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CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD Music: The Christmas song (Chestnuts roasting on an o en !

ire"# Start $ith mother an% a sma&& 'i% a%orning the Christmas tree an% three u ets miming ha(ing a con(ersation) The u ets are *ehin% a re% screen an% the humans aroun% the Christmas tree) MOM an% 'i% are !acing the u*&ic) MOM (ca&&s the other chi&%ren#: Children, come down; lets adorn the Christmas tree. (The chi&%ren enter the room &oo'ing sa%# CHILD +: (looking sad), MOM, we can't have Christmas this year. MOM: (looking p !!led): "hy not dear# ,ID(agreeing $ith mother#:$eah, why not# CHILD -: %eca se it makes s sad that we get to have Christmas and people in &awaii don't. ,ID(as i! un%erstan%ing#: Oh yeah, the people in &awaii' MOM: (s ppressing a giggle), & m, and why wo ldn't people in &awaii get to have Christmas#( CHILDREN AND .U..ETS together (at the same time), (%eca se they don't have any snow)( MOM(s ppressing a giggle): Oh kids'yo don't need snow to have Christmas)( *n +act, there was no snow where %a,y -es s was ,orn) ))) then some chi&%ren come on the stage an% %ance $ith the !o&&o$ing music &a/ing: (.ilent night in &awaiian) The caro&ers sing this song0 $hi&e chi&%ren %resse% u in Ha$aiian out!its %o a *it o! a hu&a %ance) /o la0i e, po kamaha0o, Me ke keiki hemolele e Mal hia, malamalama Moe me ka mal hia lani 1a mak ahine aloha e Moe me ka mal hia lani Chi&%ren remain aroun% the Christmas tree an% seem (er/ sur rise% a&most %ancing themse&(es) ,ID: 2hat was 3"4.OM4) CHILD -: * had no ideea that they had Christmas too) MOM: .o can we have Christmas now# The t$o chi&%ren &oo' at each other an% sha'e their hea%s s&o$&/) CHILD +: 5o, * still don't think it's +air... MOM: &ow come# ,ID( u11&e%#: $eah, how come# CHILD +: "ell...,eca se people in 3 stralia can't have Christmas. MOM (start&e%#: "hatever made yo think that) (chi&%ren get increasing&/ e2cite%3con(ince% %uring the !o&&o$ing# CHILD +: ("ell...ca se it's really hot...( CHILD -: ($eah) 'Ca se it's s mmer there right now( .U..ET +: (3nd .anta wears those + r lined ,oots and all...( .U..ET -: (3nd everyone knows that people in 3 stralia live p side down...( .U..ET +: 6"ith that comment, * really think yo have the ,rains o+ a chicken) .U..ET 4: (*t's really hot there in 3 stralia yo know) 2he reindeer co ldn't stand the heat)( 5OTH CHILDREN AND .U..ETS (at the same time#: ($o can't have Christmas witho t 7eindeer)( MOM: (Oh, yo kids, yo don't need 7eindeer to have Christmas)( ALL .U..ETS: 6$eah, right) $o can have 1angaroos)))8 (Chi&%ren get u an% stan% in !ront o! o%ium 6%o not *&oc' u ets))) then sing Roo Roo the Re% Nose% ,angaroo (.u ets %ance $hi&e chi&%ren sing # $o know 9asher and 9ancer 3nd i+ yo ever saw it 7oo 7oo with yo r nose so 3nd /rancer and :i;en, ,right $o wo ld even say it glows Comet and C pid "ont yo g ide my sleigh 3ll o+ the other 1angas 3nd 9onner and %lit!en. tonight# =sed to la gh and call him names % t only a +ew 2hen all the 1angas loved him 2hey never let poor 7oo 7oo 1now the most +amo s kangaroo o+ all) 3nd they sho ted o t with glee /lay in any 1angaroo games 7oo 7oo the red<nosed 1anga 67oo 7oo the red<nosed 1anga 2hen one +oggy Christmas 4ve &ad a very shiny nose $o ll go down in history)8 .anta came to say >

