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MANTHAN 2013 August 23, 2013 Authored by:HELMSMAN


This task is all about working on your patience. Patience is the key quality a manager should have within them. This task revolves round the bible of marketing i.e. Kotler. All the teams are required to write down the definitions of the terms mentioned in this file. You have to follow the Kotler to write down these definitions. All the teams have to write down these definitions on sheets and submit to the vertical member by 7:00 am (24th August 2013). One of our Helmsmen will be waiting to collect these sheets from you near the reception area. The teams are required to follow the deadlines. These definitions should be in a hard copy style that means the teams have to actually write it down. Remember that its the team effort so we expect both the members to contribute. Smart work is the key to success and not just the hard work. For any kind of query you can mail us on our email id. Queries will be entertained till 11:00 pm. Remember when you are replying us back or mailing us do copy the mail to our core committee. Their email id is


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