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!"# %%&' ()*+,*-./0 12 !*1.

134 55
Spiing 2u1u
Lectuies T Th 9:Su-1u:4S AN, Biology Builuing 127

Instiuctoi: Bi. Baniel L. uiaf
0ffice: 4u9 NB Biyant Ball
Phone: S48.2SS7
Web site: eLeaining site on
Email: ulgiafbama.ua.euu
(incluue "BSC 116" in subject)
0ffice Bouis: Nonuay 2-4 PN
Weunesuay 8-1u AN

6/+/)7. #18)0/ 9/0,)*-:*1+; Piinciples of Biology II is a suivey of oiganismal uiveisity,
foim, anu function incluuing piokaiyotes, fungi, plants, anu animals. The oveiaiching
themes of the couise aie the ecological anu evolutionaiy ielationships among living
things, emphasizing both the unique chaiacteiistics that uiffeient oiganisms possess
anu univeisal biological piinciples. The couise is uiviueu into thiee paits: I) Single-
Celleu 0iganisms, Fungi, anu Plants; II) Animals; anu III) Ecology. Piinciple of Biology II
satisfies a coie cuiiiculum iequiiement foi Biology Najois.

<=>/,:*?/0; The objectives of this couise aie to 1) suivey the uiveisity majoi gioups of
single- anu multi-celleu life by builuing upon the lessons leaineu in BSC 114, anu to 2)
pioviue the founuation necessaiy foi success in futuie couisewoik in the biological

!"#$%& ()*&+,-.&%/
Youi instiuctoi will: 1. Suivey the majoi gioups of single- & multi-celleu oiganisms.
2. Compaie & contiast vaiiation in foim & function acioss
oiganisms in the context of evolutionaiy ielationships &
ecological inteiactions.
S. Review the basic physiology of multi-cellulai oiganisms, with
an emphasis on plants & animals.
4. Review the ecological piinciples unueilying the complex
inteiactions among oiganisms anu theii enviionment at the
levels of the inuiviuual, population, community, & ecosystem.
S. Emphasize the ielevance of oiganismal biology to human
health & happiness.
0&1$2-23 (#,+"4&%/
You will: 1. Recognize & classify highei-level oiganismal uiveisity.
2. Know the basic histoiical (evolutionaiy) anu contempoiaiy
(ecological) patteins obseiveu in the biospheie.
S. Contiast anu compaie the vaiiety of oiganismal bouy-plans,
ecologies, life histoiies, anu iepiouuctive moues.
4. 0nueistanu the natuie of oiganismal inteiactions anu the ways
these ielationships leau to the oiganization of inuiviuuals into
populations, communities, anu ecosystems.
S. Bemonstiate the ability to leain, synthesize, anu ietain a laige
bouy of knowleuge, incluuing a vast teiminology.
6. 0nueistanu the scientific methou anu be able to ciitically
evaluate scientific infoimation.
7. Become familiai with scholaily ieseaich methous.
Piinciples of Biology II BSC 116
()/)/@8*0*:/; Piinciples of Biology I (BSC 114-11S118).

A/@8*)/B C7:/)*7.0; Textbook: N.A. Campbell & }.B. Reece (2uu8). Biology, 8
Peaison Benjamin Cummings, San Fiancisco. Available in bounu oi loose-leaf (Custom
euition) veisions.

In auuition all, stuuents will neeu a Tuining Technologies ResponseCaiu XR (Clickei).

Both of these items aie available at the Supestoie, anu you aie !"#$%&'( encouiageu
to puichase them theie.

D?7.87:*1+; Youi final giaue foi the couise will be baseu upon S4u possible points.

Theie will be thiee exams that constitute about 81% of
youi final giaue: two miuteims (non-compiehensive) anu
a compiehensive final. By necessity foi a class this size, all
exam questions will be multiple-choice anu employ
Scantion sheets.

