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Sentence Transformations

You need to take the information in the first sentence and re-write it, using the word in bold so that the second sentence has exactly the same meaning. You cannot change the word in bold in ANY way. You can use only a maximum of FIV words for each s!ace.

1.- Can you understand what this paper means? sense Can you make sense of this paper? 2.- It wasnt necessary to meet me at the airport yesterday. neednt You neednt have met me at the airport yesterday. 3.-It was unkind of you to talk to her like that. not You should not have talked to her like that. 4.-I saw the film although I strongly dislike thrillers. spite I saw the film in spite of my strong dislike of thrillers. 5.-Its not possible to play tennis because of the rain. makes The rain makes it impossible. to play tennis. 6.-I e ne er tasted such good food before. ever It is the best food Ive ever.. tasted. 7.-!o your parents allow you to watch T" late at night?

let !o your parents let you watch. T" late at night? 8.-#!id you write a note for $nna?# I asked my mother. she I asked my mother whether/if she had written. a note for $nna. 9.-%e ga e me the money first& and then he left. after %e left after he had given me/after giving me.. the money. 10.-I dont find it difficult to get up early any more. used I am used to getting. up early.

" - You must ne#er take your helmet off while you are riding a motorcycle. all $elmets must be worn %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%.. when riding a motorcycle. At all times & - 'hey wanted to a!ologi(e for their beha#iour) that*s why they !aid for dinner. order 'hey !aid for dinner %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%.. for their beha#iour. in order to apologise + - It isn*t necessary to bring skis as they are included in the !ackage. have You %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%.. bring skis as they are included in the !ackage. ,on-t ha#e to . - I thought !arking was allowed here.

under the impression I %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%.. that !arking was allowed here. Was under the impression / - 0imon said, 1I will be !laying tennis when you arri#e.1 he 0imon said %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%.. tennis when I arri#ed. He would be playing 2 - 3hen I was a child, we would go to the local !ark e#ery 0aturday afternoon. used 3hen I was a child, %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%..the !ark e#ery 0aturday. We used to go 4 - $is daughter continued to cry until he could not be seen any longer. sight 0he continued to cry until he %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%.. Was out of sight 5 - I*m afraid that car is 6ust too ex!ensi#e. means 'hat car is %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%.. Beyond my means 7 - 'hey mo#ed to this #illage in "777. lived 'hey %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%.. in this #illage since "777. Have lived "8 - 9ne other thing before I forget - ,onata is coming to #isit next weekend. by %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%.., ,onata is coming to #isit next weekend. By the way

1. Mehmet has a good relationship with his neighbours. (get) Mehmet_________________________________________ his neighbours. 2. It was difficult for my mother to set up the new software. (found) My mother _________________________________________ up the new software. 3. The escalator isn t wor!ing" please use the stairs instead. (out) The escalator___________________________" please use the stairs instead. #. $hall I call Mr.%aro for you& (me) 'ould ________________________________ Mr.%aro for you& (. Murat doesn t mind dri)ing for two hours to wor! e)eryday. (used) Murat _______________________________________________ for two hours to wor! e)eryday. *. +I m sorry I bro!e your mug, -anet said. (brea!ing) -anet ________________________________________________ my mug.

7. They delayed the flight because of thick fog. (off) The flight __________________________________ because of the thick fog.
.. The summit meeting will be held in Istanbul. (place) The summit meeting _________________________________ in Istanbul. /. 0oberto too! a month to design the concept car. (him) It ________________________________________to design the concept car. 11. My father too! up bowling three years ago. (been)

My father ___________________________________________ three years. 234 1. 2. 3. #. (. *. 6. .. /. Mehmet gets on well with his neighbours. My mother found it difficult to set up the new software. The escalator is out of order"55555. 'ould you let me to call Mr.%aro for you& Murat is used to dri)ing for two hours to wor! e)eryday. -anet apologised for brea!ing my mug. The flight was put off because of the thic! fog. The summit meeting will ta!e place in Istanbul. It too! him a month to design the concept car.

