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theSun ON FRIDAY | JANUARY 25, 2013


S02 MAPCU Higher Education Fair 2013

theSun ON FRIDAY | JANUARY 25, 2013


HE Malaysia Association of Private Colleges and Universities (Mapcu) Higher Education Fair is into its 10th year, and like previous years, visitors can look forward to a showcase of the countrys best institutions of higher learning. Those seeking higher education options would not want to miss the chance to meet with representatives of various institutions, both local and international, and this year, Mapcu expects the fair to attract some 30,000 people more than last years 20,000 visitors. Our reason for having the fair is to provide a service to our members. We debated whether to make this fair solely for members but if we made it that way, parents wouldnt have the full benet of meeting other institutions, so we opened it up to public institutions, says Mapcu deputy president, Dr Mei Ling Young. The aim of the fair is to have under one roof a variety of different institutions and courses, Young says. It is held to bring providers of education to people who want education. It gives them an opportunity to speak to the institutions before making their decision. Young believes there will be a bigger turnout this year compared to last year despite the growing popularity of social media. Social media is taking on a bigger role and many do a lot of checking up on the internet but they want to talk to a real person. Parents are also still in a generation where they want the look and feel. For those going to the fair, you must have an idea of what you want to do. If you want to become a lawyer, read up on that profession and then look for institutions that offer it. Do all the checking about the programme

Malaysias premier education fair

> Mapcu, in partnership with theSun, will award RM6 million worth of scholarships

Visitors can look forward to a showcase of the countrys best institutions of higher learning. and institution before going to the fair. That way, you can deal with the institution directly and ask them any question. Use the fair to learn more about the courses and institutions, and assess them from there. To choose a good institution, look at its track record. Look at how old it is, how many students it has churned out, and what has happened to its students. How good something is can be measured through its outcome. It tells you a lot about the institution when you see its graduates achieving. Young has no doubt about the fairs value to those on the higher education trail. Every year we get a new group of visitors and we are looking for it to be similar to previous years. We toyed with the idea of doing different things like having seminars but it is not very practical because the idea of (attending) an education fair is to check out the programme you want and compare it among the institutions. So we gave up the idea. We usually have career talks and we want to make it more hands-on. This means giving parents and students an idea of what the profession is like for example, what a nutritionist does, Young says. In conjunction with the fair, Mapcu, in partnership with theSun, will be awarding RM6 million worth of scholarships. The funds come from nearly all of its members and will cover tuition fees for courses at participating universities and colleges. (To be eligible for the scholarship), one has to full the entry requirements for the programme and has to be deserving, Young says. The whole idea of this scholarship is to help the deserving student who cannot afford private education. Last year, over 4,000 students applied for the scholarship and about 60% of the scholarship was taken. Those who are successful will be interviewed by the university or college concerned. Mapcu consists of 55 of the largest private institutions around and its members have collaborated with the government in pioneering several innovative concepts in private higher education. These include establishing branch campuses of reputable foreign universities in the country that are similar with the parent university in terms of course content, academic standards and degrees awarded. The association also helped introduce twinning degree programmes in which studies are conducted partly in Malaysia and completed abroad at the foreign partner university. In certain cases, programmes may now be conducted entirely in Malaysia although the degrees continue to be conferred by the foreign universities. Education is important for a country because how well its people are educated will add to the human resource of the country. Private education was developed because there was a need as universities back then couldnt cope with the number of students. There are also many who cannot afford to go overseas and private education opens opportunities to all, Young says. theSun is ofcial media of the event while is ofcial online media. The event is managed by Linkz Event Sdn Bhd.


Young expects this years event to attract even more visitors than before.

theSun ON FRIDAY | JANUARY 25, 2013


S04 MAPCU Higher Education Fair 2013

theSun ON FRIDAY | JANUARY 25, 2013

Applying for scholarships

> High achievement, leadership potential, and clear goals are crucial
HETHER you are a school leaver trying to decide on the academic programme to undertake or an undergraduate hoping to earn a higher level degree, you would likely agree that your decision would depend a lot on cost. And with the high cost of living today, it may be necessary for you to seek out nancial assistance. There are many ways to go about it, of course, but one thing is for sure when it comes to funding, timing and preparation are crucial. You can organise yourself by going step by step as outlined below: determination and a positive attitude are equally if not more important than being an academic overachiever.

When to start? As early as possible! You wouldnt want to be stuck doing research with nal exams just around the corner. Study consistently there are no shortcuts to academic excellence. As for extra-curricular activities, you will need a minimum of one years participation to prove that you are active, and to get to the higher ranks in clubs and societies. To avoid missing deadlines, list down the scholarships you are applying for and documents needed to make sure you have everything compiled, lled in and sent in time. Identify the documents and information that you need and start compiling them. Dont forget to get reference letters from your teachers, advisors and employers (if any). Start writing your CV and personal statements early on. This will help you see what gaps you need to ll and where you need to improve. Have your CV checked by your school counsellors each time you update it, to ensure the content is properly presented and grammatically correct. Get application forms from your school counsellor or directly from scholarship providers; read the instructions carefully. Evaluators appreciate neatness. Practise writing your answers on

Start out by doing research. Find out what scholarships are available and how to apply for them. Study the requirements and weigh your strengths and weaknesses against them. The common characteristics of successful scholarship holders include an outstanding record of achievement, leadership potential, clear goals and relevant interests, and motivation and commitment. While it is unrealistic to expect yourself to be awless, you can still try to come as close as you can. Effort,

Visitors to the Mapcu Higher Education Fair can seek advice on scholarships and other nancial schemes available out there. a separate sheet of paper to avoid mistakes and copy them neatly onto the actual forms. You can also type out your answers on a typewriter or word processor. Some applications require you to ll in the forms online. Most importantly, make sure you have lled in every eld in the forms. Incomplete forms are the rst to be eliminated from consideration. The amount of paperwork can be overwhelming, so start collecting and lling in the application forms as early as possible. If you are in Form Five, you can begin compiling your CV in Form 4 and update it as you go along. and friends who are scholarship holders. They will reveal precious tips on what to expect and how to answer the questions. It is also a good idea to read widely and keep up with current events. At the interview, be honest and try to be as condent and humble as you can. Source: GTI Media, the worlds leading graduate careers media and research business.


Once you have sent out all your applications, dont be too preoccupied with anticipation but channel the nervous energy into preparing for the interviews. Talk to your counsellors, seniors

theSun ON FRIDAY | JANUARY 25, 2013


S06 MAPCU Higher Education Fair 2013

theSun ON FRIDAY | JANUARY 25, 2013

Branding ourselves to build professional worth

N this era of Knowledge workers, how does one get counted as a rst-rate Knowledge worker? How does one stand out from the crowd? A prestigious degree alone does not mean you are in the best position for promotion because other people in the ofce probably have credible paper qualications as welland at the end of the day, it is just a piece of paper. Perhaps the best thinking to adopt is looking upon yourself as a brand. We are each a walking brand and we all need to build our own image. No one else can do it for us. And no amount of paper qualication will help advance our career goals if in the rst place we fail to position ourselves favourably in the eyes of our employers, colleagues, and clients. Within the ofce environment, even as we learn, improve and build up our skills, we brand ourselvescreating an impression of our worth as a professional. And these days, the branding exercise does not necessarily end the minute we leave the ofce: when we are on social networking sites like Facebook, for instance, we are actually engaging in a process where we brand ourselves. We create impressions of ourselves by what we put online. And like every successful company that understands the fundamental principles of branding, we need to wise up to ways to promote ourselves as individuals and professionals. If we wish to be on our companys list of rising stars, we need to rst create a distinctive role for ourselves in order to stand out from the ofce crowd.

