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MS Series - Modular Multistage Pump

MS Series - Modular Multistage Pump

The SIHImulti pumps are horizontal multistage centrifugal pumps of ring-section design, which meet the View Performance technical requirements of ISO 5199 / EN 25199. Curve Benefits: SIHImulti Advanced modular design reduces the number of parts while maximizing interchangeability. Optimal selection of impeller diameter and diffuser size installed in a standardized casing ensures that the pump matches the required duty for each application.

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The first stage of each pump size is equipped with a low required NPSH suction impeller. Axial thrust is hydraulically balanced by a patented balanced drum system with self-adjusting throttle device. Generously sized angular contact ball bearings absorb residual thrust. The pump can be built with an axial, vertical, left or right suction and a vertical, left or right discharge in any combination. All pump sizes can be provided with one or more "dummy" stages, if required. Features: SIHImulti The pump is driven from the discharge side and the rotor is supported on the side by grease-lubricated anti-friction bearings and on the suction side by self-adjusting sleeve bearing lubricated by the pumped liquid. The pump feet are mounted to the suction and discharge casings in such a manner that the suction casing (for suction casings with radial branch) and discharge casing can be swung to suit the installation conditions. Casing components are sealed by O-rings and held together with tie rods. The balancing line is returned to the suction casing or to the upstream vessel. The mechanical shaft seal is located on the drive side only. Sealing can be (cooled or uncooled) single acting mechanical seal, packed gland (cooled or uncooled) or double-acting mechanical seal (uncooled). Technical Data: Flow rate Head Speed Temperature Pressure Rating Shaft seal Industries: Power Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants Irrigation Chemical & Process Pharmaceutical Food And many More Applications: Boiler feed Condensate systems Pressure boosting Irrigation High pressure cleaning Heating Waterworks, and water supply Reverse osmosis Chemical and Process And many more ... max. 1100 GPM (250 m/h) max. 2067 feet (630 m) max. 3600 rpm 14 to 356 F (-10 to +180C) max. 914 psi (63 bar) mechanical seal packed gland

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