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Gazette Date: 31/12/2012 Last Date: 06 /02/2013 Category No: 673/2012 Applications are invited online only by One

Time Registration from qualified candidates for the under mentioned post. 1 Department : Education !ame of post ( ) #cale of pay !o. of vacancies : "igh #chool Assistant $!atural #cience% &alayalam &edium 'y Transfer : 14,620-25,280/: ` District *ise 1.Thiruvananthapuram . +ollam (. ,athanamthitta ). Alappu-ha .. +ottayam / 0du11i 2. Erna1ulam 3. Thrissur 5. ,ala11ad 16. &alappuram 11. +o-hi1ode 1 7ayanad 1( +annur 1) +asaragod Anticipated 4acancies

!ote:8 $i% 0n the absence recruitment.

of suitable candidates the vacancies set apart

for 'y Transfer

recruitment shall be filled by the 9andidates from the Ran1ed :ist prepared for direct $ii% The applicant should be an approved probationer;full member of the +erala Education subordinate service as on the date of application.

$iii #eparate ran1ed list *ill be prepared for each district in pursuance of this notification. % Ran1ed list thus prepared and published by the 9ommission shall remain in force for a minimum period of one year< sub=ect to the condition that the said list *ill continue to be in force till the publication of a ne* list after the e>piry of the minimum period of one year or till the e>piry of three years *hich ever is earlier. 9andidates *ill be advised for appointment against the vacancies< if any< reported during the currency of the list. 0n case no candidate is advised from the ran1ed list till the e>piry of the period of three years< the duration of the ran1ed list shall be e>tended for a further period of one year or till at least one candidate is advised from the list *hichever is earlier. $iv The selection in pursuance of this notification *ill be made on a Revenue District % basis<sub=ect to the special conditions laid do*n in ?.O$&s% !o 1.);21;,D dated 2;6.;1521. A candidate advised for appointment in one Revenue district from the ran1ed list prepared is not eligible for transfer to another district unless he;she completes . years continuous service from the date of commencement of service in the former district. Even if transfer is allo*ed after . years<it *ill be sub=ect to the rules in ?O$&#% !o.);/1;,D dated<6 .61.15/1. 'ut as per the ?O $p% !o.1 ;5/;,@ARD dated 1/.(.155/ the condition of . years service is not applicable for transfer to the districts of 0du11i< 7ayanad and +asargod districts. The concession *ill be available only for getting transfer to these districts< but not for getting transfer out of these districts. And this concession *ill be granted only once in the career of a ?overnment #ervant 9andidates already in ?overnment service holding the same post in any one district are prohibited from applying again for this post<but they can apply to higher posts *hen notified. $v% Application should not be submitted to more than one district in response to this notification. 0f applications are submitted contrary to the above direction and if selected his;her name *ill be removed from the ran1ed lists and disciplinary action *ill be ta1en against him;her .9andidates should note the name of concerned district against the relevant column of the online application. $vi%The Rules regarding the reservation of appointment contemplated in Article 1) to 12 in ,art 00 of the +#@##R are not applicable to recruitment by transfer.

. /

&ethod of appointment Age limit 2. Aualifications:8

: :

Recruitment by transfer !ot applicable.

$A% A degree in the concerned sub=ect and '.Ed;'T in the concerned sub=ect conferred or recogni-ed by the Bniversities in +erala $9oncerned sub=ects are specified in !ote $ii% belo*. !ote :8 $i% $ii% $iii% $iv% Diploma in Rural #ervice a*arded by the !ational 9ouncil for Rural "igher Education *ill also be treated as equivalent to Degree for the above purpose The applicats should have ta1en 'otony or Coology or "ome#cience or &icro 'iology as &ain sub=ects for graduation or post graduation. Auestion papers for *ritten test if any *ill be in &alayalam. The candidates should ans*er the questions in &alayalam. The disciplines in Degree and '.Ed Degree obtained should be mentioned in brac1ets in the application form. Those candidates *ho secured '.Ed;'.T Degree from the Bniversities outside +erala should note in the application form< the number and date of relevant orders declaring the said degree as equivalent to those prescribed for this selection. The copies of such order shall be produced before the commission *hen it is called for #ervice as 9ler1;Typist; Attender;,eon in the Education Department *ith not less than . years as on the date of application. 9andidates should 1eep a service certificate $in original% in the form prescribed belo* from the "ead of Office ;Department and produce as and *hen called for.



#ervice 9ertificate
1 !ame of 9andidate !ame of ,ost held by the applicant *ith scale of pay ( ) . / 2 !ame of the Department in *hich no* *or1ing !ame of the #ubordinate #ervice to*hich the applicant belongs Date of commencement of #ervice and date of 9ommencement of ,robation 7hether the applicant is an approved ,robationer or Dull &ember of the #ervice 9ommunity and Religion as entered in the #ervice Records $0n the case of #9;#T;O'9 only% : : : : : : :

#ervice ,articulars #l !o !ame of post held Drom ,eriod :ength of #ervice Date of declaration of ,robation Days




Total #ervice

9ertified that the above details in respect of #hri;#mt.......................................................*ho is an approved ,robationer; Dull member of the......................................................................#ubordinate service have been verified by me *ith service particulars as given in the #ervice 'oo1 of the 9andidate and that they are found correct. Also certified that #hri; eligible to apply for the post of "igh #chool Assistant $!atural #cience%&alayalam &edium 'y Transfer as per the provisions contained in Rule $1(% of ,art 0< +#@## Rule 15.3 #ignature : !ame @ ,lace: Date: $Office #eal% 3 :ast date for receipt of applications: 6/;6 ;. 61( 7ednesday up to1 .66 midnight. : Designation of the "ead of office:

&ode of submitting applications 9andidates shall register as per FO!E T0&E RE?0#TRAT0O! F system on the Official 7ebsite

of +erala ,ublic #ervice 9ommission F***.1eralapsc.orgF for applying for the post. 9andidates *ho have registered shall apply by logging in to their profile using their Bser8 0D and pass*ord. 9andidates shall clic1 on the FApply !o*F button of the respective posts in the !otification lin1 for applying for a post. !o application fee is required. 9andidates can vie* and have a print8out of the details in the profile by clic1ing the lin1 Registration 9ard< if required. 9andidates are responsible for the correctness of the personal information and secrecy of pass*ord. 'efore applying for a post< candidates must ensure correctness of the information in their profile. They must quote the Bser8 0D for further communication *ith the 9ommission. Applications once submitted *ill be received as provisional and particulars shall not be deleted or altered after submission. Applications submitted not in accordance *ith the conditions of the notification *ill be summarily re=ected. Documents to prove qualification< community< age etc. have to be produced as and *hen called for 16 11 Address to *hich applications are to be submitted: *** 0f a *ritten test;O&R test is conducted as part of the selection Admission Tic1ets of eligible candidates *ill be made available in the *ebsite of +erala ,ublic #ervice 9ommission. 9andidates are instructed to do*nload their Admission Tic1ets as per the instructions given in the *ebsite. $Dor details< including photo< 0D 9ard etc please see the ?eneral 9onditions given %

,.9.'0!OE #E9RETARE +ERA:A ,B':09 #ER409E 9O&&0##0O!