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Dear Friends,
Three times a year I


January 1991

Halliwa'^HT 9I7IE



"news, letters"

to about 250 people.

During the year I visit and/or hear from many of you. Some are mailed to persons with whom I have lost contact people I have never met who have not written to me for several years- I plan to drop those names after this
mailing unless you request otherwise.

A yearly letter with a financial statement is mailed to friends of Owen Still Mission. Also, the school usually sends out news letters. If you want to receive either of these, please drop us a card, and we will be sure your name is on that mailing list.
This morning the baptism of one of our older ladies was announced, and there was rejoicing- Only a few members of the rongregation had gone with her to the Hauula Church where there is an indoor baptistry. She has been attending services at Sunset for several years.
In the afternoon a group of us gathered on the beach to witness the baptism of a third grade girl- It was a beautiful service, though they had to keep an eye on the big waves. I heard later that a young couple plans to be baptized next Sunday. They are new-comers to most of us. Worshipping with our congregation today were Christians from Texas and Japan. We thank God for all of these times of worship, learning and fellowship.

The school year is almost half over (Jan- 25)- My 8 boys and 5 girls are a real handful. One of the boys is insisting that he wants to be baptized when he is six. His family is very faithful at church, and this boy is never a problem in class. Some of our pupils are from broken homes. Some have l i t t l e or no spiritual guidance at home. We pray for each one. The special Christmas rates made i t possible for me to go to Virginia to have my f i r s t Christmas with Peggy and Mike and their five. Jon was home from the University of Virginia, and Carrie from her first semester at Roanoke Bible College. Michelle, Angela, and Eleanor are being hnmeschno1pd. It was wonderful to be with them and to worship with them in the Fruitland Christian Church. (70 miles up the road in Maryland!). The weather was fairly mild while I was there. The only snow I the beautiful panorama of the Rockies as 1 flew back toward Hawaii. saw was

T want to ask for your prayers for my brother-in-law in Oklahoma. For many years Bob has been fairly successful ?.n keeping his diabetes under control. The disease is now taking a heavy toll, causing problems with vision, speech, and kidneys. Pray for him and Rebecca.

Owen and Bea are doing quite well

in the frigid north.

Ruth and Glen keep very busy here. During November Blen filled the pulpit in Hauula. All cjf uf. have some health problems as we grow older,
we are very thankful to be as well as we are.


I am 65 years old now. for several more years.

hope to continue with the Sunset Beach work

I am writing this before the January 15th "Deadline", as I pray for the
world situation, Uhn knows what it will bf? when you receive this letter? How wonderful thai we havp the promise of life? with Christ where there will be "love, joy, peace..."


in His


Eleanor Still Sprankles

59-578 Kam Highway Haleiwa, Hawaii 96712

February 1991

Dear Fellow Workers,

Theyear1990 wentby so quickly ~ many changes in the worldand in the workhere. God
has blessed us and He has surely blessed us as a nation.

We, along with therestof the world, have been caught up in the sad and difficult warin the
Mid East. Here at Sxmset Beach there has been constant prayer for the young men and women

fighting in the Gulf, for those suffering and dying on both sides of the conflict, and for their leaders. Through close ties in the church and school, we have felt deeply involved. With the
war almost at an end now, let's all be in continued prayer for the healing of those nations so
sadly torn apart.

Yet in the midst of this turmoil the work for Jesus goes on and we are seeing souls won to

Christ. In 1990 and this first part of 1991, there have been 13 added to the congregation at Simset Beach 6 by baptism and 7 through transfer of membership. We are thankful that our new minister, Dennis Dotson, is becoming more adapted to the work here. He has begun an outreach program that is encouraging not only himself but others to work to contact the
commimity for Christ.

The Christian School continues to be a blessing in the lives of many yoimg people and their families. Eleanor has 13 lively yoimgsters in her kindergarten this year. They are quite a challenge. Please keep the school in your prayers as we search for a replacement for Jessica

Floyd who plans, this svunmer, to retire as our school principal. She has been a faithful servant
of Christ in this work, and a very dear friend. Finding someone adequate to take her place will
not be easy.

Glen has been glad to be called on to preach at Hauula and Waialua when their ministers
were absent. It is a joy to worship with these congregations.

We thank each of you who has remembered us and the work here in your prayers; some have written to encourage us; many have supported the work monetarily. May God bless and guide us all as we live for Him and serve Him day by day.
Yours in Christ,

Eleanor StiUSprankles

Glen and Ruth Powell

Below is a brief summary of the 1990finances as handled by the Owen Still Mission and the funds channeled through us to the work here at Simset Beach.
Financial Report for 1990

Received and Distributed through Simset Beach Qiurch: Building and Development
Tuition Assistance

$ 3940.00

Designated Sprankles and Powell


Owen Still Mission Report

Balance on hand/ January 1,1990


$ 777.98

Co-Workers $2200.00

Supplies Postage, printing, etc Transportation (aulu expense) College (required continued education)

206.60 659.13 376.79 115.00


Balance on hand, December 31,1990

$ 250.69

Beforeyou move,pleasesend the mailinglabel witha copy of your new addressto

MISSION SERVICES ASSOCIATION, PO Box 2427, Knoxville, TN 37901-2427.
Mission Services Association
PO Box 2427

Non Profit Org.


