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CHANGE POINTERS TBDA1 TBDA2 Stores information if change pointer has been globally activated. We will get X in the field ACTIVATE if the change pointer has been globally activated. Stores information if change pointer has been activated for a message type. We will get X in the field ACTIVATE if the change pointer has been activated for any message type. Stores the stat s of the changed pointer being processed or not. We get X in the field !"#CESS if the specific message type has been processed. Stores which field$ of what table$ at what time has been changed by which ser belonging to which message type. The important field being TA%&E' which is the s rrogated !&. &eep the above fields witho t TA%&E'. (efines those fields$ which are relevant to change pointer creation.



IDOC INFORMATION EDID4 EDIDC EDIDS All Inbo nd And # tbo nd idocs are stored in this table) they incl de Segments and segment data belonging to a message. Stores the control files header for an idoc to be transmitted$ they incl de sender and receiver information. Stores the stat s of each idoc that has been posted or created.

LOGICAL SYSTEM NAME. T000 TBDLS Stores *ame of own logical system associated with a clients+ ,A*(T- in this table. .ist of /nown logical destinations. i.e. .ogical system *ames.

MESSAGE TYPE, IDOC TYPE and FUNCTION MODULE. EDMSG EDIMSG EDIFCT The *ame of the message type and its description is stored in this table. This table is sed as a chec/0table for any transaction with a message type. The valid combination of idoc type and message type is stored in this table. The entry made in this table point to a f nction mod le$ which r ns when an idoc is to be processed. The direction of the field (I"ECT is of importance. This is sed only for inbo nd processing.

IDOC PROCESSING TBD51 NAST T681 If the (IA.#12#* field is set to X then the 3 nction is capable of dialog processing. We can view the inbo nd processing to find any error if enco ntered. Stores all information that is re4 ired to process an idoc. This table /eeps all c stomi5ed information s ch as Application Condition table$ 3ast entry type for condition tables$ I(6 Condition str ct re has validity period$ Stat s of the generator when program ended$ 7pdate condition inde8 Condition Inde8 "e4 irement$ name of "9: System$ system release. This table /eeps all c stomi5ed information s ch as Client$7sage of the condition table$Application$Condition type$Access se4 ence (ate proposed as valid0to date$!roposed starting date for the rebate validity period The processing ro tine for the respective media and message is c stomi5ed in this table. The table records the name of a 3#", ro tine$ which process the message for a given media and the name of an A%A! where this 3#", is fo nd. The program "%(,I(#C loo/s into this table to pic/ p the appropriate f nction to be e8ec ted for a given message type if that message type is activated for change pointers.


PARTNER PROFILE EDP21 EDP13 EDP12 EDPI1 EDPO1/3 EDMA Sender9receiver information for inbo nd processing. Technical parameters for processing # tbo nd idocs. # tbo nd parameters for processing A.E with message control. E(I6 !artner profile for inbo nd E(I6 !artner profile for o tbo nd !artner stat s in partner profiles

PORTS EDIPORT EDIPOA EDIPOD EDIPOF EDIPOI EDIPOX S mmary of all ports in yo r system T"3C port available in yo r system 3ile port information with f nction mod le association and file path. A%A! port config rations are stored. Internet ports in yo r system X,. port information



Stores the segment information;s who created it and when. A.E6 definition of mandatory segments9fields A.E6 Conversion r les for I(oc segments Stores Segment version$ "elease$ Create and Time of .ast Change$ *o of fields in I(oc segment definition$ E8port length of segment definition Stores Segment name in I(oc types$ 3lag6 Segment definition is released. ,apping Single %A!I !arameters to <eader Segment Types Stores Segment type for c rrent release with .ength of a field +n mber of positions-$


SA! "elease for Which Segment (efinition was Created$ Segment name in I(oc types ,apping %A!I str ct re to segment types

EXTENSIONS EDCIM EDI_CNV EXT Stores the message type and idoc type along with who have done it and when. Conversion Table for E8tensions

RED CTIONS TBD21 TBD24 A.E6 I(oc red ction A.E6 I(#C red ction flagged with positive logic segment fields that are red ced.

DISTRIB TION MODEL TBD05 TBD06 TBDBR TBDBRF .ist of all models with sending and receiving system and message type. Stores View of A.E model$ Sender$ #b=ect type$ ,ethod$ "eceiving logical system$ 3ilter action$ !arameter for method$ 3ilter gro p$ 3ilter co nter$ 3ilter type and 3ilter ob=ect type (istrib tion ,odel6 %A!I "ed ction (istrib tion ,odel6 3ields in "ed ced !arameter

FILTERS TBDTPMD TBD16 (ata 3ilters for ,essage Types 3ilter ob=ects for methods

CONVERSION TBD30 EDIPOX EDI_CNVBAS EDI_CNVDOC EDI_CNVEXT EDI_CNVMES A.E6 Conversion r les for I(oc segments Conversion of special characters for X,. Conversion Table for %asic Types Conversion Table for 3ield (#CT'! Conversion Table for E8tensions Conversion Table for .ogical ,essage Types

STAT S TEDS1 EDIDS I(oc stat s val es Stat s "ecord +I(oc-