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Homemade Facials

When we think of facials and spas, we think of complex creams with many chemicals and exotic ingredients. But actually the best skin-care is found right in your pantry! In this article, I have listed a few facial masks recipes that I have found from various websites. hey are an inexpensive way to treat your skin, and also more effective because it is fresh. It also does not contain preservatives or chemicals. he !at !ree "itchen website mentions this# $%ost of cosmetic products use potentially dangerous chemicals like parabens and phthalates. he parabens chemical have been recently found in breast cancer tissues. his chemical can affect the hormone estrogen. he phthalates are linked to lower sperm counts in men, premature breast development and allergies.& hen there's the $feel good& factor. It makes you feel good to take some time to take care of yourself and have better looking skin. (on)t forget those cucumber slices for your eyes! *hhhh...
First I want to summarize the benefits of the various ingredients in these recipes.

Oranges, Lemons, Pineapple: brightens and exfoliates the skin and purifies the pores. Provides a dose of pure vitamin C. Pineapple is the strongest- It is a potent source of enz mes that soften the skin and is a natural astringent. Yogurt: softens! h drates! and has man enz mes that exfoliate the skin" cleanser" bleach. Coconut Milk: the lactic acid smoothes out the skin. Rose Water: gentl balances and tones. Olive oil: known for its great effects on the skin. #he best for dr skin. Avocado: moisturizes and is a good source of vitamin $ and natural oils. Milk: contains lactic acid which nourishes without stripping the skin of essential oils" refines pores" soothes all skin t pes" cools sunburn. Aloe gel: an ageless remed for burns. Honey: a natural! gentl astringent et extremel moisturizing" refines pores" tightens skin" retards wrinkles" anti-blemish. Chamomile: tones all t pes of complexions. Oatmeal: soothes" heals" relieves itching.

Cucum er: reduces under-e e puffiness" reduces wrinkles. !gg" conditions" whites best for normal and oil skin" olks for dr to normal skin #uts: used in scrubs to refine pores and combat wrinkles! blackheads and dr ness. $omato: unclogs pores. %inegar: refines pores" cleans" softens" aids blemishes! itch skin! and sunburn. Witch Ha&el: reduces e e puffiness" deodorant. %ee http:&&www.recipegoldmine.com&beaut skin&skin'.html for full list. 'AC(AL) R!C(P!)" For best results! follow this se(uence: '- cleanse our skin! )then tone if ou need it* +- massage in a scrub to exfoliate and remove the dead skin! ,- then steam our face over a pot of boiling water splash on some hot water to open the pores! -- then massage in the .ask from below and leave on for atleast '/ minutes )0$123*! 4- wash off gentl and finish with a splash of cool water to close the pores. $567899 In making an of these recipes! an unused portion needs to be refrigerated and can last for approximatel one week. In general! masks are cooling and soothing for the skin. CL!A#)!R) Milk cleanser *+or oily skin, #o cleanse and exfoliate! mix ' tsp. powdered milk with ' tsp. water and gentl massage into skin for + minutes. Yogurt Cleanser *+or sensitive skin, Cleanse and exfoliate in one step b mixing ' tsp. baking soda with ' tsp. plain ogurt. 2ppl mixture and leave on for + minutes! then gentl massage into skin. 0inse well with warm water. )5ote: #his combination gentl cleans pores! removes dead cells and softens dr ! sensitive skin without irritation.*

Oatmeal Cleanser *+or sensitive skin, .ix : cup oatmeal or cornmeal with enough plain ogurt to form a paste. #hen smooth over entire face ; avoiding the e e area. 0inse with cool water. $O#!R) Lemon -uice $oner *+or oily skin, 2ppl freshl s(ueezed lemon <uice with a cotton ball Rose Water $oner *+or sensitive skin, #o gentl balance and tone! appl rose water with a cotton ball. MA).) Avocado Yogurt Mask *+or dry skin, Puree ' ripe avocado and blend with - tbsp. plain ogurt. 2ppl to face and leave on for ,/ minutes. 0inse with lukewarm water. Oatmeal /anana Yogurt 'acial *+or dry skin, Cleanse face! steam! splash with cool water and pat dr . .assage with ' tbsp. dr oatmeal. 0inse off. #hen appl a mask made b mixing + ounces ogurt and : a banana" spread evenl on face. 1eave on for +/ minutes" rinse off. Lemon Mask *+or dry skin, .ix + egg olks! ' tsp. olive oil! and ' tsp. lemon <uice. =ash our face! spread on the mixture! leave on for '/ minutes! and then wash it off. !gg Honey Mask *+or dry skin, .ix ' egg olk and + tbsp. hone until a light paste is formed. 2ppl to face and neck! avoiding e e area and mouth. 1eave on for '/ to '4 minutes! and then rinse off thoroughl with lukewarm water. Coconut Milk and Pineapple Mask *+or oily skin, .ask twice a week with a combination of ' tsp. fresh pineapple <uice! ' tsp. warm coconut milk and '-'&+ tsp. cornstarch. 2ppl to the face and leave on for '/ minutes! then rinse with warm water.