11. My father has been playing bowling for three years.

". :any !eo!le think 0te#e stole the money. believed 0te#e ;;I0 < =I V , '9 $AV 0'9= N;; the money. &. 'he strong winds blew down the two ancient trees during the storm. blown 'he two ancient trees ;;3 > <=93N ,93N ,?>IN@;; the storm. +. $e doesn*t ha#e enough money to buy the com!uter. too 'he com!uter ;;I0 '99 AB N0IV F9> $I:;; to buy. .. 1You should start a new hobby, :r. Cenkins1, the doctor said. take 'he ,octor ad#ised ;;:>. C NDIN0 '9 'AD ?B;; a new hobby.

/. 3e ha#e been waiting here since half !ast ten. for 3e ha#e been waiting ;;$ > F9>;; one hour. 2. 'he man suddenly realised that the neighbour was watching him. watched 'he man suddenly realised that he ;;3A0 < IN@ 3A'E$ , <Y;; the neighbour. 4. I could ne#er ha#e !assed that exam without your hel!. you I could ne#er ha#e !assed that exam ;;IF Y9? $A,N*' $ =B ,;; me. 5. 3e !aid some !eo!le to landsca!e the garden for us last year. had 3e ;;$A, '$ @A>, N =AN,0EAB ,;;; last year

". 1$ow about going to the cinema tonightF1, said Anne suggested Ann ;;0?@@ 0' , @9IN@;; to the cinema. &. :y ad#ice to you is to talk to your !arents. would If ;;I 3 > Y9? I 39?=,;; talk to my !arents. +. <arry wasn*t strong enough to lift the box. have <arry didn*t ;;$AV '$ G N9?@$ 0'> N@'$;; to lift the box .. 'hey started the com!any in "774. set 'he com!any ;;3A0 0 ' ?B IN;; "774

/. I think Cean really likes 0imon. keen Cean ;;I0 > A==Y D N 9N;; 0imon.

2. I was made res!onsible for foreign sales. charge 'hey !ut ;;: IN E$A>@ 9F;; foreign sales. 4. 'he brothers really en6oyed themsel#es in 0!ain last summer. time 'he brothers really ;;$A, A @99,G@> A'G39N, >F?= 'I: ;; in 0!ain last summer. 5. 'he Hueen is o!ening the new school tomorrow afternoon. opened 'he new school ;;I0 < IN@ 9B N , <Y '$ ;; Hueen tomorrow afternoon.

". :arcus started learning French two years ago. learning :arcus has ;;< N = A>NIN@ F> NE$ F9>;; two years.

&. $arry isn*t here. $e went to lunch twenty minutes ago. gone $arry isn*t here. $e ;;$A0 @9N '9;; lunch. +. ,o you own that stereoF yours Is ;;'$A' 0' > 9 Y9?>0;;F .. =ook at how black the sky isI 'here is rain arri#ing. going =ook at how black the sky isI It ;;I0 @9IN@ '9 >AIN;;.

/. 3hat a shame. 'here is no food leftI wish I ;;3I0$ 3 $A, 09: F99,;; leftI 2. 3hat a shame. 'hey ate all the food. wish I ;;3I0$ '$ Y $A,N*' A' N;; all the food. 4. 'he teenagers were stealing my car when I arri#ed. being :y car ;;3A0 < IN@ 0'9= N <Y '$ ;; teenagers when I arri#ed. 5. You use that little hammer to crack the stones. for 'his little hammer ;;I0 F9> E>AEDIN@ '$ 0'9N 0;;.

". 'he last time Cohn came to my house was in "777. since Cohn hasn*t ;;< N INGA' :Y $9?0 0INE ;; "777.

&. No dinner for me, thanks. I ate half an hour ago. already 'hanks, but I ;;$AV A=> A,Y A' N;;. +. I ha#en*t been swimming for nearly a year. last 'he ;;=A0' 'I: I 3 N' 03I::IN@;; was nearly a year ago. .. I regret not s!eaking to :arge sooner. had I wish ;;I $A, 0B9D N '9 :A>@ ;; sooner.

/. Yesterday, they cut down two old trees in the local !ark. were Yesterday, two ;;9=, '> 0 3 > E?' ,93N;; in the local !ark.

