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Androld 4.3 (!

elly 8ean)
Androld 4.4 (klLkaL)
Cpen soware plauorm for moblle developmenL
A compleLe sLack: CS, Mlddleware, Appllcauons
An Cpen PandseL Alllance (CPA) pro[ecL
owered by Llnux operaung sysLem
Cpen source under Lhe Apache 2 llcense
Androld shlps wlLh a rlch seL of appllcauons
Lmall, calendar, browser, maps, LexL messaglng,
conLacLs, camera, dlaler, muslc player, semngs and
Pow can we use lL?
SeL up
SeL up your developmenL envlronmenL
lnsLall Lhe Androld Suk, Androld uevelopmenL
1ools, and Androld plauorms
SeL up Avus and devlces for Lesung
CreaLe Androld vlrLual uevlces (Avus) and
connecL hardware devlces on whlch you can
lnsLall your appllcauons
CreaLe your appllcauon
CreaLe an Androld pro[ecL wlLh your source code,
resource les, and Androld manlfesL le
uebugglng and Lesung
8ulld and run your appllcauon
8ulld and run your appllcauon ln debug mode
uebug your appllcauon
uebug your appllcauon uslng Lhe Androld
debugglng and logglng Lools
1esL your appllcauon
1esL your appllcauon uslng Lhe Androld Lesung
lnsLrumenLauon framework
repare your appllcauon for release
Congure, bulld, and LesL your appllcauon ln
release mode
8elease your appllcauon
ubllclze, sell, and dlsLrlbuLe your appllcauon Lo
Llnux kernel
8ased on Llnux kernel 2.6
Works as a Pardware AbsLracuon Layer
Plgh securlLy
uevlce drlvers
Memory managemenL
rocess managemenL
C/C++ llbrarles
lnLerface Lhrough !ava
Surface manager
ul Wlndows
2u and 3u graphlcs
Medla codecs, SCLlLe, 8rowser englne
uvM (ualvlk vlrLual Machlne)
!ava source code ls complled Lo a class le (.class)
LaLer Lransformed Lo ualvlk LxecuLable (.dex)
CompacL and emclenL
LlmlLed memory and bauery power
Core Llbrarles
!ava sLandard edluon
Collecuons, l/C eLc.
PlghesL levels
Appllcauon lramework
rovldes all klnds of Als needed Lo develop
AcuvlLy manager manages appllcauon llfe cycle
Appllcauons developed ln !ava
Can replace bullL ln apps
An appllcauon ls a slngle Ak (appllcauon
package) le
An Ak le roughly has Lhree maln
ualvlk execuLable: all your !ava source code
complled down Lo ualvlk execuLable
8esources: everyLhlng LhaL ls noL code (lmages,
audlo/vldeo cllps, xML les descrlblng layouLs,
language packs, and so on)
nauve llbrarles: e.g. C/C++ llbrarles
user permlsslons Lhe appllcauon requlres
Mlnlmum Al Level requlred by Lhe
Pardware and soware feaLures used or
requlred by Lhe appllcauon
Al llbrarles Lhe appllcauon needs Lo be llnked
And more
SecurlLy model
Androld CS ls a mulu-user Llnux sysLem ln whlch each
appllcauon ls a dlerenL user
1he sysLem asslgns each appllcauon a unlque Llnux
user lu (Lhe lu ls unknown Lo Lhe appllcauon)
1he sysLem seLs permlsslons for all Lhe les ln an
appllcauon so LhaL only Lhe user lu asslgned Lo LhaL
appllcauon can access Lhem
Lach process has lLs own vlrLual machlne (vM)
An appllcauon's code runs ln lsolauon wlLh respecL Lo
oLher appllcauons
Lvery appllcauon runs ln lLs own Llnux process
Cooperauon and sharlng
Lach appllcauon has access only Lo Lhe componenLs lL
requlres Lo work wlLh and noLhlng more
1wo appllcauons can share Lhe same Llnux user lu
1hey would be able Lo access each oLher's les
Appllcauons wlLh Lhe same lu can also be run ln Lhe same
Llnux process and share Lhe same vM
1he appllcauons musL also be slgned wlLh Lhe same cerucaLe
An appllcauon can requesL permlsslon Lo access devlce
All permlsslons musL be granLed when lnsLalllng Lhe