> Focus on skills that help you be relevant and attractive to industry

We may need to constantly re-brand and reinvent. Its all about improving our marketabilityand surely visibility of our professional worth has a lot to do with it. Think of it as doing PR for yourselfand you would have started in the right spirit. Pursuing postgraduate education may be a step in the right direction if you are working towards reinventing yourselfand improving your resume. But to make sure its a meaningful experience, the programme you choose should be a job-oriented discipline that serves to strengthen your knowledge and skills. It has to be real education that you can apply to your work, and that can help increase your market value and enhance your career prospects. It goes without saying that you need to make sure it is a reputable course, and you should examine as many options as possible to nd one that suits your schedule and budget. Whether you are about to embark on a postgraduate trail or simply want to focus on some personal development, you may want to reect on the following in gauging where you stand as a professional. Like they say, look before you leap! Be clear about your own motivations and agenda Have a clear mind about your own motivations. Do you derive satisfaction from your present job? Where do you intend to go from your current level or what do you hope to achieve in the coming years? Are you seeking to specialise in your present eld or do you wish to convert to

The Mapcu Higher Education Fair is targeted at those in search of higher education whatever level they may beincluding working adults seeking upward mobility. another industry? You need to be clear about what you want; you need to set goals before undertaking any self-development course to avoid making mistakes. Surely anyone intending to start a new journey would want to have a map in hand! Look at your current paper qualication, your transferable skills, and your experience, and think in terms of how to top it up in order to turn it into an asset. There is no substitute for research here you have to ask around, search the Net and all that; basically nd out from the right sources to arrive at a programme suitable for you. If you feel you need a career counsellor to help you decide, by all means, go seek out a credible one. Most education institutions offering postgraduate education would have counsellors on the ready for potential students, and you may want to speak to one. You may also want to speak to your employers, especially if its about enhancing your career prospects in your present working environment. Be current in knowledge, engage in networking Understand the eld you are inif possible, know your own territory like the back of your hand! No man can exist in isolation and surely for the professional who is expected to be a team player and a winner, this is very true. You need to be perceived as being in the forefront of your eldso when it comes to type of postgraduate education to pursue, go for one that will help get you ahead in this department. Go beyond your own industrykeep current in world issues by engaging in new media, but rst you need to learn to be adept in doing this! Being a master of your trade gives you an edge over your peers. Access to information channels relevant to your line of work, and the ability to apply the information to your work will inevitably increase your value. You may be in a line that requires you to interact with a lot of peoplethat in itself is a good way to pick up knowledge. Networking also helps open doors as you establish contacts that may in the future serve as references and sources that are important to your work. Likewise when you are on the paper chase, you may want to ensure it is one that opens doors for you. So a proactive approach here is important. Be adaptable, exible and ethical In the new era where trends and technology evolve rapidly, its most essential for professionals to be positive in attitude, and that means having an outlook that is adaptable and exible. No amount of paper qualication can replace these traits that will make you stand out as a model professional. Flexibility translates to competitiveness. For instance, you wouldnt be afraid to change an old way of doing things if it meant accommodating clientsand especially if the old way hampered development. And youd surely be appreciated for it in the long run! Youd also be perceived as an astute person who is not afraid to make things happen, and a practical person who operates by the power of logic and reasoning, and who is capable of making the best of every situationas opposed to someone who goes strictly by the book all the time. You should have no qualms about being adaptable and exible especially if you have high professional etiquette. Again, when on the postgraduate trail, seek a programme that values exibility or that will help you focus on that. Have good oral and written communication skills Whatever your eld, you are ahead if you are skilled in terms of oral and written communication skills as this would translate to good interpersonal skills. You wouldnt be effective if you were unable to communicate properly with your peers and clients. On the other hand, if you were able to articulate your thoughts well, youd nd it easier to accomplish whatever you set out to do because of your ability to express yourself clearly. Do remember that one aspect of good communication that is often overlooked is that it involves listening and understanding others well. When you are a skilled communicator, you will have the condence to market yourself. You will elevate your worth when you are convincing in your ways. Therefore if you have shortcomings in terms of communication, you need to think seriously about pursuing formal training in order to improve.

theSun ON FRIDAY | JANUARY 25, 2013


S08 MAPCU Higher Education Fair 2013

theSun ON FRIDAY | JANUARY 25, 2013

Fast and smart through BAC

> Over 50 UK law and business degrees to choose from
N todays dynamic and competitive world, it is imperative that one attains a degree that could lead to a multitude of opportunities and diverse career paths. It is common knowledge that business and law degrees are among the most versatile degrees in the world, making them popular choices. In order to meet the growing demand for such courses, Brickelds Asia College (BAC) offers over 50 law and business programmes, making it the fastest and smartest way to pre-university and undergraduate qualications. Having sent more than 6,500 graduates into practice, the college has certainly established itself as a rst-class education provider. This is reinforced by the colleges stellar track record that includes over 200 world and national top student awards, Book Prize winners, 1st Class and 2nd Uppers over the past two years alone. As a crucial step towards tertiary education, the college offers the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) A-Level that is recognised by universities and higher education institutions in over 150 countries, including those in the UK, US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, making it the most widely accepted pre-university qualication in the world.

Students who register for the January intake will receive an angpow worth RM6,000 that includes an ASUS Nexus 7, text books and study materials.

Students will nd the BAC A-Level Express Route programme the perfect option for them as this specially-designed 11-month programme gives them an edge over those on the standard 18- or 24-month route. Coupled with its UK Transfer Degree Programme in Law or Business, students will be able to graduate up to two years ahead of their peers, making the college the fastest and smartest way to over 50 UK law and business degrees. BAC cements its reputation as the nations leading law school with its many top students and award winners. In 2011 and 2012 alone, BAC students secured 42 1st Class LLB (Hons) degrees and over 160 2nd Class Uppers. For the past seven years, BAC students have dominated the CLP examinations, winning the Overall Top Student Award for each of those years as well as 39 out of 49 Book Prize winners, and 39 out of 46 2nd Uppers. The college is also one of the rst institutions in the nation to offer two routes to a law degree: the University of London International Programme (UOL) and the UK Transfer Degree Programme (Law) which are recognised by the Legal Profession Qualifying Board of Malaysia (LPQB) and the Law Society in UK. Students who wish to pursue their degree in Malaysia can opt for the UOL programme as it is the ideal choice for those who wish to obtain an affordable internationally recognised UK qualication. The programme also has the distinction as being the only external law degree that is recognised by the LPQB. The UKT Programme (Law) is perfect for students interested in studying in the UK while graduating with an internationally recognised degree from one of BACs prestigious UK partner universities. The programme enables students to complete their rst or second year of their degree in Malaysia (that is, 2+1 or 1+2), thus considerably reducing the cost of their education. Students subsequently transfer to any of BACs partner universities to complete the nal year of their degree. BAC also offers a UK Transfer degree programme in Business which works the same way as its Law counterpart. The transfer programme offers students a choice of over 30 degrees ranging from the

most common (Business Management) to the unconventional (Festival and Events Management, Entrepreneurship, Logistics and Supply Chain Management) from a range of top notch universities such as De Montfort University, Keele University, Southampton Solent University, Northumbria University, Glyndwr University and Pembrokeshire College. Students in the programme take modules in areas such as economics, accounting, management, marketing and communications, along with other electives in their time at BAC. The programme also allows students to complete up to two years of a three-year internationally recognised business degree in Malaysia, saving up to RM 150,000. The UK Transfer degree programme (Business) offers a rm grounding in fundamental business concepts before branching out into specic elds as BAC provides a comprehensive educational experience that involves not only the acquisition of skills and knowledge, but also the cultivation of a mindset that emphasises entrepreneurship and innovation. The variety of excellent programmes offered by BAC is complemented by its highly qualied and signicantly experienced teaching faculty who provide the backbone to the colleges success story in delivering the best for its students. The colleges state-of-the-art facilities that include a comprehensive library and research centre, computer labs, moot court, gymnasium and the Sky Garden Sports Caf also help contribute towards a holistic education experience. BAC also operates two luxurious but reasonably-priced student accommodation centres, namely Mutiara Residency and BAC Residences. For those needing nancial assistance, there is the Brickelds Education Fund that awards Merit Scholarships and Financial Aid Scholarships. Those who register for the January intake will receive an angpow worth RM6,000 that includes an ASUS Nexus 7, study skills and speed reading programmes, along with all necessary textbooks and study materials (terms and conditions apply).

