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OpenERP 6.

1 Payroll Management Tutorial

Posted by ravi kumar Wednesday, 16 January 2013 0 comments


this tutorial you will learn step by step payroll management in OpenERP 6.1 version . Make sure that you have Payroll Module installed in your ERP system . Once done follow the steps given below . Step 1 :-- Configure Salary Rules There are pre-defined salary rules are given you can change the or add/remove according to the requirements basically it deals with the employee salary to classify for the allowance or deduction .

--> Below is a configuration for the House Rent Allowance, it coded as HRA, and type is allowance. Basically all allowance deduction are based on the basic salary but some time special allowance can be based on the other amount rather then the basis in that case Based on field are use to compute the base amount for further calculation. Here HRA is calculated as 40% of the wages mentioned in employee contract .

Similarly , it is done for the Deduction rules , like Provident Fund (PF) is calculated as 12.5 % of the wages mentioned in employee contract .

Once you have configured all the salary rules , we then move to configure salary structure Step 2:- Contribution Registers Contribution registers are defined when third party is involved in salary payment of the employee .

Remember to select the Contribution Register field in Salary Rules , if third party is involved like in case PF , tax etc .. Step 3:- Salary Structure Configuration Employee Salary Structure can be configured based on the Employee Roles ,Profiles , Functions as per the requirement .

Below we have created new salary structure for the Network Admin profile .

Step 4 :- Define Employee Contract .

New Contract is defined for the employee , with the basic wages , start date and salary structure . Contract can also be used to track the increment to the wages , for that put and end date to the previous contract and create new contract with new wages .

Step 5:- Generate Employee Payslip . To generate payslips go to Human Resource -->Payroll --> Employee Payslips. Click on create to create new payslip .

Input the Number of worked days , or Add in the Input Data if any extra allowance /decuction to be paid to employee . Save the Payslip and click on Compute Sheet button to compute the salary . You can check the computed salary in the Salary Computation tab for details .

Finally Conform the Salary slip .

Further Processing will be done by the Accounts Department .

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