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Paleo for Beginners

Paleo Limitless, LLC

!"#$% '()*
1hanks for grabblng our speclal reporL, aleo lor 8eglnners."
l'm so glad LhaL you've plcked Lhls up, and l know LhaL you're golng Lo geL a Lon
ouL of lL. l know LhaL Lransluonlng Lo Lhe aleo uleL lsn'L always easy, and LhaL's
why Lhls gulde ls here Lo help make lL as easy for you as posslble.
8ecause l know Lhe beneLs are worLh lL.
+' ,-(.'
up unul l was around 22 years old, l was always faugued, depressed, couldn'L
sleep, and couldn'L focus. lor Lhe longesL ume l was Lold LhaL how l felL was
"normal" - mosL people had one or Lwo of Lhese lssues, and you [usL needed Lo
Lake some plll Lo x lL.
lor a whlle, l boughL lnLo lL - l LhoughL LhaL Lhls was [usL how llfe was. 8elng ured
and depressed all Lhe ume was [usL parL of Lhe game - and lf you dldn'L have Lhese
problems, you were [usL 'lucky'.
ln 2010, l moved across Lhe counLry from ConnecucuL Lo San ulego, and was
lnLroduced Lo Lhe aleo uleL by my roommaLe.
1he ldea of eaung [usL meaL, frulLs, and vegeLables sounded greaL Lo me - so l
dove rlghL ln.
AL Lhe same ume, my nexL door nelghbor happened Lo be Sean CroxLon - a
naLural healLh pracuuoner. Sean ran some LesLs on me, and lo and behold - Lhere
were some SL8lCuS problems golng on. My sympLoms weren'L [usL a naLural
Lhlng - l had sLage 3 adrenal faugue, leaky guL, and serlous dysblosls.
uL more slmply - my LesLosLerone (as a 22 year old male) was lower Lhan my
mom's, l had all sorLs of bad bacLerla ln my guL, and l was barely dlgesung my
lasL forward now - 3 years laLer lnLo Lhe aleo dleL (and a llule blL of
supplemenLauon along Lhe way) - my LesLosLerone has dramaucally lncreased, l
have more energy Lhan l could have LvL8 lmaglned growlng up, my mlnd ls
(almosL!) llke a sLeel Lrap, l am lncredlbly happy, and have no lssues sleeplng aL
all. Ch, and l'm leaner Lhan l've ever been.
1he change was llke nlghL and day. l feel llke a compleLe person - and am able Lo
funcuon aL a level l never could ln Lhe pasL.
All Lhls ls Lo glve you Lhe reason why l creaLed Lhe aleo lor uummles free
program -- l wanL help make your Lransluon lnLo eaung aleo as easy as posslble
so you can sLarL experlenclng Lhe beneLs - more energy, faL loss, clearer skln,
more focus, and so, SC much more LhaL would make Lhls leuer way Loo long.
So wlLhouL furLher ado, please en[oy our reporL - aleo lor uummles."
L-mall me aL uave[aleohacks.com
WanL 200+ uellclous aleo 8eclpes?
Crab our Cookbook.
Cllck Pere lor ?our rlvaLe ulscounL age
/012$$0.34 5)260 -( -"0 7#80( 920-
?ou have probably heard abouL Lhe aleo dleL and how people are Laklng up Lhe
llfesLyle Lo geL healLhy. 8uL do you know exacLly whaL lL ls or how lL works? ?ou
mlghL be lnLeresLed buL don'L know how Lo sLarL. 1o help you ouL, here's a
beglnner's gulde Lo Lhe aleo dleL.
:"#- 24 -"0 7#80( 620-;
8aslcally, Lhls ls a llfesLyle LhaL lnvolves eaung whole, real, naLural food and
avoldlng processed foods.
Pumans have only been eaung Lhe way we do now for abouL 10,000 years. 8efore
LhaL, people aLe ln a aleo manner for a very, very long ume: some esumaLes
lndlcaLe more Lhan Lwo mllllon years. ln oLher words, humans and Lhelr bodles
are meanL Lo eaL Lhose foods LhaL we used Lo eaL, and noL Lhe hlghly processed,
graln-based foods and sugar LhaL only came lnLo our dleLs mosL recenLly.
1he aleo dleL alms Lo brlng back Lhose whole, real foods and Lo ellmlnaLe
processed foods, sugar, rened sugar, gralns, and hydrogenaLed vegeLable olls
LhaL do noLhlng posluve for our healLh and well-belng.
