown in the figure, where the pullies and the strings are
massless. For what ratio of the masses, m1/m2, the masses are stationary.


A body of mass m moves with speed v along the positive xaxis and another body of mass
2m moves with speed v/2 along the positive yaxis. Which one of the following statments is
They move with same KE and same momentum.
They move with same KE and different momentum.
They move with different KE and same momentum.
They move with different KE and different momentum.

Spheres of different masses and radii are rolling (without sliping) down an inclined plan
from the same height. The end velocity will depend upon

An incompressible fluid flows in the horizontal pipe from left to right as shown in the
figure. What is the relationship between the heights h1, h2 and h3 of the fluid in the vertical

h1 < h2 < h3
h1 > h2 > h3
h1 = h3 > h2
h1 = h3 < h2

Three equal positive charges Q are placed at the vertices of an equilateral triangle. Which
of the following statements is true when another positive charge q placed at the
centroid of the triangle
It is stable n the plane of the triangle and stable off the plane
It is unstable n the plane and stable off the plane
stable n the plane and unstable off the plane
unstable n the plane and unstable off the plane.

A Carnot cycle works between a heat sink at temperature TC and heat source at temperature
TH. To increase the efficiency of the cycle which one of the following processes is most
TC reduced by T
TC increased by T
TH reduced by T
TH increased by T

A thin planoconvex lense of focal length f is kept in front of a plan mirror as shown in the
figure. If an object is kept at distance 2f from the lense, then its image will be

at distance f and real

at distance 2f/3 and real
at distance f and virtual
at distance 2f/3 and virtual

In the circuit shown in the figure, what is the effective resistance between points A and B
when the system reaches the steady state.


There is a uniform magnetic field B pointing into the paper in the region between two plates
separated by a distance L. A charged particle of mass m and charge q is shot perpendiculr to
the left plate with velocity v, see figure. We tune the magnetic field such that the particle

just misses hitting the right plate. What is the time taken by the particle before it hits the left
plate again.


When a magnetic dipole is placed in a nonuniform magnetic field, then the dipole goes
only rotation
only translation
rotation and translation
no movement

The radioactive decay law states that the decay rate is proportional to number N. Then the
half life
increases exponentially with time
decreases exponentially with time
decreases linearly with time
stays constant

Two waves with same amplitude are described by the expressions x1=a cos(t) and
x2=a cos(t+), where the phase difference 0. Then the superposition of the two waves
will result in a wave with
same amplitude and same frequency
same amplitude and different frequency
different amplitude and same frequency
different amplitude and different frequency