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Hydrxyapatite Lab Intro The purpose of this lab is to synthesize a sample of calcium hydroxyapatite (Ca10(PO !"(OH!#!

and then relate calcium hydroxyapatie$s solubility in different acids to biolo%ical systems& 'e used the stoichiometry relationship amon% reactants and (acuum filtration to first synthesize 0&#) * +H,(a-!. Ca(+O,!# &H#O. and (+H !HPO into a precipitate& The balanced formula is (formula here! and then /e tested acid solubility of the precipitate into four acids. 0&1 * HCl. 0&1 * H,C"H)O0. 0&1 * H,PO . 1&0 HCl& The last portion of the lab is rele(ant to biolo%ical systems of our bodies because these acids are exposed to our teeth throu%h food. drin1. and natural body systems& These acids can be particulary dama%in% to the crystaline hydroxyapatite. as it is soluble li1e the calcium hydroxyapatite /e tested& 2eferences3 Obser(ations and results3 The result of the synthesization /as a base percipitate. that loo1ed and felt $soapy$& It /as a solid bri%ht /hite and felt smooth and clumpy. li1e soap& 4fter ta1in% small portions and dissol(in% them in the four different acids. /e determined that it /as soluble in all four acids&

Ho/e(er. it dissol(ed most -uic1ly in the hi%hest molarity acid of 1&0 * HCl& The filtrate left from the %ra(ity filtration had an pH of & (data table of results5! 6iscussion and Conclusion3 The consumption of lar%e -uantities of su%ary snac1s causes tooth deacy throu%h the formation of pla-ue& 4s su%ar is metabolized under anaerobic conditions. the product is lactic acid. /hich can destroy tooth enamel. because the hydroxyapatie is soluble to acid& 4dditionally. the more su%ar you consume throu%h starches and su%ary snac1s. the more acid. and therefore the more tooth decay& 1 7oda has not only su%ar. but acids that can doubly affect the teeth. as the acids in soda can start attc1in% tooth enamel in abour t/enty minutes&# This can be true for diet soda as /ell. because althou%h it mi%ht ha(e lo/er concentrations of su%ar. it still has inherent amounts of acid&
1& http388///&elmhurst&edu89chm8(chemboo18) :toothdecay&html


4lso. excessi(e (omitin% can dama%e tooth enamel. because of the lar%e concentration of hydrochloic acid& 4s seen in the experiment. hi%her molarities dissol(e the hydroxyapatite faster& Tooth enamel conse-uently /ould dissol(e faster /ith excessi(e (omitin% because of the hi%her acid concentrations& (=louride addition!

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