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Assignment # 2

Ethical dilemma
Five ethical decisions: what would you do? 1- You are a middle manager in a company with about 1000 employees. Youre negotiating a
contract with very large potential customer whose representative has hinted you should assured of getting his business if you gave him and his wife all-expenses paid to the Caribbean. You know representative employer wouldnt approve of such a payoff but you hav e the discretion to authorize it what would you do?

To give payoff it would be unethical and reflect badly on my company. So as manager I should not give payoff. Even if it is up to my discretion, that representative is acting in a manner that is generally not accepted. As the manager I will be comfortable with utilitarianism. Utilitarianism is a system in which decision are made to provide the greatest good for the greatest number. If reprehensive dont give the hint of payoff then I will analyze is this project is very important for my organization or not? Etc but as representative give hint for payoff to accept anf further work on this project will be un ethical. Because if I accept this unethical project and give payoff in long run it will damage my company image.

2-You have an autographed book by Sunil Gavaskar and put it for sale on eBay. So far, the
highest bid is Rs.1, 050. A friend has offered you Rs. 1,250 for the book, commenting that he could get Rs. 1,500 for it on eBay in a year. You know this is highly unlikely. Should you sell your friend the book for what he offered (Rs. 1,250)? Do you have an obligation to tell your friend you have listed your book on eBay?

The policy of ebay is that if there is some book in an active auction you should not sell it. So it is unethical not to follow policy of ebay. If I will sell the book already in auction of ebay I will cheat my friend and ebay both. So its my obligation to tell my friend that this book is already listed in ebay and if he still interested I will give him advice that he could bit on ebay if he wants.

3-Your Companys policy on reimbursement for meals while travelling on business is that you
will be repaid for out-of pocket costs, not to exceed 1,000 Rs per day. You dont need receipts for these expenses-the company will take your word. When travelling, you tend to eat fast-food places and rarely spend in excess of Rs 300 per day. Most of your colleagues put in

reimbursement requests in the range of Rs 500 to Rs 600 per day, regardless of what their actual expenses are. How much would you request for your meal imbursement?

I would only request what I actually spent on my meals. My colleagues are doing unethical work. Company dont want receipt but still its our duty not to cheat our company because i think it would be unethical and reflect negatively on my company. If i request more than what I spent its unethical and is also dangerous for my future career. 4-You work for a company that manufactures, markets, and distributes various products, including nutritional supplements, to health food and nutrition stores. One of the companys best-selling products is Chyawanlife, a herbal supplement. The company advertises that Chyawanlife increases energy and helps maintain vitality without any side effects. One day, a research assistant stops by your office with some troubling information. While researching another product, she came across a recent study that suggests Chyawanlife does not offer the benefits the company claims it does. You show this study to your supervisor, who says, Were not responsible for validating over-the counter drugs, and nobodys hurt anyway. Indeed, you know this is not the case. What is your ethical responsibility? Answer: I will show the authentic claims of customer to supervisor and convince him if he cant work on improvement of product quality it creates bad image about product and also about company. The wrong image of one product will damage image of all products manufacturing by one company so I will convince supervisor either to stop manufacturing this product or use some other method that will satisfy the needs of customers and customers remain loyal to our company. 5- Youre the manager at a gaming company, and youre responsible for outscoring the production of a highly anticipated new game. Because your company is a giant in the industry, numerous companies are trying to get the bid. One of them offers you some kickbacks id you give that firm the bid, but ultimately, it is up to you bosses to decide on the company. You dont mention the incentive, but you push upper managements to give the bid to the company that offered you the kickback. Is withholding the truth as bad as lying? Why or why not?

Kickback is unethical and illegal act. So I will give complete information about companys offer to my upper management. Because I am responsible for out scoring if I withhold information

and my managers rely on my words result will be loss of company and in this case my job will be also went with it.