2. 'he army were treating the !risoners well. were 'he !risoners ;;3 > < IN@ '> A' , 3 == <Y;; the army. 4. I walked Juietly because I didn*t want to wake the baby. so I walked Juietly ;;09 A0 N9' '9;; wake the baby. 5. I think we will arri#e at 4!m if the weather remains good. should 3e ;;0$9?=, A>>IV A' 4B:;; if the weather remains good

". 'his is the first time I ha#e e#er drunk rum. never I ;;$AV N V > ,>?ND;; rum before. &. 'he bank closed before I arri#ed. already 3hen I got to the bank, it ;;$A, A=> A,Y E=90 ,;;. +. You !ress the green button to start the mixer. starts If you !ress the green ;;<?''9N, '$ :IA > 0'A>'0;;. .. ,o you know how many letters are deli#ered by the !ost office e#ery yearF delivers ,o you know how many letters ;;'$ B90' 9FFIE , =IV >0 V >Y;; yearF

/. 0to! interru!ting me all the timeI would I wish ;;Y9? 39?=,N*' IN' >>?B' : ;; all the time. 2. 3e should lea#e for the disco now. left It*s ;;'I: 3 = F' F9> '$ ;; disco. 4. 1>emember to gi#e Alan the card,1 <eryl shouted at me. reminded <eryl ;;> :IN, , : '9 @IV A=AN;; the card. 5. $e locked the door to !re#ent the !risoner esca!ing. so $e locked the door ;;09 '$ B>I09N > 39?=,N*';; esca!e.

". $ow long ha#e you had your new carF get 3hen ;;,I, Y9? @ ';; your new carF &. Is this your first time dri#ing a Vol#oF ever $a#e ;;Y9? V > ,>IV N A V9=V9;; beforeF +. =ea#e the sho! or I will call the !olice. unless I*ll call the !olice ;;?N= 00 Y9? = AV '$ 0$9B;;. .. I would like to be able to s!eak Arabic. could I wish ;;I E9?=, 0B AD A>A<IE;;.


/. 'he =ord of <recon built this castle in "&52. by 'his castle ;;3A0 <?I=' <Y '$ =9>,;; of <recon in "&52. 2. 9ur teachers ne#er let us lea#e the school. to 3e were not ;;A==93 , '9 = AV '$ 0E$99=;; by our teachers. 4. I graduated from college a year ago todayI time I graduated from college ;;'$I0 'I: =A0';; yearI 5. I couldn*t reach the shelf. It was too high. to 'he shelf ;;3A0 '99 $I@$ '9 > AE$;;.

". Cane dyed her hair orange two months ago and it has been that color e#er since. for Cane*s hair ;;$A0 < N 9>AN@ F9>;; two months.


&. ,uring the film on 'V, the !hone rang. was 3hile I ;;3A0 3A'E$IN@ '$ FI=:;;, the !hone rang. +. ,o you ha#e any !lans for next 3ednesday e#eningF doing 3hat ;;A> Y9? ,9IN@;; next 3ednesday e#eningF .. Blease don*t smoke in this room. rather I*d ;;>A'$ > Y9? ,I,N*' 0:9D ;; in this room.

/. #eryone thinks that someone murdered $arry. was It ;;I0 '$9?@$' $A>>Y 3A0;; murdered. 2. I #isited Baris with the idea of im!ro#ing my French. to I #isited Baris ;;'9 I:B>9V :Y F> NE$;;. 4. I didn*t answer the !hone, e#en though I knew it was my husband calling. despite I didn*t answer the !hone ;;, 0BI' DN93IN@ I' 3A0 :Y;; husband. 5. 'he weather was beautiful but we ne#er went on the !icnic. of 3e ne#er went on the !icnic ;;IN 0BI' 9F '$ < A?'IF?=;; weather.

". I am sure it will snow tomorrow. bound It ;;I0 <9?N, '9 0N93;; tomorrow. &. :y car keys are !ossibly in the kitchen. might :y car keys ;;:I@$' < IN;; the kitchen. +. Ean I come o#er to your house at about 4!mF it Is ;;I0 B900I<= '9;; come to your house at about 4!mF .. Is it a !roblem if I o!en the window a littleF mind ,o ;;Y9? :IN, IF I 9B N;; the window a littleF


/. 'his car costs K"8,888 and so does that one. as 'his car ;;E90'0 A0 :?E$ A0GI0 A0 AB N0IV A0;; that one. 2. Date is a teacher as Date ;;39>D0 A0 A;; teacher. 4. I met your sister by chance at the air!ort last week. ran I ;;>AN IN'9 Y9?> 0I0' > A';; the air!ort last week. 5. 'he doctor told me to gi#e u! smoking. stop 'he doctor told ;;: '9 0'9B 0:9DIN@;;.

