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CLASSICAL DYNAMICS BY JOSE & SALETAN (CAMRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS, 1998, 2000,2002) ANSWERS TO PROBLEMS Revised May, © José & Saletan ‘To the Instructor: ‘This manual contains detailed solutions to virtnally all the problems in Classical Dynamics, We would be grateful for comments or corrections. We would also be grateful for other problems (with solutions) that we conld put on a web site (without the solutions). With yonr consent we would give yon credit for any problems used. Please be aware that the manual is for your use only; please handle it discreetly, We are anxious not to have it circulate widely, for if it were to become available to students, the problem sets in the book would be nseless as learning tools. Please do not share it in its entirety with graduate-student graders, to whom you may want to give the solutions to specific assigned problems. We count on your care in this matter. A technique we have used, imperfect though itt is, has been to post answers to assigned problems on a website for a limited period (say a week). For any questions or suggestions you can reach us at onr E-mail addresses: jiv@neu.edu saletan@neu.edn Jonge V. José Engene J. Saletan NNER II OR REED cuaprer 1 Problem 1. A gun is mounted on a hill of height h above a level plane. Neglecting air resistance, find the angle of elevation a for the greatest horizontal range at a given muzzle speed v . Find this range. Solution. Horizontal: © = vt cosa; vertical y = A+ utsina — 2gt?. y (P) vP sina ~ 3gT? +h = 0. Solution is (+s fy tg Write €(a) = ge (P) fo’ Caleylate 2 (a) = 0 (multiply by the square ost) to get 8a eis ee] BE wo visin | feos? a = sin? a] —cos2a. Write A= 2hg/e%, B= cos 2a. Note cos? — sin? = cos2a, 2sin?a = Solve for B: pee Biityh Some algvbra yields B = A/ (A +2) => cos 2a aon Note: Checks in the limits h= 0 (=+ a= 7/4) and h + 00 (=+ a = 0). Problem 2. A mass m slides without friction on a plane tilted at an angle @ in ‘8 vertical uniform gravitational field g . The plane itself is on rollers and is free to move horizontally, also without frietion; it has mass M. Pind the acceleration A of the plane and the acceleration a of the mass m.