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The education field today has undergone rapid modification. Even in Malaysia,
many changes have happened as a result from the effects of globalization, the legislations
in education policies, exploitation of technology information, the economy increase and
the efforts for world standard education system formation. All these factors really
influence the modernization of the education field, particular in our country. The change
which has occurred globally has led educators today to take information and
communications technology (TKM) in education. This transformation rate is accelerated
with other influence factors such as development in education theories and models which
vary from teacher centralization to student centralization as well as the cost of technology
which is cheaper.

An increase in the number of students, material shortage for lessons as well as a

shortage of teaching staff have demanded the education ministry to relook the role of
TMK in the process of teaching and learning at school. In the classroom, the role of a
teacher has changed from instructor to facilitator. The lessons are based on exploration
methods which lessons enable students to explore either individually or in small groups.
Learning opportunities individually are given to students to enable them to learn by their
self and suitable with their abilities.

One of the strategies to be used by teachers to face this change in the teaching
practice aspect and learning at school is by integrating technology in their lessons.
Video-use is one technology that can be used in teaching and learning daily. Learning
using videos is one type of media which can help teachers present their lesson. Learning
through videos can defined as a combination of sound and visual recorded into a
videotape and played through the television. (Tomalin, 1986) Direct or indirect education
can be modeled through the usage of videos in class. A survey result proved that most
instruction method using television and videotapes are more effective compared to the
traditional education method.
Recently, the Malaysian Education Ministry has decided to run Rancangan
Pendidikan TV, or better known as eduwebtv, through the web starting from the 1st of
March 2008. Among Eduwebtv 's objective are to understand and know the definition,
vision and mission of eduwebtv, know all the channels and the user types in the portal of
eduwebtv as well as know the basic skills in using this portal. It also is an effort to
reduce the digital divides in urban, sub-urban, rural and interior districts.

Eduwebtv is an interactive educational portal based on applicable video in the

teaching and learning process. Eduwebtv's vision is to make this educational portal
which is based on educational videos become worldwide through the application of
educational values with the use of the video technique. Where as the mission of
Eduwebtv is to lead the development of the teaching and learning process to be based on
creative information and communications technology in line with the Education
Development Master Plan 2006 - 2010. Eduwebtv uses the slogan ‘Digital Education For
All' in widening its use in the education system in our country.

In Eduwebtv, originally there are seven types of channels. First is the Berita
Channel. This channel contains the 30 minutes daily news on the events and important
activities of the Malaysian Education Ministry (KPM) as well as on teaching staff. The
second channel is the Wawancara Channel. This channel contains interviews with KPM
personalities or those linked to the education field on current issues analyzing and
promoting education. The third channel is the Akademik Channel. This channel displays
knowledge sharing is hosted by officers, teachers and KPM personality on best practices
of teaching and learning and education management. The fourth channel is the Rencana
Channel. This channel displays documentaries concerning incidents, citizen experiences
and achievements of KPM. The fifth channel is the Kurikulum Channel. This channel
contains education materials generated by the Malaysian Education Technology Division.
The sixth channel is the Interaktif Channel. This channel includes materials for teachers
and students to increase their knowledge by interaction. Lastly is the Siaran Langsung
Channel. This channel will live-broadcast KPM 's events directly through internet. A
new channel on Eduwebtv is the Panduan Channel. This channel provides guides for
teachers as well as students in aspects of education.

3.0 PROBLEM STATEMENT  reference????

A problem statement is the root of a research, because it explains briefly the

study’s objective. The problem of a research is a situation which results from researcher
feeling confused and restless. It is a border in the problem area with particular context
involving whom or what, where, when, and why of that problem situation.

The problem statement must give focus and a direction or guideline for the study.
It also can identify the major variable in the study and propose a suitable methodology
for study. The problem statement should be stated in a way it would bring to analytical
thinking in order to sort out a solution to problems stated. The problem can be stated
whether in the question form or statement.

For this topic, the problem statement is on the reasons why Eduwebtv was started.


The era of technological development influences every area of life. Technological

aspects are merged into the school curriculum as an initiative to instill and cultivate a
positive interest and attitude to technological development. Eduwebtv’s construction
swallowed millions of ringgit. This is not an investment needed to be considered
insignificant by the society in our country. Before this site was built, surely the many
interests of Eduwebtv were examined first as the Eduwebtv motto itself is ‘digital
education for all’. Therefore, the ministry must take into account that everyone needs to
be educated and must make Eduwebtv suitable for all.
For those of us that are ‘beyond' school days, it has been found that Eduwebtv is a
new phenomenon in the education field today and we can see the existence of the special
features in Eduwebtv.

The first special feature of Eduwebtv is that not just limited to one topic for one
subject only, but there are videos displayed from various education issues. For example
in the Siaran Langsung Channel, there are videos available in education field such as a
live telecast of the celebrations on national level, such as Teachers' Day; a live telecast of
a Teachers' Day figure on the national level, a speech by the Education Minister and other
videos. This is also similarly in other channels the News Channel and Wawancara
Channel. Thus, indirectly, Eduwebtv can help students obtain information on what is
going on in the education field which occurs every day. Apart from that also, the video
concepts in Eduwebtv are always renewed from time to time to ensure Eduwebtv is
always ‘fresh’ with latest information. These videos are renewed in expansion with the
education field development.

