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The Boy in the Iceberg Percy Jackson: Airbender Okay, so like I said in the summary, I got this idea

from someone else who hadnt finished it. The story was The Legend of Annabeth: The Last Airbender, by Sunless Skies. That story was discontinued, but this one wont be. I have a policy to not post stories until theyre completely finished, so if youre seeing this, it is done! Im going to establish the crossover people now and explain why I made them that way, because it may be a bit confusing. Anyways, enough rambling. Here are the names/reasoning! Since were in the Avatar world, I figured that Id put their names first. Aang: Percy I feel like this goes well together because not only did Nico say Percy was the most powerful demigod hed ever met, but he also (like Aang) liked Annabeth from the start. Sure, most people would put Percy as Katara, but I think that Aang (who doesnt ever want his friends to get hurt) fits his character better. Theyre also both goofy, and both have the world on their shoulders, and are alone in a community of people with similar powers. Katara: Annabeth Katara is very proud=Annabeth. Katara helps Sokka with the plans and is very anti-sexist and purposefully smart=Annabeth. Katara is very brave=Annabeth. Katara thinks she knows best most of the time=Annabeth. Yes, Im making Annabeth a waterbender. Deal. Sokka: Grover I like the idea of Grover being Sokka because hes a Sokka-like character. Hes very protective of his friends and very brave. Also, sometimes goofy. I change him a bit to make him more sarcastic, though. Gran-Gran: Sally Obvious, but I feel like their characters are very similar. So, Sallys Annabeths grandmother rather than Percys mom, but her moms name is Kya to be true to the story. Hakoda: Poseidon Again, obvious. (Yes, I realize this makes him Annabeths dad, but deal.) Zuko: Luke A villain whos the epitome of evil at first but then changes his mind? I mean, hello! *cough*Luke!*cough* Sure, Zuko lives a lot longer than Luke after turning, but still. Theyre like, a direct crossover. (And plus, Katara has a little thing for him at one point in there) Also: SCAR Bumi: Daedalus Flopsie=Mrs. OLeary. Obvious. Mad genius with a cool architecture monument in his city? Duh. Ozai: Ummm Kronos (Any other ideas???)

I kind of like Kronos for Ozai, since I want this to be the first in a trilogy This is meant to be Book 1, but some things will be a little different, of course. Iroh: Chiron Sounds like Chiron to me Wise advice? Really powerful? Old as dirt? Epic? Secret agenda? Sounds like Iroh to me Zhao: (F***ER) Ares Minos was better for Sunless Skies story, because Nico was Zuko, and the Ear th Kingdom was the Fire Nation. I like Ares here because hes the War God, and a complete jerk sometimes. (I prefer Mars) So, Zhao. (Yes, he dies. ) Haru: Michael Yew I think that Michael works here since he was very outspoken and also brave. Haru ends up being a good friend to Sokka, Aang, and Katara, and it was suggested that Percy was good friends with Michael. Harus father: Not Apollo. Pakku: There be Zeus here! I was really tempted to make him Dionysus, but Zeus fits much better. Zeus is a little stuck-up sometimes, but he has honor and really is one of the good guys. Yue: Zo She sacrifices herself to save a bunch of people. Duh. Also, their characters are similar. Plus, Grover had a little thing for Zo Everybody else, Ill figure out when the time comes. I already know that Toph is Nico and Ty Lee is Silena. Mai is Katie Gardner. Azula is. BUM BUM BUUUUUUUUUUUUUM: Ideas? I havent decided yet and would love some opinions. Id prefer to not include anyone from the Heroes of Olympus, since we dont have the full story yet. Also, she can be a monster. I apologize for the ungodly long AN, but it was necessary. Disclaimer: Sadly, I dont own Avatar. If I did, then Element Island by would be cannon.


Chapter One: The Boy in the Iceberg

Annabeth, lets take a lesson with the master. This is how you catch a fish, my young apprentice. Grover angled his spear up a little, watching the fish intently. Annabeth, who was in the back of their canoe, rolled her eyes. She saw another fish behind their boat, and thought, This is my chance to prove him wrong! He wont knock waterbending after I catch the first fish! She pulled off her glove, and took a deep breath. Annabeth started to move her hand smoothly, like the flowing water. A few seconds later, the fish popped out of the water in a small bubble. Grover, look! She huffed, annoyed, when Grover replied, Dont make so much noise! Youll scare it away! Mmmm I can already smell it cookin. Food He stared at the fish hungrily. She tried again. But Grover, I caught one! Annabeth waved her arms, bending the fish and its bubble over her head to Grover. She got it to somewhere over his head before he raised his spear and popped the bubble. Hey! I caught that! Grover made a disgusted noise as the water soaked his clothes. Annabeth! Why is it that every time you play with magic water, I get soaked! Annabeth huffed, looking at him with an annoyed face. Its not magic, its waterbending. And its- Grover cut her off. Yeah, yeah, I know. He imitated a high-pitched, extremely girly voice, chuckling. Its an ancient art unique to our culture, blah, blah, blah Look. He turned around and faced her. Im just saying. If I had weird powers, I would keep them to myself, not go around soaking people. He meant it as a sarcastic joke, but it still stung to Annabeth, and she made a face at him when he turned around. She thought for a moment, then saw what he had started doing. Youre calling me weird? Im not the one who makes muscles at myself when I see my reflection in the water. Grover had been doing just that, and he gave her an eye-roll. They both grunted in surprise when the canoe hit a small iceberg. They both then looked up, and Annabeths heart dropped into her stomach when she saw that theyd floated into a strong current filled with icebergs. Grover started to frantically steer the boat, trying to save it from the ice. Annabeth saw two icebergs waiting to crush them, and yelled, Watch out! When Grover steered them clear of those, she saw another pair. Go left, go left! Grover kept steering, but Annabeth saw it coming. Two big icebergs closed in quickly on either side of them, and their canoe was crushed. Annabeth managed to jump onto the iceberg to her left, along with Grover and his spear. Annabeth slid to the front of the iceberg, nearly falling off. She looked around, seeing that they were in a field of icebergs that she didnt recognize. She turned to look at her brother. You call that left? Grover looked insulted, but slightly abashed. She knew that he was ashamed he couldnt get them away, and knew he would lash out. You dont like my steering? Well, maybe you shouldve waterbended us, These two words were accompanied by a mocking gesture of waterbending. Out of the ice. Annabeths temper flared. Oh, so this is my fault?

