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1. Extract all the files within this zip archive to a suitable folder on your ha rd disk.

Any folder you like is good as the software is self contained and won't creat e anything outside of this folder. 2. To get you started, the archive contains a simple Test database that you must also extract to be able to work and show you what the software is able to do. You must extract files with 'use path names' or ' use folder names', in order to create the respective sub-folders. 3. Run the software and open the 'test_database' company to work with it. 4. Check your database of raw materials, products, etc, in all submenus of 'Edit > Definitions >...' 3. All this starting data will let you start to accepting orders, that you input in 'Edit > Orders > Products' and creating raw material orders to your suppliers that you input in 'Edit > Orders > Raw Material' 4. Now, calculate everything to see what is needed to produce the orders, using '[Plan] > Product Orders' (button 'calculate' on this form) and '[Plan] > Raw Material Stock' (button 'calculate' on this form). This will show you what raw materials you need to buy to finish all your product orders, and also will update your required 'Stocks', as can be seen at 'Edit > Stock > ...' 5. Now, you start producing. You input all produced products in 'Edit > Stocks > Products' (if you only want to control the product stocks) or at 'Edit > Production > E ntries' (if you want to control stocks and production hours together) 6. At the same time, you are using raw materials to produce, so you control thos e at 'Edit > Stocks > Raw Materials' 7. Any time you so desire, you can use the 'Plan > Raw Material Stock' and 'Pl an > Product Orders' to update all stock databases and to check and calculate how much raw materia ls you will need and for how long you have stock, as well as to calculate and check the finish ing product order dates. 8. Everything on the 'View' menus is just for you to control your production and to have a history of what as been done. You can check production hours, breakdowns, transfers you have been doi ng in 'Edit > Stocks' and other data. 9. You can also use 'Tools > Costs' to calculate, based on the diverse costs and production hours, how much your products are costing to your Company.

Of course, as this is just a DEMO version of the software, you can not change or modift any data from the database. It will, nevertheless, give you a brief glimpse of wht thi s software is capable of. This is just a brief explanation to get you started with our software. For more information, check also the Help file. And, if you have any doubts or suggestions that you believe could improve this s oftware, then please don't hesitate in letting us know.