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S10 MAPCU Higher Education Fair 2013

theSun ON FRIDAY | JANUARY 25, 2013

Quality pre-tertiary education via ATC

> A system that develops condent graduates

STUDENTS learning experience is the top priority of ATC, a leading institution in A-Level education that also offers a variety of pre-tertiary programmes. In the last ve years, the institution that began in 1987, has expanded regionally and now has branches in Penang, Singapore and Hong Kong. ATC has strongly committed itself to providing students with unparalleled quality of education. Proof of its reputation and leadership in private education: the 2,000-odd students enrolled in its professional and pre-tertiary programmes. Navini Rajikumara, the 2012 recipient of the Malaysian Law Scholarship Award who will be furthering her University of London LL.B degree at the prestigious Kings College, London, is a former A-Level student there. Navini achieved remarkable results in her ALevel examination and went on to perform extremely well during her rst year of the LLB programme at ATC. Being offered the prestigious Kings College scholarship was indeed a remarkable achievement, providing her with an opportunity to complete her law degree in the UK on scholarship. The honor is available to only one Malaysian annually and ATC has an outstanding track

Students benet from the institutions holistic and integrated approach to learning. record of nine such scholars over the years. Navini is surely an example of students who have beneted from the sound foundation provided by the solid teaching at the institution. Designed with the objective of giving students an opportunity to pursue further education in most elds, the A-Level is awarded by the University of Cambridge. The subjects offered at ATC include English Literature, Law, Business Studies, Economics, Accounting and Mathematics. Examinations are held twice a year, allowing students the chance to prepare themselves for their respective subjects. ATC demonstrates a steady continuity in its list of high achievers throughout the years. The high achievers for 2012 from The School of Pre-Tertiary include Ting Ee Linn, who obtained the highest scores in the world for the subject of Law, and Chan Heng Joe, who scored top marks for the subject of Economics. Such achievements are a testament to the strong commitment of its faculty in ensuring that students excel in their education. Through dedicated and experienced lecturers, the students benet from the institutions holistic and integrated approach to learning that helps them develop condence and character. The college is open daily, including Sundays, except on public holidays. Counselling hours are from 9.30am to 7pm (Monday to Friday), and 10am to 4pm (Saturday and Sunday). The branch campus is located at Level 18-20, Menara Umno, Jalan Macalister, Penang.

MSU ensures grads employability

THE Management & Science University (MSU) is one of the countrys top 35 universities, having stamped its mark in such critical areas of study as health and life sciences, law, business, management, and accounting. Other important elds covered at the university include engineering, information sciences and hospitality, with the programmes offered at various levelsundergraduate, postgraduate and foundation. Rated Excellent Status University by the Ministry of Higher Education through a rating system on all universities in Malaysia, the university is also accredited by the Accreditation Services for International Colleges (ASIC), UK. The programmes that the university offer meet the stringent standards set by the local and international bodies. The homegrown programmes are said to be among the best in the region, having been meticulously crafted to enhance a graduates worth. A holistic teaching approach means an education system that not only enhances a students employability but also enriches his or her learning experience with ethical and moral values. The university says it gives priority to quality education and creative teaching methodologies that yield good results. Besides incorporating international exposure in the students learning experience, extensive industrial training components are also blended into the various programmes of study to ensure their employability. The recognition of any institution of higher learning lies on the strength of its programmes and faculty members. Whilst ensuring the requirements of academically qualied faculty members are being met, the university further forties its brand image through the deployment of international visiting professors and institutional collaborations. Global exposure through its International Students Exchange Programme (ISEP) unit serves to further strengthen graduates professional standing. Through the programme, students have the option of completing their nal year studies at foreign universities that are partners of MSU. More than 40 universities in the US, the UK, Australia, Japan, South Africa, India, Eastern Europe, Indonesia and New Zealand are available for the students selection. MSU graduates are said to be popular among employers. A graduate tracer study conducted annually shows 95% employability for the universitys students.

The university is among the countrys top 35 universities.

theSun ON FRIDAY | JANUARY 25, 2013


S12 MAPCU Higher Education Fair 2013

theSun ON FRIDAY | JANUARY 25, 2013

KDU celebrates 30 years in education

> Homegrown programmes that bring out the best in students
DU University Colleges marketable graduates are a testament to its passion in ensuring quality education. Its graduates are noted for being well-grounded and knowledgeable in their elds of specialisation. Addressing the growing need for academic courses to be more industrycentric, the university college offers a number of homegrown degree programmes that are tailored to bring out the best in its students. The programmes appeal lies in the fact that there is a great deal of exibility exercised when it comes to choice of subjects. This allows students preferences in their degree selection, thus giving them an added advantage. Furthermore, the options are limitless, as students will be able to plan for either a single or dual major or minor course of study. As an add on, they can also take up electives beyond their eld of study to remain relevant in a competitive work environment where cross and inter-disciplinary knowledge is no longer considered an advantage, but a necessity. More importantly, the university college in subscribing to the notion that the world is our classroom, takes education to a higher level by going beyond the classroom with study trips and industrial visits being made an integral part of the curriculum. This should help empower students. Emphasis is placed on the importance of soft skills as they provide a competitive edge for students to excel in the employment

The university college takes pride in its well-grounded and knowledgeable graduates. market. Hence, students are encouraged to enhance their leadership capabilities and temperament through personality tests. The university college gives the assurance that it helps students hone their skills set in order to be condent, better prepared, responsible and contributing members of society, as well as life-long learners. The homegrown degree programmes at the university college are namely Bachelor of Business (Hons), Bachelor of Business (Hons) with Law, Bachelor of Computing (Hons), Bachelor of Game Development (Hons), Bachelor of Communication (Hons), Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Bachelor of Culinary Management (Hons) and Bachelor of Hospitality Management (Hons) in Corporate Communication. The programmes allow students to major in various areas. The Bachelor of Business (Hons) for instance, offers majors in accounting, economics, nance, HRM, management, marketing and logistics, while the Bachelor of Computing (Hons) majors in computer security, mobile computing, multimedia technology and networking. One particularly unique and innovative programme is the Bachelor of Game Development (Hons) with specialisation in game design, game art and game technology. For those into F&B, the Bachelor of Culinary Management (Hons) majors in baking and pastry arts, culinary operations, and Italian culinary. The university college, a member of the KDU Education Group, is a pioneer and leading provider in the eld of private tertiary education since 1983. The group is a fully integrated education services provider, covering programmes from primary and secondary levels (both local and international) through to undergraduate and post-graduate levels. There are also executive and professional development programmes.

PTPLs options for the school leaver

SINCE its inception in 1996, PTPL has demonstrated a strong commitment in ensuring quality education for school leavers. With 10 centres throughout the country today, and a total student population of 19,000, it has surely proven itself an institution of choice among SPM and STPM school leavers. The PTPL Group offers critical and industry-relevant courses, focusing on the areas of health sciences, information sciences, hospitality, business management and professional studies. Students can expect to get a head start with the colleges certicate- and diploma-level programmes. The diploma programmes are in the elds of medical laboratory technology, management, accountancy, retail management, human capital management, early childhood education, electrical & electronic engineering, graphic design, information technology, multimedia technology, business computing, hospitality & tourism management, and culinary arts, among others. Students with three passes in SPM subjects (including credit in Bahasa Melayu, mathematics and any of the science subjects) can apply while students who do not have three credits in their SPM may enroll in the colleges certicate programmes. These would cover the areas of health sciences, business School leavers can begin their academic journey at the certicate or diploma level at the college. management, early childhood education, electrical & electronic engineering, computer science, tourism management, and catering & hotel operation Those keen to pursue an affordable degree programme in a foreign university may want to nd out more about the colleges 3+0 programmes. There are also various professional programmes offered in such elds as accounting, business studies and secretarial. Students have the advantage of transferring the credit hours earned during their diploma-level studies to local or foreign universities. Such credit transfer could be done at much ease because the Malaysian Qualication Agency (MQA) accredited programmes observe stringent quality in terms of delivery. According to the college, the programmes should ensure sponsorship and employment security. PTPL graduates also have the option to continue their studies at Management & Science University (MSU) or at any local universities. Those who are interested in going overseas through the MSU International Student Exchange Program Unit (ISEP) are also encouraged to apply. They can choose reputable universities in such locations as Australia, the US, Japan, the UK, Eastern Europe, South Africa and Indonesia.