<24-(.' (= -"0 7#80( 920-
aleo men and women were lean, sLrong, and L. 1hey aLe whaL Lhey could hunL
or gaLher, Lhey dldn'L grow crops llke we do Loday. 1hey dug up Lubers, aLe lnsecLs
and anlmals Lhey caughL, and plcked berrles when ln season. 1hey moved around
followlng Lhe food sources. 1hey cllmbed Lrees, [umped sLreams, and were ln
preuy fanLasuc shape.
Pumans aLe llke Lhls for a really, really long ume. So long, ln facL, LhaL Lhe human
body became preuy adapLed Lo eaung Lhose foods. 1helr bodles ran more on faL
Lhan carbs.
1hen along came Lhe agrlculLural revoluuon and everyLhlng changed.
!"0 >1.2?)8-).#8 @0A(8)B($
Also called Lhe neollLhlc uemographlc 1ransluon or Lhe neollLhlc 8evoluuon, Lhls
happened around 10,000 Lo 12,000 years ago. Pumans sLarLed Lo shl from a
hunLer-gaLher Lype of socleLy Lo one where seulemenL and agrlculLure was more
common. 1hey began Lo grow graln crops and ralse domesucaLed anlmals for
food. now, of course, 10,000 years ago, wheaL and oLher gralns were vasLly
dlerenL Lhan Lhey are now. 1he wheaL we have now has been ddled wlLh and
changed Lo have more gluLen. 8reads Lhey aLe Lhen were also more llkely Lo be
sourdough, and Lhey used Lhe process of fermenLauon a loL more.
lL's llkely LhaL dlgesuve lssues and dlseases relaLed Lo poor food cholces sLarLed
around Lhls ume.
So, do you wanL Lo be lean and sLrong and healLhy llke our aleo ancesLors? lf so,
you should denlLely Lry ouL Lhe aleo dleL.
!"0 /#42?4 (= -"0 7#80( 920-
WhaL you !"# eaL:
! MeaL
! nuLs
! vegeLables and Lubers
! lrulL
! Lggs
! llsh and Seafood
! naLural olls llke avocado, coconuL, ollve, and buuer or ghee from grass-fed
cows lf you have access

WhaL you should #%& eaL:
! Legumes
! Cralns: wheaL, barley, rye, corn
! PydrogenaLed vegeLable olls (corn, canola, soybean, margarlne)
! ualry (alLhough some people eaL raw dalry lf Lhey don'L have a problem
wlLh lL - Lhese people follow whaL ls called a rlmal dleL)
:"' C() ,"()86 >A(26 !"(40 D((64
Accordlng Lo Lhe CuC, more Lhan 33 percenL of all Amerlcan adulLs are obese.
CbeslLy leads Lo a hlgher rlsk of many dlseases llke some cancers, hearL dlsease,
Lype 2 dlabeLes, and sLroke.
CbeslLy can be caused by dleLs hlgh ln processed
foods, dleLs Loo hlgh ln processed carbohydraLes, and Loo hlgh ln sugar. Many
people suer from healLh problems assoclaLed wlLh lnammauon and food
Legumes can cause people Lo suer from lnammauon and dlgesuve upseL. lf
you're one of Lhose people, you denlLely need Lo avold Lhem. Lven lf you don'L
suer from slde eecLs, lL's llkely LhaL your body ls experlenclng lnammauon, so
lL's besL Lo avold legumes. Safe legumes are peas and green beans. unsafe
legumes are soy, peanuLs, and beans llke kldney beans, romano beans, eLc.
Cralns (wheaL, barley, and rye) conLaln lecuns and gluLen. Lecuns are Loxlns LhaL a
planL develops Lo proLecL lLself agalnsL consumpuon so LhaL Lhe planL may
reproduce. 1hese lecuns can cause damage Lo Lhe gasLrolnLesunal LracL and also
pull vlLamlns from Lhe lnLesunes, prevenung absorpuon of valuable

roLelns ln Lhe wheaL, llke gluLen, can cause a whole assorLmenL of problems for
some people. ?ou've probably heard of cellac dlsease, where Lhe person ls allerglc
Lo Lhe gluLen. 1hese people suer from abdomlnal paln or dlscomforL, bloaung,
and dlarrhea when Lhey eaL gluLen.
uld you know Lhere are non-cellac gluLen lnLolerances as well? 1hese people may
suer from headaches, [olnL paln, mood dlsorders, and more, all because of
CLher gralns llke rlce, oaLs, and corn may also be conLamlnaLed wlLh gluLen aL Lhe
erhaps Lhe scarlesL parL ls LhaL a large ma[orlLy of people who are gluLen
lnLoleranL don'L even know lL, Lhey have no ouLward sympLoms, yeL Lhelr lnsldes
are rlddled wlLh lnammauon and Lhey are on Lhe fasL-Lrack Lo lll-healLh, all
wlLhouL knowlng lL.
