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The Initiates
by Stuart W ilde - January 1, 2013 - Metaphysics, Morph Worlds / Mirror Worlds

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by Stuart Wilde (www.stuartwilde.com) Reposted from April, 2005 A-List Article My old teacher was decades ahead of his time and a master of the gap. He knew this place wasnt solid, and he was fearless in the way he moved in and out through the Hidden Door. The supernatural was natural to him; he knew the secrets of backwards and forwards, so he could see the future. He knew about the initiates. My old teacher said many strange things. I can see them coming true now almost thirty years later. One thing he said was that at the end, initiates would appear to take people to safety. He called the initiates the Purple Sages. I think at the time I imagined wise old men in cloaks. But I didnt know Arthur from Martha in those days. I was very green. Then one day, I saw the mark on the forehead appear on some people I was having dinner with. Four of them had a mini-spiral galaxy that moved around their foreheads, the spirals didnt stay in the center necessarily. And the other person had a mark that looked like a donut but it was very small, only about the size of a quarter. It was also off-set, about two inches from the center of her forehead and slightly up towards her hairline. Three were women, two were men. I came to see that the supposed link between the third eye and the mark may not be correct, as the mark is several inches away from where
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we think the third eye is in the center. Plus the mark never stops moving; its oscillating and shimmering and darting about all of the time. I liked the mark, it was kind of cool, very alive. I thought perhaps the people with the mark are the initiates, but I wasnt sure as then I was still expecting old men in long cloaks. Then gradually I came to see that the initiates are very ordinary looking and not necessarily old or male. They all have the same quality in that they are really magical people that live in the reality of the supernatural. Each expresses it slightly differently, but they all seem very comfortable with transdimensional states of being. Over the years, I found I could pick them out of a group real quick. I just look and I know. There is an etheric depth inside their heart that others dont have. They are custodians of the gap, so there is an eternity inside them. It is as if you could fly into their heart and wind up at a distant star system. I am not sure if some of the initiates are born to, or if they fall into it over time, like train for it. But there is one thing they almost all have in common, none of them knows they are an initiate. They know they have the power and the connection to the sacred ways, but they dont know who they are. That is so cool. Years ago this baffled me, but later, once I saw the ghouls and their control here in this world, I realized the initiates have to remain a secret. They would be attacked into submission if not. But one day they have to come out of hiding and make a move and that day is coming. I have met about two dozen or so, and there are some others, in the making so I cant be sure. I imagine they will all get there in the end. And there would be hundreds that I will never meet, but what I have noticed from the ones I know is that the initiates are all so less-than-perfect. There is one I saw in the Mirror Worlds and I was shocked to see him there. Here in 3-D, he is a quite well-known author and hes about as egotistical and self-centered as anyone I have ever met. He is completely stuck up; totally obsessed with his wonderfulness. Strange. Then there is another that is a bit of a liar and a drunk, and she was involved in a fraud and got away with ten grand. Very strange. No doubt they all straighten up in time. One is a teacher, one is a medicine man, and then there are others that are young in their twenties, and then there are housewives in the suburbs. It is all so odd. It is nothing like what I expected. Plum sages in robes, forget it! This is much more interesting. What I found out only recently is that all the initiates will learn to breath in the Morph, maybe they already know deep within. Maybe that is the gap. Now this next bit is quite interesting.
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The Morph takes oxygen out of the air and that is why if you are watching it laying on your bed say, the active cloud of the morph phenomena will stay about three feet above you all the time. Only twice have we seen it come down lower. When it came down to just inches from our faces, we found we got cardiac symptoms of sharp pains down the right arm. You have to be very trusting in that situation and not get too spooked and lay very still even though you are going through the makings of a heart attack. I found that very hard it was quite a test, being on the verge of death like that for several hours. What we learned is awe provoking in that the Morph could wipe out humanity in less than twenty minutes. It just has to come down and stay down. There would be no need for Armageddon or pole shifts or any other cataclysm. The Morph would be fast and gentle and six billion hearts would stop. Spooky-dukey-muggley-mookie. Right now the gap inside the initiates, with one or two exceptions, is very small, let us say the size of a tennis ball for those that are working it out and the size of a cranberry for those that are still getting pissed and ripping people off. But what I imagine happens is that gradually the gap gets bigger and bigger and eventually it may radiate from the initiate for maybe a hundred yards or even to the size of an entire valley, and that gap can hold back the Morph and so oxygen levels are normal there. The Camelots are already being made safe as the ghouls are being beaten out of there by the Forces of Light Gods Gladiators, but it will take the arrival of an initiate to hold them open. Without the initiates presence, the Camelots would probably eventually close and fade away. So the journey to safety is not really a defensive thing head to the hills and buy dry food, its more about being in the right place at the right time. Now you might think it all a terrible crap shoot, but it is not, its an inner sacrament waiting to be shown to people, everything is minutely worked out. Even how the leaves fall is not by chance. Nothing is by chance, there is no such thing. There is a divine order everywhere at a higher level. All along I have said with utter monotony, process your dark, open your heart, and simplify your life, and then follow whatever promptings you sense from within. Here is why. First, you could be one of the hidden initiates, and you need to make real progress now and get on with it and start to make contact with humanity, if you have not already done so. Secondly, even if you are not one of those, you need a big open heart to take you the right way. You can only find the way, if
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the gap develops inside you. If for example, you are still busy here obsessed with 3-D stuff, fighting with people and feeding off them and so forth, youll never see it. It is not as if anyone would ever be excluded, its just that people who are closed down or they are unaware of the darkness within them, will never find the way. They could be standing in the right place and still never see it. Imagine a tiny torchlight shining from the end of a very dark tunnel, just a very feint pinprick of light, that is the only guiding light. Only children that are too young to be tainted by life, because of their youth and those adults open hearts will ever see it. There is a strange line in the Gospel of Thomas, which was found with the Nag Hammadi scrolls, where Jesus is quoted as saying, The kingdom of the father is spread out upon the earth and men do not see it. That is so like the Morph and the story of the initiates. If you are on the A-List mailing list here Ill send you a piece I wrote a while ago that may help you get moving and it will hopefully show you how everything is round the wrong way. Remember hell is cold not hot, and deliverance is not perfection. nor is it the acquiring of any new dogma. Its more letting go of what dogma you have acquired in the past. Ascension is not up, its sideways, and that is because there is a heavenly dimension here at 90. Spread your arms out, and its at the end of your fingertips. If you spin round, it follows you. You are in the center of the wheel, and the wheel rotates with you. If Jesus did ascend to heaven he didnt go up, there is no up. Up creates altitude problems and your lungs burst, sideways is the only way. With a little proper sideways, youll dematerialize. If you can do that, then you dont need the gap, you are the gap. Nice eh? There is always more. The plan is vast and way beyond anything we could have ever imagined. Stuart Wilde 2005 www.stuartwilde.com Coming soon to a heart chakra near you.

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