(Chi&%ren sit *ac' %o$n aroun% the tree# ALL .U..ETS (&oo' at each other $ith a rea&&/ ha / e2 ression# .U..ET 4: 65eat song)))8 .U..ET -: 7*t sort o+ has a hop to it)8 MOM: 6"onder+ l) ($ith a *it o! !rustration in her (oice# 5O" we can have Christmas, right#8 (em hasi1e right an% can# (Chi&%ren thin' !or a secon% an% then chi&% - &oo's sa% again# CHILD - (*ig sigh#: 65o... * dont think so8 (Chi&% + &oo's curious0 mom &oo's !&ustere%# MOM: 65ow why not))8 CHILD -: 62hink o+ all the people who dont speak 4nglish... yo cant have Christmas i+ yo cant speak 4nglish)8 MOM (semi6curious as to the rationa& *ehin% this one))) ha&! grinning#: 63nd why cant people have Christmas i+ they cant speak 4nglish#8 CHILD -: 6"ell... yo co ldnt say Merry Christmas8 .U..ET +: 6or happy new year8 .U..ET -: 6or &appy ?th o+ - ly))8 .U..ET 4: 6&ey g y) "rong &oliday@Aet ,ack on 4arth))) .U..ET -: 69==AAA&&&<B<.orry)8 CHILD -: 6$o co ldnt sing Christmas Carols witho t 4nglish8 CHILD +: 6$eah) $o co ldnt even sing .ilent 5ight. "hat wo ld Christmas ,e witho t .ilent 5ight)#8 ALL .U..ETS: 62hats not tr e. $o cant have Christmas witho t Christmas Carols)8 MOM: 6$o can sing Christmas Carols in any lang age)8 Caro&ers sing) Whi&e the/ sing Mar/ an% 8ose h a ear an% carr/ *a*/ 8esus to the manger) A&& surroun% the nati(it/ scene6the manger) Si&ent Night &older 1na,' im lockigen &aar, C n it despoir, .ainte n it K: .chla+e in himmlischer 7 h) :K DespErance a rel it De .a ve r de la terre est nE .+ant lacas, tainic lacas, Cest F no s G e 9ie la donnE 2ot l doarme in oras. CElE,rons ses lo anges 9oar in stal langa iesle slavind Aloire a :er,e incarnE .ta Maria si *osi+ veghiind 5oche de pa!, noche de amor, 2odo d erme en derredor. 4ntre s s astros G e esparcen s l ! %ella an nciando al niHito -esIs %rilla la estrella de pa! %rilla la estrella de pa!
.tille 5acht) &eil'ge 5acht) 3lles schlJ+t; einsam wacht 5 r das tra te hoch heilige /aar.

/r nc l s+ant preamarind, /r nc l s+ant preamarind. .ilent night, &oly night 3ll is calm all is ,right L7o nd yon virgin Mother and Child &oly in+ant so tender and mild .leep in heavenly peace .leep in heavenly peace

ALL .U..ETS AND CHILDREN (&oo' at each other $ith a rea&&/ ha / e2 ression#: 6"ow)))8 CHILD +: 6.o people dont need snow, reindeer or 4nglish to cele,rate Christmas#8 ,ID( u11&e%#: 2hey dont# MOM: 65ope) 2hese things are M st a way o+ making the holiday more attractive +or the little ones who love getting presents +rom .anta. CHILD -: 6"hat do they need then#8MOM: 6&mmm, * think people no matter what co ntry there +rom, M st need a ,it o+ love, +aith in -es s Christ and appreciation o+ what his ,irth is all a,o t.8