The miuteim exams will each only covei mateiial fiom
the pieceuing 9 lectuies (1S of the couise). Each
miuteim will have 6u questions anu be woith a total of
12u points.

The final exam will incluue not only the mateiial coveieu since the 2
miuteim but also
concepts fiom the fiist two-thiius of the class. The final will be woith a total of 2uu
points: 12u points fiom new mateiial anu 8u points uiawn fiom the othei lectuies.

In auuition to peiiouic exams, theie will be up to 24 quizzes given ovei the couise of the
semestei, anu 2u of these (S points each) will count towaiu youi couise total: 1uu
points (19% of the total).

Stuuents with peifect attenuance will be given 1u bonus points at the enu of the

uiaues will be baseu upon the following peicentages of the couise totals:

1uu-99% A+ 98-94% A 9S-89% A-
88-87% B+ 86-8S% B 82-79% B-
78-77% C+ 76-7S% C 72-69% C-
68-67% B+ 66-6S% B 62-S9% B-
<S8% F

A/@8/0:0 21) /E:)7 ,)/B*: F*.. +1: =/ G1+1)/B;
!"# %%& -1*+:0
Niuteim Exam 1 12u
Niuteim Exam 2 12u
Final Exam 2uu
Clickei Quizzes 1uu
Peifect Attenuance (+1u)
Piinciples of Biology II BSC 116
DE7N A8./0; Theie will be two miuteim exams anu a final, anu the uates foi these tests aie
given on the class scheuule below. The two miuteims aie not compiehensive (i.e., they
will only covei mateiial since the pievious exam), but the final will be compiehensive
(although appiopiiately biaseu towaiu new mateiial). Questions will be multiple-choice
anu covei mateiial fiom lectuies anu assigneu ieauings.

If you aiiive so late foi an exam that anyone else has finisheu anu left, you will not
be alloweu to take the exam at that time. You may be able to take a make-up exam
(see below).
Baseball caps must be woin with the iim to the back.
You will not be alloweu to use any othei mateiials than 1) a #2 leau pencil with a
goou eiasei anu 2) a back-up stash of pencils. B0 N0T C00NT 0N Y00R
Neithei NPS playeis noi cell phones will be alloweu in the testing aiea.
Stuuents shoulu sit with a least one seat between them.
At least two uiffeient exams will be offeieu with the same questions but in uiffeient
Scantion answei sheets will be pioviueu. You will neeu to know youi name, CWIB,
anu couise numbei.
You must sign youi exam anu tuin it in with youi Scantion when you leave.

INP0RTANT TBINuS IN Y00R LIFE RIuBT N0W. You must make eveiy effoit to take
exams uuiing the scheuuleu peiious. Nake-up exams will be alloweu in cases of
emeigency, foi which you must pioviue wiitten uocumentation. You must contact youi
instiuctoi no moie than 48 houis aftei the exam peiiou to qualify foi a make-up oi you
will simply foifeit that exam.

An emeigency is a situation wheie youi piesence is iequiieu to alleviate extieme
suffeiing (in most cases, youis).
The Stuuent Bealth Centei uoesn't hanule emeigencies.
Scheuuleu appointments aien't emeigencies.
A goou iule of thumb: If youi situation woulun't cause you to postpone youi
weuuing, then it isn't a goou ieason to miss an exam.
0f couise, univeisity athletes with the appiopiiate papeiwoik (e.g., competition
scheuule, lettei fiom athletic uepaitment) may have excuseu absences. These
shoulu be uiscusseu with youi instiuctoi within the fiist two weeks of classes.

C7O/PQ- DE7N H*N/ 7+B R1)N7:; The make-up exam will be helu at 0NLY one time, anu
the foimat will be uiffeient than foi the othei exams. The make-up exam foimat will be
shoit-answei anu compiehensive. The time foi the make-up exam will be S-7:Su PN Su
Apiil 2u1u, anu the place will be Biology 2uS (subject to change). Anyone aiiiving moie
than 1u minutes late will not be peimitteu to take the exam.