Grover looked away angrily, his white skin turning red. I knew I shouldve left you home. Leave it to a girl to screw things up! Annabeths own tan, white face flushed. Sexist bastard. You are the most sexist, immature-ugh, I cant believe Im even related to you! You make jokes about things that shouldnt be joked about! Ive been doing all the work around camp while youve been off playing your little soldier games! She waved her arms about angrily while she was scolding him, and didnt notice the water mimicking her movements. Grovers face paled. A-A-Annabeth, he squeaked, pointing behind her. She completely ignored him, still incredibly pissed off. I even wash all the clothes! Have you ever smelled your dirty socks? Let me tell you: NOT PLEASANT! She heard a loud crack! And Grover tried to interrupt her again. Annabeth, settle down! She got even more angry. No! No, thats it! Im done helping you. From now on, youre on your OWN! She waved her arms, and the water followed them. She heard something crack behind her, and Grover gasped from fear. She turned around and gasped too. The gigantic ice spire behind them was cracked right down the middle. She dropped to the ground, grasping the iceberg as best she could as the spire sank, sending a wave towards her and Grover. Grover looked at her. Okay, youve gone from weird to freakish, Annabeth. She didnt argue with him I did that? What? I dont even know how! Grover gave a self-satisfied hmph, and said, Yup. Congratulations. They both gasped again when they saw a huge, glowing iceberg begin to emerge from the water. The glowing iceberg had something inside it. To Annabeth, it looked like some sort of big animal, curled around was that a boy? She raised her eyebrow, and then she saw what looked like the boys eyes and arrows on his head, under seemingly black hair, glow again. His eyes opened. She gasped. Hes alive! We have to help! Throwing up her hood, she took Grovers club from his back and ran across several small icebergs to reach the iceberg. Annabeth! We dont know what it is! It could be dangerous! She slammed the club into the iceberg three times, and on the third time, air rushed out of a big crack and threw Grover and her away. The crack grew to encompass the whole side of the iceberg, and they both watched in wonder as a great white light shone straight up into the sky. A few miles away, Prince Luke of the Fire Nation looked up at the same light. His awed face quickly turned into a smirk. Finally. He turned around and faced his uncle, Chiron. Uncle! Do you know what this means? His uncle sighed, putting down a tile. I wont be able to finish my game? What is it, young one? Luke turned to face the light again. It means my search is about to come to an end. His uncle sighed. Luke faced him again, pointing at the light. That light It had to have come from a very powerful source! Theres no way its not him! His uncle sighed and looked at him. Or its just another celestial light, Prince Luke. Weve been down this road before; youve been fooled by those before. The Avatar is not here. Why would he be at the South Pole? Its not like the Fire Nation hasnt been here. I dont want you to get too worked up over nothing. He set another tile down. Why dont you come over and join me for a game? Ill even give you a cup of calming jasmine tea, he smiled at his nephew, who turned and yelled, I dont need any calming tea! Im perfectly calm! I need to capture the Avatar, to regain my honor! Luke yelled up at the helmsman. You! Set a course for the light! We need to find the Avatar. An eerie wind settled over them. Annabeth watched as a boy that looked her age, 13, climbed to the top. He had black hair and tan skin, and glowing eyes and arrows on his head and hands. Grover pointed his spear at the boy. Stop! The boy did so. He stood, and stopped glowing. Annabeth saw his eyes roll back into his head as he fell, and

she jumped forward to catch him. Grover came up to them, and poked his head several times with the spear. Annabeth grabbed his spear and put it down behind her, giving her brother a dirty look. Stop it! Thats not nice. The boy moaned and his eyes flickered open. Annabeth looked down at him, observing his tan face and sea-green eyes. Who is this boy? When Percys eyes opened, he thought hed died and gone to the Spirit World. Leaning over him was a girl about his age, with stormy gray eyes and blonde hair. He gasped, then a thought popped into his head. He tried to speak, finding that a reserve of energy was at his fingertips. I need to ask you something, he said to the girl. A blonde eyebrow raised, and she said, What is it? in the most beautiful voice. Please come closer. She leaned in to hear him better, and he said in a much louder, stronger voice, Will you go penguin-sledding with me? She gave him a strange look. After the boy had asked his question, he seemed to push himself up using the air. Grover yelped and scrambled for his spear, which shook as he pointed it at the boy. Where am I? Annabeth was just about to answer his question when