MAPCU Higher Education Fair 2013 S13

theSun ON FRIDAY | JANUARY 25, 2013

Unique UEL programmes at HELP

> Produces highly employable, globally mobile grads

ITH University of East Londons (UEL) unique 3+0 programmes at HELP Academy, students are offered the opportunity of an internationally recognised degree. Under the programme, some 2,560 successful graduates have been exposed to an industry orientated curriculum, making them highly employable and globally mobile. For February 2013, the UEL degree programmes offered at HELP are the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Business Management and the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Accounting and Finance, both highly marketable degrees with great employment prospects. From May 2013, with the approval of Malaysian Qualications Agency (MQA), six more degrees will be added to the list of UEL programmes, namely Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Human Resource Management, Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Marketing, Bachelor of Arts (Hons) International Business, Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Economics, Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Events Management, and Bachelor of Arts (Honours) International Tourism Management. The Business Management degree focuses on the operations and theories of business, covering the ability to produce a product or service, consumer behaviour, management of resources, and understanding the impact of external environments and market situations. The main focus of the Accounting and Finance honours degree is preparing graduates to meet industry demands. Recently, The Independent newspapers University League Table ranked UEL as the highest of the modern universities in the London area for Accounting & Finance, and with one of the highest student satisfaction ratings in the UK. With exemptions from the Association of Chartered and Certied Accountants (ACCA), the accounting and nance graduate nds he is able to obtain a professional accountancy qualication within a short space of time. Department head Dr James Nayagam, who has been heading the programme since its inception 13 years ago, said UEL graduates are in demand and that UEL degrees are recognised by the ACCA UK, Certied Practising Accounting (CPA) Australia as well as the Malaysia Institute of Accountants (MIA). As part of the 3+0 arrangement, UELs external examiners visit HELP three times a year to ensure standards are similar. Exam questions are moderated to maintain standards in excellence in line with benchmarking requirements. Nayagam says there is currently a move to encourage industry relevancy by requiring students registered for the UEL September 2012 intake onwards to complete a fourmonth internship which will be equivalent to eight credit hours for the student, thus ensuring industry exposure. Last year, UEL in the UK won Outstanding International Strategy at Times Higher Education Awards 2012 for its Global Reach Strategy, part of the universitys transformation programme to offer its students a different experience. This includes the opportunity for students to travel to other UEL campuses for their studies, says Nayagam, adding that options opened to students are Malaysia, Vietnam and Cyprus. HELP UEL graduates are very much in demand for their skills, as reected in the

Tee, recipient of the Tan Sri Datuk Paduka Dr Hajjiah Saleha Outstanding Award 2012, is a First Class Honours graduate in business studies. many corporations that have employed them such as Accenture, General Electric, HSBC, Maybank, IBM, Astro, KPMG, Ernest & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Nestle, and Deloitte. Among the high achievers at UEL was First Class Honours graduate in Business Studies, Tee Khai Sim, 22, who won the HELP Merit Scholarship. She was also the recipient of the Tan Sri Datuk Paduka Dr Hajjah Saleha Outstanding Award 2012. Tee is currently working as a management trainee with Nestle, Malaysia and has been awarded with full tuition fees and accommodation scholarship to pursue her Masters programme at UEL Docklands Campus in the UK. UEL is happy to work with HELP, and in an e-mail, Professor Nora Ann Colton, dean of Royal Docks Business School, UEL says she sees HELP as a strategic partner that we can continue to strive for excellence with. Nayagam says HELP prepares students to work effectively and achieve their goals in a rapidly changing and increasingly competitive global environment. The lecturers, he adds, are experienced in bringing out the best in students and are mostly PhD and Masters degree holders.

S14 MAPCU Higher Education Fair 2013

theSun ON FRIDAY | JANUARY 25, 2013

AUCMS, Maybank launch education fund

> RM125 million fund stands to benet some 500 students

OME 300 students enrolled in various programmes at Allianze University College of Medical Sciences (AUCMS) will benet from the medical education fund set up by Maybank and the university college. According to AUCMS president Professor Datuk Dr Zainuddin Wazir, funds for students will be available in three categories, namely scholarship, partial scholarship and loan. Those with excellent academic results who are from low-earning families can apply to receive full scholarship while partial scholarships will only be given in special deserving cases. All students though are eligible to apply to the fund for a loan. Zainuddin says, Allianze University College of Medical Sciences is the rst IPTS (private institution of higher learning) and the only one in Malaysia that has a medical education fund like this. Maybank CEO Datuk Sri Abdul Wahid Omar says everyone should have the opportunity to expand their knowledge in todays economy where a skilled workforce is needed. Maybank has long been involved in efforts that support the development of the countrys education sector. These efforts include providing scholarships, and participating in programmes like educational excellence awards. This is in line with our mission to humanise nancial services wherever we operate, Abdul Wahid says, adding that under the fund launched, Maybank will provide education loans worth RM125 million to AUCMS. The loans are to support about 500 medical students in this institution over a period of ve years. In his speech at the launch, Zainuddin says poverty and nancial difculties should not be a hindrance and excuse for one being unable to further ones educationparticularly in the eld of medicine that involves high cost. AUCMS will prepare the opportunities and facilities

Zainuddin with his students during training. particularly to those from lowearning groups in order to widen educational opportunities to the whole society. Also present at the event was former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi who is Kepala Batas Member of Parliament, and Minister in the Prime Ministers Department, Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop. AUCMS specialises in medicine and allied health sciences courses. Formerly known as Allianze College of Medical Sciences (ACMS), it started when ACMS Resources Sdn Bhd was incorporated, establishing the campus in Penang. In 2002, ACMS began collaborating with Universities Sumatera Utara (USU) to establish an undergraduate medical degree programme. Since then, it has been upgraded to provide professional development courses, and additional undergraduate and postgraduate training in the health sciences. With the ultimate goal of achieving the full-edged status of an internationally recognised medical university, the university college plans to further develop its campus in Kepala Batas, providing hostel accommodation for students as well as helping the town to become a regional medical hub. In line with these goals, the university college will continue with its academic partnerships with renowned medical universities of ASEAN countries, as well as establish research programmes for the benet of people in the region. Currently, AUCMS offers degrees in Doctor of Medicine in collaboration with UKM and USU, and bachelor degrees in medicine, surgery and obstetrics in collaboration with universities in Ireland. The diplomas offered run the gamut from medical sciences, physiotherapy, medical laboratory technology, pharmacy, and nursing, to healthcare management and environmental health. There is also a Foundation in Medical Studies course. More degree and diploma courses will be available in the future. The colleges programmes are approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and accredited by the Malaysian Qualications Agency (MQA), while its extensive list of partners include universities from diverse parts of the world such as the UK, Ireland, Indonesia, India, the Philippines, Thailand, Australia, and the Dominican Republic. The faculties of AUCMS boast such facilities as laboratories of various disciplines, a lecture theatre, library, auditorium, simulation ward, multimedia room, as well as a visual & audio hall. The students can enjoy recreational activities on campus, with such facilities as clubhouse, student centre, and swimming pool. Basic amenities such as community residences and cafeteria are also available to them.

(L-R) Zainuddin, Abdullah, Wahid Omar, and Nor Mohamed.

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theSun ON FRIDAY | JANUARY 25, 2013

Najib presenting to Haniffa (second left) the invitation for Mahsa to be alleviated to university status. Present are Mahsa chancellor Tun Zaki bin Tun Azmi and chairman, Prof Tan Sri Dr Hj Mohd Ismail Merican (second right and far right).

Mahsa advances healthcare education

> New campus to be ready by the end of next year

AHSA University College continues to make head way in providing quality education, with many things in the pipeline for the year. The most important must be its alleviation to university statusPrime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak had presented the invitation during the groundbreaking ceremony of its new campus in September last year. We received the approval from the Ministry of Higher Education last month and we are currently working on the documentations and formalities, said Mahsa pro-chancellor and executive chairman, Professor Datuk Dr Hj Mohamed Haniffa. We are very proud of our achievement as we received the status in just eight yearsone of the fastestcompared to other institutions, he said, adding that the toughest battle is fullling the criteria of being a university. There is a lot to improve as we are a young university which is why we put quality people to manage and teach. They bring in their expertise and experience to help us grow. We also learn from our partner universities. They help us benchmark our programmes to be on a par with them, Haniffa said. The rst phase of Mahsas new campus in Bandar Saujana Putra will be ready by the end of 2014 and students can start using it the following year. The campus is able to accommodate 10,000 students but there is plenty of land to cater to up to 20,000 students. There are also plans to build a teaching hospital and a hotel to tap into health tourism. Medicine is one area where you cant say you know everything. There are new diseases, inventions, drugs, and treatments so a doctor has to keep on learning. The industry has also become more technology-driven and we have to be on a par with that, hence we provide facilities such as skills labs using the latest technology to teach. For example, when I rst drew blood, I was a houseman in a hospital but my students can now use a model in the lab and draw blood as many times as they want. Previously we listened to the heart beat through the

