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Anomalous Realities - The Cosmic Crack

About 35 years ago I encountered the book 'The Crack in The Cosmic Egg' - an intellectual book that sought to explain reality by looking at 'the cracks'

The idea !as that in the "e! locations !here 'reality cracked'# !e could "ind the true deepest esoteric ideas about the !orld !e li$e !ithin The author o"ten used the 'miracles' o" Casta%eda's '&on 'uan' (a )exican Indian *orcerer+# the 'miracles' o" Jesus in the bible# and 'miracles' such as !alking across hot coals - as the 'cracks' to be examined ,o!# I !ill not ruin a great read - but - in a nut shell - 'The Crack In The Cosmic Egg' author - chose the concept o" belie" - as the 'ultimate ans!er- - to '!hat makes our reality'

It !as to be this 'belie"' that allo!ed Castaneda to obser$e &on 'uan's other world - !hich !as as REA. as ours It !as this 'belie"' that allo!ed Jesus to !alk on !ater and to manipulate the $isual reality 'ust as it !as the 'belie"' o" the "ire!alkers - that allo!ed them to cross and not e$en ha$e their robes or clothes a""ected ,o!# the concept that 'other realities' exist - is a po!er"ul one

Religions# !hich still ha$e a grip on the minds o" many in humanity# are based on the concept *cientists# ha$e told us that 'dimensional realities' may exist

*haman ha$e s!orn to it that special consensus realities exist/ as ha$e .*& users 0ut# 1hat examples exist o" such realities that &2,'T in$ol$e the religious $isions# science "indings and speculations# or occultish or drugged 'states o" mind'3 4as 'reality' gi$en us all clues to 'the cosmic crack'3 1hat kind o" 'clues' exist that seem to sho! REA. Anomalous Realities (RAR+3 1ell# I can think o" se$eral that I o"ten like to 'thro! out there' - as being - A Seam Of The Cosmic Bubble Of Real

And# to me# that 'seam o" real' has at least se$eral $ariations I'd like my readership to consider The "irst is the appearance o" &oppelgangers into our reality 5or those that are ne! to the Doppelganger term - I'm using it to represent those cases !here a '&ead' 6erson# is seen in '.i$ing 5orm' in our reality 4istorical cases ha$e included 'immigrants' !ho died !hile crossing the ocean - being seen in the "lesh in the streets o" !here they li$ed in Europe (o"ten at the time o" death - but# a"ter!ards too+ - in addition to occasional 'Ci$il 1ar' &oppelgangers that get reported "rom time to time Certainly# these examples point to a reality that has anomalous cracks and !hich should be a sub7ect o" study The same can be said o" !hat I call 'shared sub7ecti$e reals' 2ne example is indeed# the shared realities that Castaneda is said to ha$e 'shared' !ith Don Juan - NonOrdinar Realities Indeed# in the back o" the "irst Castaneda book about &on 'uan there is a section called 'A *tructural Analysis' - !hich# Carlos uses to describe the attributes that "ormed that non-ordinary reality that he obser$ed and experienced as a participant "irsthand Indeed# this 'ability' to 'go to a ne! landscape' - to a ne! reality - also exists in nearly the exact state

described by Charles Tart in his book 'Altered *tate' in a section called !utual " pnosis

8ia a particular method o" hypnosis - t!o or e$en more participants could enter into a 'ne! mutually shared reality' Certainly# these experiences must be sur"ing along one o" the Cosmic Crac#s too - don't you think3 ,o!# ob$iously# the &oppelganger 'crack' seems to occur as an anomaly in our 'outer mutual common consensus' reality 1hereas# the !utual " pnosis $crac#$ seems to occur as an anomaly o" real !ithin an 'inner special consensus' reality 0ut# both break thru - to pro$ide a real experience - "or the obser$er And# both are representati$e o" o" real anomalous realities that challenge the Cosmic Crac#%