The next feature is that Eduwebtv simplifies the teachers' teachings and students’
learning. As we already know, there is a curriculum channel which can be found in
Eduwebtv. In channel this, all the subjects for primary schools and secondary schools
can be found. There is also a language expert or translator, who uses sign language in
each video displayed for students with hearing disablity. This feature makes Eduwebtv
suitable for all groups of students. Some students are ashamed to ask their teachers when
they are in class about something on the topic taught to them. So, through Eduwebtv,
students can revise on their own through the Kurikulum Channel. They only need to
choose the topic they wish to watch and the student may review the topic according to
their own desire. The video concept used enables students to watch topics repeatedly
unlimitedly to their own wish. This special feature make Eduwebtv a good choice in
helping increase the mastery of students on particular subjects.

Another of Eduwebtv 's feature is that the concept of Eduwebtv is that it can be
accessed wherever and at anytime, making Eduwebtv more special. This facility can help
students to do their revision at any time they like. For example, students can access
Eduwebtv in cyber cafes, at home or in their school. If at school, students can watch
Eduwebtv with teachers or in partners. At home, they can watch Eduwebtv with their
family, provided that in their home there is the availability of a computer and an internet

Behind these features, without realizing, Eduwebtv has many advantage, whether
it implicitly or explicitly. Among the advantages of Eduwebtv is it can increase
comprehension, give exposure and further promote use of multimedia and Internet
Communication and Technology (ICT) in students in particular. Eduwebtv constitutes
channels which contain video taken from television programmes and transformed into the
video form. When teachers apply Eduwebtv in their lesson, indirectly these teacher have
given exposure to their students to multimedia and ICT. Multimedia is up-to-date
information technology which allows video integration and manipulation, audio, text,
graphic and animation. (Baharuddin & Mohd, 1995) The use of multimedia has an
important role in education. Among these roles are that multimedia gives a chance to
learn based on their respective abilities; facilitate and accelerate their comprehension on a
particular curriculum concept; make the lesson interesting and enjoyable; provide more
information and knowledge to students and lastly help students repeat or replay the
videos they watch until they are satisfied. Therefore, it is clear here that Eduwebtv has a
lot of benifit to students in particular for those in the multimedia and ICT field.

Another advantage further is through usage of Eduwebtv, the standard and quality
of teaching teacher can be increased and diversified. All this while, as we see and may be
even experience, many teachers use the method of chalk and talk only for teaching.
Therefore, through Eduwebtv not only it can improve quality of teaching, but even make
the education process a wonderful experience as well as attract and help students
understand new concepts quick and with ease. (Brown & Bush, 1992; Toh & Ng, 1994;
Rio & Kasiran, 1994; Baharuddin & Mohd, 1995)

A further advantage is that it is able to support the construction of social

learning through communication cooperation. Eduwebtv is an instructional and learning
aid which contains many interesting topics that can be explored by students without
restriction or limit to achieve information in they learn. Disciplined students who follow
lesson objectives and are clever in making decision will discover that Eduwebtv can be
used as an impressive learning resource. While surfing Eduwebtv, teachers can divide
students into small groups so that they can interact together with Eduwebtv. This can
increase their knowledge, not only from sharing information from Eduwebtv, but also
elevate their communication skills.


After a look of all the special features of Eduwebtv, it has been agreed that the
school, in particular teachers, must use Eduwebtv to the maximum in the teaching and
learning process so that the quality of learning for students can be upgraded. In this
section, a few suggestions are proposed on how teachers can apply Eduwebtv in the
learning and teaching process so that this website can be used fully without any worries
or problems and in a delightful atmosphere.

The proposal is that teachers can use a video within Eduwebtv as a ‘capital’ to
carry out team work. The method is very easy, where students should only pick out
important content and present it in class. This means that teachers can divide student to
several small groups in one class. Then, teacher can ask the students to choose any one
channel, such as the Panduan Channel for example and the students are granted freedom
of choice of any topic in that channel. Furthermore, the teacher must provide sufficient
time to the students in each group before their presentation. The teacher can compel all
the member of every group to take part. To attract the student's attention so that their
work not viewed as unimportant, the teacher may give marks to students for their
presentation. Apart from this, the teacher can ask for the agreement of the headmaster or
principal, to combine a few classes whereby every student of each group must present
their results of the video.

Another recommendation is to increase the comprehension and grammar of

students with the use of Eduwebtv. For example, in the subject of Malay Language,
student can choose any channel in Eduwebtv. Each student then is asked to find sentence
errors that are used in the videos they have chosen. If there are no grammatical errors,
then the teacher can ask the students to find sentences based on the dialogue spoken in
video according to the teacher’s instructions. For example, the teacher can ask students
find to adjectives. The teacher should avoid from giving a lot of instructions because it
will be an inconvenience to students find too many words in video as dialogues are
usually fast.

A third proposal is to increase the mastery of the English and Malay language by
using the Eduwebtv application. By using Eduwebtv, teachers and students can add to
their mastery in these two languages. Teachers can ask students to watch channels in the
English version, such as the news in English in the Berita Channel. Teachers can ask
students to write a synopsis of the news viewed and ask them to identify difficult words
to understand so they can find a synonymous word with hard words they list. Teachers
can also make this activity as ‘homework’ or it even could be done at the school’s
computer laboratory.

All these recommendations that are brought up as mentioned before actually

contain a lot of advantages. First is that the teacher has not only exposed students with
Eduwebtv, but even it makes it to become a main reference material as to improve the
learning quality. Apart from this also, many additional skills can be obtained by students
such as it can build self-confidence through their presentations, increase their
communication skills, strengthen the interrelationship bond of students with teachers and
other students, help spend their time wisely with something beneficial and most
significantly through usage of Eduwebtv, the standard of teaching lessons will be of
higher quality.