Cucum er Mask *+or oily skin, Puree : a cucumber! ' egg white! ' tbsp. lemon <uice! and ' tsp. milk $omato Mint Yeast Mask *+or oily skin, >oil ' tomatoes in hot water! let cool and then peel the skin. Crush the tomatoes and remove the seeds. 2dd ' tbsp. peppermint leaves! : tbsp. dried east! and ' tsp. lemon <uice. 2ppl to face for '/ minutes ,x a week. Olive Oil and Avocado Mask *+or sensitive skin, .ask twice a week b combining '&+ tsp. extra-virgin olive oil and '-'&+ tsp. mashed avocado. Chill mixture briefl ! then massage into skin and leave on for 4 minutes. 0emove mask with a soft cotton cloth. Coconut and pineapple mask *+or com ination skin, .ix ' tsp. warm coconut milk with ' tsp. cornstarch and ' tsp. pineapple <uice. Peaches 0n1 Cream Mask *+or normal skin, Cook one medium peach until soft and mash it with a fork. #hen add ' tbsp. of hone and a little oatmeal until it?s a think consistenc . 2ppl the paste to our skin and let sit for '/ minutes. 0inse well with cool water. Yogurt Antio2idant, Anti34rinkle Mask *+or normal skin, Combine ' tsp. fresh orange <uice and ' tsp. plain ogurt. 2ppl the mixture to our skin and leave it on for '/ to '4 minutes! then rinse with warm water. Apple Mask *+or normal skin, In a blender! process ' cored and (uartered apple. #hen add + tbsp. hone and : tsp. sage. 0efrigerate for '/ minutes. Pat the mixture onto the face with a light tapping motion! tapping until the hone feels tack . 1eave mask on for ,/ minutes! then rinse. Avocado Honey Mask Peel and slice ' large! ripe avocado and puree it in a blender with the hone . 2ppl the mask to our face b patting it gentl and then continuing to pat until the mask feels extremel tack to the touch. 0elax and leave the mask on for +/ to ,/ minutes and then rinse off with warm water.

Avocado !gg White Mask .ash : a ripe avocado into a thick paste. .ix in ' egg white. 2ppl to face and leave on '4 to +/ minutes. 0inse with lukewarm water. )CR5/) Almond Honey )cru .ix + tbsp. crushed almonds with ' tbsp. hone . %mooth on face and leave on for 4 minutes. 0ub in well! then rinse. Yogurt Almond )cru *+or lemished skin, .ix , tbsp. ground almonds and : c. ogurt. .assage into face and then rinse with cool water. Almond Mayonnaise )cru *+or very dry skin, @rind A c. almonds in blender until the form a meal. =hirl in '&B tsp. ma onnaise. First! rinse our skin with vinegar. #hen rub in the scrub gentl and thoroughl . 1eave on skin for '/ minutes. 0inse off and follow with Cinegar rinse. /ro4n )ugar )cru .ix '&+ cup granulated sugar! '&+ cup firml packed dark brown sugar! '&+ cup sweet almond oil! + teaspoons pure vanilla extract! ' tablespoon ground oatmeal!' teaspoon nutmeg! large pinch calendula petals. Place in <ar with tight lid. Mint Oatmeal )cru Combine in a blender ' cup rolled oats and A cup dried mint until coarsel ground. Deep in a <ar b the sink. Ese a handful of the scrub with water to gentl clean our face. LO$(O#) A#6 CR!AM) Chamomile Honey Lotion %teep ' c. dried chamomile in ' cup milk for a few hours. %train! keeping the li(uid. 2dd - tbsp. Fone and B tsp. wheat germ to li(uid mixture. >lend well and place in a bottle. Anti3Aging Cream

Combine ' ounce gl cerin! ' ounce witch hazel! : ounce rose water! , tbsp. hone ! and , tbsp. wheat germ oil. .assage the cream into our skin using a circular and upward motion. %tore in a tightl sealed container at room temperature. It should last for at least ' month. ).(# PRO/L!M )OL%!R)" 'or )un urn" Aloe and Honey Mask For an skin t pe! mix ' tsp. aloe gel and ' tsp. hone ! appl to skin and leave on for '/ minutes. #hen rinse with warm water. 'or over3sunned +aces" 7rape 'acial Crush ' c. green grapes to a pulp. 2dd ' tsp. hone or ' egg olk. 1eave on damp skin for '4 min and then rinse. 'or lemished skin" Oatmeal $omato Mask >lend ' ripe tomato! ' tsp. lemon <uice! and ' tbsp. instant oatmeal or rolled oats. 2ppl to skin! making sure the mixture is sta ing on the blemished areas. 2dd a bit more oatmeal to thicken the mask! if necessar . 1eave the mask on for '/ minutes! then scrub off with a clean washcloth dipped in warm water. 'or 4rinkles" Cucum er Cream >lend : a cucumber )with skin* with ' egg white! + tbsp. ma onnaise! and : cup olive oil. 2ppl morning and evening! and gentl wipe off with tissues. 'reckles" Wheat 'lour %inegar )cru .ix whole wheat flour with vinegar and appl to freckles and dark spots. 'or acne or pimples" 5utmeg mixed with milk , tbsp. hone mixed with ' tsp. cinnamon powder overnight ' tsp. lemon <uice mixed with ' tsp. cinnamon powder Fresh garlic Fresh mint <uice

1ime <uice mixed with boiled milk $(ual parts lime <uice and 0ose water! leave for +/ min. @rated potatoes

6ark circles under eyes" Cover e e with slices of raw potato or cucumber 1emon <uice + x a da Crushed mint

2lmond oil

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