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&he &he/ndustr7 /ndustr7

) hat ) hat

is Net%ork M a rketin"; is Net%ork M a rketin"; is Direct Sellin"; is Direct Sellin";

N et%ork marketin" is an important component of direct sellin" businesses< %here commission is paid not onl7 based on one8s o%n product sales< but on the product sales of one8s =Do%nline> ?the people a distributor has brou"ht into the business@9

) hat ) hat

Direct sellin" is defined as the sale of a consumer product or ser$ice< person-toperson< a%a7 from a fixed retail location9
Source: Direct Sellin" +ssociation ?DS+@ %%%9dsa9or"

+ +

&h ri$in"< #loba l /ndustr7 &h ri$in"< #loba l /ndustr7

)orld%ide S ales: USD 00A billion

Source: ) orld Federation of Direct Sellin" +ssociations ?) FDS+@ %%%9%fdsa9or"- Statistics released BB Februar7 BC0C

)orld%ide S ales Force: 2D million people

&he &he, rofession , rofession

) hat ) hat

&he opportunit7 lies in the promotion of hi"h-Eualit7 products b7 independent distributors to others9 Distributors earn commission b7:
&heir o%n product purchasesF
, urchases , urchases

is t h e Business 4pportunit7; is t h e Business 4pportunit7;

of products b7 retail customers< %hom the current distributor has introduced to the compan7>s productsF

of products b7 fello% distributors or prospecti$e distributors< %hom the current distributor has introduced to the compan7>s products and also to the business plan9

Distributors can run their o%n business< %ith minimal o$erheads< be their o%n boss< and set their o%n %ork hours9 , otential income from the business opportunit7 is proportionate to time and effort in$ested in the business b7 a distributor9

) hat ) hat

N4& an offer of emplo7mentG + distributor is independent9 N4& a ="et-rich-Euick> schemeG /t t a kes time< %ork a nd effort9 N4&an in$estment opportunit7G /t is a business9 N4&a p7ramid schemeG + distributor is N4& p a id for recruitin"F a distributor is onl7 p a id for t h e s a le of products b7 one>s self a nd one>s Do%nlines9

it is N4& it is N4&

+ sustainable net%ork is comprised of distributors %ho ha$e the same opportunit7 as one another to make the same or e$en more income than the person %ho introduced them to the business opportunit7 H =uplines do not necessaril7 earn more income than =do%nlines>9 + ne% distributor can Euickl7 pro"ress throu"h the ranks in their net%orkin" career b7 buildin" a stable< professional and ethical business< %orkin" hard< and committin" themsel$es to the fi$e beha$iours of a professional net%orker:

( E &+/./ N ( E ! ( U M+N+#/N # & ( +/ N / N # ( E & + / N #


+ distributor can achie$e =promotion> b7 encoura"in" other distributors %ithin their o%n team to achie$e promotionF &his is opposite from the corporate %orld< %here promotion usuall7 threatens the hi"her positions %ithin the compan79 &herefore< buildin" a sustainable net%ork results in a ) / N-)/ Nsituation for all parties in$ol$ed %ith a net%ork marketin" compan79

Buildin"a Susta ina ble Net%ork Buildin"a Susta ina ble Net%ork

&he &heBusiness Business

! ompensa ! ompensa

&here are three steps to "et started in the I N et business

tion , la n tion , la n

09E nrol B9Iualif7 19+cti$ate

! omplete

the IN et / ( M embership ,rocess< %ith t%o Membership options:

4 , &/4N 0: Members h ip Fee * 5irtu a l INet Members h ip , a ck a "e USD 0C ?one-7ear membership< one-7ear hostin" of / ( , ersonal )ebsite< 5irtual I N etE ssential BC0C starter kit@ 4 , &/4N B: Members h ip Fee * , h 7sic a l & 5irtu a l Members h ip , a ck a "e USD JC ?one-7ear membership< one-7ear hostin" of / ( , ersonal )ebsite< , h7sical & 5irtual IN etE ssential BC0C starter kits< deli$ered to 7our door@

Kou are "i$en three ?1@ F( E E &rackin" ! entres ?& ! s@ arran"ed in a 1-Header confi"uration Kou a re no%a n /ndependent (epresent a ti$e ?/(@6

