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Butchers / bt | z/ - they sell fresh meat Greengrocers / rin rs z/ - they sell fruit and vegetables / ved tb lz/ Poultrys / pltr iz/ -they sell eggs and chickens meat. Fishmongers / f m z/ - they sell seafood. Bakery / bek z/ - you can buy fresh bread and cakes here Delicatessen (US)/delktesn/ ! s"#p t"$t sells f##d s%&" $s &"eese' &##ked me$t $nd f##d fr#m #t"er &#%ntries Sweet shop (UK) / can y store (US) they sell sweets, cigarettes and often newspapers !""#licence /(fl$)sns/ shop that sells alcoholic drinks (li!uor / lk /store US" shop that sells cigarettes

$o%acco shop /tb*k)/

&estaurant - you go here when you don#t want to cook at home. $hey prepare meals for you $akeaway (UK) (takeout US) shop that sells meals that you take home to eat 'hip shop (UK) a shop where you can buy fish and chips and other hot foods to takeaway. $ea Shop you can buy tea and cakes. 'o""ee %ar (UK) ('o""ee shop US) - you can buy a cup of coffee (hot drinks" and cakes or sandwiches (small meals" ca"eteria /k*f)t)ri)/ an informal restaurant in a place such as collage, an office or hospital where you take the food to the table yourself $uck shop sweet shop inside the school.

Bouti(ue / b% tik /+ a shop where you buy fashionable clothes )ewellery /d%)l)ri/ a shop that sells watches and %ewels *illinery /ml))nr)i/ - a shop that sells hats Shoe Shop a shop where you buy boots, high heels, clogs, flip-flops and other kind of shoes +a%er ashery /"*b)d*)r)i/ cloth, threads & 'red(&, buttons shop or a department of a large shop that sells

+air ressers / "e dres z/- you go here when you want to cut your hair (beauty salon, beauty parlour, beauty shop US" Bar%ers /b,)bz/ (barbershop US" - a shop where men have their hair cut ,aun erette /l-ndret/ - a place where you can wash your clothes in coin-operated machines Dry cleaners /dr$kli)nz/ shop where clothes are cleaned with chemicals

'hemists / kem st& /pharmacy/ rugstore - you can buy medicine and (legal" drugs, baby products, shampoo, etc. Bank - you deposit or withdraw&take out your money here. Florists / fl(r sts/+ Pet Shop shop where you can buy bunch of flowers

shop that sells pet animals, such as cats, dogs and birds

Bookshop (UK) /store (US) - a place where you can buy books and maga(ines Filling (UK) / petrol (US) station - the place you go to put petrol (gas" in your car Gi"t Shop shop that sells suitable goods for giving a present

-nti(ue Shop )ts a shop speciali(ing in the selling of anti!ues / *n tiks/ )unk Shop shop that sells old furniture, old books or something of little value shop that sells its goods at cheap prices

Discount stores *lea +arket outsider. 'harity shops -

market where old or used goods are sold cheaply and usually takes place shop that sells second-hand items and its staffed by volunteers place where kids or elderly people are taken care

Day#'are 'entre

.ewss agent shop that sells cigarettes, sweets, stationary products, envelops, paper, card, pens, pencils and other things used for writing /ronmongers / $n m z/ ."$rd/$re s"#p) materials and e!uipment used in homes or gardens. D/0 (-.o it yourself", home shop that sells metal tools,

shop that sells furniture, thins for decorating or repairing your shop where you can get your ocks repaired and supplies

,ocksmiths /l(k)sm0/, keys

Department store - a large store that sells clothes, furniture, electrical appliances, food, etc in sections, e.g., %ewellery, toys, washing machine, carpet, etc *urniture, a sofa, an armchair, a dining table, etc /lectrical appliances, television, a cooker, a kettle, an oven, etc 'hain Store group of shops belong to a single company

'orner Shop- Small shop on a corner of a road 1arehouse huge supermarket where members (who have paid a small fee" can find a lot of products at reduced prices. +ypermarkets /"$p m,k t/ huge supermarket which sells a wider variety of items, for e0ample, alcoholic drinks, petrol and some items traditionally found in chemist and newsagents *arket place where people sell goods on stalls or a shop that sells mainly food

Supermarket - a large store that sells food, drinks and household items like cleaning products, dairy products or poultry 1ousehold items, toilet paper, tissue paper, bags, diapers, washing powder, soap, etc Shopping centre or shopping mall one place place with lots of different shops under cover in