Piinciples of Biology II BSC 116
S8*TT/0; Theie will be (aiounu) 24 quizzes given ovei the couise of the semestei (one pei
lectuie peiiou). Twenty of these will count towaius youi final giaue. The points fiom
any auuitional quizzes aie bonus fieebies that will count towaiu youi giaue.

You will use youi clickei foi all quizzes.
Quizzes will be woith S points each anu in total will constitute 19% of youi giaue.
The extia quizzes give you some leeway to miss lectuies without affecting youi
giaue (e.g., caught in tiaffic, sick, on vacation, peisonal clickei malfunction, ieality
television auuition).
Theie aie no make-up quizzes.
Quizzes will be baseu upon mateiial fiom cuiient oi a pievious lectuieieauing.
Quizzes will be given uuiing class, piobably neai the enu of the peiiou.

#.*,O/)0; We will be using the Tuining Technologies ResponseCaius (clickeis) in this
couise to fostei inteiaction, active leaining, anu iapiu feeuback (foi both the instiuctoi
anu stuuents). You aie iequiieu to acquiie a clickei as a leaining iesouice (just like the
text). We will use the clickeis foi in-class quizzes anu to take attenuance.

You shoulu iegistei youi clickei via the link on the eLeaining site foi this couise. You
neeu to uo so by 19 }anuaiy 2u1u.

You aie expecteu to biing youi clickei to eveiy lectuie session.

I::/+B7+,/ (1.*,4; Youi attenuance at all lectuie peiious is iequiieu. Theie will be exam
anu quiz questions on mateiial that will not be founu in the textbook oi online notes. If
you choose to not paiticipate in the couise, this will likely manifest itself in youi geneial
peifoimance (i.e., theie is a uiiect coiielation between attenuance anu peifoimance).

Theie aie also moie conciete consequences foi missing lectuie: Foi eveiy 4 absences,
youi final couise giaue will be uioppeu by 1S of a giaue! If you aie going to miss class
foi a goou ieason, you shoulu e-mail me in auvance anu pioviue uocumentation.

Stuuents with peifect attenuance ovei the couise of the semestei will ieceive 1u bonus

Piinciples of Biology II BSC 116
I,7B/N*, C*0,1+B8,:; "All stuuents in attenuance at the 0niveisity of Alabama aie
expecteu to be honoiable anu to obseive stanuaius of conuuct appiopiiate to a
community of scholais. The 0niveisity expects fiom its stuuents a highei stanuaiu of
conuuct than the minimum iequiieu to avoiu uiscipline. Acauemic misconuuct incluues
all acts of uishonesty in any acauemically ielateu mattei anu any knowing oi intentional
help oi attempt to help, oi conspiiacy to help, anothei stuuent. The Acauemic
Nisconuuct Bisciplinaiy Policy will be followeu in the event of acauemic misconuuct."

Please iefei to the Stuuent Affaiis Banubook, which you can get at The 0ffice of Stuuent
Life anu Seivices in the Feiguson Centei.

Stuuents may not use othei stuuents' clickeis, anu uoing so is a violation of acauemic
integiity. 0sing a clickei othei than youi own in class is acauemic misconuuct, anu will
not be toleiateu.

If youi instiuctoi suspects acauemic misconuuct, the mattei automatically goes the
Bean's office.

#.700)11N #1+B8,:; The Coue of Stuuent Conuuct uictates that stuuent behavioi shoulu
piomote an enviionment favoiable to both teaching anu leaining. Stuuents that choose
to uisiupt oi obstiuct oui lectuies anu uiscussions will be sanctioneu as uesciibeu in
the Coue of Stuuent Conuuct (http:catalogs.ua.euucatalogu61S7uu.html). It is
consiueieu uisiuptive to come late to class, ieau extia-cuiiiculai meuia in class, oi use
cell phones (anu othei electionic uevices) uuiing class time. I will iequiie stuuents that
choose to uisiespect theii classmates anu theii instiuctoi by uisiupting lectuies oi labs
to leave.