stethoscope but today we have mannequins with all the heart sounds. Students can listen with their own ears or through the stethoscope. These technologies make teaching and learning easier, Haniffa said. Mahsa also develops its own software which is copyrighted. One software is able to show you the effects of medicine when prescribed. Back then students had to cut a frog open and drop adrenaline to see its heart rate increase but with the software, students can witness it through the computer. It is important for medical students to be knowledgeable in their eld but if they dont know how to communicate then it is not good enough. I often tell my medical students that they have chosen a profession that is caring, sharing and loving. Between a good doctor and an average doctor is communication because each doctor prescribes similar medicine for the common u but if a person keeps going to a particular doctor, it is because he has faith in him. But once he doesnt like the doctor, he will walk away. If you dont have the heart to care for people, then you cannot choose this profession. You must like your job and must not be forced to do medicine because if you dont enjoy it, the job becomes a burden for you. It is the same for any profession, Haniffa said. Mahsa also offers business and accountancy programmes. It hopes to introduce engineering courses in July as well as more postgraduate programmes this year. One of the main thrusts for this year is to bring in more foreign students, Haniffa said. We have too many universities, hence the way forward is to bring in more foreign students. This is in line with the governments aspiration to make our country a centre for education. We plan to do the same and assist them in achieving their target of 200,000 foreign students by 2020. Mahsa currently has 15% of foreign students from 32 countries including the UK, Australia, China and India. Haniffa said the new campus will be able attract more foreign students as it will have more sports facilities such as a football eld, tennis courts, and an Olympic-size swimming pool.

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theSun ON FRIDAY | JANUARY 25, 2013

AMUs expansion beyond health sciences

> Will launch School of Business and Law later this year

ASTERSKILL Education Group Berhad (MEGB) provides quality training in nursing and health science education through two institutions, Asia Metropolitan University (AMU) and Masterskill Global College. AMU, that obtained university college status in 2008, was awarded full university status last October, and in view of that, a rapid expansion plan is in the pipeline for the university, reveals AMU vice chancellor Datuk Professor Dr Nik Rahimah Nik Yacob. Besides launching new programmes at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, we are also opening new regional centres. In total, besides our main AMU campus in Cheras, there will be seven campuses of Masterskill Global College, and the Johor Baru centre will be an AMU medical campus, says Nik Rahimah, adding that a new university campus is being built in Section 19, Petaling Jaya. Naturally, the prole of AMU will also be quite different as the university will diversify from health sciences programmes to an expanded range of programmes that are industry driven in order to cater to both local and international students. As a university, we cant only be focused on health sciences as we know theres limitation

to the growth. Health sciences programmes do not attract international students because professional qualications need to conform to each countrys professional body. With AMU, we need to transform ourselves to achieve the goals we have for diversication and that includes targeting students from the region and beyond, says Nik Rahimah. However, she stresses that health sciences wont be ignored or neglected. In fact, we are actually strengthening our health sciences programmes as we explore new programmes. In addition to the School of Medical and Health Sciences, the university will be launching its School of Business and Law in the second quarter of the year, offering business programmes from diploma to PhD levels. Soon it will also introduce law programmes as well. In the future, we would expand our programmes to areas such as engineering, hospitality and tourism, communications and media technology, reveals Nik Rahimah. She says as a university, AMU focuses on rst degree as well as postgraduate programmes. Two new programmesMaster in Science in Healthcare Management, and a ninemonth postgraduate certicate in Teaching Methodologywill be launched, and six other programmes will be available in the near future.

Students in the university can count on programmes that are relevant not only in the country but internationally.

The six postgraduate programmes are Master of Science in Nursing, Master of Science in Physiotherapy and PhD in Physiotherapy by research; while Master in Business Administration, Doctorate in Business Administration and PhD in Management will come on board by the third quarter of the year. Nik Rahimah says AMU is also forging more ties with established universities overseas. The university recently received the premier ASIC (Accreditation Services International Colleges) United Kingdom status from the CEO of ASIC Maurice Dimmock. The university has already forged a partnership with University of Aberdeen, Scotland whereby AMU students who completed their Diploma in Pharmacy, Physiotherapy or Paramedical Science can join year two of Aberdeen Universitys undergraduate programmes in biological sciences and medical sciences. In addition, AMU students who have completed the 18-month Foundation course in Health Sciences are eligible for year one entry to any of Aberdeen Universitys biological sciences and medical sciences undergraduate programmes. Nik Rahimah says the most challenging aspect will be nding the right human capital

as the universitys requirements are high. We are recruiting lecturers with Masters and PhD qualications, and with at least six or more years of teaching experience as well as relevant research and industry background, she says. To differentiate themselves from other universities, she adds, AMU has diligently looked into niche areas and courses that have not been offered by other local universities and colleges. We want to provide programmes with an edge, that are relevant not just in Malaysia but also internationally. We are not going to compete on a generic level, thus we have to differentiate ourselves in terms of curriculum, composition of industrial attachment and classroom, she says. An advantage that the university has, she adds, is that with its past experiences in running health sciences programmes, the university is all prepared to offer extensive industrial experiences to students of other disciplines. The university also has strong support services that include providing accommodation and transport arrangement as well as catering for extra-curriculum activities outside campus. The welfare of students is well taken care of.

Having built its strength based on healthcare programmes, the university now looks forward to diversifying.

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theSun ON FRIDAY | JANUARY 25, 2013

Why study MBBS in China

> More than 10,000 students arrived in China to study medicine last year

HINA is one of the oldest civilisations in the world, having a written history of more than 4,000 years, rich culture and a respected educational tradition. That tradition continues to this day, especially in the eld of medicine. In order to guarantee a high-quality and standardised educational experience for international students, the Chinese Ministry of Education (MOE) rst published the Interim Provisions for Quality Control Standards in Undergraduate Medical Education in English for international students in 2007.

Most of Chinas medical universities are ranked among the top 500 universities in the world. In recent years, a lot of students from different parts of world are also opting for China for medical education. Last year, more than 10,000 students arrived in China to study medicine, most of them selecting an English-medium MBBS programme. Among the benecial reasons: eligibility for any medical licensing examination and the chance to graduate with a globally recognised medical degree. The 49 approved medical schools are public universities under the supervision of the Chinese government. All are listed in the World Health Organisation (WHO)s Directory of World Medical Schools. This listing means that graduates are eligible to attend national medical screening tests. On completing the requirements of the teaching programme and passing the graduation examinations successfully, international medical undergraduates will be granted a graduation certicate and conferred a medical degree by the university. The English copy of the degree will state MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery)a globally recognised qualication. Students will also nd it on a par with western higher education in medicine. Most of Chinas medical universities are ranked among the top 500 universities in the world and highly reputed for being at the forefront

of the eld of modern medicine. Moreover, English-medium MBBS programmes have been taught for years, and there are now lots of graduates pursuing further education in China. Compared with some universities and colleges in the US, UK, Europe, even India and Pakistan, it is easier to get admission into a top rank university in China to study MBBS. Furthermore, the entrance requirements for bachelors medicine study in China are much lower than other countries. Living costs and tuition are also considerably lower in China. Studying towards an MBBS there is 70% cheaper than undertaking a similar programme in the US or UK. The US MD programme course (equivalent to MBBS) costs between US$160,000 and US$200,000. This excludes four years of Pre-med study. In comparison, a student can complete an MBBS course from any institution in Chinas medical university list for six years for only US$30,000 to US$50,000. Compared to the rest of the world, the fees charged for MBBS courses in China are expansively reasonable. The charges of tutoring in the universities in China are subsidised by the Ministry of Public Health of the Chinese Government. Students will also nd quality hospitals for internship. All of Chinas universities which are approved to enroll international students for English medium MBBS must meet minimum standards set by the Ministry of Education. The afliated hospital where students undertake internships must be with the tier of Grade III, Level A, which has the most advanced international-standard medical instruments and also lots of patient beds. Foreign students will also be impressed with campus life there. The weather varies from location to location in China, so each university has its own beauty each season. Students can enjoy their study life on campus or travel around the city on vacation. They will nd themselves in a safe society as China is a peaceful place with social harmony and good public security. In order to guarantee people live in a comfortable and secure society, the Chinese government takes a tough stance on crime, and law and order. And of course, the foreign student will enjoy exploring the long-standing history and profound culture there. With the staggering achievements that China has made during its 30 years of opening up to the outside world, more than 260,000 international students are enrolled in Chinas universities and colleges each year, making it one of the most popular places to study as an international student. IGWY Consultant, located at SG 19-0 Ground Subang Square in Jln SS 15/4G, Subang Jaya, will be able to provide more information on studying in Chinas Wuhan University, Zhejiang University, Sun Yat-Sen University, Jinan University, Tongji Medical University, and Sichuan University.