A&& sing 7A$a/ in a Manger9 3way in a manger, 2he stars in the ,right sky 5o cri, +or &is ,ed Dooked down where &e lay 2he little Dord -es s 2he little Dord -es s Daid down &is sweet head 3sleep on the hay CHILD +: 63nd the story)8 ,ID(e2cite%#: $eah, dont +orget the story) * love stories) CHILD -: 6Oh yes, dont +orget the story.8 MOM: 6"hich story is that#8 :ran%ma (rea%s !rom the 5i*&e the Meaning o! Christmas 7LU,E -:;6-<9#:93nd there were in the same co ntry shepherds a,iding in the +ield, keeping watch over their +lock ,y night. 3nd, lo, the angel o+ the Dord came pon them, and the glory o+ the Dord shone ro nd a,o t them: and they were sore a+raid. 3nd the angel said nto them8 $o tell them grandpa) :RAND.A(straitening his (oice ta'es the 5i*&e !rom gran%ma#: Oear not: +or, ,ehold, * ,ring yo good tidings o+ great Moy, which shall ,e to all people. Oor nto yo is ,orn this day in the city o+ 9avid a .avio r, which is Christ the Dord. 3nd this shall ,e a sign nto yo ; $e shall +ind the ,a,e wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. 3nd s ddenly there was with the angel a m ltit de o+ the heavenly host praising Aod, and saying, Alory to Aod in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men. ALL sing:7Har' the Hera&% Ange&s Sing9 &ark the herald angels sing -oin the tri mph o+ the skies (Alory to the new,orn 1ing) "ith the angelic host proclaim: /eace on earth and mercy mild (Christ is ,orn in %ethlehem( Aod and sinners reconciled( &ark) 2he herald angels sing -oy+ l, all ye nations rise (Alory to the new,orn 1ing)( .U..ET +: 6.peaking o+ angles, * see some p in the ,alcony ready to play s a Christmas t ne.8 .U..ET -: 62hats right, not all angles have wings)1ids are Aods angels8 Some CAROLERS &a/ a Christmas song(:ing&e 5e&&s# in the *a&con/ 9ashing thro gh the snow Chor s: "as seated ,y my side; On a one<horse open sleigh, -ingle ,ells, Mingle ,ells, 2he horse was lean and lank; Over the +ields we go, -ingle all the way) Mis+ort ne seemed his lot; Da ghing all the way; O what + n it is to ride &e got into a dri+ted ,ank, %ells on ,o,<tail ring, *n a one<horse open sleigh. 3nd we, we got psot. Making spirits ,right, N. 3 day or two ago, Chor s: ''''''''''. "hat + n it is to ride and sing * tho ght *'d take a ride, 3 sleighing song tonight. 3nd soon Miss Oanny %right CHILD +: (&oo'ing at mother $ith a &oo' o! shear ha iness# 65ow * know what Christmas is all a ,o t<*t is a,o t the cele,ration o+ the ,irth o+ o r savior -es s Christ)8 CHILD -: (&oo'ing at u*&ic $ith a &oo' o! a$e an% $on%er# 67ight, snow and reindeer and .anta Cla s alone dont make Christmas) -es s Christ is the main reason +or the season< no matter where yo live)8 SANTA: &O,&O,&O' SANTA0 .U..ETS0 CHILDREN0 MOM: 6M477$ C&7*.2M3. everyone))))8 Sing 7We $ish /ou a Merr/ Christmas9 "e wish yo a Merry Christmas; Aood tidings +or Christmas and a &appy 5ew $ear. "e wish yo a Merry Christmas; "e wish yo a Merry Christmas; "e wish yo a Merry Christmas and a &appy 5ew "e wish yo a Merry Christmas; $ear. "e wish yo a Merry Christmas and a &appy 5ew $ear. Aood tidings we ,ring to yo and yo r kin; P

Soun% trac' 2he Christmas song (Chestn ts roasting on an open 5egative <&ark the &erald 3ngels .ing +ire') 5egative <-ingle %ells .ilent night in &awaiian 5egative<"e wish yo a Merry Christmas 5egative<7 dol+ the red nose reindeer 5egative< .ilent night 5egative<3way in a Manger CAST A7359M3 A7359/3 MOM C&> C&N C&P 1*9 C&*C145 9OA /O7C=/*54 M37$ -O.4/& 935.> 935. N 935. P 935. ? .3523 :arianta 3na /ata .RO.S Christmas tree, ornaments Carpet Manger, ,a,y %ed sheet, N hangers, a +ew chairs Cost mes

> pag. / ppet >. / ppet .anta: &eii'% t thats right) / ppet snowman:$eah.. N pag. / / / / / ppet >. ppet .anta: or .anta Cla s. ppet snowman: 3re yo always so arrogant# ppet .anta: .h t p) *ts a carol) ppet N:"hat ever'8or &appy ? th o+ - ly))8

P pag. / / / / ppet >. ppet snowman: * dont see angels' ppet .anta: 2hats yo r pro,lem) ppet N: 6$o two are says only st pidities. and thats right, not all angels have wings)8