". If I were you, I would go and s!eak to your boss. should You ;;0$9?=, 0B AD '9;; your boss. &. It wasn*t obligatory to go to work today. I thought it wasI need I ;;N , N9' $AV ;; gone to work today.


+. It was a mistake of you to lose your !ass!ort. lost You ;;0$9?=,N*' $AV =90';; your !ass!ort. .. 3hy don*t we lea#e after breakfast on 0aturdayF leaving $ow ;;A<9?' = AVIN@ AF' > <> ADFA0';; on 0aturdayF

/. 'his is the most boring film I ha#e e#er seenI more I ha#e ;;N V > 0 N A :9> <9>IN@;; filmI

2. 3e will ha#e to lea#e early tomorrow. set 3e will ;;$AV '9 0 ' 9FF A>=Y;; tomorrow. 4. 'he robbers esca!ed with a thousand dollars without being caught. got 'he robbers ;;@9' A3AY 3I'$ A '$9?0AN,;; dollars. 5. I told them not to cross the !ark at night. warned I ;;3A>N , '$ : A<9?'GA@AIN0' E>900IN@;; the !ark at night.

". You should ha#e finished that re!ort, not CohnI were You ;;3 > 0?BB90 , '9 FINI0$;; that re!ort, not CohnI &. Is this the right bus for 0an ,iegoF tell Eould ;;Y9? ' == : IF '$I0;; is the right bus for 0an ,iegoF +. 10orry I*m late,1 :ark whis!ered as he took his seat in the cinema. being :ark a!ologised ;;F9> < IN@ =A' ;;. .. 'his train is late. It was su!!osed to arri#e fi#e minutes ago. arrived 'his train ;;0$9?=, $AV A>>IV ,;; fi#e minutes ago.


/. If you continue to drink, you will get drunk. the ;;'$ :9> Y9? ,>IND;;, the drunker you will get. 2. <ring me the !hone book if you ha!!en to find it. come If ;;Y9? E9: AE>900 '$ ' = B$9N ;; book, bring it to me. 4. I ha#e no memory of my first day at school. remember I ;;,9N*' > : :< > @9IN@;; to school on my first day. 5. I didn*t forget to buy the bread. $ere it isI remembered I ;;> : :< > , '9 <?Y '$ <> A,;;. $ere it isI


". It was silly of you to s!eak to your boss like that. spoken You ;;0$9?=,N*' $AV 0B9D N '9 Y9?>;; boss like thatI &. 3hat do you ad#ise me to doF I 3hat ;;0$9?=, I ,9;;F +. 'here are always a lot of cars in the downtown area at this time. traffic 'here is ;;A=3AY0 A =9' 9F '>AFFIE;; in the downtown area at this time. .. Is it !ossible to smoke in this roomF allowed Is ;;0:9DIN@ A==93 , IN;; this roomF

/. 0he was taken in an ambulance fi#e minutes ago hospital 'hey ;;'99D $ > '9 $90BI'A=;; fi#e minutes ago. 2. Ehicago is a big city, but =os Angeles is bigger. not Ehicago ;;I0 N9' A0 <I@ A0;; =os Angeles. 4. 'hat story he told sounded #ery in#ented. made I*m sure that story ;;$ '9=, 3A0 :A, ?B;;. 5. 3ho owns this !enF belong 3ho ;;,9 0 '$I0 B N < =9N@;; toF

". It is !ossible that :ike isn*t at home now. be :ike ;;:I@$'G:AY N9' < A';; home now. &. ,on*t !ut the blame on me. I wasn*t e#en there at the time. my It was ;;N9' :Y FA?=';;. I wasn*t e#en there at the time. +. In my o!inion, if a dog is small, it is more likely to bark. the In my o!inion, ;;'$ 0:A== > '$ ,9@, '$ ;; more likely it is to bark. .. I !lay tennis e#ery 3ednesday. a I !lay tennis ;;9NE A 3 D;;.


