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The Healer:
Wayne uyer
ur. Wayne uyer Lurned hls
chlldhood of llvlng ln
orphanages and fosLer homes ln
ueLrolL lnLo a llfeume of
splrlLual empowermenL. known
as Lhe faLher of mouvauon,"
he's leveraged hls docLoraLe ln
counsellng psychoLherapy Lo
helplng oLhers fulll Lhelr
The Salesforce CEO:
Marc Benioff
Marc Benioff launched in 1999 to
eliminate traditional enterprise
software technology problems.
He is now seen as among the
creators of the cloud revolution.
The Success Story:
Marissa Mayer
The CEO of Yahoo knows about
driving innovation. A 13-year
veteran of Google, shes now
retelling Yahoos story from one
of a languishing web property to
one of engagement.
The Out-of-Towner:
Luls ul Como
Look aL your home, and chances
are you're gemng lnumaLe wlLh
unllever. Connecung wlLh you,
your moblle devlce, and your
favorlLe producLs ls Luls'
Part partying, part learning, part marketing and
a whole lot of networking, this annual client
conference is no regular gathering.

Meet Dreamforce.

Salesforce.coms answer to vendor relations amped up. Made of more
than 1,250 expert-led sessions, sponsored by more than 300 partners,
Dreamforce takes over San Franciscos Moscone Pavilion November
18-21 for three days of product-packed announcements, client success
stories, keynotes from the likes of CEO Marc Benioff, Yahoo CEO
Marissa Mayer, Facebook COO Shery Sandberg, transformational
medicine guru Deepak Chopra, the father of motivation Wayne Dyer,
and more. For a small, entrepreneurial company based in Detroits
Come-back loop, a ticket to Dreamforce is an opportunity to network
with more than 700,000 clients, a chance to tell your story, a platform
to socialize your product, goals and motivations on a national, even
international, scale. So
with three days to maximize your $1,950 for room, board, transportation
and lets not forget the Green Day and Blondie concert highlights
here are the do-not-miss keynotes and people to meet.
Patrick Cheeseman
uo you know where you're
checklng lnLo? WlLh PoLel
1onlghL, aLrlck Cheeseman has
your booklng covered. 1he
moblle-rsL sLarLup ls lllng
luxury hoLel rooms aL Lhe swlpe
of a buuon, and has Lhe
hosplLallLy lndusLry buzzlng.
The Show
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