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Another update of potential action-items serves to amplify prior conclusions, with notable twists.

On the International-Plane, internal-friction has been noted within BHOs inner-sanctum, inasmuch as, before Secretary of State John Kerrys recent trip to Cairo, National Security Adviser Susan Rice told him to make strong statements in public and private about the trial of deposed President Mohamed Morsi; on his own, Kerry decided to disregard the White Houses instructions. Also noted is the fact that the palestinian-authority-gave-freed-prisoners-$50,000-each, as many now are second-guessing the wisdom of the Gaza Withdrawal in-2005; reportedly, Al Jazeera America is Tanking Worse Than Current TV had. {Illustrating the importance of supporting non-Islamist rebels (against Assad) headed by Kurds, is the fact that OBAMA-BACKED JIHADIS FEED ALEPPO DOGS WITH SYRIAN SOLDIERS BODIES.} On the National-Plane, SNL lampooned Obamas second-term troubles, as the Left rankled over linking Katrina and ObamaCare [The analogy is less telling than who is using it, including WaPos Ezra Klein]; although PELOSI [looking subdued] decried A LOT OF HOOPDEY-DOO AND ADO ABOUT OBAMACARE, some claim repeal-is-still-in-the-cards [including Heritage Action, as cited during weekly phone calls held on Mondaysone of which just occurred]. The ripple-effect has adversely affected two related Congressional Hill conflicts, immigration reform [gop-senators-press-obamas-dhs-nominee-to-endlawless-immigration-policies and ObamaCare-crisis-is-choking-obamas-top-priority-immigration-bill] and the ongoing fiscal battle [gop-is-winning-the-budget-fight]. Meanwhile, using rather colorful lingo, oprah-was called-out-for-playing-the-race-card; inexplicably, however, krauthammer claimed the notion of a gop-civil-war-is-a-liberal-media-myth, despite the fact that another Congressional conflict occurred in the South over the weekend [allegedly pitting big-business against a more doctrinaire Conservative]. {Politically, the import of The Democrats ObamaCare Crackup has been explored, replete with links; also, when BHO again met with health insurance CEOs, he seemed rattled and politically punch drunk.} On the Statewide-Plane, a Pa. bill changing public notices was decried as a threat to the republic; Senate Bill 733 [INTRODUCED BY ROBBINS, EICHELBERGER, ALLOWAY, ERICKSON, FARNESE, FERLO, FOLMER AND FONTANA] would allow all of Pennsylvania's governmental entities to post notices on government websites as well as newspapers, and only on those governmental websites if they so choose. [This poorly-written bill also could prove to be pernicious, as it would allow public officials the opportunity to attempt to influence press coverage by agreeing or not agreeing to publish public notices in local newspapers. In turn, will a newspaper be forced to decide not to accept public notices issued by a local government on which it is reporting if it might be perceived as being influenced?]; also, it was advised by Jamie Cox that this Twitter-List be invoked for those who wish to monitor Common Core: @KeystoneReport @AFPPennsylvania (though they Tweet a LOT) @Melissamdaniels (PA Independent reporter) @GovernorCorbett @RepBloom (gives good info; probably the most active tweeting PA-lawmaker, albeit not everyones favoriate) @Free_to_Teach @EmpowerPA @AM_National @LeoKnepper @Dcepa @MattBrouillette @NathanBenefield

@TheRealDMel @MediatrackersPA @PARightToWork @Liberty4PA @BNPiper @crafty1woman @caf4pa On the Regional-Plane, meetings of true-conservatives are being held in MontCo/BucksCo this week; also, an update of what is occurring with the Holocaust Education Legislation will be acquired in the a.m.