/. $e is intelligent and so is she. both ;;<9'$ 9F '$ :;; are intelligent. 2. All of the !eo!le in the room are French. is In this room, ;; V >Y9N I0 F> NE$;;. 4. Not e#eryone in this room is stu!id. some ;;09: 9F '$ B 9B= IN;; this room are intelligent. 5. $e already has a con#iction for sho!lifting. of $e has ;;A=> A,Y < N E9NVIE' , 9F;; sho!lifting.


". If you belie#e all the stories about my brother*s former boss, it is clear he wasn*t #ery nice. been :y brother*s former boss ;;EAN*' $AV < stories about him. &. $ow about going to the cinema this e#eningF going I ;;0?@@ 0' @9IN@ '9;; the cinema. +. I wasn*t strong enough to !ush it all the way. strength I ;;,I,N*' $AV '$ 0'> N@'$ '9;; !ush it all the way. N V >Y NIE ;; if you belie#e all the

.. 'here isn*t any money at all in the bank account no 'here ;;I0 N9 :9N Y;; in the bank account. /. 0haron is not as good at tennis as you. than You ;;A> < '' > A' ' NNI0 '$AN;; 0haron. 2. $ow do I com!lete this formF fill $ow ;;,9 I FI== IN '$I0;; formF 4. You should consider the !osition of sales manager #ery carefully. over You should ;;'$IND 9V > '$ B90I'I9N;; of sales manager #ery carefully. 5. 3e managed to free oursel#es and esca!ed. in 3e ;;0?EE , , IN F> IN@ 9?>0 =V 0;; and esca!ed.


". 10orry that I drew that !icture of you,1 he said to 'im. apologised $e ;;AB9=9@I0 , F9> $AVIN@ ,>A3N;; the !icture. &. A nice walk in the !ark might hel! us both to relax, don*t you thinkF suggested :ike ;;0?@@ 0' , L@9IN@ F9>M A;; walk in the !ark. +. I really don*t want to go out tonight. feel I ;;,9N*' F = =ID @9IN@;; out tonight.

.. Astronomy fascinates Date and she s!ends hours reading about it. is Date ;;I0 FA0EINA' , <Y A0'>9N9:Y AN,;; s!ends hours reading about it. /. If you sto! smoking, you will feel much better for it. give You*ll feel much better if ;;Y9? @IV ?B 0:9DIN@;;. 2. I told you I would lend you the money and I will. promised I ;;B>9:I0 , '9 = N, Y9? '$ ;; money and I will. 4. I wish I had rung him earlier. sorry I ;;A: 09>>Y I ,I,N*';; ring him earlier. 5. 'he 3ilsons are lea#ing shortly so go and tell them what we agreed. about 'he 3ilsons ;;A> A<9?' '9 = AV ;; so go and tell them what we agreed.


". 1,on*t tell anyone about my wig, will youF1 promise ;;B>9:I0 N9' '9;; tell anyone about my wigI &. I won*t work late again. 'hat would be the third time this week. I won*t do itI refused :r. $amley ;;> F?0 , '9 39>D =A' ;; as he has already done so twice this month. +. 3e couldn*t afford 'he >egal $otel so we stayed somewhere chea!er. cost 'he ;;> @A= $9' = E90' '99 :?E$;; so we stayed somewhere chea!er.

.. 1,o you both work togetherF1, she asked the twins. if 0he ;;A0D , IF '$ Y 39>D ,;; together. /. Is it 9D if I o!en the window a little :iss CacksonF may :iss Cackson, ;;:AY I 9B N;; the windowF 2. ,es!ite looking e#erywhere, he ne#er found his wallet. although $e didn*t find ;;$I0 3A== ' A='$9?@$ $ =99D ,;; e#erywhere. 4. Imagine your father returning home nowI 3hat would he sayF supposing Cust ;;0?BB90IN@ Y9?> FA'$ > > '?>N ,;; home nowI 3hat would he sayF 5. I imagine you had a great time in 'unisia. must You ;;:?0' $AV ;; had a great time in 'unisia.


