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The Odyssey

(In a faraway land there is a great warrior named Odysseus.) Penelope: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhh! Eurycleia: Penelope. We are on way to the palace. Penelope: Odysseus (Holding Hands)
----Agamemnon and Menelaus come to Odysseus asking for a help. As Odysseus get the bow her mother speak: Anticlea: You must leave it here. The bow now belongs to your son, my grandson. ----Odysseus: Is he crying? Penelope: No. He is strong like you. Please protect yourself. Promise me? Odysseus: I cant. Penelope, if I will not come back. You will choose another man and you will marry him. Take are of our son. And make him the king of Ithaca. ----Anticlea: Turn troy into dash. And return safely. And my heart will rejoice. Eurycleia: I will take care of your son as I take care you. ----Athena: Are you drinking because you know your future? Odysseus: Me?? Im not afraid of nothing. Athena: I want you my brave Odysseus to defeat the Trojans. Odysseus: I fought long enough. Athena: Your destiny is to do battle, to become immortal, and to have your name to the lips of endless generation. Odysseus: No! I dont have to be remembered by endless generation. Athena: Oh no Odysseus, you cannot lie to me. I know you. Look, Antinuos, his curiosity will always make you in trouble. -----

(Drinking wines and eating cheese.) Polyphemus: Who are you? Odysseus: These are soldiers were lost. Are you alone? Polyphemus: No. my brothers are at the big cave. Odysseus: Where youre parents? Polyphemus: My mother is a sea nymph and my father is almighty God, Poseidon. I am the
youngest, Polyphemus. Whats your name? Odysseus: I am Nobody. (They blinded the Cyclopes using a sharp wood) Polyphemus: Help. Help. Nobody has blinded me.


(They travel again into the sea. When Odysseus is about to get a water, he cant shoot some on the bag.) Aeolus: Come! Odysseus: Who are you? Aeolus: I am Aeolus the god of winds. This is my island. Odysseus: Do you know me? Aeolus: Yes! Of course. Everyone knows you Odysseus the one who build the Trojan horse. But
few knows that you are the only one that who cant go home. Odysseus: Poseidon wants me to suffer. Aeolus: Poseidon is bully. Poseidon is arrogant. He is my cousin. Hey! Give me that bag.

(Aeolus, god of winds, took the bag and he keeps the bad winds on it. And gave it back to Odysseus.) Aeolus: Dont you ever try to open that; in 9 days, you and youre men will be at Ithaca. Odysseus: Why you are helping me? Aeolus: Because you are the first mortal to use his mind! (Travel again to the sea.) Antinuos: We find water. He finds gold. (ATTEMPT TO OPEN IT) Odysseus: Leave it alone! (Night comes only Odysseus was not asleep. He patiently waits to see Ithaca. But unsuccessfully, he got tired and sleeps.) Antinuos: He is sleeping. Men: Then lets open it. It was be full of treasure. Men: We cannot open it, it is own by our master. Antinuos: Odysseus can keep it! I just want to see it. (He opens the sack and BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM. And the bad winds had set free from the bags. And their ship trembled at the middle of the sea.) Odysseus: I told you not to open the sack! What have you done? You betray me!!!

(They lost food and now their ship is ruined.) Men: Here master. Its all that I can find. Antinuos: I will go and search for a lamb here. I will share only to my brothers!
(He goes and hunts for some lambs. And other men follow him. Odysseus is climbing the rocks and as he is at the center of climbing Hermes appeared.) Odysseus: Hermes the gods messenger. Hermes: eat this so that you are not going to be under the spell of Circe.

(As Odysseus reach the palace of Circe. He saw her.) Circe: Come! Oh lets have a drink. Taste this wine. Odysseus: Hmmm. Its delicious. (Circe looks Odysseus unbelievably because he does not turn into a swine.)

Odysseus: Will you kindly turn them into a human now? Circe: No! Do you want them to be free? Odysseus: Of course, they are my brothers. Circe: Then make love with me. (Odysseus agreed to the condition of Circe they make love. And his men turned into a human again. For 5years they stayed there. Odysseus did not felt it thats why when Circe told about he goes down fast as he can.) Circe: It is been a long years since you stop to my island. Many had been changed your ship is now
half buried into the sand. Odysseus: How can that be happen? Circe: You slept with me on my bed.