Cne ma[or reason Lo avold gralns ls because Lhey are very hlgh ln processed
carbohydraLes. ?our body Lurns carbs lnLo glucose, whlch geLs sLored Lo be used
for energy. lf you don'L use Lhose glucose sLores, LhaL glucose ls sLored as faL.
rocessed sugars are exLremely hlgh ln glucose as well.
1he CuC says LhaL sugars added Lo foods has been llnked Lo a lowered level of
essenual mlcronuLrlenLs and an lncrease ln body welghL.
rocessed Clls
rocessed olls and parually-hydrogenaLed and hydrogenaLed vegeLable olls (also
called Lrans faL) are slmply noL good for you. 1hey cause lnammauon and
unhealLhy levels of Cmega 6 compared Lo Cmega 3. Clls Lo avold are all Lypes of
margarlne, soybean oll, canola oll, vegeLable" oll, corn oll,
and sunower/saMower oll.

MosL processed foods have aL leasL one of Lhese Lypes of olls.
A loL of people have problems eaung dalry producLs. lf you're noL one of Lhose
people, and you have access Lo raw mllk, go for lL. 8aw mllk (when lL comes from
a good, LrusLed source) ls safe, dellclous, and healLhy.
E(F G#.H; I(J K)4- 62L0.0$- ?#.H4
Some people confuse a aleo dleL wlLh a low-carb dleL. Sure, lf you're overwelghL,
mosLly sedenLary, and wanL Lo lose welghL, a lower-carb dleL can help you lose
welghL qulckly and safely.
lf you're noL overwelghL, are acuve aL your [ob or work ouL a loL, you need Lhose
carbs. !usL make sure you're gemng Lhose from good" carb sources llke sweeL
poLaLoes, sLarchy carbs, frulL, and someumes rlce, lf you are ouL of oLher opuons.
WhlLe rlce ls a benlgn graln, wlLh very few lecuns, and no gluLen, as long as lL
hasn'L been conLamlnaLed. WheLher you eaL whlLe rlce ls up Lo you.
ConLrary Lo whaL you have been Lold, faL doesn'L make you faL. ln facL, your dleL
when eaung aleo wlll conLaln a loL of faL, parucularly from meaL, sh, eggs,
avocados, and ollves. 1hls ls good, healLhy faL. Cf course, lf you eaL more calorles
Lhan you need, you'll galn welghL, buL lL's hlghly unllkely LhaL you'll do Lhls lf
you're eaung enough vegeLables and healLhy meaLs.
,M0?2N?4 (= :"#- C() G#$ O#-
LaL meaL: grass-fed, pasLured blson, beef, poulLry, lamb, and pork ls besL, lf you
have access Lo lL. Crass-fed and pasLured meaLs come from anlmals LhaL are
healLhy and happy, and Lhelr meaL has more mlnerals, vlLamlns, and
beuer fauy aclds. LaL eggs from pasLured chlckens and
ducks, Loo.

use naLural olls llke coconuL, ollve, and avocado. 8uuer and ghee from pasLured,
grass-fed cows ls accepLable.
LaL some seeds and nuLs, parucularly macadamla and walnuL as Lhey are hlghesL
ln Cmega 3.
As menuoned, for good carbs, eaL Lubers llke yams and sweeL poLaLoes. CLher
good carbs are squashes, beeLs, and oLher rooL vegeLables.
LaL frulL ln moderauon (lf you're Lrylng Lo lose welghL, keep Lhese ln check). 1he
besL frulL are dark berrles, whlch are hlgh ln anu-oxldanLs and low ln sugars.
LaL loLs of produce! Leafy greens, cruclferous vegeLables, colorful planLs, and
oLher assorLed vegeLables should be a large parL of your dleL. LaL organlc when
posslble, and eaL Lhe ulrLy uozen" as organlc always, lf you can.
Ln[oy sh (preferably wlld-caughL, susLalnable). lauy sh are besL, llke salmon. lf
you geL canned salmon, geL lL wlLh Lhe skln and bone sull presenL for Lhe besL
8ecause Lhese foods are lllng, full of nuLrlenLs, and low ln bad" faLs and carbs,
you can mosL llkely eaL as much as you wanL (aslde from nuLs and frulL) and noL
galn welghL. ln facL, lf you go from eaung a SLandard Amerlcan uleL Lo Lhe aleo
dleL, you'll probably lose welghL wlLhouL even Lrylng.