". 1It would be better to wait a year before going to uni#ersity.1 advised Beter ;;A,VI0 , N9' @9IN@;; to uni#ersity for another year. &. You will see better results if you study harder Bete. encouraged Bete*s mother ;; NE9?>A@ , $I: '9 0'?,Y $A>, >;; saying he would see better results. +. I really don*t like sitting down all day. stand I ;;EAN*' 0'AN, 0I''IN@ ING9N;; chairs all day.

.. ,o you like the work you do here, CohnF on Are you ;;D N 9N '$ 39>D;; you do here, CohnF

/. 'hey had argued but were friends again by the time of the !arty. made 'hey ;;$A, :A, ?B;; and were friends again by the time of the !arty. 2. :rs Batterson would sit on that old rocking chair for hours telling us stories from her childhood. used :rs Batterson ;;?0 , '9 0I' 9N '$A';; old rocking chair for hours telling us stories from her childhood. 4. I regret not studying more in the final weeks. only If ;;9N=Y I $A, 0'?,I ,;; more in the final weeks. 5. It really annoys me how !eo!le use cell !hones on the bus. wish I ;;3I0$ B 9B= 39?=,N*' ?0 ;; cell !hones on the bus. 21

". 1You*d better not s!eak to me like that againI1 he said to me. warned I ;;3A0 3A>N , N9' '9 0B AD;; to him like that again. &. ,on*t ask $annah here to ha#e lunch on Friday. If you do, I won*t stay to meet her. invite If ;;Y9? INVI' $ANNA$ '9 =?NE$;; on Friday, I won*t stay to meet her.

+. ,o you think it would be a good idea to get my hair cutF suggest 3ould ;;Y9? 0?@@ 0' @ ''IN@ :YGI @9' :Y;; hair cutF .. I told him he should go and s!eak to his mother. ought ;;I '9=, $I: $ 9?@$';; to s!eak to his mother. /. If you don*t call me, I won*t know where you areI unless I won*t know ;;3$ > Y9? A> ?N= 00;; you call meI 2. 3e should lea#e now if we don*t want to miss the start of the !erformance. time It*s ;;'I: 3 = F'G'I: F9> ?0 '9 = AV ;; or we*ll miss the start of the !erformance. 22 4. =et*s go to 1'he <lue 3hale1 where it*s less crowded. as 1'he <lue 3hale1 is ;;N9' A0 E>93, , A0;; here, so let*s go there. 5. I would !refer to stay at home tonight. rather I ;;39?=, >A'$ > 0'AY LA'M $9: ;; tonight.

". 'hey blamed the theft of the missing com!uter on Cenkins. accused Cenkins ;;3A0 AEE?0 , 9F 0' A=IN@;; the missing com!uter. &. 9D, I can see you tomorrow e#ening at six. agreed :y boss ;;A@> , '9 0 : ;; at six the following e#ening.

+. ,on*t say you*re ill if you*re notI pretend ,on*t ;;B> ' N, '9 < I== IF;; you*re notI .. I ha#en*t eaten ice cream for six months. up I ;;@AV ?B L A'IN@M IE E> A:;; six months ago. /. Are we allowed to drink coffee in this !art of the buildingF can ;;EAN 3 ,>IND E9FF ;; in this !art of the buildingF

2. 0hould you be in here :arkF supposed Are ;;Y9? 0?BB90 , '9 < $ > ;; :arkF 4. 3hy don*t you hel! me more around the houseF wish I ;;3I0$ Y9? 39?=, $ =B : ;; more around the house. 5. 'he hill was sli!!ery because of the rain so we had difficulty climbing. made 'he rain ;;:A, '$ $I== 0=IBB >Y;; so we had difficulty climbing.


". It wasn*t me who took the book. I didn*t touch itI denied I ;;, NI , $AVIN@ '9?E$ ,;; the book. &. I can take you to the air!ort if your flight is early. offered I ;;9FF > , '9 'AD ;; Cenny to the air!ort for the following morning.

