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Slave Lake Regional Library Regular Board Meeting

September 11, 2013 Library Staff Room Present: Kendra McRee, Linda Munroe, Margaret Thunder, John Buck Shane Parmar (Library manager), Darcy Acton, Mark Missal, Peggy Laing. Call to order at 7:08 p.m. by Margaret Thunder Adoption of the Agenda Motion 118-13 to accept the Agenda as amended Moved by Darcie Acton Carried Motion 119-13 Approval of the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Board August 14, 2013 as amended Moved by Peggy Laing Carried The Librarian will post the minutes of the board meetings on the websites for Slave Lake, Flatbush and Smith after they are approved by the board. (This is a repeat of Motion 110-13 of the Regular Board Meeting on August 14, 2013. Business arising (New Business) 1. Correspondence Several applications have been received for the board positions. These were referred. 2. Olive Branch Committee Mark talked to Gord about the check. The Librarian received it the following week. Mark talked about a formal H.R. agreement which the Town is ready to have which will clarify roles and responsibilities. Gordon Lundy is expecting the Axia invoice which the town will submit for reimbursement. 3. FOIP Information there is training available online which gives a certificate when you are done. What is the cost? Motion 120-13: Shane to review the document on FOIP and make a recommendation to the board. Moved by Mark Missal Carried 4. Policy Committee Grievance and Exit Interview. The Policy Committee will meet to develop policies on this area on Sept 30, 2013.

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Business Arising (Old Business) 1. Performance appraisal of the library manager H.R. Committee to meet on Sept 23, 2013. They will communicate a date to Shane. 2. Furniture at Lakeland Place. Linda to bring her truck down and take a load to the Take-it or Leave-it. 3. Darcy and Graham to meet and discuss Spikes wishes. The Endowment can be set up in a number of different ways or a Board Restricted Fund which holds the money for 10 years can be established. 4. Grand Opening Discussion of the order of events. Reports 1. Financial Reports 2. Librarians Report.

Motion 121-13: to move in-camera at 9:05 p.m. Moved by Peggy Carried Motion 122-13: to move out of camera at 9:35 p.m. Moved by Mark Carried The next meeting of the Board will be October 9, 2013. NB: The November meeting will be the Annual General Meeting. Motion 123-13 to Adjourn at 9:37 p.m. Moved by Margaret Carried

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