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Leaf Shapes

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The Leaf Shapes ClipArt gallery offers 280 examples of the various shapes, margins, and arrangements of leaves. For leaves of specific shrubs or trees, please see our flowers and shrubs selections, or our trees gallery, respectively.

Pinnatifid Leaf
A leaf where the lobes go near to the middle.

Plaited Leaf
"Plicate.--Folded like a fan, or plaited." -Newman, 1850

Plicate Leaf
"Transverse section of a plicate or plaited leaf." Encyclopedia Britanica, 1893

Reniform Leaf
A kidney-shaped leaf.

Repand Leaf
Wavy; tending to be sinuate, but less even; undulate; said chiefly of leaves and leaf margins.

Reticulated Vein Leaf

"Reticulated leaves are those the veins of which branch and ramify in all directions, forming a complete

Revolute Leaf
"Transverse section of a revolute leaf." Encyclopedia Britanica, 1893

Rhomboid Leaf
A rhomboid or diamond-shaped leaf.

Ruccinate Leaf
"Ruccinate, when the divisions of a pinnatifid leaf are more or less triangular, and pointing downwards."Darby,

Runcinate Leaf
An irregular saw-toothed or pinnately incised with the lobes or teeth hooked backwards.

Saggitate Leaf
A leaf that resembles an arrow-head in shape.

Sagittate Leaf
A leaf shaped like a triangle.

Sagittate Leaf
A leaf in the shape of an arrow-head.

Serrated Leaf
"Serrated.--Edged with sharp teet, like those of a saw." -Newman, 1850

Sinuate-Lobed Leaf
A leaf where the depressions are broad at the bottom.

Spathulate Leaf
A leaf which is broad at the apex, and gradually tapering into the petiole.

Spatulate Leaf
"Spatulate.--Having the form of a spatula; a kind of knife, almost spoon-shaped, but flat." Newman,

Spreading Leaves
Spreading leaves.

"Stipulae.--Two small leaves, placed usually at the base of the floral leaf, and on opposite sides of

Subulate Leaf
A leaf in the shape of an awl.

Ternate Leaf
"Ternate.--Consisting of three leaflets." -Newman, 1850

Ternate Leaf
A leaf with three leaflets.

Toothed Leaf
"Toothed.--Cut so as to resemble teeth." -Newman, 1850

Triangular Leaf
A triangular leaf.

"Tripinnate.--Triple rows of leaflets." -Newman, 1850

Tripinnate Leaf
A leaf with triple the amount of feather-like leaves.

Trowel-Shaped Leaf
A trowel-shaped leaf.

Unequal Leaf
An unequal leaf.

Upright Leaves
Upright leaves.

Wedge-Shaped Leaf
A wedge-shaped leaf.

Whorled Leaf
This is an example of a whorled-shaped leaf structure.

Leaflet Removal
"Effect of removal of a leaflet from a palmately compound leaf (e.g. Woodbine). B, normal leaf; C, after

Leaflets usually 3, very prominently toothed.

Leaflets usually more than 3; not prominently toothed.

This shows a typical leaf.

Stems weakly arching; leaves lanceolate; flowers showy purplish.

Leaves remotely toothed, acumnate at apex; flowers appearing before the leaves.

Compound Leaves
Compound Leaves

Connate Leaves
A leaf in which the lower lobes are uniteed, either above the stem is sessile or above the petiole if

Distichous Leaves
Leaves in two rows.

Parallel-Veined Leaves
"Parallel-veined leaves are those in which the veins proceed from their origin to their termination

Long and narrow and with parallel sides.

Linear Leaf Shape

This shows a linear leaf.

With projection or divisions.


Main rib of normal lleaf running from base to apex.

Ending in an abrupt, fine, slender tip.

Needle-Shaped Leaf
This shows a needle-shaped leaf.

Long needles an two to several fascicles.


A shrub with leaves that are short needles, arranged in two ranks along twig, or sometimes appressed

The places on the stems that normally bear leaves.

Obcordate and Retuse Leaf

An obcordate leaf is inversely cordate.

Lanceolate in outline but with the broadest part toward the apex.

Oblanceolate Leaf Shape

This shows an oblanceolate leaf.

Longer than broad and with nearly parallel sides.

Ovate in outline butwith hte broadest portion toward the apex.

Obovate Leaf
An obovate leaf is inversely egg shaped with the broadest end uppermost.

Shaped like a pyramid with the broad end uppermost.

Blunt or rounded at the tip.

A tubular sheath present on the stem just above the base of the leaves of docks and smartweeds. It is

Coming off opposite each other at the same level on the axis.

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