+. 13hy not try for $ar#ard ?ni#ersity DarenF1 encouraged $e ;; NE9?>A@ , DA> N '9;; a!!ly to $ar#ard ?ni#ersity. .. Eould I stay with you in Ehicago for a few day, CohnF put Eould ;;Y9? B?' : ?B IN;; Ehicago for a few daysF

/. I don*t know how you tolerate such a miserable !erson. put $ow do you ;;B?' ?B 3I'$ 09: 9N 3$9;; is so miserableF
2. I would like to be thinner. wish I ;;3I0$ I 3A0N*' L09M;; fat. 4. 13ell doneI You got the 6ob,1 her mother said. on $er mother ;;E9N@>A'?=A' , $ > 9N @ ''IN@ '$ ;; 6ob. 5. 1It was Beter who stole the fruit,1 Cenny shouted. for Cenny ;;<=A: , B ' > F9>;; stealing the fruit.


". 'hough I ha#en*t seen him for a month, we ha#e s!oken by !hone. admitted Earol ;;A,:I'' , $AVIN@ 0B9D N '9 $I:GA,:I'' , 0B ADIN@ '9 $I:;; on the !hone. &. Visit my doctor, ,r. $amish, if your arm is still hurting recommended

:y brother ;;> E9:: N, , VI0I'IN@G@9IN@ '9 0 VI0I';; his doctor if my arm continued hurting. +. I won*t come. I ha#e told you I am busy. refuse I ;;> F?0 '9 @9;; as I am busy.

GI @9 AN, 0


.. It isn*t !ossible that Cane was absent from work today. must Cane ;;:?0' $AV < N A';; work today.

/. I dri#e both a s!orts car and an off-road #ehicle. addition In ;;A,,I'I9N '9 A 0B9>'0 EA>;;, I also dri#e an off-road #ehicle. 2. <arry continued to smoke e#en though his doctor told him to Juit. despite ;;, 0BI' < IN@ '9=,G'$ ,9E'9> ' ==IN@ $I:;; not to, <arry continued to smoke. 4. 9nly a few books were left at the yard sale when we left. most ;;:90' 9F '$ <99D0 $A,;; been sold when we left the yard sale. 5. 3as it really necessary to buy such an ex!ensi#e bottle of wineF need 3as there ;;ANY N , '9 <?Y 0?E$;; an ex!ensi#e bottle of wineF 25

". $ow much do these leather shoes costF price 3hat ;;I0 '$ B>IE 9F '$ 0 ;; leather shoesF

&. It*s not im!ortant if you come to work today or not. matter It ;;,9 0N*' :A'' > IF;; you come to work today or not. +. Barking is !rohibited in all areas of the business !ark. anywhere You ;;EAN*' BA>D ANY3$ > IN '$ ;; business !ark. .. :ark*s biggest !roblem is that he often ignores what I say in class. pay $is biggest !roblem is that he ;;,9 0N*' BAY ANY A'' N'I9N '9;; what I say in class. /. Your sister said she had told you e#erything. admitted Your sister ;;0AI, 0$ $A, A,:I'' ,;; e#erything. 26 2. If we light the fire, the rescuers will see us. be 3e ;;3I== < 0 N <Y '$ ;; rescuers if we light the fire.

4. For us to win this match now would be im!ossible. hope 'here is ;;N9 $9B 9F 3INNIN@;; this match now. 5. ,on*t tell anyone this information keep ;;D B '$I0 LINF9>:A'I9NM '9;; yourself.

". Fred asked the cost of one night in the hotel. does 1$ow ;;:?E$ ,9 0 I' E90';; !er night, !leaseF1

&. 'he last time I went to the museum was a week ago. been I ;;$AV N*' < N '9 '$ :?0 ?:;; for a week.

+. It is certainly a good exam!le of Van @ogh*s work. no 'here*s ;;N9 ,9?<' L'$A'M I' I0;; a good exam!le of Van @ogh*s work. .. Bay attention to meI listen ;;=I0' N '9 3$A' I A:;; sayingI /. I regret lea#ing my 6ob now. wish I ;3I0$ I $A,N*' = F' :Y;;; 6ob. 2. 1I went to the cinema before going to the cafe,1 he said. had $e said he ;;$A, @9N G< N '9 '$ EIN :A;; before the cafe.


4. I*#e ne#er seen so many !eo!le in this bar before. first 'his ;;I0 '$ FI>0' 'I: I $AV ;; e#er seen so many !eo!le in this bar. 5. You should tell her what you think and let her decide. better You ;;$A, < '' > ' == $ >;; what you think and let her decide.



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