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_— PSUR NAVAMSA IN ASTROLOGY Ist Published 1997 Reprinted 2001 ©C.S. PATEL Published by NARINDER SAGAR FOR SAGAR PUBLICATIONS 72 JANPATH VED MANSION NEW DELHI 110 001 TEL 332 0648 Pint By ky Kay Ofet Penton, Pr: 7458970, 71845, PREFACE ‘The blessings of "Shri Bala Chandrika" has enabled me to place before the astrological fratemity, a long needed treatise which is somewhat ful- filled by writing an independent and exclusive book on "Navamsa” tech- niques for the first time in English, In Hindu predictive astrology, Navamsa occupies an outstanding posi- tion and draws one’s attention for deeper scrutiny and understanding. The [Navamsa techniques are very many, as many as possible are dealt with in this book. Students are advised to study not only the classical texts but also Nadi Granthas, such a Deva Keralam: Chandra Kala Nadi, Dhruva Nadi, Bhrigu Nadi etc for additional knowledge. ‘The present is a rare kind of work, what the readers would find inthis treatise can hardly be found elsewhere. T have ventured into an unchartered area of Nadi Granthas and classi- ‘cal texts, where the concept of "Navamsa” has been extensively and innovatingly applied to solve various techniques of predictions. 11d not think it fit, to enumerate the innumerable techniques discussed in the book here, but T would like to state that many technical terms such as, Nidhanamsa, Ashtamamsa, Pushkaranavamsa, Bhava-suchaka-navamsa, ‘the 64th Navamsa, Vikatamsa, Bhava-madhya-navamsa and many more are explained, showing their correct impart. Many more techniques can be found from Vidhya-madhaviyam, Kashyapa Jataka (about 107 verses in Hora-Ratnam part II) and Nadi Granthas. If God ordains and gives me energy and sound health, I would ‘add many more techniques in the next edition Jn conclusion, I crave indulgence of readers for scares of solecisms that have crept in while I was struggling to squeeze the right sense out of ‘many a tough Sanskrit verse and express it ina foreign language. Further,