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Under no cccumstances may any part of this hook be photocopied forresale SAN 0 19 4329089 Printed and bound in Spain by ‘Bookprit, SL. Barcelona Contents Introduction 4 nl G PAPER 1 READING 6 PAPER 2 WRITING 16 PAPERS USE OF ENGLISH 18 PAPER 4 LISTENING 26 PAPERS SPEAKING 31 ar Ea PAPER 1 READING 34 PAPER 2 WRITING 44 PAPERS USE OF ENGLISH 46 PAPER LISTENING 54 PAPER 5: SPEAKING 59 oe 7 PAPER 1 READING 62 PAPER 2 WRITING 72 PAPERS USE OF ENGLISH 74 PAPER LISTENING 82 PAPERS SPEAKING 87 ed 90 PAPER 1 READING 90 PAPER 2 WRITING 100 PAPERS USE OF ENGLISH 102 PAPER 4 LISTENING 110 PAPERS SPEAKING 115 ANSWER SHEETS 118 ASSESSMENT CRITERIA 121 EXPLANATORY KEY 124 PAPER 2 SAMPLE ANSWERS 208 PAPER 3 SAMPLE SUMMARIES 213 TAPESCRIPTS 215 INTRODUCTION This book contains: ‘+ Four complete Practice Tests for the Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) These tests are for the Revised CPE, in operation from December 2002. + Explanatory Key This provides full explanations of every answer to every question, including not only why correct options are correct but also why incorrect options are incorrect. All relevant vocabulary and grammatical points are fully explained, In addition, there are task-specific mark schemes for Paper 2. ‘+ Sample answers for Paper 2 (Writing) and sample summaries for Paper 3 (Use of English) ‘There is a sample answer for each of the kinds of writing required in Paper 2 (article, letter, etc.) and all the sample answers and summaries are assessed. * General assessment criteria for Paper 2, Paper 3 summary and Paper 5 (Speaking) * Sample answer sheets + Tapescripts ‘There are five Papers in the CPE exam (Exam content on pages 4 and 5 adapted from the revised CPE handbook @ UCLES 2001.) PAPER 1 READING (1 hour 30 minutes) PART|TEXT(S) QUESTION FOCUS NUMBER |MARKS| TYPE OF as 1 [Sshorttexts, each with |4option mulple-choice [semantic precision, colocation, 78 78 gaps 1 mark per question [complementation idioms, fixed jhrases, phrasal verbs | | 2 |@ shor texts, linked to | option multiple-choice, comprehension of detal, opinion, 8 76 {common theme 2 questions per text attitude, implication, tone, gist, . 2 marks per question purpose and styistic features | 3 [Tiong text, with?” | choice of @ paragraphs tofilthe [text structure, cohesion and 7 74 paragraphs missing [gaps organization, and global meaning 2 marks per question 4 [Tiong text “option multiple-choice jas Part2 7 4 2 marks per question Tora | 40 @ PAPER 2 WRITING (2 hours) Answers assessed on following criteria: relevance of content to task set, range of language used, accuracy of language used, appropriacy of register and format, organization and cohesion of answer, and effect on target reader. PART] QUESTION TYPE MARKS 1___ | compulsory: article, letter, essay oF proposal, 300-350 words 20 2 | choice of one: article, letter, proposal, review or report 20 (choice of one from three set book questions’, 300-350 words | the set books are specified in the exam regulations and change from year to year, ‘so these have not been included in this book. Tora | 40 =o Inieoduction i) PER 1 READING 1 hour 30 minutes PART 1 For questions 1-18, read the three texts below and decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits each gap. Mark your answers on the separate answer sheet. The US Bicenten ‘Such was the national mood in early 1976 that plans for a mammoth celebration of the bicentennial in Philadelphia had been quietly (1)... . But when the Fourth of July 1976 came round things. There were parades, there were speeches, there were picnics, there were fireworks. The flag waved everywhere, and everywhere people (8)... their brains for permanently useful schemes, such as the restoration of old buildings or the opening of new parks, with which to mark the ‘not seem so gloomy (2)...... So up and down the country they celebrated. bicentennial. And by a (4) ... of real genius, the last great sailing-ships of the world were called to New York harbour, a summer parade of dizzy (6) .... and clouds of white canvas, to express. by their beauty some of the faith in themselves, their past and their future which the American people were renewing. The whole affair was exactly the tonic for the national (6) ... that was needed, 1 A dropped B quit © renounced —-D__desisted 2 A forthat matter B bytheway © whatsoever ~~ attorall 3 A wrnched ——B__ strained © racked D sprained 4 A blow B stroke © blast D stamp 5 A spires B rods © posts D masts 6 A morale B temper © frame D complexion Test Paper Reading Reading People Recently | went out to dinner with a friend and her new boyfriend. She had been (7)... for weeks about what a kind, considerate, engaging person he was. He had truly (8)... her off her feet. Within minutes of meeting him I thought ‘Boy, has he got her fooled!” At the restaurant, he curtly announced his reservation to the maitre without so (9)... as a glimmer of courtesy. He proceeded to interrogate the waiter about the menu as if he were conducting a criminal investigation, and then (10).. exuding charm and grace to those of us at the table whom he (11)... worthy of his attention and. at the young man who brushed against him as he served his water. Meanwhile, he was ‘good humour. It was clear to me that he was a nice guy only when it (12)... his purpose, ‘Little people’ didn’t rate. Truly kind, thoughtful and confident people do not treat others in dramatically different ways depending on their mood or their perception of what someone can do for them. A acclaiming BB fuming craving D extolling A plucked B swept © dragged D hoisted A much B ter © great D_long 10 A winked B glared C peeped D eyed 11 A pondered B discriminated C weighed D deemed 12 A met B realized C performed =D served The Street Entertainers Itwas a cloudless afternoon as we sat at the front of the crowd and watched the Gnaoua dancing. They wore embroidered caps fringed with cowrie shells which (19)... ike bells when they moved. ‘They played their tall drums and danced in the square on most afternoons, "Where do they come from?" | asked Mum. “They are a Senegalese tribe from West Africa, The King of Morocco has always employed them as his personal drummers.” “Because they're so beautiful?" | asked, (14)... he elegant wrists and ankles of the dancers as their cymbals rang out in (18) ... to the men’s drumming hands. “Maybe, Khadija, a solemn-faced gitl, wriggled through the crowd and (16)... down on the floor next to me. ‘Hello, Khadija,’ my mother sald, noticing her, and Khadija smiled a big gap-toothed (17)..... She touched my arm and pointed through the crowd across the square to where a group of people were beginning to (18) ....‘Hadaoui,’ she said and began to move towards them, looking over her shoulder to see that | was following. 13 A lattered B clunked © titered D tinkled 14 A esteeming —-B_revering © delighting ——«»D__admiring 15 A beat B tempo © time D harmony 16 A huddled B squatted © hunched D stooped ' 17 A grimace B sneer © scowl Darin 18 A gather B stack © heap D draw Tet Paper 1 Reading