Wuhan, home to a top university where medical programmes can be pursued.

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theSun ON FRIDAY | JANUARY 25, 2013

Specialising in Chinese medicine through IMU

> Provides a solid foundation in basic medical sciences and Chinese medicine
RE you a patient, responsible, proactive and self-reliant person with good interpersonal and communication skills? Are you keen in a career as a Chinese medicine practitioner? Are you keen in having a solid foundation in basic western medical sciences along with knowledge in Chinese medicine? If so, a degree in Chinese Medicine may be just the qualication for you. The programme is offered at International Medical University (IMU), the countrys rst and most established private medical and healthcare university, with over 20 years of dedicated focus in healthcare education. It is also the rst Malaysian university to offer conventional and complementary medicine programme under one roof. The university pioneered the worlds rst Partner Medical School programme, allowing a student to start their education in Malaysia and completing their degree at an international university. Over the last two decades, it has grown from a medical college with ve partner universities in 1992, to an internationally recognised higher

education institution with more than 30 world class university partners in such countries as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the US, Ireland, China and the UK. Through the partnerships, the university has provided more than 3,000 students the opportunity to complete their degree at prestigious universities in such countries. The Chinese Medicine programme stands out in its uniqueness. With a solid foundation in western medical science along with knowledge in Chinese medicine as well as a substantial amount of time in hospital or clinical attachment, one will be better prepared for patient care. One can prepare for a career as a Chinese medicine practitioner based in modern healthcare facilities. Narmathaa Kishore Kumar, a rst year Chinese medicine student, said, The Chinese Medicine programme in IMU is unique as it is structured in such a way that we study different subjects from all the different elds of medicine. Since we are also taught modern medicine, we will be able to co-relate modern medicine with Chinese medicine in the future.

Students in the programme learn the best of both worlds as training goes beyond Chinese medicine.

I believe that all the knowledge that I am gaining in this programme is going to be sufcient for me to become an excellent Chinese medicine practitioner. The integration of basic medical sciences and knowledge in Chinese medicine is important as it combines the best of both worlds, allowing one to apply an evidence-based approach towards Chinese medicine. Second year student Cheong Weixin said, The Chinese Medicine programme in IMU is an interesting course. We are taught acupuncture, cupping and other treatment methods throughout. More importantly, IMU has an outstanding reputation for teaching and has partnerships with top universities

which can bring us a very bright future. Students at IMU are assured of personalised attention from their lecturers due to the emphasis on small group learning. The modules for this course are relevant as they provide a wide range of knowledge which is excellent to train students in becoming good, well-prepared Chinese medicine practitioners. Apart from the conducive learning environment, the helpful and experienced lecturers in IMU really motivate me to learn. I nd Chinese medicine challenging but I believe that we grow by challenging ourselves,said rst year student Uzma Aishah binti Mohamed Sidek.

Intake for the programme is every February. Applications are now open and the university welcomes students with pre-university qualications to join. The main campus of IMU is located in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur. Since 1999, it has established clinical schools in Seremban and Kuala Pilah as well as Batu Pahat and Kluang (scheduled to open later this year). Currently, the university has over 3,300 students in various programmes, with 2,880 students based in Bukit Jalil, and 420 at the clinical schools. It also plays host to over 200 international students from 30 countries.

Equator stamps its mark in 3D animation

BY EDMUND LEE EQUATOR ACADEMY OF ART in Penang was the only college in Malaysia to be selected by Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) to represent the country in the Digista Teens International 2012 programme. And the academys entry went on to win the Best Visual Master Awardadding to the academys track record in winning art and design competitions. Hosted by RTM Malaysia and Japan NHK, Fun in learning for Equator students The academy was the live recording of the the only one to represent the country in the Digista Teens programme was done International 2012 programme. at Auditorium Perdana Angkasapuri, KL. The Quality has always been the hallmark event saw the participation of eight countries, of our academy in teaching and learning as namely Mongolia, Japan, Brunei, Vietnam, well as co-curricular activities. Our team of Myanmar, Thailand, Iran and Malaysia. dedicated and experienced lecturers (both The academys director Datin Pauline local and foreign) are well trained, with many Chuah said she felt honoured the college having professional experience, Chuah said, students digital 3D animation work was adding that all the programmes are approved selected to represent the country, adding that by the Ministry of Higher Education and the programme was intended to promote accredited by the Malaysian Qualications animation among the younger generation Agency (MQA). Digital 3D Animation head of department The academy has established links Jason Chuah lauded his students with reputable universities (both local and achievement, saying he felt proud and happy overseas) to accept credit transfers for students that the college managed to attain such an to complete their studies. outstanding performance. Also available are part-time evening At least my teaching and my work has courses meant for working adults keen to been acknowledged, he said, pointing out upgrade their skills. Equator is an Authorized that over 90% of students at the college Autodesk Training Centre offering Maya, would successfully secure employment after AutoCad, 3D Max, Interior Design, Fashion graduation. Design and Computer Graphic Design. Currently, the academy conducts seven There is a RM1,000 rebate for early bird courses, namely Certicate in Art and Design, registrations for any full time courses this Graphic and Multimedia Design, Fashion April. Those keen can seek consultation from Design Technology, Fine Art, Architectural Monday to Saturday (9am to 5pm) at the Leith Technology, Interior Design and Digital 3D Street Campus or the Amoy Lane Campus. Animation.

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theSun ON FRIDAY | JANUARY 25, 2013

MMU among highest ranked

> Among Asias top 200 universities

Multimedia University president Professor Datuk Dr Muhamad Ramat Muhamad receives the Industry Excellence Award from Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Mohd Yassin. HE MALAYSIAN QUALIFICATIONS AGENCY (MQA) is the body under the Ministry of Higher Education that oversees the quality of programmes being offered by Malaysian institutions of higher learning. Currently, Multimedia University (MMU) offers 108 programmes that are accredited by the MQA. The accreditation means that MMU graduates would be able to nd jobs not only in the private sector but also in the Malaysian government itself as well as international organisations. MMU also has the governments recognition, having, among others, won awards that carry the authorities stamp of approval. Last year, the university was awarded the prestigious Industrial Excellence Award by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry. Adding to the universitys track record: being ranked Tier 5 or excellent in the Ministry of Higher Educations Rating System for Malaysian Higher Education 2011 (Setara 11). Then there is the grant by the government body, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), which oversees the development of communications and multimedia in Malaysia. Named the MCMC Grant for Innovative & Creative Contents & Applications (MaGICCA), the RM1 million grant is to be channelled to selected undergraduate and postgraduate MMU students in order to develop content with high potential for commercialisation. Of course, recognition by the private sector is just as importantforemost among private sector recognition is the ranking by, which lists the university as one of the Top 200 universities in all of Asia. Further conrming the universitys standing are international corporations that are eager to partner with the university. One example is Huawei, the telecommunications giant from China that has appointed the university as a Huawei University Training Lab.

Through the arrangement, Huawei donates laboratory equipment and training to the university so that students can be trained using industrial-quality equipmentno doubt helping to provide them real-world experience. Professional bodies have openly expressed its condence in MMUamong them, CPA Australia. The professional body signed a cooperation agreement to offer MMU students accelerated entry into its programme. This is the rst time such an agreement has been sealed outside Australia, and only the second one between CPA and a university. Specically, the CPA Program will be offered within MMUs Master of Accountancy degree. Additionally, MMUs Bachelor of Accounting students who meet certain requirements would also be entitled to commence their CPA Program studies earlier, giving them a head start to professional certication. Another professional body to recognise the university is the Legal Profession Qualifying Board (QB). The QB recently awarded it an exemption for the Certicate in Legal Practice (CLP) exam. This means that graduates of MMUs Bachelor of Law are now exempt from having to sit for the difcult examination, which for many years saw a passing rate of less than 50%. Then there is another groupwith at least 34,378 members and growingthat endorses MMU. This is MMUs Alumni. For many years, MMU graduates have enjoyed high employability, with a substantial number being offered employment even before they sat for their nal exams. MMU graduates are warmly welcomed by employers looking for human capital who have good communications skills, who require less training, who are used to picking up new things fast and who are very determined to be the best that they could. Candidates are invited to apply to MMU for the March 2013 intake in the elds of engineering, information technology, business and management, accounting and bioinformatics.

