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Your easy,

cost-effective way

to greet the future.

Gilbarco Passport with PA-DSS

Passport makes it easy to upgrade from your G-SITE, easy to get PCI compliant, and easier to turn a prot. Let the leader you trust, Gilbarco Veeder-Root, show you how Passport is your best investment for today and tomorrow. > Clever compliance. Passport meets the PCI Security Standards Councils Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS), the go-forward requirement. But all the PCI functionality is housed separately and securely from the other value-adding applications. New features that build your business

can come faster and more easily, giving you the competitive edge. > No headaches. Passports intelligent design and intuitive touch screen take the hassles out of hightech. It improves uptime, reduces service costs and keeps your business running smoothly. > The most powerful business tools. Get ready to boost your efciency, productivity and protability. Superior features give you an advantage.

> Business connections. Passport seemlessly connects your forecourt to your c-store. And it connects your business to the most third party business partners, adding value and building prot. > Greet the future. Passport is a total solution with no hidden costs. Its worth every penny because it protects you from needing costly upgrades later. Passport is designed to grow with you and grow your business.

Technology with a human touch.

Your easy, cost-effective way to greet the future. Passport POS

Clever compliance > Unique architecture separates PCI functions from other POS features > Protects you from loss of card acceptance > Adapts easily to future PCI changes > Works as the most cost-effective long-term, not quick x, solution > Endorsed as a go forward POS by all major credit networks No headaches > Converts G-SITE data to Passport in only 30 minutes > Trains cashiers easily in 20 minutes > Reduces errors with smart design > Adapts to simplify transactions > Customizes to t your cashiers, your business > Works with many G-SITE peripherals > Upgrades without a service visit > Backs up data and gives you automatic system recovery > Ensures network connectivity with greater fault tolerance > Comes with 24-hour Online Help Desk and remote diagnostic x The most powerful business tools > Streamlines forecourt connectivity and control > Tracks employee transaction level performance > Creates customizable reports/audits (daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly) > Enables you to force a day close > Programs alerts and reminders for managers and cashiers > Delivers exible line item void capability > Delivers multi-tiered, fuel-based discounting > Provides for exible security roles Business connections > Leads the industry in creation of standard interfaces > Supports the largest number of third party partners > Integrates seamlessly with third party loyalty systems > Allows transmission of full transaction-level data for market basket analysis and reporting > Interfaces with third party networks at the same location (CFN, Mannatec, and NPC) Greet the future > Your total solution without hidden costs > Worth every penny because it protects you from needing costly upgrades later > Designed to grow with you and grow your business

Passport with PA-DSS Specications

Hardware: > Intel Pentium 4 2.6GHz (or higher)

I/O Connectivity: > RS-232 ports (2) > USB ports (4) > PS/2 Keyboard and mouse ports > Parallel port > 10/100Mb Ethernet LAN > 8-port USB/RS232 Converter (upgradable to 16 ports) > Firewall Router Environmental Specications: > Operating range: 41oF 113oF (10oC 40oC) > Relative humidity: 2095% non-condensing Dimensions and Weight: > Dimensions - 18.30L x 7.70W x 16.70H > Weight 26 lbs.

OPOS Compliant Peripherals: > PIN Pad with 2-track MSR > Optional Gilbarco RFID reader > 2 x 20 customer display > Epson Thermal Receipt Printer > Epson Impact Network Journal > OKI Digital LED Report Printer > APG Cash Drawer > Metrologic scanner Gilbarco Forecourt Control: > LAN connectivity for Gilbarco > Fault tolerant forecourt control

- Socketed processor - 400 MHz system bus > System Memory - 1GB DDR SDRAM standard on PS52 server - Upgradable to 2 GB > Dual 160 GB HD on PS52 server > SoundBlaster compatible integrated 56K RAS modem

> Integrated 52x32x52 DVD-RW > Tri-fan positive pressure cooling system > 300 W Universal power supply 15 LCD Touch Screen: > Five-wire resistiveDimensions and Weight: > Dual bulb > Integrated stereo speakers

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