If you want to keep youi cell phone, you shoulu not use it in class!

9*07=*.*:*/0; I encouiage stuuents with uisabilities to iegistei with the 0ffice of Bisability
Seivices (S48.S28S), if you haven't uone so alieauy. It is youi iesponsibility to contact
me as soon as possible (ulgiafbama.ua.euu) so that we can scheuule a meeting
outsiue of class time so that youi neeus can be accommouateu.

Piinciples of Biology II BSC 116

(7): 5' D?1.8:*1+ U 9*?/)0*:4 12 ()1O7)41:/0V ()1:*0:0V R8+3*V U (.7+:0W (.7+: !*1.134
Bate Bay # Lectuie Topic Reauing
7 }an. Th N0 CLASS (Roll Tiue!)
12 }an. T u !"#$%& (.&$.-&5 6 7&.-&5 "8 ,9& :+-&2,-8-+ ;&,9"<
couise logistics: meet youi instiuctoi, expectations,
giauing, attenuance, etc; hypothesis testing as a way of
1 (pp.
14 }an. Th 1 =9& >1,,&$2 12< >$"+&%% "8 ?."@#,-"2
evolution of populations; speciation; histoiy of life on
Eaith; phylogenies ("tiee-thinking") anu theii value foi
infeiiing the histoiy of evolution
fiom BSC
114); 26
19 }an. T 2 >$"A1$B",&%/ C1+,&$-1 6 D$+91&1
auaptations, iepiouuction anu ielationships of
piokaiyotes; inteiactions of piokaiyotes with the
biospheie geneially anu humans specifically
21 }an. Th S :-23@&E+&@@&< ?#A1$B",&%/ ,9& >$",-%,%
Excavates, chiomalveolates, ihizaiians, algae, anu
unikonts, anu theii ielationships to multicellulai
26 }an. T 4 ;#@,-+&@@#@1$ ?#A1$B",&%/ F#23- 12< >@12,%
fungal life cycles, ecological inteiactions, anu evolution of
multicellulaiity fiom single-celleu piotists; evolution of
multicellulai plants fiom gieen algae
28 }an. Th S ?."@#,-"2 6 G-.&$%-,B "8 >@12,%
evolutionaiy innovations of plants: vasculai tissue, seeus,
anu floweis; how humans use anu abuse plants
2 Feb. T 6 H$"5,9 6 G&.&@"I4&2, "8 >@12,%
piimaiy & seconuaiy giowth in plants; moiphogenesis &
4 Feb. Th 7 >@12, J#,$-,-"2 6 >9B%-"@"3B
how plants acquiie, tianspoit, anu stoie watei, nutiients,
9 Feb. T 8 >@12, K2,&$1+,-"2% 6 7&I$"<#+,-"2
plants' inteiactions with soil anu othei oiganisms;
iepiouuction of floweiing plants anu how humans
manipulate it
11 Feb. Th 9 >@12, C&91.-"$LM
how plants iesponu to light, heibivoiy, anu othei stimuli
16 Feb. T D% C*B:/)N DE7N %