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theSun ON FRIDAY | JANUARY 25, 2013

Award-winning APU continues to innovate

> Offers degrees with technology as a common core

HE Asia Pacic University of Technology & Innovation (APU) is amongst Malaysias premier private universities, It is where a unique fusion of technology. innovation and creativity works effectively towards preparing graduates for signicant roles in business and society globally. The university has earned an enviable reputation through its achievements, having won a host of prestigious awards at national and international levels. The awards include the Asia Pacic ICT Awards Malaysia (Multimedia Development Corporation), and Asian Innovation Awards (by the Far Eastern Economic Review, Singapore). It also stamped its mark in Stanford Universitys Global Innovation Tournament. The university is rated excellentTier 5 under the Setara 2011 Ratings by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) and Malaysian Qualications Agency (MQA). Originally established as the Asia Pacic Institute of Information Technology (APIIT) in 1993 and Asia Pacic University College of Technology & Innovation (UCTI) in 2004, APUs sound approach to nurturing school leavers into qualied professionals has resulted in its graduates being highly sought after by employers. With more than 9,000 students studying in its campus in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpurincluding over 5,000 international students from 96 countriesthe university offers a truly

cosmopolitan learning environment that prepares students well for global challenges. Another rst for the university: it was the countrys rst institution to achieve Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) company status. Through its network of APIIT Education Group branch campuses established in Sri Lanka and India, the university also reaches out to young aspiring professionals in these countries, providing them with a unique opportunity of experiencing international best practices in higher education using curricula, processes, resources and systems that have been developed in Malaysia. A wide range of degrees with technology as a common core is offered at the university that strives to develop and deliver its academic programmes through unique and wellestablished international partnerships, particularly with Staffordshire University, UK but also with other partners throughout the world. The university says its formidable combination of Malaysian homegrown programmes fortied with international benchmarking, provides our students with the assurance that the qualications gained from APU truly meet international quality standards. Through its diverse industry-related programmes, students are prepared for rewarding careers in technology, computing & IT, multimedia & games programming, business development, media, engineering, and tourism management.

More than 9,000 students study at the campus in Bukit Jalil. As technology is a critical component in the workplace, constant structured use of technology as a learning and management tool improves the ability to handle real-life work and career expectations, thereby enhancing employability. The universitys student-centric applications such as the Webspace portal, Online Courseware Community, Student Project Management System (PAGOL) and other online feedback systems facilitate communication and collaboration as well as 24x7 access to course materials, assessments and projects, and other information.

KBU cultivates young designers

KBU International Colleges School of Design, well-recognised for producing topnotch young designers who are equipped with industry knowledge, recently organised an undergraduate symposium simultaneously at the campus and at the Arts University College Bournemouth, UK. The one-day symposium for BA (Hons) Graphic Design students was aimed at celebrating the works of the nal-year students. The event was a valuable platform for them to share and disseminate their research outcomes. Five students were selected to participate in the video conferencing and were asked to share their nal works with other students, locally and internationally. One of them, Deniz Faramarzi, 26, from Iran, said, It is indeed a great experience as we were trained on how to present our ideas during the video presentation. Through the symposium, I got to know that I could speak condently in front of audiences. It was really interesting. Another student, Jim Kau Zhao Jiunn, 22, concurred with Deniz, saying, Its a totally new experience for me. The programme really boosted my self-condence as now I can present to a wider audience. Also, as the symposium was organised with Arts University College, we got to see how students from the UK come up with their posters. BA (Hons) Graphic Design programme coordinator, Debbie Gan said the symposium is primarily driven by the need for students to rm up their work in a 15-minute paper and poster presentation. It provides an opportunity for all students to develop their research work and ideas and to enhance their communication skills and condence, Gan said. KBUs School of Design also offers BA (Hons) Interior Architecture & Design (3+0), BA (Hons) Graphic Design, BA (Hons) Furniture and Product Design, Foundation in Art & Design, Diploma in Interior Design, Diploma in Interactive Design, and Diploma in Advertising Design. The colleges January intake is in progress.

The college is noted for producing topnotch graduates.

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theSun ON FRIDAY | JANUARY 25, 2013

SEGi rated as A rewarding excellent institution career in healthcare

> Cements its place among the best in the country for higher education
Ong, a Master of Education student, says her time at SEGi has helped me tremendously with my work.

begins with a single step. Your journey starts here.

HE year 2012 was one pleasant surprise after another for SEGi University Group (SEGi). As of Nov 20, there were already a total of eight accolades marking SEGis excellence in various areas of higher education provision. The latest honour bestowed was the Tier 5 Setara ratingan achievement that indicates excellence in quality of teaching and learning. The achievement surely conrmed SEGis place among the best in the country for higher education. The highest rating in Setara is Tier 6, of which no institution has been able to attain to date. A total of 35 higher education institutions obtained Tier Five or excellent rating in the 2011 Rating System for Malaysian Higher Education Institutions. The rating exercise was carried out between March 2011 and July 2012, with data from 2011. Setara assesses the teaching and learning aspects of participating institutions as it is the most common denominator for all higher education institutions. Each institution is judged against benchmarks involving 26 criteria and 62 indicators such as ratio of academic staff to students, employment rate and graduate satisfaction. Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin said the rating was useful for quality enhancement because its purpose was to maintain quality assurance. Other awards won by SEGi or by SEGis top

First Class Honours IT graduate Law Wai Kar Dawa describes SEGi lecturers as open, friendly and dedicated.

management include the APEA Award, The Edge Billion Ringgit Club Award, Emerald Award, Honesty Keris Award Asia HRD Award, Icon Brand Laureatte Award and Putra Brand Award. SEGis associate institutions are no less accomplished. In 2011, SEGis college campuses received multiple awards up to six-star ratings in the 2010/2011 MyQuest, another rating system by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) for all registered private colleges in the country. The ratings awarded under the system range from the lowest of one star to six stars, the latter indicating outstanding performance. SEGis campuses in Subang Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Sarawak were all audited by MOHE in the evaluation process and attained excellent results. SEGi College Subang Jaya was one of only three colleges nationwide to be awarded the highest rating of six stars in the overall college-based rating. It also scored six stars for one of the nine cluster categories. SEGi College Kuala Lumpur and SEGi College Sarawak were awarded 5-star rating in the overall college-based category. The KL campus also scored six stars for four cluster categories. Speaking even louder than these awards are the many testimonies from SEGi graduates and studentsamong them Ong Chen Chen, the principal of i-Zen Childrens Discovery House in MontKiara. The graduate of SEGi College Subang Jaya from the Faculty of Education took up the International Diploma in Montessori Pedagogy, followed by the USQ Bachelor of Early Childhood, then USQ Master of Education, at the same campus. Ong had chosen SEGi College Subang Jaya to gain proper training and qualications through recommendations by friends. The college, she says, is known to provide high quality programmes and instruction in early childhood & care education (ECCE). Accounting degree student, Ooi Lay Pheng, also a top scorer in the Foundation programme at SEGi University, similarly has good thoughts about the university, saying it was fun studying there as there were a lot of cocurricular activities to participate in. The lecturers and study environment at SEGi made me more motivated to study and do well. As a result, I earned a scholarship to continue with my degree at SEGi. Am very thankful for that as I was not an excellent student at school, she adds. Lee Wei Min, a Foundation in Science top scorer, is another one who attributed her good results to her lecturers. She is convinced with the teaching talents of the university, she says, pointing out the fun yet challenging environment.