09 Enrol 09 Enrol

Kou must Eualif7 at least one of 7our &! s b7 "eneratin" a minimum Eualif7in" $olume of one ?0@ IU 5 ?Iualif7in" U nit 5olume@ per & ! b7 either: Sellin" a product to a ( etail ! ustomer 4( M akin" a , ersonal , urchase

B9 Iua lif7 B9 Iua lif7

&o be an acti$ated / ( < 7ou need to appl7 either one belo%: , ersonal Sponsorship ? D ir e c t( e f e r r a l@ Self-+cti$ation ?Full7 Iualif7in" +CC0< +CCB & +CC1@

a 9 Sell a product to a ( etail! ustomer b 9 M ake a , ersonal , urchase

1 9 + cti$a 1 9 + cti$a

te te

Kou a re no% re a d7 to "ro% 7our business a nd ea rn6 +s a IN et / ( < 7ou are able to earn income throu"h four ?A@ %a7s:

! ompensa ! ompensa

tion , la n tion , la n 09( etail , rofit B9First, urchase( etail, rofit 19Iuick Start! ommission A9Step! ommission

&he &he! ompa n7 & , roducts ! ompa n7 & , roducts

L)e offer the best products in the ri"ht business9 )e support 7our business %ith our %orld-class< around-the-clock customer support centre< trainin" e$ents< and "lobal offices and a"ents to ensure 7ou ha$e access to %hat 7ou need to succeed9M

ana"in" Director I N et

M a7er

/nternational direct sellin" compan7 %ith a proud +sian herita"e< established in 0JJO9 4ffices in 0J countries %ith millions of customers %orld%ide9 +n opportunit7 for indi$iduals to start and run their o%n business throu"h the promotion of Eualit7 lifest7le products9
B acked b7 stron" product research & de$elopment< pro$en business plan< business tools< trainin"< on"oin" business support< and a %orld-class e ! ommerce platform9

/nno$ati$e and exclusi$e products

N utritional supplements , ersonal care items

Home care solutions

)ellness and ener"7 products .uxur7 and collectible items 5acation packa"es &elecommunications +ccessories

) hat ) hat

is INet; is INet;

ot all products are a$ailable in all markets9

/ndustr7 memberships

Direct Sellin" +ssociation Sin"apore ?DS+S@

M ala7sian Direct Distributors +ssociation ?M DD+@ B usiness E thics /nstitute of M ala7sia ?B E /M @ ! ontact ! entre )orld , latinum M ember ? N S# B A P M ultilin"ual ! ontact ! entre@ ! ustomer ( elationship M ana"ement & ! ontact ! entre +ssociation ? M ala7sia@ ? N S# B

A P M ultilin"ual ! ontact ! entre@

/ndustr7 e$ents

! onsumer +ssociation of Sin"apore E $ent H Sponsor E lite N et%ork M arketin" ! onference ? E N M ! @ H Sponsor +sian B lo""ers & Social M edia ! onference H 4fficial e ! ommerce , artner Dubai Direct Sellin" Festi$al H , articipant )orld Federation of Direct Sellin" +ssociations ?)FDS+@ )orld ! onference

orporate reco"nition

H , articipant

! arin" ! ompan7 +%ard ?BCCP-CJ@ b7 Hon" Qon" ! ouncil of Social Ser$ice ! ase&rust ?Storefront@ accreditation for # ood B usiness , ractices ( eco"nition one of the leadin" companies in /ndonesian industr7 b7 D U /&6 entrepreneur


+ ! ompa + ! ompa

n7 Kou n7 Kou

!an !an

&rust &rust

! orpora ! orpora

te ! ommitment te ! ommitment

5ision # lobal .eader in Direct Sellin" Mission ( K&H M ?( aise Kourself &o Help M ankind@ ! ore 5 a lues S9&9/9( 9 Ser$ice &eam%ork /nte"rit7 (esults 4riented

#loba l (ea ch < .oca l, resence #loba l (ea ch < .oca l, resence
Qe7 markets: Southeast +sia< Southern +sia< N orthern & ! entral +sia< the M iddle E ast< +frica9 Future expansion planned for E urope< N orth & South +merica9 .ocalised companies: M ala7sia< the, hilippines< /ndia< &ai%an< Sri .anka9 Soon to follo% are Sin"apore< &urke7< /ndonesia< the U + E < &hailand< amon" other ke7 re"ions9