Knoxville. TN 37901-2427

U.S. Postage Paid Knoxville, TN

Permit #374


59-578 Kasi Highway Haleiwa, Hawaii 96712

October J99I

PeoA FAlcncU,

What mndoA-iuJi izJUiomhlp I havz mjoytd! The, -ip/Ung moyitki, at school and chuAdh kept 116 att veAy fatu//. Eight 6tadznt6 toeAe gAadaated oua Stk gAadt. In Jam, Velta aouponi took me to Lo6 Angeles, The iellomhlp with Seth and
keA iamlly and the SouXkCand ChuAch wm an encouAagment,

The GAeykoand boi-iei wJeAe Aunning much bzXteA than Ixut 6mmeA. A 6peclal ($68.) ticket to Seattle allovoed a day'6 vi6it uUtk loved one^ in Redding, Cali^oAnia and
3 day6 in PoAtland, OAegon.

college day6 loelcomed me to keA home and dAove many mite6 to vi62t iAiend6,

A commatefi itight to Oakland 6aved me houA6 and expense, A ^Alend ^Aom Bible

Tke plane ticket (Aom Seattle to Regina, Saik, u}a6 a special al6o, Wkat a joy to 6ee my bAotkeA Owen awaiting me at tke aoipohtl TkeAe ooeAe good day6 with him and ki6 wiie Bea oi Owen Aegained ^tAengtk a^teA hiM thixd open keaAt 6vJigeAy. He ha6 been able to pAeach Aecently. TheAe wa6 good ^ellow6kip with tke Regina ChuAch, Tke Delta coupons weAe bought in 1990 be^oAe the pfiice6 went up. On July 2nd, anotheA coupon took me to Atlanta, GA. TkeAe wcu> good ^eiZow^kip witk couiin^, witk the JeUeA6on PoAk CkuAck, Ut. CcUmdi CkuAch and iAiend^ in CkAi6tlan City, I iu,ed anotheA coupon to ily to HoAiolk, 1/A. Peggy and keA daughteAi, met the plane and dAoue U6 back acA066 the J7 mile bAidge tunnel- 70 mile^ to theiA kome
in Hel^a. I wa6 ^oaau to mi66 6eeing my newly wedded gAanddaugkteA, She and keA ku6band,


ea^teAn 6koAe tkeAe i6 not a ChAi6tian CkuAch 06

m know U. On StptmbM. ith a. mail gn^oap mej -Ln Onley the foLUi ComeM ChuAUan Chwich. Vav^d dHMU down 60 riuXw iym F^i^and MO. to lead that wofik. I znjoyed iMowiklp -en thz F/uuXCand Chan.c.h, and ^n the BMe.

^^'^Zt'%.OQ G^tyhoand t^ckU took me to ClncinnaU, OkLo to bt

Bob. Bob U legally bUnd and hoi dLU-^cuUy ^peakjng, bat izAve the Lo/id In the new Inola congAegattcn. I helped bAtz^ly -tn i/acatj.on BMe

Tom and tvU iamUy. It woA a joy to be In tkeJA kome and to 30 to cha^ch wUh thm. Velta ilew me to luli,a, Oklahoma to be wUh my iAJiteA Rebecca and h^ husband

'^^""n^teyhoand special iAom Tul^a to Lo. AngeZe. had gone up to fS4 00 Greyhound took me to Vi6it t^otkeA'-i. bAotheA, dJaUeA vi6iX witk ChAUtian iAiendb in AmaAMo, T^a6; to the ko6p-UatUy 0]5 long tune i^Acent^ go^on thAough A^ba^^aeAqa^ wh^Ae I a6uaUy vi^UwM Mc^y Kay
and leAoy Him, Aiew day6 be^oAe, HoAy Kay kad gone on to be wUk the LoAd aiteA a long battle with candeA. I mi^6 that ^elZomlUp and encouA^gme^. t
Aejoiced in ^Mow^Up wUk the Mountain Uew CkuAch.
with tke Sunset Beack ChuAck.

In Phoenix I wa6 6kown geneAou6 ko6p^ality and woAwi

wUh ^A^encU.

my la6t coupon to AetuAn to my 36tk yeoA witk tke CkAUit-ian School - my 3Sth yeoA
Thank God with me ioA good heattk, 6aie tAavel6, encouAaging visits and good

I went on to Lo6 Angeze6 ^oa a ^ew moAe day6 witk Betk'^ family be^oAe U6ing

We oAe gAeatly conceAned ioA the Sun6et Beack CongAegation, Attendance i6 down. Some kave begun attending 6i6teA congAetation^, while otkefu kave become dLUcouAaged

and aimoU dipped out. The. Vacation Btble ScJwot had a me/te inaction oi m.j, AnnP

nmbVL. We

God ioK the iaithiul ChAlitiam wfeo c<,nt^JTaulnd anTA^Z^

iheJA ivut vacation in many yeau. They have viiited coait and thet/i daaghteA in CoioAado. Glen pleached

"5 H i nu f"- f

to teach tkejiith gwde in 1962. She i6 combi^ng the^ %bi%TuelrT%^^

afternoon I teach BMe to heJi clan and Jeiiina. fZoyd [thankiwUy itWi uUth ui 1

-ui ly^o, AjzeA Ju^gk school 4/te cuUzncLzd Kzntuaky ChLUtMn CoJUiQ.Q2. and /LeJufivtoH hoho

and J^h^

cotminiXy thAough the ichool

SJinnaJtoPij unnhk