Piinciples of Biology II BSC 116

(7): 55' D?1.8:*1+ U 9*?/)0*:4 12 I+*N7.0W I+*N7. !*1.134
Bate Bay # Lectuie Topic Reauing
18 Feb. Th 1u K2,$"<#+,-"2 ," D2-41@ G-.&$%-,B 6 ?1$@B D2-41@ ?."@#,-"2
animal bouy plans, uiveisity, anu evolution; the Cambiian
Explosion; the eailiest bianches of animal phylogeny:
sponges, cniuaiians & flatwoims
2S Feb. T 11 0"I9",$"+9"N"1O ?+<B%"N"1 6 G&#,&$"%,"4-1
evolution anu uiveisity of the majoi gioups of animals
with complex bouy plans, incluuing the bianch leauing to
2S Feb. Th 12 ?1$@B C$12+9&% "8 ,9& P&$,&)$1,& >9B@"3&2B
choiuates anu the tiansition of veitebiates fiom
inveitebiates; evolution of the notochoiu, veitebiae, anu
jaws: fishes anu amphibians
2 Nai. T 1S D42-",&% 6 ,9& ?."@#,-"2 "8 =&$$&%,$-1@ P&$,&)$1,&%
evolution anu uiveisity of ieptiles, biius anu mammals;
human evolution
4 Nai. Th 14 K2,$"<#+,-"2 ," ,9& D2-41@ D21,"4B 6 >9B%-"@"3B
coiielation of foim anu function; metabolism anu
9 Nai. T 1S D2-41@ J#,$-,-"2
necessaiy eneigy anu mateiials; geneial anu specializeu
piocesses foi theii acquisition anu utilization
11 Nai. Th 16 !-$+#@1,-"2 6 H1% ?Q+9123&
tianspoit of nutiients anu gases; the mammalian heait;
exchange of gases (02 anu C02) with the enviionment
16 Nai. T N0 CLASS (Spiing Bieak)
18 Nai. Th N0 CLASS (Spiing Bieak)
2S Nai. T 17 D2-41@ K44#2& :B%,&4%
innate anu acquiieu immunity; theii ioles in uefense anu
2S Nai. Th 18 (%4"$&3#@1,-"2O ?Q+$&,-"2 6 ,9& ?2<"+$-2& :B%,&4
contiolling watei-balance anu nitiogenous metabolic
waste; hoimone function, incluuing ioles in physiology
anu behavioi
Su Nai. T DX C*B:/)N DE7N X

Piinciples of Biology II BSC 116
(7): 55' I+*N7. !*1.134 Y,1+:*+8/BZ
Bate Bay # Lectuie Topic Reauing
1 Api. Th 19 7&I$"<#+,-"2
sexual anu asexual iepiouuction, gametogenesis,
feitilization, anu uevelopment
6 Api. T 2u G&,1-@% "8 G&.&@"I4&2,
the cellulai piocesses of cleavage, gastiulation, anu
8 Api. Th 21 J&#$"2% 6 J&$."#% :B%,&4%
action potentials anu synapses between neuions;
oiganization of neuions into neivous systems; biological
basis of memoiy, leaining, anu neuiological uisoiueis
1S Api. T 22 :&2%"$B 6 ;","$ ;&+912-%4%
tianslation of stimulus eneigy by sensoiy ieceptois
pioviue inputs to the neivous system; muscles ieceive
stimulus fiom the neivous system to act
1S Api. Th 2S D2-41@ C&91.-"$
behavioi is the iesult of how stimuli aie piocesseu,
expeiience, anu genotype; evolution of behavioi

(7): 555' D,1.134
Bate Bay # Lectuie Topic Reauing
2u Api. T 24 K2,$"<#+,-"2 ," ?+"@"3B 6 >"I#@1,-"2%
inteiactions among oiganisms (of the same anu uiffeient
species) anu theii enviionments; population giowth anu
uemogiaphy; life histoiy evolution
22 Api. Th 2S >"I#@1,-"2% 6 !"44#2-,-&%
uensity-uepenuent population giowth; types of
inteiactions; keystone species; biogeogiaphy;
epiuemiology & human population giowth
27 Api. T 26 ?+"%B%,&4%
eneigy & nutiients flow thiough ecosystems; human
impact on chemical cycles thiough ecosystems
29 Api. Th 27 !"2%&$.1,-"2 C-"@"3B
human effects on biouiveisity: collateial uamage anu
intentional mitigation effoits
4 Nay T D[ R*+7. DE7N Y\'MMP%M'[M ICZ