Our programmes and intakes :


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(Coursework & Research)


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S22 MAPCU Higher Education Fair 2013

theSun ON FRIDAY | JANUARY 25, 2013

Specialising in hospitality through Berjaya UCH

> Students benet from its afliation to Berjaya Corporation Bhd

OUNDED in 2009, Berjaya University College of Hospitality (UCH) may be a young institution but it has carved a niche in training and developing professionals in the booming hospitality and services industry. It specialises in programmes related to hospitality, tourism, culinary arts and business management, offering them at various levelsfrom foundation to undergraduatein six schools, namely School of Culinary Arts, School of Hospitality, School of Tourism, School of Business, School of Liberal Arts, and School of Sports, Leisure & Lifestyle. Foundation studies are offered to post secondary school leavers as an entry qualier to the undergraduate programmes. We are a university college that specialises particularly in grooming human resources for Malaysias hospitality that is set to continue to grow, says Justin Yeoh, Berjaya UCH director of marketing & business development. With the growth in tourism and also our standard of living, the focus on service and hospitality will require further development skills. There will be constant demand for human resources in the hospitality industry at home, as well as abroad where our students have the option to choose to work. Yeoh says what is unique about studying in Berjaya UCH is that its students are able to leverage on the Berjaya Corporation Bhds diversity as a global conglomerate in such elds as property and construction, vacation, hotels and resorts,

insurance, investment holdings, and industrial businesses. Our students are given priority to secure internships and jobs within the Berjaya group of companies. Also, as we are located right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, our students benet from the integrated learning experience gained from the hospitality, tourism and servicerelated businesses within the vicinity of the college, says Yeoh, adding that the university college will expand and grow at a steady pace so that quality is never compromised. A new programme the university college will introduce under its School of Culinary Arts is the Diploma in Patisserie, which will have its rst intake in March. (A patisserie is traditionally a French or Belgian bakery that specialises in pastries and sweets, and the patissier or pastry chef would need to complete a lengthy training and apprentice process). Traditionally patisserie has been part of the culinary lifestyle in the West and it is featured in all the meals, not only the desserts or

bread, says Yeoh. It is catching up in Malaysia and we can see more artisan bakeries are coming up in the Klang Valley these days. However, people have not thought that it could be a viable business. The course aims not just to teach students culinary skills, but also the applications of their skills to become entrepreneurs. Here we have a platform to train them to become entrepreneurs, says Yeoh. In the unique two-year programme, besides learning the skills and techniques of baking and making pastry, students also pick up entrepreneurial knowledge that helps them to launch and run their own business. There will be a semester of comprehensive training in an internship programme where students get to have hands-on learning experience in a challenging work environment. Placement of internships is very important. Its through these attachments where students can grasp what it is like in the real world working and at the same time showcase themselves, adds Yeoh. The teaching and learning process in all the programmes offered by Berjaya UCH prepares students for industry, he says. The lecturers at the university college are well qualied, having at least ve to eight years of relevant industry experience as well as teaching background. Yeoh says also in line with its courses in hospitality is the new Business programme. The courses offered include Foundation in Commerce, Diploma in Business Management, Bachelor of Business Management, and Master of Business Administration. Soon there will also be Diploma

The programmes are practical in nature and students can grasp what it is like working in the real world, says Yeoh (left).

in Retail Management and Bachelor of Retail Management. These are tailor-made practical programmes that aim to equip students to be entrepreneurs with knowledge and skills in not just business management but also in managing human resources, operations and nance.

These courses will be very practical in nature that will incorporate industrial visits and also forums and chats with CEOs and directors in various industries. We want to provide students with a concrete foundation so that they are ready to be part of the international market force.

Early childcare education via KPAKK

EARLY childcare education has increasingly been receiving a lot of attention not only in the country but worldwide. Countries like Korea, Finland, New Zealand and Sweden have long been the frontrunners in the best practices of early childcare education through their investments towards researching the best methods and legislations to improve standards. There has been more awareness about the importance of early childcare education in Malaysia following the introduction of the National Key Economic Area (NKEA) and also the announcement of the 2013 Budget. The latter outlines the governments focus in improving the quality of the industry. The Prime Minister, in his speech during the Budget, said quality pre-school education has proven to be an important platform and pre-requisite in a childs basic education. In line with the governments vision to improve industry standards, Kolej Perkembangan Awal Kanak-Kanak (KPAKK) offers a quality and affordable teacher teaching programme at its campuses in Damansara Damai, Selangor and Bukit Merah, Perak. The curriculum at the college has been developed based on local and international studies on the needs of industry. The colleges team of trainers is made up of qualied professionals and its vision is to produce teachers with character and competency in nurturing children to become future leaders. The college provides students with a conducive learning environment complete with the relevant facilities. The campus in Damansara Damai was launched by Minister of Higher Education Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin in May last year. In his speech during the launch, Khaled expressed condence that KPAKK would be able to train and produce early childcare providers and teachers that are professional, skilled and knowledgeable to meet the objectives at the preschool and kindergarten levels. KPAKK is wholly owned by Early Years Development Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary company of Educate to Learn Sdn Bhd, a company that needs no introduction in the early childcare industry.

TARC wins Shell Fuelsave

THE School of Shell (SOS) interactive programme to inculcate fuel-saving among Malaysians emerged champions of the Shell FuelSave College Competition 2012 recently. The entry created by Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARC) Advanced Diploma in Mass Communication (Public Relations) students went away with RM15,000. The SOS team of 10 nalyear students impressed judges with their fuel-saving video lectures, car-check practical tips, memory test and a nal exam in which participants applied their knowledge by playing an online game developed by Shell. Weve always encouraged and supported our students participation in external competitions, which we see as opportunities for them to be competitively trained for employment. We are very proud of their win, said TARC principal Datuk Dr Tan Chik Heok. The competition, organised by Shell Malaysia in collaboration with Media Prima, invited private college students to conceptualise and implement fuel-efciency and smart-driving campaigns.

Delighted students at the colleges recent third convocation.

MAPCU Higher Education Fair 2013 S23

theSun ON FRIDAY | JANUARY 25, 2013

Students gain more hands on experience on newer aircraft that feature the latest technology.

Nilai Us new aircraft enhances learning

> Prepares students for life in the high-tech industry

ILAI University (Nilai U) recently added a new aircraft to its on-campus hangar. The Beechjet 400A is one of the most popular jet aircraft in the private charter sector and is also one of the fastest in its class. The aircraft manufactured in year 2000, was purchased to allow students in the universitys Aircraft Maintenance department to gain more hands on experience on newer aircraft featuring the latest technology. Nilai University has one of the best facilities in the eld of aircraft maintenance engineering. The latest addition of the Beechjet 400A will allow students to learn about some of the latest technology available on the plane, says Virender Singh Dahiya, head of the universitys Aircraft Maintenance department. The 400A employs the Collins Pro Line 4 avionics system which includes the FCS-850 digital ight control system, FMS-850 ight management system, Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) and MFD-871 Multifunction display. There are hydraulic ight control systems and emergency pneumatic braking system, among many others which are not available on our other aircraft. Virender says the universitys Aircraft Maintenance Engineering programmes will benet from the new aircraft with its wide selection of aircraft systems, equipment and parts that students can see and more importantly handle to hone their skills. I think they will learn a great deal from working on a plane with a glass cockpit and state-of-the-art avionics system, he says. The Beechjet 400A will take its place in the hangar next to the King Beech turbine engine aircraft which was requisitioned three years ago. The hangar itself features lecture rooms, workshops and audio-visual rooms to help prepare students for life in the high tech industry. The universitys Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering programme was launched in 2008 and is one the most popular programmes among school leavers. Virender says it is in no small part due to the fact that the programme prepares students for the all-important European Aviation Safety Agency B1-1 licence. The two-and-a-half year programme is the

gateway towards becoming a fully licensed aircraft maintenance engineer and also incorporates a six-month On-JobTraining programme in its duration. Students are sent to industry partners such as Sepang Aircraft Engineering, Berjaya Air, AirAsia, AirAsia X, KLM, and MAS Wings for them to get the necessary eld experience before graduating. As the number of students increases and the competition for jobs intensies, students and their parents have been requesting for a pathway towards higher qualications. The Advanced Diploma in Aircraft Engineering was introduced as a result, allowing students the chance to earn a degree from Kingston University, UK. The British university recognises that a student who has completed the Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering and the Advanced Diploma in Aircraft Engineering programmes are equivalent to those who earn its degree, and will award an internationally-recognised degree to successful candidates. Virender is also keen to stress that students who join the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering programmes will enjoy life in a full university campus with students from all over the world pursuing their studies in various elds. We are not a small operation focusing on a niche area. School leavers will be getting the full university experience on our 105-acre campus and will be part of one of the largest faculties on campus, he says. The outlook of the aviation industry in Malaysia and the region is very healthy as airlines increase their eets and more airports are built. Our comprehensive syllabus prepares students for EASA certication as well as a chance to earn a UK degree. Couple this with the facilities available on campus, students will be getting a quality education which prepares them for an exciting career in a challenging and highly-numerated industry. Nilai U is located in the picturesque suburb of Putra Nilai and has six schools offering diploma, degree and masters programmes in the elds of business, allied health sciences, hospitality and tourism, foundation studies, humanities and social sciences, and engineering, science and technology. On-campus accommodation is available.


theSun ON FRIDAY | JANUARY 25, 2013