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The wireless technology of electronics is growing day by day. Using this technology, sensor-network arrangement such as distributed and self-organization can be constructed. A portable biomedical system can be build based on the network types available, which can monitor the patients health in real time. This system applies Zigbee communication protocol, and uses the RF transceiver. It has the characteristics of low power consumption, low cost, flexible structure and accurate measurement, and it can achieve the long-distance monitoring of patients condition in real time.

Existing System:
The existing system is based on the wired technology and they actually depend over manual operation. The users privacy is not protected in previous wired or wireless sensor network. This proves to be a major drawback in the existing system.

Proposed System:
This paper presents a half-run RC5 cipher architecture for transmission security of biomedical systems. RC5 cipher mainly includes three operations: key expansion, encryption, and decryption. Encryption/decryption typically starts operating after finishing key expansion since they need sub keys generated by the key expansion. The operation of RC5 cipher only needs three logic functions. The first one is bitwise XOR. The second one is modulo-2 addition, denoted by +, while the dual subtraction is denoted as -. The last one is rotation of words, denoted by x<<<y, It is commonly used in communication applications such as Wireless Transport Layer Security (WTLS), which is the security layer of Wireless Application Protocol (WAP). Moreover, the Zigbee protocol, which is very popular on WSAN (Wireless Sensor Area Network), recently also adopted the RC5 algorithm to protect the users privacy.

Here we monitor the patients heart beat and body temperature using sensors. The microcontroller uses the algorithm to encrypt the measured data and then it is transmitted using Zigbee. The Zigbee in the receiving end is interfaced with a PC; the data received is decrypted and monitored in the PC.

Block Diagram: Sensor Node:

Power supply

Temperature Sensor

PIC 16F877A Micro


Heart Beat Sensor


Monitoring Section:

Power supply



Hardware Requirements:
PIC 16F877A Microcontroller unit Zigbee Module PC with .Net Temperature, Heart Beat sensor. Max 232 LCD

Software Requirements:
Embedded C MP Lab or CCS Compiler

Secured data transmission. Real time updated information. Free of complex wire.