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/ur2oy #ha:raborty

6u:hwani 8esidence. 6ant Tu:aram ;agar. P#7# Pune. 7aharashtra *!! 0!<
Phone= ><!&<&'(<20&* , mail= dur2oycool?gmail.com

Objectives Become a provider of economic and feasible solutions to the complex technical problems of an engineering industry. Education Bachelor of Technology in Power Plant (2007 20!!" #$P% &.'& !2th in year 200( with &2) !0th in 200* with &+.7) Experience Proposal ,ngineer (Since 01st August 2011till date) Thermax -imited . Power /ivision (-arge Power Plant" 0ey 1b2ectives #onfiguring thermal cycle based on tender 3 en4uiry specification. performance engineering for pro2ect feasibility studies Basic engineering of the thermal power plant preparing heat and mass balance diagrams water balance diagrams

Preparing ma2or e4uipment en4uiry specifications vi5.. boiler. steam turbine generator water treatment plant ,6P. material handling obtaining offers. /iscussing and optimi5ing the specifications3si5ing criteria. #reate B17. 6election of materials and components. drawings . design calculations and related design documents 8esolving all technical 4ueries. 9nderstanding of functional re4uirements of the product and Preparing

8esume= #$;@70T$@PBA

concept design proposals . Participated in pre award 4ueries and post clarifications 3 submission of tender.

Techno commercial activities in pro2ects with the experience in tendering B bidding. costing and estimation Key projects underta en (!roposal) ;uclear Power #orporation of Cndia -imited (8%PP 7 B &" Balance 1f Turbine Csland Pac:age. %bhi2eet 0ai5en Power -imited !x'007D Balance of Plant. Cn this pro2ect C was responsible for preparing the technical proposal for all the mechanical systems. -alitpur 6uper Thermal Power Pro2ect('x((07w" Cn this pro2ect C was responsible for preparing Techno commercial bid for Euel oil handling 6ystem. ;FB, %ustralia. PT. 7adhucon 6riwi2aya Power (,P# 2x!+07D"#oal based Thermal power pro2ect in Cndonesia ! x !707D ##PP at Eenchugan2. Bangladesh This was my first $as based power plant proposal. 6ohar 8efinery ,xpansion pro2ect. G7B/ software development . !x2+07D Trisha:ti Power Proposal. P$ test of 2 x !+07D Thermal Power Plant (7eenashi ,nergy Pvt -td" 6tandardi5ation of Proposal Process. 2 x '00 7D Thermal Power Plant(B1P" So"t#are S ills Dindow Hxp. me. 7.& 76 word. Power point. . excel. %uto #%/ P n C/

!ersonal S ills

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-earning and organi5ing s:ills match with interpersonal #oordination and leadership 4uality. 6trong basics in power plant engineering. $obbies Photography. #ric:et

C hereby declared that the particular informationJs given above are true to the best of my :nowledge and brief .

/ur2oy #ha:raborty

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