50P$1 QA0. 5.#2$ >662?B($
lf you are really serlous abouL glvlng Lhls a Lry, sLarL wlLh a 30-day challenge. CuL
ouL all Lhe bad sLu and eaL as much of Lhe good sLu as you wanL. ?ou'll feel
beuer, look beuer, and you'll probably lose some welghL.
lf you won'L do lL all aL once, cuL ouL MCS1 bad foods and leave ln one day where
you wlll eaL a cheaL" meal or even for Lhe whole day. 1haL wlll make a dlerence,
Loo - alLhough noL as dramauc as lf you cuL lL all ouL enurely.
A loL of people wlll nd ouL Lhey acLually do have lnLolerances, parucularly lf Lhey
cuL ouL gluLen for 30 days and Lhen re-lnLroduce lL. ?ou mlghL geL headaches,
[olnL paln, sLomach upseL, bloaung, or oLher sympLoms. lf you do, Lhen you can
know for cerLaln LhaL you should denlLely avold gluLen all Lhe ume. ?ou can also
do Lhls klnd of ellmlnauon dleL for dalry lf you aren'L sure lf lL causes a problem.
!usL make sure you don'L lnLroduce Lwo poLenual foods aL once, as you won'L
know whlch one caused Lhe reacuon lf you have a problem.
<(F -( ,)??006
?ou can geL healLhy, lose welghL, or malnLaln a healLhy welghL qulLe easlly on Lhe
aleo dleL. Pere's how Lo geL sLarLed:
! CeL rld of all Lhe [unkfood - now. uonaLe all Lhe [unk food, packaged sLu,
and oLher undeslrable food from your panLry. Clve lL Lo a homeless shelLer
or food bank.
! uon'L eaL ouL aL resLauranLs unul you know you can reslsL LempLauon - and
know whlch foods do noL have gluLen/dalry eLc. ln Lhem
!uon'L overLhlnk lL. Some people llke Lo overcompllcaLe Lhe aleo uleL - buL
whaL lL really comes down Lo ls !L8l" - whlch ls !usL LaL 8eal lood."
And wlLh LhaL, here's our bonus manual - 3 qulck aleo reclpes.
l hope you en[oyed Lhls gulde! lease feel free Lo hlL me up aL
uave[paleohacks.com lf you have any quesuons abouL anyLhlng.
Spicy Almonds
'()*(+ ,-.
1 cup almonds
1 Lsp ground cumln
1 Lsp ground corlander seeds
1 Lsp sesame seeds
x Lsp salL /%01%#"2)
1 egg whlLe
reheaL a fan-forced oven Lo 180! Celslus/330! lahrenhelL.
lace egg whlLe lnLo a bowl and beaL unul sllghLly froLhy.
Add almonds, cumln, corlander, sesame seeds and salL and comblne well.
Spread almond mlxLure onLo an oven Lray llned wlLh baklng paper.
lace Lray ln oven and bake for 10 mlnuLes unul almonds are llghLly browned and egg has seL.
8emove from oven and cool.
1o serve, break up baked mlxLure Lo separaLe almonds.

Chicken and Bacon Salad
'()*(+ ,
1 chlcken breasL
2 cups waLer
!ulce of half a lemon
1 Lbs oll
8 rashers of bacon, faL removed
and cuL lnLo sLrlps
3 medlum LomaLoes, cuL
lnLo quarLers
x avocado, dlced
2 cups fresh rockeL
1 Lbs oll
2 Lbs balsamlc vlnegar
ln a saucepan brlng waLer and lemon [ulce Lo Lhe boll. 8educe heaL, Lhen add chlcken breasL,
cover and slmmer on low heaL for 13-20 mlnuLes, or unul chlcken ls rm and cooked. 8emove
from heaL and leave chlcken ln llquld Lo cool. When cold remove chlcken from pan and shred
meaL, Learlng along Lhe graln.
PeaL oll ln a frylng pan on hlgh heaL, add bacon and fry unul bacon sLrlps are llghLly crlsp.
8emove bacon from pan and add LomaLo quarLers, sur on hlgh heaL for 2 mlnuLes, or unul
LomaLoes soen sllghLly.
1o make Lhe dresslng, mlx oll and vlnegar unul well comblned.
lace dlced chlcken breasL, bacon, LomaLoes, avocado and rockeL and dresslng ln a salad bowl
and mlx unul well comblned. Serve.

