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1 Introduction Ready-mixed concrete is used in the civil engineering and construction business, for example: bridge, free way,

, dam and buildings. There are mainly two types of concrete batching plants: 1.1 Simple Type: Set up at the jobsite, after the project is completed, the plant can be removed to other jobsite. 1.2 Professional Operatin Type: Set up at industrial !one, for lon "term operation. The raw materials (sand, aggregate, cement) through automatic the mixing machine become readymixed concrete. To produce good uality of ready-mixed concrete, suitable machineries, s!illful operators and professional management are necessary. Taiwan has gained the international recognition for its expertise in Turn-"ey pro#ects, including planning, designing, manufacturing machineries and providing all necessary training consultant programs. The reasonable prices with professional services are Taiwan$s competitive advantages in the international mar!ets. 2 #eneral Processin Information 2.1 $escription of manufacturin Process 2.2 %lo& 'hart of (anufacturin Process ). *rief $escription of +,uipments ).1 $escription of (achinery %.&.& 'ins for sand, aggregate, cement: properly designed to fit with the mixing machine. %.&.( )onveyor for sand, aggregate: different width *++mm, ,-+mm, .++mm, &+++mm, &(++mm etc. %.&.% There are three types and each type has its main mixing machine: %.&.%.& /ilo Type 0ixer %.&.%.( 1an Type 0ixer %.&.%.% Twin /hafts 0ixer %.&.2 )apacity of mixing machine: from +.-m% to %.+m% %.&.- )omputer control /ystem: %.&.-.& 3obsite system: simple, with few function %.&.-.( 1rofessional type: computer system with more memories and monitors. %.&.* )arriers: agitator truc!s ).2 Testin (achinery 4uality control: inspection of raw materials and finished products is necessary. 1roper laboratory test e uipment should be provided to customers. ).) (anpo&er -e,uirement 5 ' ) 6 3ob-site Type 3ob-site Type 1rofessional 1rofessional Type Type % % % +.-m +.-m (.+m %.+m% & & & & & & & & & &

7or!er 8perator 49)

:ngineer & & )ontroller & & Truc! diver &-( &-( --&+ --&+ %.%.& /hould be modified by the real conditions %.%.( 1ersonnel: each personnel should have proper !nowledge and s!illful experiences in order to do the #ob well

).. /tilities 6epending on the design. :lectric power ranging from &++"7--++"7 7ater re uired: from -+;iter to (++ ;iter per minute ).0 1nalysis on Product 'ost 2 Profit <n each country the prices of materials, labor, lands=etc are different> thus, the selling prices are also different the following are some ma#or items for cost analysis and for more details> the customers should rely on professional consultants. 0onthly <ncome /tatement (:stimated) /ales /elling price x ?olume )ost of goods &. 0aterial(sands, aggregates, cements=etc.) sold (. ;abor %. 6epreciation for e uipments and factory building 2. 8ther over-head @ross 1rofit 8perating 8ffice expenses (including personnel), Rental, :xpenses 'an! interest expenses and other over-head expenses :stimated income


) 6

Return on <nvestment (:stimated) Total investmentA )ost of land B e uipments B factory building B operating cash A C Return on <nvestmentA C9:A@ (ADow many month to get investment bac!) ).3 +nvironmental 'oncern The cement dust and wasted water should be re-collected by e uipments. ).4 Plant 5ayout