----(When Odysseus sees his time-worn ship half-buried in the sand on Circe's island he is overcome with grief and falls to the ground on his knees. As they overcome what happened they continue their journey. They reached a harbor at the western edge of the world, where Odysseus sacrificed to the dead.) Odysseus: What shall I do so that I can go home to Ithaca. Tiresias: It will be difficult, as Poseidon was still angered over the blinding of Polyphemus. Odysseus: But what can I do? Tiresias: When you get home you have to face your wifes suitors. You should defeat the suitors. ----(Odysseus goes back to the ship. As he was on his way he saw his mother who had died of grief during his long absence. They continue their journey and as they enter into a cave a six headed monster, Scylla appeared. They eat some of the men. And when the ship is about to go out of the cave the Charybdis, giant whirlpool was opened and there the ship and all the men except Odysseus was drowned. And Odysseus swam and swam as he reached the island of Ogygia.) Odysseus: Who are you? Calypso: I am Calypso. You are here at my island, Ogygia. Odysseus: Help me. I need some water. (Calypso commanded his maids to give water Odysseus. They enter the place of Calypso. As Odysseus is having his dream he wake up terribly, Calypso goes to his side.) Calypso: Are you okay? Odysseus: I just have a dream about my wife and my son. (As the time passed by, Hermes appeared to Calypso.) Calypso: What are you doing here?

Hermes: Obviously, I am the gods messenger. I just need something to tell you. Zeus commands
that you must set him free. Calypso: No! Why should i? I love him. Hermes: Or else your island will be drowned here at the middle of the sea.

(Even Calypso dont want Odysseus to go she obey Zeus. He instructed Odysseus to build a raft. And when that is done, thats the time Odysseus will sail. And Calypso again asked Odysseus.) Calypso: Do you really want to go? When you stay here, I can make you immortal. Odysseus: Yes, my family is waiting me. I dont need to be immortal. Calypso: But I am more beautiful than your wife. Odysseus: No. My wife is more beautiful than any other. I love her. ----(Odysseus voyage at the sea. At the middle of his journey, waves become bigger and harsher.) Odysseus: What do you want from me? I dont have anything now. Speak to me Poseidon! Poseidon: I want you to suffer. ----(Princess Nausicaa and her maids go to the sea to wash her clothes and there they notice Odysseus naked. He help them Odysseus and bring it to palace.)
King Alcinuos: Give him food and wine. Make him eat what he wants. And when you are than kindly tell us who you are and your story? Odysseus: I am Odysseus. I am the only one who cant go back to my home. King Alcinous: Ohh! We are honored to be visit by a hero. Odysseus: I need a ship to go sail back to Ithaca. King Alcinuos: I will give you my finest ship and the best sailors. I will give you gifts. -----

(And they sail back to Ithaca. They give Odysseus drink contains a potion the reason of his long sleep. And there they carry Odysseus and bring it under a fig tree. When Odysseus was awake, he goes to the house of his servant Eumaues. ) Eumaues: Master! You are alive! You come back! Odysseus: Quiet. No one must be recognizing that Im here. Telemachus: Old man! Odysseus: It must be my son. Eumaeus: Yes master it is your son. (As Telemachus enter the house of Eumaeus. He saw his father but did not recognize.) Telemachus: Who are you? You must be one of the suitors of my mother. Odysseus: No. Son, I am your father. Telemachus: No! You are not my father. My father is now dead.

Odysseus: No. I am alive. I come back for you and Penelope. (And there Telemachus and Odysseus hug and they speak together. And Athena appeared to Odysseus) Odysseus: You must not tell to your mother that I am alive. We will be having a plan to defeat the
suitors of your mother. Go to your mother now.

Telemachus: Yes father. I will go back here. Athena: You must be happy because finally you reach your home. Odysseus: No. I am still not contented with this. I still have my battle with the suitors of Penelope. Athena: Then you must disguise with an old beggar so that no one could know you.

(Their way to the palace. Men are just staring to the old beggar that Telamachus with. He instructed his son and Eumaeus that they should jeep all the spears so that when they have to beging the battle no one would harm them. The servants are arranging the 12 axes that are needed for the contest.) Anticlea: The one who can tie this bow. And can shoot the arrow in the 12 holes of ax will be the
one I marry. Suitors: This will be exciting.

(They are busy in tying the bow and they did not notice what has been going around them. No one have the success to tie the bow. As the beggar pick it, and try to tie the bow, all eyes are on him. And they were amazed when he does it. And the next he get one arrow to shoot it on the hole and successfully he made it amazingly.) Suitor: Who are you? Beggar/Odysseus: I am the one, and only one Odysseus. (The war began and Odysseus and Telemachus successfully did it with their own selves and with the help of the loyal servants of them. Odysseus, Penelope and Telemachus leave happily ever after with their servants. And the kingdom Ithaca is now in peace. )