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Video games
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In the age of the enlightenment its been the scourge of the 21st century however there are people who suggest that video games are not all that they are cut out to be. Video games have been around sense 1947. he first video game was a missile he game focuses mainly on

simulator called !athode ray tube.

target practice. "ot all games are made #ust for fun some primarily focus on ma$ing you a better performer. %ames can improve your refle&es' critically thin$ing mentally stimulates your brain to $eep firing wiring and some games can give you daily e&ercise hand eye coordination and relieve aggression. herefor games can actually improve you as a human being.

he only thing that you should focus on when buying a game is as$ing yourself that one (uestion' could this be good for me) *hat can this do for me or to me or to me) he really bloody and

gory games have had some history in creating violent children. +owever what if the child was already violent or aggressive. Violent games have the tendency to relieve the built up aggression without harming that innocent person.

here is a game called world of war craft' and its main focus it to open your imagination. *hat you do in the game is you build worlds from the bottom up. ,ou create your own

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monsters and you defeat them. Its a world that is completely up to you to create. his game builds your imagination and

architectural s$ills. -dults and children all over the world have been playing this game and it is one of the bestselling computer games around.

here are millions of games being created and sold worldwide that have value to everyday life and people dont ta$e their time to open their eyes and read behind the lines. .or e&ample a game called %od of *ar. I / a very popular game that has a ton of se(uels. his game is (uite gory and there is an

intense amount of fighting but it also gives give you $nowledge of how the world once was. 0ac$ in the ages of 1eus and -ries the %od of war. he same thing we teach our children in middle

school. 2f course you have to be 13 and over to buy this game because of the se& content and the slaying of innocent people. hese types of games are only sold to adults and everyone gets carded to buy the game. children today. herefore it has no impact on our

here are a hundred games that have flight simulation and target practice that can improve your flight s$ills and guns s$ills without ever putting yourself in any ris$ or danger with the real e(uipment. "aas even has a few flight simulators that

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prepare you for space.

hey give you great preparation before

you actual go on the feed of combat.

here was a case study a few years ago and theses people as$ed 24 adults if they would participate in it. the age of 25. hey were all about

heir main focus was to play 6/uper 7ario 846 for he other participants

49 minutes a day for a two months period.

were not to do anything at all during this study.

hey e&amined the brain of the two groups using a brain machine and they found that the people who played the games had a rise in gray matter in the right hippocampus' right prefrontal corte& and the cerebellum :: areas of the brain responsible for spatial navigation' memory formation' strategic planning and fine motor s$ills in the hands' /ounds impossible right. righthttp;<<<2914<11<97<video:games:good: for:us=n=4184724.html

here are games that can improve your critical thin$ing and you problem solving s$ills too. - game called omb raider has

nearly impossible pu>>les that you have to con(uer in order to be the game. he game I mention %od of *ar as similar pu>>les

but not as intense. In order to complete these games' you must try and crac$ the code and pu>>le to open doors which re(uires

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!ritical thin$ing and patients' and person because you have to #ust from bloc$ to bloc$ in caves and places where there are lost treasures with codes to crac$ and pu>>le to open passages.

%ames can give you that (uic$ fun e&cursive when you dont have the money or time to go to the gym. 2ne of the games is called dance revolution and losing weight has never been funnier. ?osing weight while having fun cant be more e&citing and when youre having fun you dont even reali>e how hard you have been wor$ing out. he system that originally made this

happen was the *II system. /oon after more game companys tried to copy it because it was one of the best sellers.

7odern war fare and guitar hero are one of the best video games for hand eye coordinator. ,our refle&es dont have to be good at the game because as you play the game' its so addicting that you will catch on and your rela&es improve all the time. he

game guitar hero help you multi tas$ and hear sound as youre playing which $ive any one confidence that they can possibly play and instrument.

%ames for education and social action' and often involve young people in the creation of games they can use to e&press themselves on important issues and current events. /ome medical


professionals also feel that 6age appropriate multiplayer video games can allow children to learn how other people thin$ a $ey aspect of empathy. %ames can also help a child become more comfortable with new and ever progressing technology.

/tudies have suggested that video games can have a positive and sometimes a negative effect on how people act' depending on the game they choose. /ocial games can escalate empathy' and team wor$. his help a person build emotional

awareness. *hile violent games can diminish have the opposite effect @AacobB.

- study last year that e&amined the effects of regular

gaming on children that were diagnosed with autism' depression' and Dar$insonEs disease. hese $ids played certain games and

they showed signs of improvement with 6resilience' empowerment' and a Efighting spirit.E6 Fesearchers believe these games have an ability to act on 6neuronal mechanisms that activate positive emotions and the reward system6 the studies helped improve $ids demeanors as they faced the daily challenges.

?etting a 4:year:old sit in front of a

V with a game

controller might not seem li$e the most productive use of

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her<his time. 0ut theres more to games then you can imagine. *ere in a world were technology is booming and our children are getting introduced to it already. here was another study that

e&amined the development of 54 preschool:aged children. *hat they found was those who played interactive games had better ob#ect control motor s$ills than those the ones who didnt. ItEs is still not clear whether children with better than average motor s$ills tend to gravitate toward video games in the first place.

Video games reduce stress and depression another study found that gamers whom suffered from mental health issues such as stress and depression were able to vent their frustration and aggression by playing video games. Guring the studies physiologically the showed ma#or imp provident. he study

hypothesi>ed that games gave certain 6 ype -6 personalities time to rela& in 6a state of relative mindlessness6 that allowed them to avoid reaching 6a certain level of stressful arousal6 as they tried to rela&. -lso video games have helped hospital patients suffering from immense physical pain by using an age:old mental tric$; distraction. he virtual reality game 6/now *orld6 put

patients in an arctic wonderland in which they throw an endless arsenal of snowballs at a series of targets' such as penguins and snowmen. 7ilitary hospitals found the e&perience helped

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soldiers recovering from their battlefield wounds.

he soldiers

who played 6/now *orld6 re(uired less pain medicine during their recuperation.

Video games $eep you happy in old age Fesearchers from "orth !arolina /tate Hniversity loo$ed closely at our aging population to see if there was a lin$ between playing video games and mental well:being and happiness. hey

found that senior citi>ens who said they played video games even occasionally reported higher levels of happiness or well that goes to show you video games arent #ust for young adults or children.

here have been so many people against video games because they are closed minded. hey dont seem to loo$ sat the bug

picture. Video games help people' they dont hurt people. ,ou have to pic$ the right game out for the different person you are. /ome people #ust want to sit around and learn things' some feel more li$e rela&ing and others want to game where they could get up and dance and wor$ out their bodies. %ames can improve you in so many different ways for the better.

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