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Artisan 3D Advanced radar, target indication, situational awareness & navigation

A trusted partner We are at the forefront of radar technology, delivering sensor systems that give commanders superior situational awareness and targeting solutions.
Artisan 3D optimises medium-to-long range air and surface surveillance plus weapon systems target designation. Its architecture, developed from proven technology, is future-proofed. Artisan 3D has been selected by the Royal Navy as its main medium range surveillance and target designation radar for surface ships. Key performance features: Realises the full potential of modern anti-aircraft warfare (AAW) missile systems and is adaptable for future ship defence weapon systems Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) components provide high operational availability and reliability Provides unrivalled performance in the littoral, particularly detecting of fast inshore attack craft and small airborne targets in clutter Delivers the track quality for air traffic management Fulfils secondary navigation role Makes a significant contribution to tactical situational awareness in the primary sensor role World beating electronic protection measures maintain detection ranges even when attacked by complex jammers A software-centric radar, enabling ease of capability upgrade Electronic stabilisation will give a smaller, lighter masthead envelope and higher reliability.
ARTIST Commander

Above Decks

Solid state transmitter distributed in antenna 60% Commander based

Turning Unit


Below Decks
EPM building on Sampson & ARTIST
Turning Control Unit
Signal Generator & Receive Cabinet (SGRC) 50% Sampson 20% Commander 30% Bespoke

Antenna Cooling Cabinet

Antenna Power Cabinet (APC) 70% COTS

Data Processing & Control Cabinet (DPCC) 30% LRR 20% LFE 10% ARTIST 40% Bespoke

Commonality with existing radars

Antenna Low weight design (including co-mounted IFF antenna) Horizontal beamwidth Antenna rotation rate

Performance data < 900 kg Maximum instrumented range Maximum elevation coverage < 2.5 degrees Minimum range 30 rpm

Transmitter > 200 km Frequency band > 70 degrees Type E/F band Solid state transmit modules

< 200 metres Transmitter modes minimum navigation mode or full power 3D tracking capacity (air & surface) > 800 targets Stabilisation Electronic Frequency agility Elevation accuracy < 0.7 degree Low sidelobes Track declaration range Built in sidelobe blanking Maritime aircraft > 185 km Missile > 50 km Air cooled Functional aspects 3D air surveillance with fast target alerts Secondary navigation surface surveillance Surface gun fire support Jammer suppression and surveillance Identification friend or foe (IFF) interrogation support Weapons system support. Low through-life costs MTTR < 30 minutes MTBCF > 4500 hours No single point failures in antenna provides graceful degradation maintaining fight function. Processing Digital adaptive beamforming Digital pulse compression Doppler processing using adaptive MTD filters Advanced track extraction Sophisticated classification support Optimised for weapon system performance.

Technical data System: Four operating modes all at 30 rpm Fully automatic detection and tracking Unique to class digital adaptive beamforming provides immunity to jamming and interference.

INSTALLATION The equipment footprint and ships services required Equipment Antenna Signal generation and receive cabinet Data processing cabinet Antenna power cabinet Antenna cooling cabinet Turning control unit

Height 1.35m 1.56m 1.56m 1.56m 1.56m 0.8m

Width 4.1m 0.69m 0.69m 0.75m 0.9m 0.6m

Depth 1.6m 0.68m 0.68m 0.68m 0.68m 0.25m

Ships chilled water None air cooled 4 l/min 6 l/min 5 l/min 49 l/min None

Ships power None 2 KVA 3 KVA 15 KVA 18 KVA 2 KVA

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