Spicy Meatballs in Tomato Sauce
'()*(+ .-3
1omaLo sauce
1 onlon, peeled and dlced
3 garllc cloves nely chopped
1 chllll nely chopped
1 Lsp ground clnnamon
2 Lsp ground cumln
x Lsp ground cloves
800g canned dlced LomaLoes %)
4 cups freshly dlced LomaLoes
410g mlnced beef
2 garllc cloves, nely chopped
2 Lsp ground cumln
1 Lsp ground clnnamon
1 Lsp ground Lurmerlc
1 Lsp chllll powder
1 egg
Cround pepper
reheaL a fan-forced oven Lo 180! Celslus/330! lahrenhelL.
1o make Lhe meaLballs - ln a bowl mlx Lhe garllc, clnnamon, Lurmerlc, chllll powder, egg,
pepper and mlnced meaL unul well comblned. neaLly shape Lhe meaL mlxLure lnLo 12 balls.
lace meaLballs on an oven Lray and bake ln Lhe oven for 20-30 mlnuLes or unul cooked.
1o make Lhe LomaLo sauce - fry onlon, garllc and chllll ln a pan on medlum heaL unul Lhey begln
Lo soen and llghLly brown. Add clnnamon, cumln and cloves and conunue Lo cook for a few
mlnuLes Lo release avours.
Add Lhe LomaLoes and slmmer for 10 mlnuLes. When meaLballs are cooked add Lhem Lo Lhe
LomaLo sauce. Slmmer on low heaL for a furLher 13 mlnuLes.
Serve wlLh fresh corlander.
Lamb and Bacon Dumplings
'()*(+ 3-4
6 rashers bacon, meaL only
nely dlced
1 small onlon, nely chopped
1 Lbs oll
2 Lsp sage, nely chopped
1 Lsp ground paprlka
lnch of salL /%01%#"2)
lnch of pepper
300g mlnced lamb
1 egg
800g canned dlced LomaLoes %)
4 cups freshly dlced LomaLoes
1 Lsp basll, nely chopped
lnch of salL /%01%#"2)
lnch of pepper
reheaL a fan-forced oven Lo 180! Celslus/330! lahrenhelL.
ln a medlum slzed pan on medlum/hlgh heaL fry onlon and bacon ln oll for 3 mlnuLes or unul
onlon ls Lender. Add Lhe sage, paprlka, salL and pepper and cook for a furLher 2 mlnuLes.
8emove pan from heaL and allow Lo cool.
ln a large mlxlng bowl comblne cooled bacon mlxLure, egg and mlnced lamb well.
8oll Lhe lamb mlxLure lnLo 12 balls and place onLo a baklng Lray llned wlLh baklng paper. 8ake ln
Lhe oven for 30-40 mlnuLes unul well cooked.
1o make Lhe sauce, place dlced LomaLoes, basll, salL and pepper ln a medlum slzed pan and
slmmer for 2-3 mlnuLes. Add Lhe cooked meaLballs and slmmer genLly for a furLher 10 mlnuLes.
Blueberry and Pear Crumble
'()*(+ .-3
3 pears
1 Lbs mlxed splce
4 Lbs lemon [ulce
1 Lbs honey
300g packeL frozen blueberrles
2 Lbs arrowrooL
x cup almond meal
10 daLes
1 Lbs waLer
Z cup walnuLs, chopped
reheaL a fan-forced oven Lo 180! Celslus/330! lahrenhelL.
eel, core and sllce Lhe pears. PeaL a medlum slzed pan Lo low-medlum heaL. Add pear sllces,
mlxed splce, lemon [ulce and honey. Cover and cook for 10 mlnuLes surrlng regularly.
Add arrowrooL and waLer Lo Lhe pears and sur unul pears are coaLed. Add blueberrles and sur
conunuously for 3 mlnuLes or unul Lhe blueberrles have defrosLed and Lhe sauce has Lhlckened.
8emove from heaL.
lace almond meal, daLes and waLer ln a food processor and blend unul well comblned.
1ransfer mlxLure Lo a bowl and sur ln Lhe walnuLs.
lace pears and blueberrles ln an ovenproof dlsh and Lop wlLh almond crumble mlxLure. 8ake
Lhe crumble ln Lhe oven for 13-20 mlnuLes or unul Lhe Lop ls golden brown. Serve.
I hope you enjoyed this free report!
Id love to get your feedback - please hit me
up at Dave@Paleohacks.com if you have
any questions!
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