&ra inin" is th e Qe7 &ra inin" is th e Qe7

, roducts & Ser$ices , olicies & , rocedures B usiness M odel ! ompensation , lan ! ode of E thics , rofessional M arketin"

IN et re"ularl7 holds intensi$e< interestin" and interacti$e trainin" pro"rammes and business de$elopment sessions in local markets for customers %ishin" to benefit from the business opportunit79

Business &ools for th e Business &ools for th e /ndependent Business Entrepreneur /ndependent Business Entrepreneur
usiness ,lanner set ,roduct ,ortfolio set Master !ollection D5D ,roduct &rainin" D5D /( B usiness !ards

U p to 00 lan"ua"es 5irtual: e B ooks< , DFs< presentations< streamin" mo$ies , h7sical: brochures< booklets< D5Ds< merchandise

asp/ ( em a " a 'in e

%%%9Enet9net asp/ ( e

+ +

on$entions< e$ents< product exhibitions and launches< net%orkin" seminars< and more6 Held throu"hout the 7ear around the %orld in partnership %ith &he 5< I N et>s trainin" and net%ork mana"ement partner9 +nnual "lobal con$entions Iuarterl7 re"ional con$entions 5arious %orld tours & road sho%s
, roduct launches ! S ( e $ e n ts

#loba l Fa mil7 #loba l Fa mil7

& exhibitions

H ere H ere

IN et speaks the lan"ua"e of the %orld %ith t%o multilin"ual # lobal! ustomer Ser$ice ! entres mana"ed b7 I N et>s professional team of customer support experts in our N et%ork Support # roup ? N S # @9
+rabic< B ahasa M ela7u< B ambara< B obo< ! antonese< E n"lish< Farsi< French< # urunci< Hausa< Hindi< M ala7alam< M andarin< , unRabi<( ussian< &amil< &elu"u< &urkish< %ith more comin"

to Ser$e to Ser$e

/nternational +ccreditation
, latinum M ember of ! ontact ! entre )orld Member of ! ustomer ( elationship Mana"ement

industr7 association & !ontact !entre +ssociation ? Mala7sia@

+n7time< +n7%here ?BA P@

)e ! 9+9 ( 9 E -- ! ommit9 +ct9 ( espect9 E mpathise9

+ +

Net%ork of Success Net%ork of Success

%%%9Enet9net blo"

%%%9Enet9net facebook %%%9Enet9net 7outube %%%9Enet9net t%itter %%%9Enet9net flickr

&housands* dail7 uniEue $isitors to public %ebsite

M illions* dail7 pa"es IN et 5irtual 4ffice

$ie%s of public %ebsite

Heart of / ( s> business

# enealo"7< commission reports< transactions Secure e ! ommerce platform N e%s & important announcements 4nlineB usiness &ools & resources

+ccess to online eStore

e! ommerce Net%ork Ma rketin" e! ommerce Net%ork Ma rketin"

Do Business+ n7%h ere<+ n7time Do Business+ n7%h ere<+ n7time

INet 5irtu a l 4ffice & eStore allo%s business transactions and product purchases from an7%here there is an /nternet connection9

/( , erson a l) ebsiteputs the po%er of /nternet marketin" in the hands of distributors from an7%here in the %orld %ith a customisable< personalised %ebsite9

INet Mobile sitea nd a pplica tions make doin" business on-the-"o as eas7 as sendin" an S M S or openin" a mobile bro%ser9
eStore /( ,ersonal )ebsite Mobile Site & +pps

ultilin"ual %ebsite< eStore & 5irtual 4ffice 7ber ort< Hon" Qon"

4peratin" on ad$anced e ! ommerce platform


! ontent

Distribution N et%orks ? ! D N @

+d$anced stabilit7< reliabilit7< performance< securit7

Kou>re in Sa feH a nds Kou>re in Sa feH a nds

) orld%ide ) orld%ide

Superm a rket Superm a rket

&housands* dail7 shipments "loball7 .o"istics hubs %ith computerised %arehouses and ad$ance )arehouse M ana"ement S7stems in Hon" Qon"< M ala7sia & U nited +rab E mirates

4nline trackin" in real-time< BA hours a da7

QNet Presentation
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&his is a pri$ate document9

"n#o and ating

(eads: A<022 Uploaded: 0C CD BC0C !ate"or7: Uncategorized. (ated:
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!op7ri"ht: +ttribution Non-commercial Follo%


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